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Monday, February 4, 2013

The Other September 11th

The Siege of Vienna in 1683:

Some reading HERE at Gates of Vienna.

Meanwhile, dated January 26, 2013, Saharan caravans of cocaine help to fund al-Qaeda in terrorists' North African domain


  1. There is certainly no moral dilemma for Muslims to infect infidel societies with mind destroying drugs. The Afghans have been flooding the world with heroin for centuries.

    The Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC) started out over forty years ago as purely communist communist insurgents in Columbia. But, over time, they have become just another narc-trafficking (cocain) group to finance their brand of terrorism.

    I enjoyed the history lesson very much. Thanks for posting that, AOW.

  2. Instead of spending billions on futile attempts to convert these savages to our ways, or force them by waging "limited," no-win wars, we should spend some of the trillions we waste each year on buying up the coca crop -- and all the other sources of dangerous illegal drugs worldwide -- giving some to the pharmaceutical companies for legitimate medical purposes, then destroying all the rest.

    "An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Ton of Cure."

  3. Wow,

    I thought that Hillary and B.O. had all of this under control. What did I miss?

  4. The video is wonderful. It's always a joy to hear men and women of the quality of Niall (pronounced NEAL!) Ferguson speak English with such resonant tone and expressive, beautifully modulated diction.

    It almost doesn't matter what he's saying. The voice, itself, is music to my ears.

    It's a crime that the neutered devotees of political correctness in Britain and our own country are forcing the world to imagine that all accents and all manner of expression is of "equal" value and "equally" good to hear.

    What's next -- Shakespeare enunciated with a hillybilly Yahoo twang -- a thick-tongued Yiddish accent -- or in gutter Brooklynese?

  5. Istanbul is advertised as a great place for vacationing. You couldn't pay me to go there.

    Great video.

    Off topic, the woman who went on her vacation to turkey and was killed,...

    There is something very strange about that if you follow all the places she went.

    Right Truth

  6. Great video! Islam has a long history of violence.

  7. Right Truth said...

    "Istanbul is advertised as a great place for vacationing. You couldn't pay me to go there."

    Yes why? And that's probably the BEST Moslem, $#!t hole there is! Anyone who goes to a Moslem Country, without having to, is an idiot and deserves NO sympathy!
    why would anyone do that?

  8. It's amazing just how brief the period of Western ascendancy had been. Muslims like to complain about imperialism, but for the most part it were the Muslims who put the West on defensive.

  9. Obama said repeatedly during the campaign that "Al Queda is on the run." He was right!

    Al Queda is on the run to exploit the vacuum in leadership created by Obama. They are on the run all over Africa to take the weapons left behind in Libya and use them to kill Americans in Benghazi and in Algeria. They are on the run all over Mali. Soon they'll be using those drug dollars to fund new massive attacks against Americans.

    But we're not supposed to worry about it because Obama said so?

  10. And you tell me
    Over and over and over again, my friend
    Ah, you don’t believe
    We’re on the eve
    Of destruction.


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