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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Nincompoopery — And Worse

(Weekend roundup post.   For the definition of nincompoop, see THIS in the Urban Dictionary. Commenters are encouraged to post links that tell of more nincompoopery)

Links to read (more possibly added as the weekend progresses):

US Military Bases are ‘Gun Free Zones’ Because Democrats Decreed Them To Be

New report says only one-third of Syrian rebels are "moderates" -- and those "moderates" burn churches

Unregulated dinner parties! The horror!

In Fairfax County, protests over dumping of [250,000] library books...

Your iPhone uses more energy than a refrigerator

A 47-Story High-Rise Has a Tall Problem: They Forgot the Elevators

Obama Says Insurance Will Be 'Significantly Cheaper' Under Obamacare, But That Isn't True

Obama claims gov’t healthcare will cost less than the average monthly cell phone bill

Walgreens Changes Health Care Plan for 160,000 Workers Because of Obamacare

Cleveland Clinic to Reduce Budget by $330 Million Due to ObamaCare, Layoffs Inevitable

Oversight Committee: Administration withheld ObamaCare documents

Can Obama write his own laws?

Turkish gunman killed British lover because 'she was cheating on Facebook with man from Saudi Arabia'

Twitter joins Washington’s influence economy, forms PAC

Easy To Use Obamacare Calculator

Obama’s Gay-Rights Hypocrisy: The president wags his finger at Putin while kowtowing to Islamic leaders

How Western Intellectual Values Have Gone Haywire

Teen employment hits record lows, suggesting lost generation

Creative Destruction: Obamacare versus artists, writers, musicians, actors, et al

Republicans ‘trying to mess with me,’ Obama tells crowd at Missouri auto plant

Added since publishing this post:

DC Capitol SWAT Team That Was Ordered NOT To Neutralize Navy Yard Shooter STILL Not Debriefed, And PD Removes Leader Without Explanation

43 slaughtered by Islamic terrorists in Kenyan mall and the terrorists blog attack live on Twitter


  1. I couldn't get past this headline -- at least for now:

    A 47-Story High-Rise Has a Tall Problem: They Forgot the Elevators

    I just burst out laughing at that. Thank you for the First Chortle of the Day. I hope it won't be the last.

    The callers on C-Span this morning have been even more depressingly ignorant and inarticulate tan usual. The issue of course is Those Rotten Republicans Trying to Destroy the American Economy by Attempting to Blackmail Congress into Repealing OBAMACARE.

    God in Heaven!

    1. FT,
      It is mind boggling that nobody along the way caught the problem of lack of elevators in that skyscraper.

      Idiocracy rules the day! **sigh**

  2. I almost feel soory for all the zoombie liberals whistling past the graveyard thinking noting in Obamanomics will ever hurt them. Nah! I don't feel sorry for them at all.

  3. Looks like everything you already knew, and had reconfirmed ... Thanks!

  4. The only thing I would quibble with is that I enlisted under Reagan, and I can never remember having the legal ability to open or concealed carry while on post. Transport and storage were fine, but not on-body, unless at the Privately Owned Weapons range.


  5. Don't be fooled by President Obama's words, Obama has proven to be a war dictator . (Humm, isn't that what they said about George Bush?)
    Obama talked himself into a corner and lacks support from 99% of Americans (not really 99%). Obama caused this problem, now he is using congress to get him out of this mess. Congress can say no to a strike against Syria and Obama never gets blames by the mindless Obama-bots for being the sole person who tried to start another war.

  6. Great post Always On Watch,as always. I look forward to these Nincompoopery blogs, it lets me get a few things off my chest. Today it's the War In Syria, or the "possible war in Syria"

    Nearly 1,500 are dead in the worst chemical attack in the 21st Century, including hundreds of children. A red line has been crossed and America’s prestige and credibility at stake, not just in Syria but for any rogue nation looking to challenge the United States: Iran, North Korea, Venezuela. But getting Congress to approve even limited action in Syria, as President Obama asked them to do today, is going to be tough.
    1,500 were dead because of chemical attack, if US is to attack Syria, more than 15,000 lives will be endangered, and how many of those woll be American lives?.

    In light of the new possibility of "War" in Syrian announced today by Obama.
    I have a question: Does the U.S. have any allies lrft now that Obama is in office? If you don't have to plan to send in troops. You don't have to commit to long-term opposition to tyranny. But don't freaking announce that War is around the corner .
    America is sick to death of these offensive and interventionist wars. We have been in the Middle East since Carter. Kerry should be more than familiar with chemical weaponry, as are all the boomers who experienced Vietnam. Maybe those in Congress that are pro offensive wars should be the first one to serve...including Obama ala George Washington. The President’s children should start serving in these wars, and members of Congress’s children also, if they are so quick to call out the military, and continue bankrupting this country. At this rate, we won't have any (or many) young men left. Maybe that is the idea? Kill all the young men so that those old foggies have more young women to choose from in their dementia?
    So why would we intervene in Syria. Syria is not an ally of America and the Syrian people don't like us. There is no American interest at stake. We are not the world's policeman. Leave Syria to the rest of the world. Let's sit this one out!

