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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Inside The Dar-Al Hijrah Mosque

(with a hat tip to Atlas Shrugs)

The imam at the Dar Al-Hijrah Mosque in Northern Virginia calls for armed jihad:


  1. One more time...Islam is the problem.

  2. American Muslim is an oxymoron, much like any other hyphenated American. I am reminded of this each time someone refers to Obama as an African-American.

  3. There are some people who still make the claim that "Islam is a peaceful religion." The facts of reality prove that it is a religion of violence and extreme violence at that. The people who make such a false claim about "Islam being peaceful" need to wake up to how thing really are.

  4. Well, there's Islam, and there's ISLAM, and there's ISLAM, just as there is Christ's Word, and then there's Roman Catholicism, Greek Orthodoxy, Russian Orthodoxy, the Coptic Church, Lutheranism, Episcopalianism, Puritanism, Presbyterianism, Methodism, Baptists -- northern and southern conventions --, Dutch-Reformed, New England Congregationalists, Quakers, Pentecostal, Nazarenes, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, Christian Scientists, Evangelical Fundamentalists, and God-knows-what-all else.

    Each one claims to be The One True Christian Church. Most of these various groups look upon each other with a weather eye. In the past draconian punishments for "heresy," and brutal, bloody religious wars imprisoned, tortured, maimed, and killed millions upon millions of poor ignorant, powerless souls caught in the power-grabbing strategies of potentates who used "religion" as the rationale for their despotic machinations.

    THEREFORE, it is both foolish and inaccurate to give the impression that "ISLAM" per se is the root of all the strife and agony in the Middle East.

    That said, it certainly isn't SWEDENBORGIANISM either.

    We are MUCH more eager to "Find the Enemy" than we are to "Solve the Problem."

    PS: The Jews are not unified, and can't get along all that well with each other either. The greatest irony of modern times in my never humble opinion is the way religion in the form of Pentateuchal prophecy was used as the primary rationale for founding the modern state of Israel -- The Jewish State -- on Arab lands, and yet the vast majority who live there are ATHEISTS, yet still consider themselves Jews. Stranger still: To notice this bizarre discrepancy is to be considered "anti-Semitic." OY! OY! OY! Vutta voild!

  5. FT,
    In the past draconian punishments for "heresy," and brutal, bloody religious wars imprisoned, tortured, maimed, and killed millions upon millions....


    Who is doing so NOW?

    As for Israel, regardless of theology, the modern nation of Israel has existed for over 60 years. Why are the Pseudostinians so obsessed with that swatch of land?

    The imam in the video was preaching in a well-attended mosque less than 10 miles from our nation's capital. He is clearly calling for jihad and terrorism. If the leader of a church or a synagogue called for something like that, what would be the reaction of the media and law enforcement?

    To a certain extent, all religions demonize "the other." So do individuals for that matter. When that demonizing is a call to violence, the demonizing should not be tolerated, IMO.

  6. Major Nidal Hassan and several of the 9/11 hijackers also attended the same mosque that Sheik Elsayed is now the imam of.

    Notwithstanding imperfections of, and strife associated with, various religious orders, this [one] makes just another grand example of why I will NOT relinquish any aspect of MY 2nd Amendment rights!

  7. I would agree that when "religion" is used as a mask -- or a rationale -- for violence -- in the case you cited case High Treason -- that the "religious" institution, which in REALITY is no such thing, should be SHUT DOWN, its property CONFISCATED and its LEADERS JAILED and then DEPORTED.

    The "parishioners" adhering to such dangerous beliefs should be given the choice of either denouncing their so-called "religion," being deported to a Muslim country such as Pakistan, or facing a minimum of ten years in a federal prison after forfeiting al their wealth and personal property to the US Government.

    By the way, I think such tactics should be used against ANY subversive or organized criminal group no matter what their ethnicity or religious affiliation.

    HOWEVER, I stand by everything else I said.

    Israel is NOT our friend and never has been. Israel is and always has been T-R-O-U-B-L-E. It is an artificial construct imposed by The West on Arab Soil that has worked effectively like a stick poked in the eye of Araby -- a red flag waved across the face of the Arabian Bull.

    To deny this flies in the face of Common Sense.

    HOWEVER, there's nothing I would propose to "do" about it. We've "done" quite enough in the Middle East, and much of the destruction resulting from our interference in the Arab World is really OUR fault. ("Our" meaning Britain, Europe and the USA)

    I support a policy of Benign Neglect regarding the Middle East, and would be perfectly willing to let the chips fall where they may -- as long as they don't land in the middle OUR territory.

