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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Jihad In Hollywood?

On December 9, 2011.

The story is HERE. Check time marker 2:42 in the video:

According to the article cited above:
Police have so far found no motive in the shooting.


  1. I would guess just another California Walnut until proven otherwise... although he might be a pecan... Of course, if this is another jihadist that'd be no shock either.

    Re: your comment on my blog, I've never expected you to look in regularly or at all and it's always a privilege when you do. I don't exactly run the most popular blog on the Web, since I usually have something rude to say to at least one American subculture with most every post. Your visits are appreciated.

  2. I was just there a couple of weeks ago. That reporter was smoking too many Korans. He needs to listen to the people being interviewed.

  3. They won't catch on until it's too late...

  4. Yeah AOW, the shooters a Muslim just like the guy at Virginia Tech yesterday.

    More likely a gun loon exercising his 2nd Amendment rights.

  5. Clearly Ducky has once again failed to watch the attached video.

    Allahu Ackbar isn't shouted by non-Muslims. The 'questioning' in the media in this clip is laughable.

    Sadly, sadly laughable.

  6. "Criminalizing" the WoT, again? Didn't we learn anything from the first WTC attack?

  7. No motive? Someone pigged out and drank all the kook ade!

  8. Duck mentioned Virginia Tech.

    Remember THIS BEHEADING there in 2009?

    Was Zhu a Muslim? I doubt it. But Islam does have a strong foothold in the region from whence Zhu hailed.

    Muslims are not the only workers of mayhem.

    Nor are Muslims the only group who are fond of beheadings. But, clearly, more Muslims commit beheadings than any other group.

  9. Black Sheep,
    I usually have something rude to say to at least one American subculture with most every post.

    One reason that I like to visit your site. LOL. I loved those posts about your revenge on the chicken-killing dog.

  10. Well AOW, jumping to conclusions on the basis of on statement by an "eye witness" that could of heard anything in all the confusion is indicative of a predetermined conclusion.

    As for the beheading. A murder is tragic but it isn't jihad.

    If you expect it everywhere, you will see it everywhere.

  11. Duck,
    One eye witness may or may not mean anything.

    What I want to know: Did other eye witnesses hear the same thing? And if someone else did, will the media so report?

  12. How many casual readers of the news know about THIS in the Philippines? The boy who just escaped had bee held captive by Muslims since July.

    Now, were that boy to have been taken hostage by a bunch of Christians or Jews, the mainstream media would have been all over the story.

  13. Just one eye-witness, but he sounded like he knew what he heard. Will follow this to see

    More here at Patterico:


    Right Truth

  14. 1. The fact that the media reported the statement of agitated individual who heard "Allahu aqbar" should be investigated.
    Were there others? Or was this an individual who has been conditioned to hear "Allahu aqbar" whenever there is a shooting?
    Now just who is interested in learning this truth.

    2. A murder at Virginia tech by a student who was from one of the largest port cities in China, a city with only one mosque and one that has been in disrepair since the Cultural Revolution at that.
    First reaction - Muslim?
    I don't think the facts warrant that immediate reaction.

    3. There are many groups worldwide operating kidnap for profit operations. In the Philippines what is the significance of the particular religions?

    As quick as the fringe right is to indict Islam they weaken their case by acting so brashly that they display their ignorance or bigotry or both.

  15. Duck,
    1. The media should be investigated for broadcasting a man-in-the-street interview? Are you kidding me?

    2. More about the jihad in the Philippines (Reuters):

    Ransom kidnappings have long been a problem in the impoverished region and are blamed mostly on the Abu Sayyaf, an al-Qaida-linked group on a list of U.S. terrorist organizations, and its allied armed groups. The militants are notorious for kidnappings, beheadings and bombings.

    The Abu Sayyaf, which has less than 400 armed fighters, was founded on Basilan in the 1990s as an offshoot of a violent Muslim insurgency that has been raging for decades. Hundreds of U.S. troops have been stationed in the southern Philippines, including Basilan, to train and equip Philippine forces but are barred from local combat.

    On Monday, suspected militants abducted Australian Warren Richard Rodwell, 53, from his seaside house in Zamboanga Sibugay province, near Basilan.

    The Abu Sayyaf are believed to be still holding an Indian, a Malaysian and a Japanese in their jungle strongholds on Jolo island, near Basilan.

    3. I have never said that the beheading at Va Tech was Islamic. Could it have been? Yes. Did the beheading get much news coverage? Nope.

