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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Musical Interlude



  1. Nice, but I do prefer versions with lyrics... even if they aren't fully "orchestrated" (jab at FT!). ;)

  2. The PIANO GUYS, eh? And not a keyboard instrument in sight -- or earshot.

    Hmmmmmmm! A combination of Yanni's New Age Sensationalism with a small measure of Beethoven thrown in-- presumably to make it "legit."

    Nice to see Honest-to-God stringed instruments on stage, but WHY put that weird ELECTRONIC CELLO, however well played, at center stage?

    Too much artificial amplification, of course! Artifical amplification is The Curse of Our Age -- certainly one of them anyway.

    Oh well, it sure beats the hell out of Rock 'n Roll I have to give it that.

    I could hear that the group has sufficient skill to play REAL Beethoven. I wonder how that audience would have responded if they'd heard the Fifth Symphony played straight?

    Those of us who assume that young people have been too "dumbed down" to be able to listen to serious music might be surprised if they gave young people the CHANCE at gatherings like this. I think it might pay to "ambush" the with high quality every now and then.

    If you don't keep trying,
    You'll soon be dying.

    1. FT,
      Well, the enjoyment of music often comes down to personal tastes -- and, perhaps, music education.

      As you know, my taste in music is more eclectic than yours. Just the way that right-brain matters are, I suppose.

    2. You are simply more pragmatic and much more adaptable than I, AOW.

      As far as Music is concerned, I am the moral equivalent of a Catholic Intellectual whose mind was captured by the Jesuits in early childhood.

      I am a hopeless idealist about Music, and frankly willing to be martyred for The Cause. Call me a FANATIC, if you like. I wouldn't mind a bit.

      HOWEVER, I think you know that my tastes cover an EIGHT-HUNDRED YEAR PERIOD, and that I adore much Jazz, Musical Comedy, Movie Music from the late-1930's through the mid-fifties, and lots and lots of "antique" popular music from my Juke Box days. So my likes far outnumber my dislikes.

      For me popular music very suddenly took a nosedive c. 1955, and with very few exceptions has kept on plummeting to increasingly abysmal depths ever since.

      You Young Whippersnappers just can't understand, because to a larger extent than you could possibly realize you've been seduced and taken in by the Master Manipulators. I was lucky -- or cursed -- depending on your point of view to have IMMUNIZED to the likes of Bill Haley, Little Richard, Elvis and all who followed in their wake. To me all that is the moral equivalent of MORTAL SIN.

      Don't forget I really am an honest-to-God PALEO-Conservative -- the last of a dying breed.

      It's a darned good thing I've never cared a rap for gaining popularity.

  3. Were you heartbroken when Bob Dillon went"electric", FT?

    1. DYLAN?

      Hikes! I was heartbroken -- for Civilization -- the day that ugly, whining bastard first sulked, skulked, scowled, mewled and moaned his counter-culture crap in front of a microphone.

      But you already knew that, Thersites, so why ask? Our interests in music, as I've said many times, are unlikely ever to coincide.

    2. "You would not think to look at him
      But he was famous long ago
      For playing the electric violin
      On desolation row."

    3. A Ducky original? Not too bad for a beginner. Keep working and eventually you'll get the hang of it. ;-)

  4. Yes, Dylan. The day that the old guard communists turned into the "New Left".

  5. ...and brought the entire culture over to their side by popularizing their message.

    1. YUP! And if I told you ALL my thoughts on the subversion and destruction of our culture via debased "Art" we probably couldn't talk to each other any more.

      And wouldn't that be a pity!

  6. You and Pete Seegar should play chess together.

    1. No thanks. With THAT demented old demon I'd rather play Russian Roulette.

  7. Those are some beautiful instruments in the video.

    Right Truth


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