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Saturday, April 13, 2013


(Weekend roundup post.   For the definition of nincompoop, see THIS in the Urban Dictionary. Commenters are encouraged to post links that tell of more nincompoopery)

Links to read (more possibly added as the weekend progresses):

White House Turned into Party Central AGAIN for Obama's Rich Friends, but School Children STILL Barred from White House Tours

Obama’s plan to simultaneously compel enrollment in a retirement account and prohibit Americans from saving more than what he believes is a “reasonable” amount in such an account

Dark Knight killer James Holmes 'is now a Muslim who prays five times a day'

Marxist indoctrination in the public education system

Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Sequester nearly starving staffers [earning $60,000-$100,000 a year]

Environmentalists Seek to Block Solar Power Projects

Bill Ayers is now a feted ‘visiting scholar’ at Minnesota State University Moorhead

$81,204 to Answer the Phone. Fed Gov Posts 4600 New Job Listings

How Filthy and Toxic Electric Cars Really Are

Turkey's religious top dog: "Islamophobia has become an illness in the hearts of two-thirds of humanity"

Obama’s High-Speed Rail Debacle

Obama Leaves US Border Open and Guardless After Sequester (Video)

Obama Delivers 117 Word Statement for Easter – 664 Word Statement for Cesar Chavez Day

MSNBC anchor questions her 4-year-old daughter to promote gay marriage


  1. Re Holmes and his conversion...Perfect. One would have to become muslim in order to 'justify' having killed so many innocent people, huh?
    How could we have expected any less from this monster?

  2. Also, I heard last night that Debbie Wasser"person" Schultz is trying to get special benefits for her staff because walking certain corridors is long and busy...I'm not sure what she wanted but she's a pushy little thing.
    This food situation is interesting ..she did say they can't get a "good meal"...maybe that can only include caviar and lobster to a liberal..like Michelle Obama.
    I know people who're only making $40K a year and they're eating okay. What's she expect for her staff some of whom make $160K, invitations to Obama parties???

  3. OK, I don't have $3,000,000 but just exactly where does our Thief-in-Chief get off by telling us what's "reasonable"? Also, since he probably plans to confiscate such savings I would have thought that he would want all he can get. Just remember this; if it's his plan it SUCKS! Obamacare = >2,700 paves of law and >15,000 pages of regulations and still growing; the most massive Legislative boondoggle in human history!

  4. A highly recommended ANTIDOTE to this POISON:


  5. JonBerg --- Do you remember during the primaries when there was a little controversy over your favorite job creator (LMAO) mysteriously growing his tax free IRA to over a hundred million?

    Seems those sorts of shenanigans are what is behind the limit.

    Your statement about confiscating the savings is asinine.

  6. "'He has brainwashed himself into believing he was on his own personal jihad and that his victims were infidels,' a prison source told the National Enquirer."

    Wow, that's some critical reporting,unnamed sources, eh AOW?
    Really, is there any reason to pay attention to reporting that shabby. It can feed z's paranoia but is it really of interest?

  7. who cares how big it is duhkkky it's his money...you moron

  8. and what of Obama's offshore accounts?

    18% tax rate too high for his majesty?

  9. "Your statement about confiscating the savings is asinine."

    Yanked your chain; did it; I'd put nothing past that POS!

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. and even so what about it was "illegal"?

  12. Elmo thinks 401K's are there as a tax avoidance tool.

    You certainly are clear on the concept.

    You should take a look at how your favorite job creator managed to work that scam. Destroyed a good company, threw people out of work, stashed a few options in the IRA and exercised them for 100 million free of any capital gains tax.

    And Calvinist dipsticks like yourself probably see God's grace in that.

    Note to AOW:
    I would have preferred being more civil but not that Tickle Me Elmo fired the first shot.

  13. AOW, regarding the Marxism. How would you teach the New Deal? Would you be completely negative and undertake a complete indoctrination by those means.

    The article objects to rural electrification as Marxism. What's your opinion? Are all government assisted projects Marxism?

    What about projects like the highway system or rural electrification which would be beyond the capitalization of a single company? Or is anything not done by the private sector, "Marxism"?

