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Monday, September 9, 2013


(hat tip to Reliapundit of THE ASTUTE BLOGGERS)

The ugly truth:


  1. Liberals are such hipocrites. I can't believe that many of them are supporting Obama's call for war on Syria.

    1. Jim,
      I noticed a few headlines a few minutes ago:

      CNN poll: Public against Syria strike resolution

      Assad Hints at Another 9/11 If Attacked By U.S.

      Still, I can't imagine that Obama will back off. Today, he's planning a media blitz.

    2. If Jimbo can point to any heavy support from the left, I'd love to read it.

      Pretty good size demonstration against a strike hear in Boston but that must have been the fringe right.

      It's quite something to read these right wing fools act as if they suddenly got religion about Middle East interventions.

  2. Obama blew it. He should have kept his mouth shut and just bombed.. It's to late to retaliate to this now, but to think this is none of our business, or we will not get dragged into the coming melt down in the Middle East, shows a lack of historical education.
    The man is full of hot air. You can see it by his stupid 'red line' comment that got him into this mess in the first place. Leaders don't make comments they can't back up and with Obama, it is most certainly hot air. 0bama was never going to bomb the WMDs. He didn’t and doesn’t even know where they are. He just wanted to show the world that he’s a Big man with a Big Stick! But it all backfired when they called him on it and now he’s stuck. And his lies is going to get people killed.
    While anti involvement liberals are singing kumbya, Russia and China are gaining control forcing Israel to get prepared to make the final defense of their free State. If you think that's over the top, you don't understand Putin; the guy who gave WMD's to Syria; and said yesterday, he will defend Syria. It’s too late now, Obama blew it by opening his big freaken mouth. He needs a way out and by dumping it on Congress he can claim they didn’t approve it so call the military strikes off. And if they do approve it then Congress owns the subsequent mess.
    In the process, the world sees him as weak and his “Red Line” threats as all BS.

    This time the United States is tired of acting as the referee and the worlds judge. We are tired. and these people do not deserve our sacrifice. Let the others get their hands dirty.
    We want to eat the popcorn and watch the others get killed

  3. Observation: When a nation allows destroying of human life in conception all else falls to the wayside. The U.S. alone has killed off a generation. That is not progressivism, it is a sin. Know the difference. Liberals are sick and conservatives are no better - conservatives allowed it just as much as the liberals, they had a stand, a voice. What did they do with it. Oh yes, martini's for lunch and drunken sessions of Congress and we wonder why we have such a dichotomy within our government. It is so sad that it is almost laughable.

  4. In regards to your pithy little cartoon, AOW.

    No one is Banning salt, soda, meat or tobacco. There are regulations in some cases.

    The fringe right is attempting to ban abortion rather than regulate.

    So the cartoon has it ass backward or it's just an outright lie. It's troubling to think that a portion of the nation which is allowed to vote would accept it as a reasoned argument.

    1. Abortion should be banned and tell me how would you regulate killing of a zygote/embryo/fetus......"Only one per customer?" UGH!

    2. Somebody tell Wendy Davis that Texans weten't voting to BAN abortions, duckman.

    3. Elizabeth,
      See the comment I left toward the bottom of this thread. How many people even know about cervical incompetence and what it results from?

      A lot of people who absolutely refuse to spay a pregnant cat out of the desire not to kill kittens have zero problem with humans killing their babies in utero? What kind of morality is THAT?

  5. All of this nonsense one year too late. Now we have him three more. It's going to be close if we make it.

  6. All of this nonsense one year too late. Now we have him three more. It's going to be close if we make it.

  7. Oh Ducky Dearest ... It's OK to murder your own child, but the government will regulate your salt intake while doing so? Listen to yourself.

  8. Odie, they call that "leftist logic." Amazing, isn't it?

  9. Odie, don't straw man.

    The cartoon is a lie. Nobody is banning anything and abortion is regulated.

    Not that some states haven't virtually banned abortios but like I say, the fact that that cartoon passes for logic with a portion of the citizenry which is allowed to vote helps explain he downward spiral we're in.

    1. Canardo,

      Stop verbing nouns and nouning verbs. To shamelessly, flamboyantly and irritatingly indulge in this despicable practice constitutes as lamentable an abuse of the language as splitting infinitives. It is every bit as big of a deal as inserting pleonastic prepositions in the midst of otherwise perfectly intelligible attempts to colorfully or forcefully or humorously make a point.


      Please don't attempt to defend yourself. No legitimate defense could be available to that big of a sinner as you. ;-)

    2. It's a cartoon to you because you're not paying attention to what they're doing. You think you and your friends have a right to regulate everything I do.

    3. Odie,
      For some inexplicable reason, the Left believes that they won't be negatively impacted by the "utopia" becoming reality.

  10. George Zimmerman................

    "He just wanted to show the world that he’s a Big man with a Big Stick!"

    Well, not withstanding what he "wanted to show" all he has shown, since his first Coronation, is that America has a preponderance of uninformed and/or STUPID voters (think the Cleveland Obamaphone woman)!

    1. The estranged wife of George Zimmerman opted not to press charges against her husband Monday after police in Florida responded to her sobbing 911 call reporting he had punched her father and was threatening them with a gun.

      "I'm really scared,'' Shellie Zimmerman can be heard telling Lake Mary, Fla., police in an audio recording of a 911 call placed around 2 p.m. Monday to authorities in the suburb northeast of Orlando.


      What's wrong with all the people in Zimmerman's life?
      Everyone he encounters is so seriously screwed up that he has no choice but to assault them or pull a gun on them.

      What is it with these people?

