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Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Inept State Department

by Sam Huntington

By reelecting Barack Obama to a second term, the American people have set into motion more foreign policy disaster. Mr. Obama has decided to replace the incompetent Hillary Clinton with the inept John Kerry. Nowhere was this ineptness more evident than during Kerry’s confirmation hearings, but I suppose to be fair … John Kerry is what we’ve come to expect from Massachusetts politicians. Here’s an example:

Senator Rand Paul: “Do you think it is wise to send [Egypt] F-16s and Abrams tanks?

John Kerry: “I think those [anti-Semitic] comments are reprehensible, and those comments set back the possibilities of working toward issues of mutual interest. They are degrading comments, unacceptable by anybody’s standard, and I think they have to appropriately be apologized for …”

What? Kerry didn’t answer the question? Oh-my-gosh!

Well, no matter —even in not answering any questions in a meaningful way, Kerry still managed to demonstrate what a complete moron he is. We as Americans can be so proud that the President of the United States nominated a man to lead our foreign policy effort, who has NO clue, and who subscribes to the “wait and see” approach that led us to the disaster at Benghazi.

We suppose it is possible that some will blame Rand Paul —who unlike Kerry, was doing his job by coming to an important hearing prepared— but this is what we’ve come used to expect from the communist left: kill the messenger.

The fact is our political structure is morally bankrupt. One example of this is when it was suggested to Kerry that we should suspend all aid to Pakistan until they release the doctor who aided in the capture of Obama bin Laden, Kerry demurred —thus assuring that no one in his or her right mind will ever again endeavor to aid the United States in any important undertaking. “Well,” the communist left will proclaim, “one cannot ignore 180 million people for the sake of one.” This of course suggests a lack of commitment to high ideals. Nor can we assume that this is only a Democrat problem.

Still, Senator Paul persisted: “If we keep sending them weapons, it’s not going change their behavior.”

This is the essential problem, isn’t it? What evidence do we have that in providing Egypt with our sophisticated weapons, that doing so will change Egypt’s policy? Providing arms simply enables Egypt to pursue a more radical position against the only true democracy in the Middle East: Israel. Of course, we suppose it would good for a few giggles among the beltway elitists over cocktails bantering about which of the two sides had a better mastery of the F-16. And by giving Egypt the world’s most lethal tank, the clowns in Washington have assured us of no easy victory in a future engagement.


Speaking of which, we must now endure listening to Kerry lecture to us about what’s important to our country’s future. As if he knows.

Notwithstanding the Kerry fiasco, the news isn't all bad: we have finally allowed a communist justice to swear someone in.


  1. Form over substance. And, bad form at that.

  2. There is nothing coherent about the federal government; that would include the Department of State. It is, to coin a phrase, a run-a-way train. I have heard many times popular politicians demand smaller government, but have yet to see this happen. Why do we have a Bureau of Indian Affairs? There is nothing done within the Department of Education that promotes smarter people. What is the EPA, other than a fascist organization? What does the Commerce Department do, beyond waste our money?

  3. The headline says it all.

    Right Truth

  4. Now we have an even more inept replacement for the Dept of Interior. Global Warming belief is the substance of the requirement apparently. These new picks get even more discouraging. But then, they are only figure heads anyway. Valerie pulls the strings.

  5. Speaking of which, we must now endure listening to Kerry lecture to us about what’s important to our country’s future. As if he knows.

    No, you do, Sam?

    You'd cut any leverage we have with Egypt. That should help make a tough situation worse.

    But you know what the country needs, right?

  6. Ducky Dearest, If nothing else you're consistent. Put more weapons into an already volatile region? These people think we and Israel are the biggest enemies to mankind and must be destroyed, and we're arming them to accomplish this?

  7. Odie Woodperson, that's one duck that is pointless to shoot. It's a Daffy Duck, it just keeps coming back in the next cartoon. Better to ignore.

    As to Kerry and our government, that's another Daffy Duck cartoon. There's only 2 things you can do with it. Ignore it, or shut it off.

  8. Kerry and Hagel are, obviously, bad but with B.O., The Fraud-in-Chief, calling the shots does it really matter?

  9. Just what we need in that position..a war hero who lied and who dissed our country after Viet Nam. CONGRATULATIONS, Obama!

    AOW, he said THAT in response to Rand Paul's question? Man, the libs must take classes on deflection which makes the asker look bad. They ROCK in that field.

    By the way, sending weapons like ours to Egypt WILL change their behavior, most definitely; It will embolden them against Israel and US. Man, I wish the left would stop thinking "if we're just NICE to them, they'll LIKE US!"
    It's like Liberals are all Sally freakin' Field.

  10. @ "Donald" Duck and Liberalwhatchamacallit --

    After the statements both of you have made, I'm convinced that if both of your brain housing groups were put together and made into water, there wouldn't be enough to drown a piss ant.

    Do both of you get together after midnight and push shopping carts around?

    Z said it best: "It's like Liberals are all Sally freakin' Field."

  11. The more I hear from Rand the Younger, the more I really like him. As for horseface, welcome to the "The Brotherhood" West, known as bAMA's cabinet.

  12. That anyone would refer to John Fonda Kerry as "a war hero" is mind boggling. Sheesh.

    A few details about John Kerry

  13. @ DaB -- Rand the Younger's already got my vote. 'bAMA's cabinet'... LMAO!

    @ AOW -- in regards to John Fonda (affectionately known as 'Commie') Kerry: "Sheech" is putting it mildly. Other exclamations come to mind -- none of which I can use on this site.

  14. SAM! It's good to see you back in action again. Your astute, well-informed, articulate presence has been missed.

  15. "[T]his is what we’ve come used to expect from the communist left: kill the messenger."

    Deflection via "besmirchment" has always been their stock-in-trade.

    If a Conservative innocently exclaims, "Isn't it a lovely day today!"

    The leftist is bound to answer with some variation of, "Global warming is melting the polar ice caps. Our coastal cities will all be under water in less than a decade, and YOU sit there praising SUNSHINE! You troglodytes are so clueless you're a DANGER to the survival of the planet. Get back to your meeting of The Flat Earth Society, where you belong, you fringe right, Calvinist, homophobic, gun loon worshiper of Saint Ronnie Raygun, you!"

  16. FT,
    you fringe right, Calvinist, homophobic, gun loon worshiper of Saint Ronnie Raygun, you!

    Perfect impersonation of Duck! Hehehe.

  17. Furthermore, it's morally bankrupt, any more, on BOTH sides of the aisle.

    Politicians in DC: only out for THEIRS and YOU can go to hell.


  18. What we would we do without Ducky?

    I'll tell you what I would do if the little snot disappeared -- I'd do CARTWHEELS!

    ---------> Katharine Heartburn

  19. Nostradumbass said:

    "You'd cut any leverage we have with Egypt."


    That's the best laugh line I've heard since,"Dear School: Please excuse John being absent on Jan. 28, 29,30, 31, 32, and also 33."


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