    I know you've never read the basics of Marxism so what informs your definition?

  14. Environmentalists Seek to Block Solar Power Projects
    But the article states that the objection is ti the siting not to the project per-sea.

    Seems misleading.

  15. That is interesting about the electric cars, never really thought about them much, they are not practical for us where we live so never considered one.

    Nice roundup.

    Right Truth

  16. msnbc stoops to a new low with this DISGUSTING conversation with a 4 year od about lesbians getting married. You won't believe how depraved this is, even for them.


    then click the link

  17. I don't know why I watch news any more. There is nothing good at all these days. I get madder and sadder every time I do. Wasserman Shultz has got to be among the 10 most stupid people on the planet. Damn she is ignorant!

  18. James Holmes's purported conversion to Islam is generally viewed as a ploy to avoid the death penalty -- or so I've read.

  19. Duck,
    I'm not going to respond to every question in your 3rd degree comment.

    However, I will say the following.

    I present the New Deal in a more balanced fashion than you are imagining. Get a grip.

    I have indeed read and studied the basics of Marxism and at the university level where I took an advanced course called "The History of Modern Russia."

    There is an inherent flaw in dialectical materialism even IF Marx was correct in his assertions about the evolution of political and economic systems: who is to say that Communism is the final and best stage if change and conflict are ever ongoing?

    PS: I may not be saying exactly what I want to say it how I want to say it. Sick as a dog here.

  20. There are limits as to how much can contribute to a 401(k):

    The maximum amount a person can contribute to his or her is set each year by the IRS after taking inflation into account. For the year 2013, people can contribute up to $17,500 as an elective deferral to their employer's 401(k) plan. Additionally, if you are age 50 or older, you can contribute an additional catch-up contribution of $5,500.


    The 401(k) limit applies to all 401(k) accounts you might have for the current year. If you work at two or more jobs or switch jobs in the middle of the year, then you may need to track your 401(k) contributions yourself to ensure that you don't contribute over the limit.

    Contributions are tax deferred -- not tax free. Taxes are paid when funds are withdrawn unless taxes are paid when funds are deposited, the latter typical of Roth IRA's. There are also rules relating to the inheriting of an IRA.

  21. There is also the matter of the required minimum distribution:

    The RMD rules are designed to spread out the distributions of your entire interest in an IRA or plan account over your life expectancy or the joint life expectancy of you and your beneficiary. The purpose of the RMD rules is to ensure that people don't just accumulate retirement accounts, defer taxation, and leave these retirement funds as an inheritance. Instead, required minimum distributions force you to withdraw at least some of the funds as taxable distributions during your lifetime.

  22. You’re visiting your doctor because you have flu symptoms. After checking your heart, pulse and other vital signs, your doctor turns to you and asks, “By the way, the federal government has authorized me to ask you, What type and how many guns do you have in your home?"

    Sounds like George Orwell’s "1984"?


    It’s 2013. And if President Barack Obama gets his way by executive order, doctors across the country could play a key role in his new gun control initiative.

  23. "What type and how many guns do you have in your home?"

    Just say NONE! I hate to lie but this is so far over-the-top that it transcends any moral obligation for probity! Your Doctor is, just that, your Doctor; he/she should NEVER have to serve as a surrogate in B.O.'s POLICE STATE!

  24. I wonder how much Debbie Wasserman-Schultz spends for the mayonnaise that she uses in her hair?

  25. Ducky Dearest, why are you SOOO jealous of someone growing their fortunes using the tax laws your friends passed. People are not "stagnant" as your party wishes. If your friends pass a tax law to punish success, people will simple do things differently. Get over it, start your own business, be a success, and see how it fells to have YOUR government vilify you.

  26. Woodsterman,

    "Ducky Dearest, why are you SOOO jealous of someone growing their fortunes"

    Yes, it begs the question: If a growing economy is the objective which philosophy should prevail; one of proven ability to grow (business acumen) or one of extortion (community organizer)? For now, at least, the electorate has, unwisely, chosen the latter! We will [all] pay a heavy price for this monumental miscalculation!

  27. Duck,
    I took a Wikipedia look at the Roth IRA. What's your point?


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