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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pepsi Cans In Afghanistan

From Bare Naked Islam (Click directly on the image to enlarge it):

Those Pepsi cans were manufactured in Dubai.

Is the image a rendering of the Twin Towers? Evaluations on that matter have been mixed.

Excerpt from Bare Naked Islam (citing this source):
So yesterday I was in the chow hall on my Forward Operating Base here in Afghanistan, and, as usual, I grabbed a diet cola to go with my meal. The Diet Pepsi served in our chow hall is not from the United States. It is manufactured in Dubai by Pepsi Arabia and says so right on the can.Yesterday, for some odd reason I looked–I mean I really LOOKED–at the subtle “clip art” on the background of the can.And I did a double take. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing… I examined the can for several minutes while my food grew cold, wondering if my eyes were deceiving me.

But there was no getting around it. To either side of the Pepsi logo, there was an image of a jet airliner over tall buildings. Looking at the image, I couldn’t help but think it alluded to 9/11.Three other soldiers were sitting with me at my table. One of the other soldiers asked what I was looking at so hard. Instead of answering, I handed him the can and said, “Look at the artwork on this can. Do you see what I see?”

He looked. His eyes grew wide. He turned the can from side to side. The other soldiers at the table looked, too. None of us said anything. The phrase “9/11″ never passed from our lips. We could LOOK at each other and understand we all saw the same thing, a “sneaky allusion to 9/11.”


  1. The "star" almost looks like a "tower impact".

    I think that somebody should speak to the Pepsi people in Dubai and either pull these designs or face a national product boycott.

  2. A plane and two identical very tall towers? Where else are two identical tall towers?
    I hope we're wrong. I can only imagine how difficult this is for soldiers fighting for people who'd use this image like they have...man.

  3. I think we should simply get out of that part of the world and leave the stinking bastards to their own devices. They all hate us.

  4. Could be, looks very similar. I would like to hear what Pepsi has to say.

    Right Truth

  5. Reality is, Pepsi allowed this. I refuse to believe they do not okay the design before it is printed.

  6. "I think we should simply get out of that part of the world and leave the stinking bastards to their own devices. They all hate us."

    My late aunt lived in the Middle East for nearly three years at the end of WW II and said something very similar.

    I would like to see us get out and get off of their oil, then adopt Teddy Roosevelt's "big stick" policy. If we are ever hit again from other there, we use the "big stick" without wasting another trillion+ dollars and putting boots on the ground for nothing.

    The picture on the Pepsi can looks kind of generic to my artistic eye. The towers don't appear to be mirrors of each other. It occurred to me that it could be Dubai skyline. I looked at some pictures of the Dubai skyline and there are several "twin towers", though not perfect mirrors of each other. I understand why it looks like it could be a poke in our eye over 9/11. If it is, it has been generisized to mute it. I'd like a little more evidence before saying for sure that is what it represents.

  7. Thersites,
    The "star" almost looks like a "tower impact".

    I hadn't noticed that. Good point.

  8. Alligator,
    It occurred to me that it could be Dubai skyline.

    It isn't distinctly a portion of the Dubai skyline. Some parts of the Dubai skyline are VERY unique.

    But you're right: the image isn't clearly that of the NYC skyline before 9/11.

  9. Chuck,
    Reality is, Pepsi allowed this.

    That is indeed a certainty!

  10. Debbie,
    Let me know if you hear of any explanation from Pepsi.

  11. Woodsterman,
    I myself have never much cared for Pepsi. I's Coca Cola for me!

  12. Silverfiddle,
    All the efforts to "win hearts and minds" seem to have been for naught.

    All that blood we have shed and all that treasure we have spent!

  13. Z,
    If our military personnel see something in that image, then they must be becoming demoralized.

  14. Regardless of whether this is supposed to be a poke at 9-11 or a generic view of the Dubai skyline, I can't believe that NO ONE that commissioned or approved this can noticed the similarity to 9-11.

  15. What Brooke said.
    Pepsi has an unfortunate history of getting political, like with their Obama logo adds following the 08 election.
    We actually had Pepsi in USSR. Politburo decided to bring a Western soda for the 1980 Moscow Olympic, and it was Pepsi.

  16. Edge,
    Obama's logo does bear a very close resemblance to the Pepsi logo. A friend of mine likes to say that Obama's people ripped off the Obama logo from Pepsi.

    Interesting detail you provided about Pepsi and the USSR.


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