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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Remembering Ronald Reagan On His Birthday

February 6, 1911 - June 5, 2004:

Sadly, we shall not see his like again.


  1. Probably the last true Statesman this country will ever see.

    It's a shame that someone thought it would be a good idea to have that background music so friggin loud though. Couldn't hear have of the words.

  2. Nancy must be missing her Ronnie today.

    When I was a kid, my parents were friend with the Reagans. We kids always enjoyed their visits to our house. They made sure to speak with each of us kids every time that they over!

  3. The GOP did not like Ronald Reagan and could not wait to move the party away from conservatism as soon as Reagan left office.

  4. Every time we have a new true Conservative step up into politics, the RINOs have to beat him/her into line. By the time they have served long enough to be considered "ready" to run for president, they have been watered down and whipped in line. It's sad.

    Reagan didn't care, he didn't let anyone change his views once he saw the light of Conservatism.

    Right Truth

  5. A slight breeze would knock over that straw man, AOW.

    i still don't understand why you are so fond of Saint Ronne Raygun.

    Amnesty for illegals?

    Taking the knee to terrorists i Beirut?

    Largest middle class tax increase in history?


    Supply side "tinkle down" economics?

    Large expansion of defense spending and subsequent expansion of the deficit with a seven fold increase on the cost of debt service?

    Facilitating the Taliban?

    The man was a disaster. I fail to see why he is held in such regard.

  6. I'm missing President Reagan more each year as the anti-Reagan Obama shreds the legacy of prosperity and freedom he laid down.

    I don't know when, or if, we'll ever find another President like Reagan who truly loved America for it's greatness and goodness and didn't mind saying so.

  7. That Ducky character is not only a moron, he's a FUCKING moron.

    Ann Typathee

  8. I was never that great a fan of Ronald Reagan because of the methods he employed as CA governnor, in bailing the state out of one of it's economic tax-and-spend messes. But... he was pro-America, which is a lot more than I can say for most of those lying scum in D.C.

    Reagan, like so many others when the important questions were put to them, professed a lack of memory. Whenever I hear "I can't recall", I want to beat the liar into a pulp, it just pisses me off so bad. Like it or not, Reagan was one.

    I really think the reason he's held in such high regard is in comparison to all the others. Our politicians are some of the very worst people on the planet. At least he caused the USSR to fall apart, and that's a big one.

  9. Dearest Ducky, please get over yourself. We have our heroes and you have Joseph Stalin.

  10. Woody, that really steams me. I'm a Trotskyite.

    I notice that no one has posted a concrete reason for his supposed greatness.

    Funding the slaughters and atrocities in Guatemala and Salvador?

    His support for apartheid in South Africa?

    The ridiculous and costly War on Drugs?

    Triggering an arms race with USSR and pumping up the arms budget?
    (make no mistake, if Brezhnev had not died when he did, the two would have put the world in deep yogurt).

    So what is his claim to fame Woodie other than making the fringe right feel good?
    Come on, a couple examples.
    I've already been called a bleeping moron which lets me know I've drawn blood. The man who turned American politics into a dog and pony show and he's your hero?
    Come on, just a couple concrete examples why.

  11. Well, Duck Rubber, you named one yourself, the arms race with the USSR. That caused the collapse of the USSR, ended the Cold War and set East Germany and a number of other nations free of the Communist yoke. That was a biggie, Duck Rubber.

    The other one I can think of offhand was when he fell asleep during an audience with the Poop, umm, Pope, I mean. You know, Grandpa Munster. That was priceless, one for the ages. Effing Pope anyway. Chief Child Molester. I hope it pissed him off.

    Come on, Duck Slobber, you gotta give him those.

  12. That caused the collapse of the USSR

    There doesn't seem to be much evidence of that.
    It overlooks the fact that soviet communism was not a viable system and ignores 30 years of Cold War which proceeded Raygun.

    You really think that the Soviet Union was viable, Saint Ronnie Raygun announces the star wars project and within a short time the Soviet Union falls? Ridiculous.

  13. Oh, Duck Pee, I just thought of another, related to the first example, and probably why people exalt Reagan more than any other reason. His Evil Empire speech! When he called the Soviet Union an Evil Empire, right out front, and challenged them before the world, he did what no other leader ever dared to do.

    Everyone tried to be diplomatic all the time and appease them. Reagan threw that BS all aside and told it like it was, and demanded that they tear down the Berlin Wall.

    Reagan had guts, which is more than you have because you can't admit when you're wrong, and that's cowardice. You know, I just did a post on psychopathy/sociopathy, and you do come off somewhat as a sociopath. Ever given that any thought?

  14. "The man was a disaster. I fail to see why he is held in such regard."

    Gee, you must really dislike Obama then.

