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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Another Cartoonifada?

(information about a previous cartoonifada HERE)

Hat tip to Weasel Zippers, citing this source:
...The preacher at the centre of the controversy, Kamil Al Awhadi, said he did not come to Tunisia to change its society or impose religious choices.

Al Awadhi is known across the Middle East and North Africa thanks to his ability to use television to broadcast his ideas.

He is also well known for issuing a fatwa against cartoon character Sponge Bob accused of 'homosexuality' and of 'inducing children to pervert behaviour'....
Islam is often proclaimed as "one of the world's greatest religions." Hmmmm....

Additional reading: Egypt: Court upholds death sentences for seven Christians involved in Muhammad video


  1. My my my my MY!

    It's Jerry Falwell v. The Teletubbies revisited by a raghead.

    Religious people of this type are as amusing -- and as helpful -- as a confirmed diagnosis of terminal cancer.

  2. It is hard to believe the world is accepting this absurd nonsense. But it is.

  3. Some day our government will have to admit that it is at war with Islam.

  4. Free Thinkie is right. There is no market on stupidity.

    Right Truth

  5. Who was the fundamentalist freak in Virginia, Falwell something, who claimed that the Teletubbies were homos?

    Any fundie sees gays under the bed.

  6. My grade school daughter and I love watching Spongebob together. I guess we should be monitoring ourselves for homosexual or perverted tendencies...

    Yeah, some fundies here have issued similar absurd pronouncement, but I don't remember any ensuing beheadings or embassy torchings.

    So far, it looks the the Christian fundies are a little more innocuous.

  7. "any fundies sees gays under the bed!"? Only if a 'fundie' is at a gay friend's house and a burglar's at the door and they don't have a gun, Ducky.

    Yes, 'fundies' have gay friends...I hate to ruin your day. Some fundies are even gay, pal. Get used to it.

    And Bunker's right.
    And now we have Chuck "Iran's sanctions should be lessened cuz then they'll like us and put nukes away" Hagel is in charge thanks to the goofy lefties.
    God, HELP US.

  8. Cartoonifada -- Ah, a Robert Spencer special. A little research is in order. These folks were sentenced in abstentia and they have been in opposition, sometimes encouraging violence, to the Egyptian government for some time.
    It's certainly not what the headline implies.

    In the matter of cartoons, public radio has a short feature on events of the week in political cartooning and mentioned a female cartoonist in Egypt who is doing some rather overt work protesting female circumcision. I'm sure the vulgar pig boy Spencer will give that some space.

  9. A fatwa against Sponge Bob? I love it!

    A few years back my wife was making fun of me because I didn't know who Sponge Bob was--claiming I was the only one who didn't know about Sponge Bob. We happen to be in a neighborhood store where my wife turned to the Bangladeshi clerk and asked, "Do you know who Sponge Bob is?" He said “Of course I know who Sponge Bob is--he lives at the bottom of the sea; my children love Sponge Bob.”

    When it comes to pop culture he easily tops me. Now, what's a Kardashian or should I care?

  10. Duck,
    I've heard about that cartoonist in Egypt. I did not see the information as Jihad Watch, which covers story of a different nature -- stories in keeping with web site's title.

    That cartoonist in Egypt had better be very, very careful.

    Not in Egypt, but remember Molly Norris right here in the United States? To my knowledge, she is still in hiding after proposing Everybody Draw Mohammed Day.

  11. Jason!

    Glad to see you here, my friend.

    I hope that all is well with you and your family.

  12. And I hope you and Mr. AOW are doing fine ... not to mention the cats.


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