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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Day Four

(Image below from Tammy Swofford)

This image posted...on a major AQ jihad portal.  The image was noted as "a gift to Muslims."

The Islamic terrorist attack on Westgate Premier Shopping Mall in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, continues as I publish this post.

Non-Muslims were shot and killed. Muslims who could provide the name of Mohammed's mother were released.

According to the Daily Mail:
Up to three American TEENAGERS were involved in mall massacre: Kenyan foreign minister says men aged 18-19 from Minnesota were among the gunmen

  • Terrorists tweet: 'One things is clear, no hostage is getting out alive'
  • Kenyan Foreign Minister Amina Mohamed said in a U.S. television interview that 'two or three Americans' and a British woman were among the attackers
  • She told the 'PBS Newshour' show that the Americans were 'young men, about between maybe 18 and 19' years old
  • 'Of Somali origin or Arab origin, but that lived in the U.S., in Minnesota and one other place,' Mohamed said
  • Minnesota resident lured to fight with extremists in the Middle East said: 'This is the real Disneyland'
  • Made these comments while in New York for the United Nations General Assembly
See the rest at the Daily Mail.

According to one story at CNN:
Witnesses tell of piles of bodies inside the Nairobi mall that's been the scene of unimaginable horror for four days as gunmen continue to lurk inside...
The oft-used phrase "a tiny minority of extremists" is of no consolation to the victims and their families — nor should it be a consolation.

Here in the United States: CAIR Impeded FBI Probe of Somali Terrorist Group in Kenya Attack.

Tip received from a reader of this blog: Westgate Mall today, West Edmonton Mall tomorrow…don’t think that can’t happen.





    Those who would be kind to the cruel are sure to be cruel to the kind."

    "Those who expect to reap the blessing of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it."

    ~ Thomas Paine (1737-1809)


    1. Can't they just wear a yellow crescent?

    2. A social cancer is every bit as malignant as the medical variety, Ducky. Unlike the Islamaniacs, themselves, I am not suggesting DEATH, but if I had my way, I would insist on absolute SEGREGATION. It's painfully obvious -- no matter how "nice" you have found some of them to be, personally, that Islam is INCOMPATIBLE with the Christian West.

      Rather than be perpetually at war and in possible danger, I want these people OUT of MY country and all the countries from which this great republic was founded. That means EUROPE, The British Isles, the USA and Canada.

      After all, we wouldn't what done to US what WE did to the Indians, now would we? I suppose YOU might think that would only be "poetic justice," but I'd rather skip the bother and skip the fuss -- and certainly the carnage --, thank you very much.

  2. Dear Lord!

    From this source:

    ...Another witness who was hosting a cookery competition in the Kenyan mall attacked by terrorists claimed today that adults acted like ‘animals’ during the attack by climbing on top of children to escape.

    Kamal Kaur - who was hosting the competition for 33 children at the Westgate shopping centre in Nairobi on Saturday - said her own daughter and son, aged 12 and eight, were injured in the attack.

    The radio presenter added that somebody carried away her daughter after the girl’s leg was badly injured - and she could only say a prayer that she would be safe.

    Mrs Kaur told BBC News in an emotional interview: ‘I had about 30 to 33 kids with me. The shooting was going on. We were in the corner. I was telling everybody "bend down".

    ‘The adults were worst - they were animals, they were climbing on top of the kids to jump over the walls. I was trying to say “there are little children over there” - they were stepping on the children.

    ‘I think somebody carried my daughter out - she couldn't walk, she was hurt pretty badly on her leg, so a Samaritan picked her up and he ran off with her. I just said a prayer, “just look after her”....

    Apparently, a lot of the children participating in the cooking class perished. A grenade had been thrown by the jihadists onto the roof of the building; the cooking class was being held on the roof.

    Kamal Kaur, the woman above, is a Muslim. So is her husband. They were allowed to leave the mall.

  3. A partial list of victims, some with memorial photos, is here.

    So many victims and from so many different countries!

  4. AOW,

    Thank you for linking to the image. Here is a file image of Al-Shabaab training during the summer.


    You and I have discussed this several times, my concern regarding a large congregation of young children several times a week at an area mall. I view them as an extremely soft target.

    MSM appears unwilling to acknowledge the witness reports of those who fled the attack. Non-muslims were the targets. These eye-witness accounts were not a case of mass hysteria, rather individual accounts by eye-witnesses to the beginning point of this assault.

    It should never be distasteful to discuss the truth when the desire is to seek legal and civil solutions, whether it be discourse, immigration policy parameters, or the use of drones to hunt and kill the leadership of groups such as Al-Shabaab.

    The demand of civilization is solution-based, not carnage-based.

    A pregnant Ph.D from Harvard also lost her life. So that is a two-for-one. Mother and child - both deceased.

    As I am a lady, I cannot cut lose with the kind of language which befits the attackers. Words are insufficient for their inhumanity.