  11. AOW,

    I like today's cartoon. It appears that it's exposure of the Left's chroinc hypocracy problem has made, at least, one Liberal very uneasy.

  12. That's great and so true. But the Progressives don't see it that way.

    Right Truth

  13. The cartoon is marvelous. Very funny, all too truthful and straight to the point.

    The Left -- as usual -- chooses to ignore, obfuscate, and if possible OBLITERATE the point by indulging in pointless legalistic arguments that avoid acknowledging the basic thrust of the cartoon.

    Of course, if the Left could see itself as others see it, it would cease to be what it is. Unfortunately, the Left is -- and always has been -- heavily invested in staying willfully blind to the ultimate outcome of its dreams and aspirations. The Left sees Reality from an upside down, inside out, artificially black and white perspective -- like taking a NEGATIVE from an old-fashioned roll of film, and insisting that IT is the TRUE picture.

    In the world of leftist thinking you might say, "The Statue of Liberty is located in New York City."

    Perfectly true, but the typical leftist would want to argue with you, and correct you, by saying, "That is not exactly true. The Statue of Liberty stands in New York HARBOR."

    Then another leftist in the room would feel moved to correct the the first leftist, and jump in loudly with, "NO! You're BOTH wrong. The Statue of Liberty stands on an ISLAND in New York Harbor. It wasn't built to sit directly IN the WATER, nitwit!"

    And on it would go from there -- each shouting himself hoarse picking at nits, straining out gnats while swallowing camels, getting into heavily detailed arguments over Bedloe's Island versus Liberty Island. Who was Bedloe? Why was the Statue built on his island anyway? If Bedloe had been an honorable man, hasn't it done him -- and America's sense of her own history -- a terrible disservice to change the name of HIS island to Liberty Island? Wouldn't it have been better if the Statue had been located on the mainland and thus been more accessible to The American People? Doesn't it smack of EXCLUSIONISM to have placed on an island? Was Emma Lazarus's Jewishness the main reason why her words got inscribed at the base of the Statue? -- and is that fair to the descendants of the Dutch and English who actually FOUNDED the country? -- and what about the Irish, Italians, Polish, Germans, etc. who came here from Europe -- why should THEY be represented by the words of a JEWISH woman -- or by ANY woman for that matter, because after all the country wouldn't even BE here if it hadn't been for the muscular efforts of MALES, etc. etc. etc.?

    You see this is what leftists DO -- they WRANGLE -- they COMPLAIN, -- they SNIPE -- they CARP -- they SNEER -- they PICK at SCABS -- the POUR SALT into WOUNDS -- they advance THEORIES -- they would love to give ORDERS in a STATE that tolerated NO OPPOSITION.

    In short. Leftists are a PAIN-IN-THE-ASS. And that is exactly what WANT to be. The role of the CHRONIC IRRITANT is what they LIVE for. They thrive on INCESSANT COMPLAINT, ENDLESS CRITICISM and the joy they derive from the MISERY they perpetually inflict on happier, healthier, better adjusted, more sanguine individuals gifted with OPTIMISM and the belief in ENDLESS POSSIBILITY for SELF IMPROVEMENT.

    Don't believe me? Well remember these words:

    "We are here to comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable."

    Ain't it the truth?

  14. Speramus Meliora; Resurget CineribusSeptember 9, 2013 at 1:53:00 PM CDT

    For once I agree 100 percent with Free Thinke,

    What is the difference in rationale between The President of the United States and the Dictator/Tyrant in Iraq and Syria, they are both LAIRS & COWARDS!
    Progressives are vile rodents, who are sometimes known as liberal Democraps.

    They are incapable of being intellectually honest in any debate that threatens their desire for control. They have an orthodoxy and they usually keep to it.

    What we see in the past week or two is very unusual. HALF of the liberal Democrat orthodoxy is having a dispute with a competing liberal Democrat orthodoxy.

    On the one hand, a good liberal Democratic will stick with the Party "leader" to keep the unity thing going (or at least the face of unity). On the other hand, a good liberal Democratic will always and invariably oppose all war at all times regardless of reason or need. But if the dear leader himself is busy advocating for war, one of the two competing orthodoxies will have to give.
    I'm not saying we should get involved in Syria and I was not for getting involved in Iraq either. But I am curious why the Lefties were against it in one (Iraq) and for it the other (Syria).
    I would enjoy watching the psychotic split in the liberal Democrat ranks if this wasn't such an urgent matter.

  15. I like watching the peaceniks turn into warmongers now that they have their hands on the trigger.

  16. So funny wingnuts still continue to blather on after Ducky rightly pointed out:

    "No one is Banning salt, soda, meat or tobacco. There are regulations in some cases.

    The fringe right is attempting to ban abortion rather than regulate."

    Prove you'll take anything, even lies, to keep your panties in a bunch.

    1. Indeed. When does the total Texas abortion BAN begin, duckman?

    2. No rape or incest exceptions. No Plan B! Conception or NOTHING!

    3. Just light bulbs.

      Love that cartoon.

    4. Liberalmann and Duck,
      This is a CARTOON with satiric hyperbole to make a point.

      Nuance, gentlemen. Nuance.

      Of course, there isn't an outright ban on soda, sodium, etc. There are limits being imposed. Where are the limits on the numbers of abortions a woman can legally undergo?

      Constant assaults upon a woman's cervix and just one abortion with complication are not healthy and can result in a condition called cervical incompetence. From this source:

      Induced abortion by vacuum aspiration is associated with an increased risk of first-trimester miscarriage in the subsequent pregnancy.

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  18. Loved this how true! The left are true hypocrites!


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