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Friday, February 8, 2013

Recommended Reading And Watching

See Doctor [Benjamin] Carson's Obama-Spanking Prescription for America over at The Conservative Lady.  Worth your time to note what the world-famous neurosurgeon has said.


  1. Darn! You stole my thunder. ;-)

    I am posting the video of Dr. Carson's complete prayer breakfast speech along with a few remarks from a newspaper article or two.

    I thought it was FANTASTIC. Something to CELEBRATE -- for a change.

    HALLELUJAH! There is reason still to hope after all.

  2. Off topic. Thanks for the link to the Eugene Robinson column regarding Obama's newly minted power to kill Americans without judicial review. Quite a column coming as it does from an Obama apologist.


    I was struck by the paragraph in which Robinson said it would be an " unconscionable dereliction of duty" if an American President failed to act to protect American lives. What about the attacks that killed our diplomatic personnel in Libya? There were repeated warnings of an imminent attack and hours during the actual event and no effort by the Obama Administration to send help.

    Is an " unconscionable dereliction of duty" an impeachable offense?

  3. “We’ve reached a point where people are actually afraid to talk about what they want to say, because somebody might be offended,” Carson said, noting the example of people refraining from saying “Merry Christmas.”

    I had to stop there.
    I have no idea whom this guy thinks is afraid to say, "Merry Christmas".

    Pure nonsense.

  4. Mike what about the marines killed at Beirut because Saint Ronnie Raygun had them in an unprotected position?

    We gave him a by and a by when he took the knee to terrorists after the attack. His stupidity was far more serious.

  5. Let me tell you something, Canardo: That "guy" isn't afraid of anything. It's very rare these days when anyone impresses me favorably, since I have grown old, seen much, and am long past the impressionable age, but Dr. Carson -- unlike the mouthy mountebank who sits in the Oval Office today -- is a person of remarkable integrity, and genuine accomplishment, whose distinguished surgical skills, unselfishness, and sanguine approach to living have done much to improve the lives of others and lift the spirits of sane individuals who've been fortunate enough to see him in action.

    On the other hand your verbal farts, and disingenuous criticisms are stinking up someone else's otherwise-delightful drawing room again, and I for one find it embarrassing.

    Your better self is always welcome at my place, but not your quasi-Mordredian persona, which has grown increasingly stale and tiresome with each passing year.

    Hire some new writers, and change your act. Your ratings are sinking so fast you will soon be consigned to the Davey Jones Locker of Cyberspace.

    In short: BOO to YOU, sir!

  6. It seems that ducks get very agitated before a blizzard, which the Boston area is expecting to arrive today or tonight.

  7. FT,
    I stole your thunder? Sorry 'bout that!

    I have a great deal of respect for Dr. Carson. My respect for this man goes quite a few years back.

    Neurology is my "hobby."

  8. Mike,
    I couldn't believe my eyes when I read Eugene Robinson's column in today's WaPo.

  9. Duck,
    Back during the Reagan administration, how many people were that concerned about what damage the muhajadeen could wreak? Not many, IMO.

    9/11 changed that apathy -- for a short while, anyway.

    According to Caspar Weinberger:

    ...I think there was one serious mistake made by the Reagan administration, and that was the idea that you could deal and temporize with and negotiate successfully with terrorists who were running Iran. And that was a mistake, as President Reagan was courageous enough to admit and agree to later on. He was misled by some very wrong advice and it had very terrible consequences in the [Beirut] Airport.

    But otherwise, I think the lessons learned was we need more human intelligence, and that we need a response capability, and that we should make sure that that response capability is used effectively. Some people are asking why deterrence failed. Why did these people feel that they could launch an attack on our Trade Center and on the Pentagon and all of that? Why did they feel they could get away with it? And I'm afraid it's because our responses in the past, during the Clinton administration, had been too weak, too feeble, too unconcentrated....

  10. Ducky:

    Apparently you don't live in Fornicalia. Nuff said on the Christmas topic.

    And AOW, was I to believe he said this in the presence of The One??


  11. @AOW --- It seems that ducks get very agitated before a blizzard, which the Boston area is expecting to arrive today or tonight.
    Shouldn't be too bad. I fired up the snow blower yesterday and it's fine.
    Mike across the street put his plow blade on and he'll give the driveway a pass. Then we'll help out an elderly couple a few houses up. Everyone's ready to get it done. It's an old school neighborhood.

    I took a walk a while ago and there is nothing on the streets even though we've only had an inch fall since the morning. Really is eerily beautiful.
    Kinda sad I don't have film camera rigged for infrared, digitals aren't very good at it.

  12. This doctor was great, and with Rush Limbaugh promoting his ideas, you know that Obama will probably destroy this man, or send a drone after him, ha.

    Right Truth

  13. I watched the video from C-Span. Wow! He had courage, from God, to speak as he did with Obama sitting right there near him.

    I wonder what went through the Obama's mind? Or his wife's? We will never know, but I was proud of that man for speaking the truth.

    I am sure he won't be invited back to speak again. But many of heard him and applauded.

  14. Duck,
    Kinda sad I don't have film camera rigged for infrared, digitals aren't very good at it.

    Will you post a few pictures anyway?

    I hope that you give and get more help in your neighborhood than Mr. AOW and get here. We get some help (A neighbor with a snow blower typically helps me to get the cars ready to roll), but my having to shovel off the wheelchair ramp on my own is a bitch. Can't use a snow blower on the ramp's wooden surface. How I miss TMW when it snows! She was such a help when she was here during the 2010 Snowmageddon.

  15. Debbie and Leticia,
    Obama betrayed some disapproval with his facial expressions and body language. Michelle was off camera most of the time, so I didn't get a read on her reaction.

    Dr. Carson is so well respected by so many. And he's a brave man for speaking the truth!

  16. Hey, Duck!

    I just saw some footage of Revere Beach on The Weather Channel. Looks brutal up there!

  17. His biography is inspirational.
    A movie "The Gifted Hands of Dr. Ben Carson" is available on Netflix.

  18. The event at Beirut was not the fault of Ronald Reagan; it was the fault of the ground commander, and the Commandant of the Marine Corps who visited the barracks one week prior to the attack. The ground commander did not get a pass on this disaster. He was stripped of his selection to brigadier general, and he was retired from the Corps. Of course, Ducky wouldn’t know this because Ducky is an effing idiot.

  19. Mustang,
    Thanks for setting the record straight!


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