    1. Jack,
      the new possibility of "War" in Syrian announced today by Obama.

      What did Obama say today? I've been out of loop most of the morning and into the afternoon because I had to give a piano lesson, followed by private tutoring.

  7. There is an old saying with is "If it's not broken then don't fix it" The current healthcare system may have some faults, nevertheless to replace it with the worse system of Obamacare is folly ,follishness and even madness. Futhermore, there is also an very old saying From the Far-East which is that "Nothing is so bad that action will not make it worse."
    With the placement of Obamacare instead of the current system of healthcare will prove that ancient proverb out to be true.

    1. NANCY PELOSI says:

      You can't possibly know that the Affordable Healthcare Act will do harm until after it's been cemented firmly in place for several years, so your remarks amount to nothing more than idle speculation. We'll all have just have to wait and see how much damage it's going to do. I've been looking forward to it for years, myself. So should you, if you're a good American.

    2. Well Nancy, how about this: let’s operate on you without really knowing the extent of the problem … just to see how it turns out. We can always operate on you again later on; you know, to make some minor adjustments. Or bury you, which is also an option.

      The entire basis for a communist takeover of US healthcare was the supposition that there were, in America, 50 million people without healthcare. Given the number of people living in the US, 50 million wasn’t a very large percentage: 15%. Who, but a maniac, would want to change the entire system for a little more than ten percent of the entire population? Moreover, leftist politicians skewed the statistics in order to achieve a peculiar result. Of those 50 million people, between 15 and 20 million were illegal aliens. Of the remaining 30 million, half were young people who declined employer provided health care.

      Healthcare is an extra-constitutional infringement by the federal government. It is a function of the several states. If we merely extrapolate the remaining 15 million people to the 50 states, each of whom could address the needs of 600,000 people, there is no justification for this rape of the American health care system.

  8. Added to the body of the post just a moment ago: DC Capitol SWAT Team That Was Ordered NOT To Neutralize Navy Yard Shooter STILL Not Debriefed, And PD Removes Leader Without Explanation

    1. At the time the shooting started, there were only six civilian police officers on duty at the Navy Yard. Five of these were on fixed post assignments, and one ... the chief, was on roving patrol. We should wonder why the DoD decided to convert these posts from military to civilian billets, why those who get such jobs are so poorly trained, and why they were inadequately staffed.

      Makes you wonder, though ... was this another "test" assault?

  9. Terrorist attack in Kenya while it's number one citizen languishes in Washington DC. What kind of the world are we turning into?

    1. Mustang,
      I read a few minutes ago that Obama was back out on the golf course today. Thus we know his priorities.

  10. Aha! A clue as to why Obama hasn't reacted to today's Islamic terror attack at the Kenyan mall.

    This particular Kenyan mall is frequented by Westerners.

    From the link:

    Sky News is reporting that the US State Department has confirmed US citizens are among the casualties.

  11. Also from the link:

    ...The gunmen had announced that they were targeting non-Muslims as they began their attack at the centre.

    Too much attention to this story would result in debunking the whitewash of Islam. Therefore, what's happened in Nairobi today will be given short shrift in the media and from BHO.

    1. Al-Shabaab – say, isn’t that Obama’s Mohammedan Outreach Advisory panel?

  12. Obama can really tell some whoppers. I heard him yesterday I think it was, telling his captive audience how much cheaper health care is not. I waited to see if his nose grew.

    The 'no guns' and 'no ammunition' on military bases is one of the dumbest decisions I have ever heard. The military has been disarmed on their own bases, what a stupid idea.

    Right Truth

  13. I laughed so hard at this pathetic statement from Obama I almost peed on myself! The link has a video and he lies so much it is beyond ridiculous. It sounds like a campaign speech. Lies, lies, and more lies and stupid idiots applauding him.


    "Republicans "trying to mess with me" on budget..." - CBS News

    Talk about scare tactics. He does not care he still gets his dinner and desert! UGH! He is a nincompoop!

  14. the insanity goes on and on and on girl...have a great Sunday~!

  15. BETTER ADD THESE to the LIST - find 'em at DRUDGE:

    Venezuela orders takeover of toilet paper factory...

    Parents Mistake Daughter's Gunshot Wound For Menstruation...

    'Addicted' Biden niece blames VP pressure for woes...

    Transgender Student Named Homecoming Queen...

    Are we still living on the same planet on which we were born?