    Beating up on Muslims in general would be ill-advised and downright immoral. That's what ISRAEL wants us to do.

    I deeply resent our letting ourselves be duped into being cynically used as a cat's paw for Israel.

  8. For many years I accepted the idea that Israel "made the desert bloom" and a land was needed as a sanctuary especially in light of the atrocities of World War II.

    More recently I've begun to question my original acceptance of of this line of thinking. Is there something larger behind the idea of creating a country (even if it is where a country and people formerly lived) by taking land away from existing landowners and handing it over to others in creating another country.

    If today we recognize the sinister implications of globalism or global government, then it would behoove us to look more carefully at how Israel came into existence. It's a creation of the United Nations, that organization that everybody loves to hate, when the occasion arises. What if this idea became accepted, to hand over private property to the segment of the world's population who happen to be the celebrated cause of the times. That means the victims and beneficiaries could change over time.

    What would happen if indigenous people of say, North America, were to become the celebrated cause of the day, claiming that their land and rights had been severely violated in the more recent past, and this wrong could best be righted by returning their land to them? Could this happen? Better question: How soon can we expect this to happen here? I believe by looking and listening carefully, we can see the United Nations fingerprints here as well.

    Will it be able to carry this off? Probably since it has happened previously.

  9. Waylon,
    There was at least one treaty involved when the Ottoman Empire broke up. I don't know all the details, however.

  10. FT,
    I think that Israel is our ally -- certainly more of an ally than the Pseudostinians.

    As for our involvement in the Middle East, I have to say that the West hasn't done a good job with that overall. Didn't George Washington warn America way back when about "foreign entanglements"?

    Islam per se is the problem, IMO -- now, at least. Or maybe I should say Petro-Islam.

    Doctrinally, the newer verses of the Quran are not at all like the peaceful verses of the New Testament -- just the opposite, in fact. Militant Islam is the Islamic "new testament" -- at least, for fundamentalist Muslims.

    Regardless, what that imam said sounds like sedition. So, the problem isn't just "over there" in the Middle East. There are Wahhabist funded mosques all over the United States -- thanks, in part, to Petro-Islam and some of the insane alliances that the West has made with Arabs over the years. We can't get away from the fact that so many terrorist attacks (9/11 in the United States, 7/7 in London, Mumbai, etc.) are committed by the sons of Allah.

  11. You and I don't disagree all that much, AOW. If it had been up to me, as of 9/12/01 every Muslims would have been dumped in the ocean and told to swim back to The Holy Land. ;-)

    Not really, of course, but George W. Bush completely alienated me the day he mewled into the microphones, "Islam is a religion of peace."

    Obviously he had been given his "marching orders" by "The Oligarchs" of which I'm sure his father is one.

    As for modern Israel, Waylon made the point at which I only hinted very well. If the West could gang up n the Arabs through the United Nations and "engineer" the transfer of Arab land for the purpose of creating a "Jewish State," in the midst of traditionally hostile territory a few THOUSAND years after the Israelites were driven out, and "dispersed to wander" throughout the world, then it really is possible that The World could gang up on US through the UN, and force us to "give it all back to the indians -- and the Mexicans -- and to pay "REPARATIONS."

    That is NOT as preposterous as it sounds. Yes there "treaties" and a thing called The Balfour Declaration which long preceded WWI, but the fact remains that today's Israel came into being, because of hubristic meddling on the part of Western powers -- particularly England -- in the affairs of countries deemed weaker, less capable and therefore malleable.

    That arrogant, presumptuous attitude that Might Makes Right is OUR sin, and we have been paying very heavily for it all our lives. The unacknowledged INTENT, of course, is to so weaken and overwhelm the White Christian West as to virtually ANNIHILATE White Christian Civilization.

    Either we work within the guidelines of agreed upon standards of right conduct, or we don't.

    The very fact that I have broken a TABOO simply by ADDRESSING this "Elephant on the Word's Stage" is PROOF that what I say must be true.

    In a truly free society -- if we had such a thing -- there would be NO ":taboos" whatsoever.

  12. Bloviating, lying Jew hater. Diarrhea of the lips.
    Self righteous jackass.
    Histrionic attention monger.
    Blah blah blah blah blah. Don't you ever give your keyboard a rest, you two-faced, asswipe hypocrite?

  13. Black Sheep,
    FT is not a Jew hater. He is, however, not fond of Semites and has so stated several times.

    As the blog owner, I don't wish that FT would give his keyboard a rest. I welcome his comments here -- and you are welcome to comment here too.


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