  5. Since Obama supports Sharia Law in Kenya
    does that mean he is not concerned about the non-Muslims being killed in Nairobi?

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. "Why is there not a letter writing campaign among Americans who are fed up with the corruption that has become Islam in America?"

    I'd say, damn good question!

    Now, why did Americans vote for the Anti-American POS, currently occupying the White House, twice?

  8. Why even bother, nothing is changing no matter how much anyone abhors these lunatics! The world keeps going on and getting crazier by the day.

  9. Replies
    1. Yeah, a religion I could take apart piece by piece!

  10. I can't wrap my head around this one.

    Right Truth

  11. Question for the class

    There were a small number of American Somalis among the thugs. What is the best way to proceed in America:

    1. Cultivate a relationship with Somalis and prominent community members to gain intel on radicals

    2. Ramp up the hate speech to cultivate more radicals

    1. Duck,
      Cultivate a relationship with Somalis and prominent community members to gain intel on radicals

      CAIR, among others, have actively prevented any such interference with mosque activity in the United States.

      Ramp up the hate speech to cultivate more radicals

      Deny the reality, and thereby cultivate more radicals.

    2. I assume you have followed the escapades of the NYPD task force that infiltrated all kinds of Islamic organizations in New York and elsewhere (illegally) and came up with nothing but a loss of good will.
      The marathon bombers were thrown out of a Cambridge mosque but authorities ignored the warnings.

      Look at all the spying the NSA and others have done and they stopped NOTHING.

      Muslims don't want the crazies in their midst any more than we do but the likes of your guru Spencer put them on the defensive and through an organization like CAIR they quite rightly say, "Screw off".
      But when you work with Muslims and target the nutballs as a threat to the common community you have a much better system.

      What is the reality?
      Your reality (I don't know where you got it) is that Muslims are a danger and need to have their civil rights curtailed. Pure folly.

      And that only generates more militarization of our more and more sterile frightened culture.

    3. Duck,
      Look at all the spying the NSA and others have done and they stopped NOTHING.

      Really? Several attacks have been intercepted since 9/11.

      I will agree that the security folks dropped the ball when it comes to the Boston Marathon.

      You typed in The marathon bombers were thrown out of a Cambridge mosque but authorities ignored the warnings.

      Maybe I am mistaken, but I thought that you maintained a few months ago that the Cambridge mosque was a-okay.

      As for CAIR, they have plenty of nutballs in their own leadership.

      Two links related to CAIR:



  12. From Bob Beckel, of all people:

    Fox News co-host Bob Beckel went off on American Muslims on Monday, demanding that no more mosques be built until moderate Muslims "denounce" the recent mall attack in Kenya.

    Islam is "not the religion of peace," Beckel, the show's relatively progressive co-host said. "They are the religion of Islamic [fundamentalism]."

    "I will repeat what I said before: No Muslim students coming here with visas. No more mosques being built here until you stand up and denounce what's happened in the name of your prophet," Beckel continued. "It is not what your prophet meant as soon as I know. I don't know his mother's name and I don't care. The point is, that the time has come for Muslims in this country and other people in the world to stand up and be counted, and if you can't, you're cowards."

  13. Will those animals of Shabaab ever come here and terrorize American Malls?

    Waitaminute, Obama had told us that we "decimated" al Qaeda., so what are we worried about.

  14. Obama told the United Nations that "the world is more stable than it was five years ago." Really? Terrorist attacks are rising ALL OVER. Did we also count the 81 Christians killed in a church bombing in Pakistan?

    We had a hard enough time getting people to take the threat of Islamic terrorism seriously when we President Bush trying to raise the alarm. Now, we have a President who just can't seem to understand or care, about what is going on.

  15. Very limited view of Somalia but this is an American perspective and we don't take responsibility for our screw ups. We're exceptional (LMAO).

    Jimmy Carter decides to make a move in the Great Game because he senses communists are getting chummy with the Ethiopia government. So he convinces Somalia to invade a region of Ethiopia. Total disaster.

    Somalia destabilizes and experiences a severe economic downturn. Chaos.

    Enter Daddy Bush and Operation Restore Hope. OOOPS.

    Further civil war. Finally the Islamic Courts spring up and actually bring a little stability.

    Enter Dick Armey and the CIA funding warlords and getting neighboring nations to send troops including Kenya. This result in occupation of areas of Somalia.

    Then an attack in Kenya. Brutal attack.

    But is it religious or political and do we have any standing after screwing that country so badly to spout our admonitions?

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. "When in Rome," Mr. Sinclair it may be distasteful, but it's wise to "do what the Romans do," if you get my drift.

    Adelaide Zigeuner Sciorkinawski

  18. Robert,
    Today, Al-Shabaab announced that there is nothing wrong with "killing foreigners." I think that they actually meant non-Muslims.


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