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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Big Clean-Out: Part 2

Ongoing since June 11 and an absolute necessity!

My family has been living here since 1947 when my mother, my uncle and his wife, and my grandmother purchased this old house, built around 1930. Mr. AOW and I have been living here since June of 1972. Like most former farms, we have numerous sheds and other areas dedicated to storage.

So, now you know what I'm not up to my usual blogging frenzy this summer.


  1. Garage sale (or are they "tag sales" in your area) in the AOW's future?

  2. Duck,
    We call them "yard sales."

    I am setting aside material to put into a yard sale; my neighbors, who will probably move in the near future, is planning a yard sale, and these neighbors will let me put in some items.

    I had a big yard sale a few years ago and got rid of a lot of stuff. But I didn't get everything placed in the sale. Too much stuff!

  3. Duck,
    I see that you've been posting a lot of photos lately. THIS ONE is particularly haunting. What is he remembering?

  4. That's all? You should see my house. The books alone can fill a library.

  5. AOW, he is mentally ill but the photo has hidden that. An example of making the camera lie.

    I don't know if he sensed I was there. Initially he hat was what drew my interest. He had a sketch pad and he continued to make a motion toward it. I walked over, looked (it was doodles) and smiled. No real way to engage.

    I haven't been out as much lately due to the heat but the number of homelass just seems to grow.

  6. Cube,
    I plan to give away many of the books I've accumulated. I taught elementary school for almost 20 years and should pass those books along to someone who can use them; homeschool families get first pick.

    It won't be too many years until I retire, and I'm past the age when I am physically comfortable working with little kids.

  7. Duck,
    I'll get back to about that photo. I want to discuss it with you. If you prefer an offline discussion, email me at the address toward the top of the right sidebar.

  8. AOW, send photo questions to my FLICKR mail address, breathless400@yahoo.com any time or ask here.

    I'm happy that there is interest in them.

  9. Duck,

    I'll do so in the next few days.

  10. Everywhere i look lately, there seems to be an emphasis on de-cluttering. I am chipping away here at home. I am trying to be ruthless. Letting go of stuff I've kept out of obligation or sentimentality. I think it weighs me down, emotionally.

    Good job, AOW. i admire your persistence.


  11. Jen,
    My friends who are helping me arrived about midnight. I was asleep, but they let themselves in, headed to the cellar, and commenced to painting the walls there.

    Today's plan: clean out the Little House, which used to be my piano studio. The piano there is kaput and not worth fixing, and we're putting it out for trash.

    I can't do this clean-out on my own because of my back injury and resulting neuropathy.

  12. Good luck with the cleaning, AOW! And don't hurt yourself. (and don't forget to have some lazy summerness ;))

    I've recently had to clean out my room- and a ton of junk stored in boxes. Its funny. What I once thought valuable, I see now as trash, and just throw it out. I guess time does help us decide what is truly worth keeping, and what isn't...

    Though, I will freely admit I hoard one thing: books. Well over half my boxes are full of books!


  13. Wildstar,
    Thank you for your well wishes.

    Today, it was really too hot to get much done here. The crew, however, did get the piano to the curb, and getting rid of that worn-out piano was the primary goal -- along with some serious trimming along the fence lines. The vines and the poke weed have gone crazy this year because of the wet spring we had.

    I haven't sorted through the books. Too hot to work upstairs today! Ah, well. I know that I can get everything done this summer; otherwise, I'll have no lazy summerness! Without that, I won't be fit to teach in the fall. ;)


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