  15. Duck Bleep enjoys pretending he's a pigeon, he likes to poo all over anyone and anything that others admire. Pigeons are the cockroaches of the skies. You'll never get an honest response from him, only arguments and come-backs that are generally very specious.

    Since Ronald Reagan is one of the heroes of the Republican Party, of course he has to crap on the parade of Reagans birthday rather than just shut the hell up like any decent person would do. Like I said before, I'm no Reagan fan. In fact I really never liked him at all, but he did have some good qualities and most importantly, he did stand up for America and for freedom. I don't have to like someone to see the good in them or to acknowledge their accomplishments and I'm not such a dishonest little prick that I refuse to do so instead.

  16. No he wouldn't. Where do you gat that? You really are out of touch, aren't you.

  17. His Evil Empire speech!

    Yeah, that scared the crap out of them.

    Come on, get real.

  18. Duck, that was poor even for you. That was a waste of typing. What a snotty little bastard you really are, nothing to back you up except snarky crap. Go back in your hole.

  19. Well, you do seem to insist on giving him nearly full credit for ending the Cold War despite the fact that the Soviet economy was already in serious decline.

    However, if there had not been a fortuitous series of deaths among Soviet leadership Gorbachev would never have assumed leadership.

    Raygun can be given credit for realizing he could negotiate with Gorbachev but he was hardly responsible for destabilizing the Soviet Union.

    It's still very difficult to articulate just what he did to earn this iconic status. In fact he was a rather poor president.

  20. That's okay. You're a rather poor debater.

    You create "facts" out of thin air and then hope to force the other guy into doing all the research to prove you're full of it, which fazes you not at all becuase you already have another bunch of instant "facts" to throw out and continue the farce.

    You and Liberalman are a pair. I guess AOW lets you stay because you bring in lots of reply comments, but I'd have 86'd you from my blog long ago. I think you both realize your crap would get short shrift at Newsbleat, which is why you've never commented there. Trust me, you'd be wasting your time to start now.

    I'm not going to bother with you anymore. If the rest of us choose the same path, sooner or later you'll move on to fresh pasture. In parting, tho, I have to tell you, you really do suck as a person. Your personality is hideous.

  21. Black Sheep,
    I guess AOW lets you stay because you bring in lots of reply comments

    That's not it.

    Duck and I have a history going back to my first days of blogging in 2005. He is quite capable of excellent commentary on certain topics. Of course, I can't say that about Duck's comments about Ronald Reagan. Like many other on the Left, Duck has RDS (Reagan Derangement Syndrome).

    An administrator typically deletes Liberalmann's comments without even reading them. He crossed the line a while back.

  22. This was intended as a Centennial Tribute to Ronald Reagan based on film clips of Mr. Reagan, himself, in action. Instead it turned out to be a tactless besmirchment followed by equally distasteful reaction led by a snotty, belligerent self-admitted Trotskyite. I'm sorry, AOW, but I think you were wrong to allow garbage like that to take the lead away from you and spoil what should have been a reverent, decorous occasion.

    When you put up with disgusting tactics like this in the name of freedom of speech, you hand Mr. Alinsky yet another posthumous victory in his quest to ruin the United States.

    ----------> Katharine Heartburn

  23. To my favorite commie Ducky Dear, Reagan was America's greatest cheerleader and Duhwon is America's biggest detractor. Reagan believed in the people and Duhwon uses them.

    Reagan believed the US is the greatest country ever on the face of the earth, while Duhwon and you are ashamed of what the US stands for and can't wait to change it.

    Your friends in Washington want an elitist ruling class, and once it's obtained you will no longer be needed by them. Their "Utopia" is for them alone. My fine feathered friend, they will turn on you just as they have the Constitution.

  24. Katharine,
    You have a point.

    But, IMO, Duck has ended up soiling himself.

  25. Liberalmann said "Reagan would be run out of town on a rail as being too liberal by the lunatic in the GOP these days."

    I hear that a lot these days and it's pure crap. I'm about as conservative as you can get and would like nothing more than to find another Reagan.

    I'd settle for another JFK and considering his stand on tax cuts he couldn't get elected dog catcher in the Democrat Party.

    P.S. I wonder how many of those libs like libmann would actually vote for Reagan today? Or even JFK!

  26. I still haven't seen much about his supposed achievements except a very, very flawed argument that he was responsible for ending the cold war.

    Still boils down to people who can't let go of the idea of American exceptionalism (and by extension, themselves).

  27. Eat shit, and die you quack. You ain't running the show, so STFU.

    DIck Wilde

  28. When you react with anger to Ducky's bs, you give him what he desires. He believes he is edgy and provocative.

    Unfortunately, he doesn't realize there is a difference between edgy and obnoxious or provocative and belligerent provocation.


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