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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Love Your Library Day

The Scottish version:
Library Gives Free Pole Dancing Lessons To Help Boost Attendance

If you’re looking to get fit locally while feeling sexy, you can solicit Cleveland Exotic Dance. In Scotland, you can go to the library.

The Mayfield Library of Dalkeith, Modlothian, decided to offer a free pole-dancing course to draw attendance, according to STV Edinburgh.


The class, led by professional dancer Nikki Clark, was offered as part of a celebration called “Love Your Library Day”...
This promo has been a great success.  More information, including a video, HERE.


  1. Conservatives On Fire,
    Tomorrow, I will have a post about REAL reading. Just sayin'.

  2. What ever it takes to have folks at least know that there are still books out there :)

  3. Books are obsolete. Instructional, preferable soft-core pornographic, videos... THAT is where the "action" for the "modern man" is. ;)

  4. I guess I knew it was coming. Check my Rule 5 a week and a half ago.

  5. At our library we haven't had pole dancing, as of yet, but they do have free karate classes, Zumba and I think yoga classes? They always have some kind class now. I am hoping one day, they will have classes to teach sign language.

    We also can check movies, and believe it or not, new releases!

    Kindles are now available to check out as well.

    Call me "Old Fashioned" but I prefer reading out of a book with pages and using bookmarks. Nothing like holding a good book in your hands, enjoying coffee and if you drop the book by accident it doesn't break!

  6. I am hoping one day, they will have classes to teach sign language.

    Ask if you can start one up, Leticia.
    Libraries are always willing to host events and renew interest.

    I've run a film program at my local library for some time.
    Believe it or not you can see films you've never heard of.

  7. OH Boy AOW, let's sign up all the little girls we know. Let's sign up oursleves!!! Woo Hoo, this is what education has become.

    Right Truth


  9. Duck,
    Libraries are always willing to host events and renew interest.

    True -- if the offerings are free. Or, at least, such is the case here in Northern Virginia.

    The bigger library systems here offer a variety of book discussion groups -- and concerts as well.

  10. Aye carumba. Pole dancing, really? Meh, its Scotland, maybe they think of it as exercise... doubt it, but...

    But you know what? If the kids there are anything like ours, aka hate reading, anything that gets them to, perhaps, pick up a book is a viable idea. Even with movies, etc, no one in this country reads outside of school! And Twilight doesn't count.



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