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Friday, June 14, 2013

Recommended Reading

(Two posts today. Please scroll down)

See A Massive Conspiracy, Mustang's essay about the NSA. Worth your time.


  1. Our government can not be trusted, but these days they no longer care that we don't trust. They have no fear of the "peoople'. They know that most citizens will accept what ever their Nanny tells them.


    Normally, I would be dead set against any American who wasn't strictly on "OUR SIDE," but when when "our side" isn't really ON "our side" anymore, I feel we ought to hail anyone who dares to expose the hideous fraud which administers "our" affairs in ways contrary to "our" best interests as somethng of a HERO.

    That said, Ed Snowden's prison pallor and nerdy, geeky personality (sort of like that of Jack Loo!) marks him as a loser –– no one I'd want to meet for lunch or dinner.

    I admit this is just a snap judgment on my part based on very little reading –– and as always in matters of this sort, "it all depends on who ox is being gored," –– I guess.

    I still hate Daniel Ellsberg's and the “Winter Soldier’s” effin’ guts, but I still believed in my country in those bygone days. Sadly, I no longer do, and if there were still a "New World" to escape to, I'd go there in a heartbeat.

  3. Let this over at your link, but since I am moderated over there... which bugs me no end,
    Why are we building a 2 Billion dollar spy center unapproved by Congress. For what purpose? Enough to store 100 years of what?

  4. Bunkerville,
    Your comment at A Montpelier View has appeared. I think that it's a first-time-comment moderation.

  5. Same with my comment there which I'll paste here since your link made me aware of the post anyway.

    There are those congresscritters who said that Snowden should have come to them.
    What would they have done, even if they agreed with him (as Sensenbrenner indicates).
    Snowden going to ANYONE (even congress) violated the rules.
    And if a sympathetic congresscritter agreed with him, the only route left would still be exposure to the public, because the oversight committees had already approved the activity.
    Making the oversight committees a shadow government.
    If the Patriot Act is more limited than the oversight committees approved activity as Sensenbrenner (the author) believes, then the real authority is the oversight committee, and who in their ranks would expose it?
    I was going to post this today, but I’ll just copy and paste from here.
    I had this conversation on the Bill Bennett show yesterday.


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