    1. FT,
      I saw those headlines and grabbed a few links for posting in the future.

      We are living in some kind of strange alternate universe. Being a hermit may be the only way for us to keep what's left of our sanity!

  16. This past week Obama gave another one of his repulsive, and offensive speeches. Part of what made it so was his accusation that Republicans in the House would rather mess with him, than do him, than do what is right for the American people. Notice that he said “him, than do what is right for the American people” Is that “HIS” interpretation of “what’s right for the America people” or the America people’s?
    He once again inferred that same old sickening, hateful, detestable, accusation that Racism was the cause of the people’s objection to his failed policy.
    When it’s really him and the progressives who are the ones playing the Race Card, And examples of that are as follows.. ..Progressives treat blacks as victims in need of kid glove treatment and special favors, and they will never let go of the "Slavery" issue.
    Obama and his Progressives claim that Obamacare Opponents are Racists!
    These Ignorant Progressive TWITS, who the hell do these people think elected Obama, if not the Whites?
    The NAACP have showed us that they are nothing more now than a Black KKK Mob. We all are quite aware of the Black Racism shown when the George Zimmerman lynch-mob-job were trying to lynch him, even before he had a TRIAL!. Didn’t they /Malik Zulu Shabazz offer a $10,000 bounty for him Dead or Alive? He even put up posters declaring him, "Wanted, Dead or Alive."! What the hell was with that? Is this thje Old West, offering "Wanted, Dead or Alive." bounties?
    He also went after the jury who found Zimmerman not guilty.

  17. And ever since Zommerman’s acquittal, death threats have continued to pour in against Zimmerman, his wife, his attorney and even the jurors in the case. Since he as made these threats shouldn’t this nutjob have been arrested? So why not?
    Remember the Black Panther's calling for killing of cracker babies!
    So why did Black people vote for Obama in the first place?
    Plain and Simple, Because of Racism. They voted for him because of Obama's blackness (or half black) or whatever.. So despite decades of voting Democrat, this time they voted for Obama based on race.
    And because of Free stuff. Obama promised a bunch of "free stuff" such as cell phones."Obama Phones"
    Free healthcare? Yes, mean Obamacare!
    Free food stamps. .Free housing, Free Cars,Free abortions Free TV’s, Free everything!
    So, why did blacks vote for Barry??
    Real easy. Because he's the first black ever elected to POTUS. He's black and thats why they voted for him. Most of em could care less how the country runs. Its all about his half blackness.
    No big shocker, and no need to deny it. Unless of course you're a FREAKING IDIOT and a LIAR like most of these progressives are.
    When groups like the NAACP who should be celebrating an African-American becoming a US Senator, and then the President of the United Stated of America no matter which party they belong to…instead they act like the biggest racists and bigots around if the person just happens to be a Republican! . The NAACP is nothing more than a Racist Hate Group!
    Anyone that claims Obama is not a racist is a whack job who can’t see the forest thru the trees. Look at the "church" he comes from. Look at the Pastor in that church ! Obama was married in that church and by Rev. Wright himself and sat there for 20 years and never heard a racist remark? Are you kidding me?
    And lets not forget that Obama’s wife Michelle has never been proud of this country until Obama became a candidate for the US. Presidency.
    Obama stuck his two cents into the Professor Henry Gates incident and the Trayvon Martin “ he could have been My Son” but there was not a word from the President about that thirteen month old baby who was shot in the face and murdered by a black teen.
    Nor a word said about the old man who was beaten to death, again by black youth.
    Not a word about Malik Shabazz (the new black panther leader), who announced he hated white people, and they should be killed, including white babies.
    Where was Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, and all the other black activists when the 14year old black girl was killed on a drive by in Chicago or the 1year old white baby was shot by two black youths in front of his mother! Finally, there are scores of black youth, who are killed by others of their own race.

  18. One of the first laws of effective communication is to learn that "Brevity is the soul of wit."

    In other words if one wants to be taken seriously, one should learn when to shut up.

    ---------------> Katharine Heartburn

    1. Shut up? Who are you addressing with that nasty comment Katharine Heartburn!

  19. Welcome to the world, this been going on since man first walked .
    None of my relatives owned slaves and I don't owe anybody anything. In fact, my great grandmother was a Jewish slave in Poland.
    The slavery issues the blacks and their leaders cling to is nothing but an excuse. If things are to improve for "African Americans", THEY need to move on and take responsibility for THEIR actions.
    These Liberals are all liars and delusional

  20. Screw Walgreens and all other companies screwing their employees and blaming Obamacare with their lies.

  21. And SCREW YOU Liberalmann and the Horse you rode in on!

  22. Fred Weintroub said: "The blacks need to get up off their lazy asses and find a job."

    Lol, and Al Sharpton is the 'race baiter,' eh?

  23. Yup, there it is. Thanks for confirming, Fred. Fool. LOL!


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