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Thursday, April 4, 2013

An observation

by Sam Huntington

While the communist left seeks to curtail America's Second Amendment rights, owing to the unseemly behavior of a few nut-jobs (who are mostly themselves leftists), they defend against any criticism of Islam by pointing out that terrorists are only a small percentage of the Moslem population.

From this, we should conclude that progressivism is a mental illness.

By the way, how free are you in your own home state? Check it out.


  1. "They defend against any criticism of Islam". This is to be expected with a Muslim president. I think a good part of Obama's success in establishing this policy is that the Left is afraid of offending him regardless of how they may actually feel about the threat of Islam.

    That map link is a really interesting site. Nice find, Sam.

  2. The map is pretty cool. Not terribly detailed, but a good synopsis for each state.

    ....we still have people clinging to the Muslim president meme?

  3. Such a well reasoned and simple argument. Such large deaf ears.

  4. Some people are like this, eventhough they will not say so because the truth is that the foundations and doctrines of Islam are so weak that it can't stand up to or hold up to criticism.

  5. Interesting that you think you understand the left as a monolithic force. I think you'll find their position on gun control varied.

    For instance, we constantly hear from the fringe right that the left doesn't care about gun violence in inner cities. Quite the contrary and we would like sensible point of sale controls like limiting bulk buys and gun show regulation.
    Ain't going to happen just as there is going to be no movement on the current issue.

    Obummer will flap his mouth and do nothing which is his mode.

    So what we have on the left is a group of people who who want a sensible discussion just as we would want a sensible discussion about Islam.

    Yet you say that progressivism is a mental illness (Limbaugh or Savage, both sociopaths) on a thread with a real beauty who thinks Obama is a Muslim and another who thinks the Old Testament is literal truth.
    Time to be circumspect.

  6. "you think you understand the left as a monolithic force."

    Well, I sure don't think that. The "left" is really a coalition of diverse, dissimilar groups, not always fond of each other,with a single cause; they are all chronic malcontents who can't stand even the slightest bit of discipline imposed by conventionality, as individuals. But they have no compunction, whatsoever,enjoying the fruits of conventionality. Moreover their 'commom denominator' is interminable immaturity.

    Sam, great map!

  7. Constitutional: "we still have people clinging to the Muslim president meme?" Yeah, you brain-dead simpering snipe fart. I cling to my guns too.

    I take a Constitutional every morning that smells better than you, you witless turd. He's a muslima and apparently everyone knows it but you. See, you come here looking for someone to sideswipe instead of having anything to contribute to a meaningful discussion. It's jerks like you that I boot from my blog the first time they do it. But I guess you found a home here, eh?

  8. Awww...isn't that cute. Another internet tough guy who thinks that petulance makes him look all grown up.

  9. After Black Sheep's act I wonder if Sam can explain if progressivism is a mental illness does that leave several notches on the crazy scale for Black Sheep?

    JonBerg, ridiculous screed. You and Ed must have been traumatized by a hippie. Snap out of it !!!

  10. "You and Ed must have been traumatized by a hippie"

    No we just grew up!

  11. I'm in Tennessee, one of the TOP FIVE states when it comes to freedom. I'm not moving anywhere else either.

    Right Truth

  12. RT - I lucked out too. When I retired, I considered Colorado.

    Thankfully, I landed in Virginia. 8/50 ain't bad.

  13. I'm in Boston, Debbie. About as low as you can go on the scale and I ain't going anywhere.

    I'd be curious why you think that pithy little chart implies your quality of life is superior.

  14. Should anyone be surprised that private property is anathema to the Massachusetts mindset?

  15. Maryland probably dropped a few notches on the Freedom scale last night... with the neo-criminalization of gun ownership, purchasers now required to be fingerprinted, trained and registered for a permit BEFORE "being allowed" to purchase a gun.

    Who knew that one needed a government permit to exercise a "right" to bear arms?

  16. Can anybody please tell be what "shall not be infringed" means, anymore?

  17. The number of children killed in school bus accidents demands that we ban school buses immediately.

  18. One might make a case that the greed and avarice and megalomania that is at the center of leftist thought is a mental illness. Regardless of this, it is nothing but destructive.

  19. A very important find. Linked here: http://bobagard.blogspot.com/2013/04/how-free-are-you_5.html

  20. Anon is full of dookie.

    First of all, the national rate is 4.3 per 100,000 in population ... Maryland is a blue state with 6.8. Michigan, 6.2. California, 4.8. New York and New Jersey ... the most restrictive gun laws in the country, 4.3 and 4.0 respectively. Illinois, 5.6. New Mexico, 7.5.

    Even our worst state (LA) with 11.2 is not an epidemic. We should probably consider, too, that at least half of the nation's murder victims were asking for it.

  21. We should probably consider, too, that at least half of the nation's murder victims were asking for it.

    Stunning. Even for a gun loon.

  22. Jack,
    FYI....I have deleted Anonymous's comment. It was from Liberalmann, whose comments here are deleted as soon as an administrator becomes aware of those comments.

    But thanks for responding with some specifics to Liberalmann's wacko statement.

  23. Well Ducky, in Louisiana's case, the actual murder percentage of population is 0.112 and this is certainly not an epidemic, as Jack suggested to you. Now do you deny that there are people killed while breaking the law? Were they not "asking for it?"

    Or is it the case that years of unabated drug use have fried your brains?


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