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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Break From Politics

(If you must have politics, please keep scrolling)


Less ferocious:

(hat tip to Amusing Bunni for the above videos)


  1. Domesticated or not, the survival instinct will not be denied.

  2. That reminded me of out dog, Penny (Penelope the Lemon Beagle.

    She loves her rawhide and jerkey treats. She will chew on them for a while, then leave them. I pile them up next to her toy box. Then days later she will go back and pick out the remainder of one of the rawhides, and proceed to look for the perfect place to hide it.

    This is inside the house, she searches and searches, until she finds the perfect hiding place. It is serious business, you can't hide a rawhide gibble just anywhere, ha.

    Right Truth

  3. When asked, my pastor told me, "Dogs go Heaven. Cats go straight to Hell."

    Okay, all you cat lovers... I'm standing with my back to the wall. Fire at will.

  4. *fires at Marine*

    Those cats are so cute! Good thing their so young or their claws might actually hurt.

    Cats aren't evil... they're human. They are selfish, self-centered, lazy, demanding creatures. Sounds pretty human to me.

    Dogs? They're like very little children. Cute, manipulative, selfish, demanding, high-energy naughty things that never move past age 5.

    Also: cats are introverts, dogs are extroverts.

    I like cats because they are introverted, much like me. They don't need to be played with, groomed (well, depends on breed), walked, etc. But they are sweet. If you've never had a purring cat lying on you, you have no clue how sweet they can be- when they want to.

    Dogs... they're nice... they wear me out! At the end of the day, I rather have a cat chewing my book than a dog begging to be walked.

    And besides... cats are so dang cute!


  5. @ Wildstar -- My old friend, Mustang, would tell me that I gotta say, "Touché" to that. (He's REAL smart, but I still don't understand why he spells 'touch' that way.)

  6. Marine4ever and Wildstar,
    You can't buy a cat's love. You can buy a cat's affection via food, but affection isn't the same thing as love.

    Cats GRANT their love -- at their own whim.

  7. AOW and Wildstar -- I've found this out; lock your wife, your dog and your cat in the trunk of your car and leave 'em there for about an hour. See which one is the happiest to see you.

  8. Marine4ever,
    Without using a cat carrier, I couldn't get any one of my three cats into a car's trunk!

  9. After looking at that video it struck me that we really do need to regulate firearms. My God, think of it, if cats had guns!

  10. That's what I'm talkin' about, Blacksheep! Sheeech!

  11. Both kitties in those two videos are full of PUSSYNALITY.

    Come to thin of it, It's rare to find a cat who doesn't have PUSSYNALITY.

    The trouble with is a kitten is that
    Eventually it becomes ---- a cat!


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