    PS: Have I ever jumped to conclusions? Yes. Have you? Yes. I recall back in 2005, when I first appeared in the blogosphere and was commenting at Big Bubba's site, you accused me of being a pedophile (You thought I was a man because my blogging name is a neutral one). So, I'll reword your final statement: "As quick as the fringe Left is to indict the Right they weaken their case by acting so brashly that they display their ignorance or bigotry or both."

    PPS: BTW, I have learned a lot from my mistakes with jumping to conclusions? Have YOU?

  16. D Charles,
    I think you may be correct about those figures. I wasn't considering those other beheadings you mentioned because (1) I wasn't speaking historically and (2) I was thinking of both terrorist and state-sanctioned beheadings.

    The beheadings on the part of the Mexican drug cartels are a recent phenomenon, too.

    We must remember that certain Islamic nations do hold public and state-sanctions executions involving beheadings. The Mexican drug cartels are not a government entity.

    Don't get me wrong. If a sovereign nation decides to use beheadings as a method of execution, that's the nation's business. Nasty though such beheadings can be.

    No method of execution, with the possible exception of lethal injection, is pleasant -- particularly if the execution is botched.

    BTW, you mentioned the videos of beheadings that involved sawing and an extended length of time to commit the deed (unlike a guillotine or an adept swordsman). Well, the jihadists made those videos -- and were all proud of themselves, too, as they pranced around and cheered. I do find it nauseating that such depraved individuals exist on the Planet Earth!


    Signing off now. I don't have my laptop at the moment, so I don't have easy access to the web once I go back downstairs. I can climb these steep stairs only so many times a day!

  17. Jihad in Liege?

    Nope, another gun loon. Norway, Hollywood, Belgium it's all the rage.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Something happened in Liege yesterday?

    I had no idea because Mr. AOW and I had dedicated the day to Christmas shopping at one of the local malls and got stranded by handicapped taxi.

  20. AOW, a nutjob, well-known member of a Walloon-based (Francaphone Belgium) organised crime group chose to go bezerk and attacked a crowd of Christmas shoppers in Liege centre. Around 78 wounded and a couple died.

    He has spent time in jail for illegal arms and drug possession and even now they found pounds of cannibis in his home - and even more weapons.

    The irony is that he is a Muslim and thus already all the hate-sites are jumping up and down when all reports is that he is as far from being an Islamist.

  21. D Charles,
    Before heading out today to do more Christmas shopping [We didn't finish yesterday thanks to an error on the part of the cab company], I've been googling "Liege shooting." I've learned that the name of the shooter was Nordine Armani. Reports I've read conflict as to whether or not he was a Muslim.

    The irony is that he is a Muslim...

    As you know, I wouldn't find it all ironic if he turns out to be a Muslim. I'm sure that we're going to disagree on the matter of irony in this case.

    Anyway, all the facts about the shooter are not in yet.

    Of course, Duck, who ever thinks the worst of me (Never mind that I gave him his say on the radio show a few years ago), was just waiting for me to "jump to conclusions" and automatically assume that the shooter was a Muslim.

  22. Nordine Armani spent a lot of time behind bars. Could he have been "radicalized" behind bars? Just wondering if we have any information in that regard.

  23. The Italian city of Florence is in mourning after a gunman shot dead two Senegalese street vendors.

    The man, described as having links to a far-right group, wounded at least three other people before taking his own life.


    Oooops, more gun loons.

    Wonder why the mainstream media isn't reporting these attacks.

  24. AOW, yes I we will disagree as I find it just tragic that it "happens to be" a Muslim. If you read reports the guy was abusing his parole and became socially troubled and thus he was finished as per freedom, work etc.

    There is no evidence of being radicalised, he is in fact born in Belgium (of Moroccan decent) and his links with an organised Francaphone-Belge crime synidcate almost completely excludes him from terrorism/jihadism whom would consider that to be "haram". The two do not match at all.

    To be "not suprised" that he is Muslim does not make sense at all and is unfounded in many ways considering that the vast majority of weapon violence in Europe has been done by non-Muslims and against against Muslims (such as the shooting of two Senagalese by a right-wing in Italy yesterday). Islamist terror acts in Europe have been almost exclusively bomb only.

  25. Ducky,

    the attack on the Senagalese was reported extensively on the BBC and Spanish news outlets. What it will not be reported on, is in the self-proclaimed anti-Jihad movement blogs whom if they did will not fully condemn and just say it was a crazed individual but his reasoning can be understood.....

  26. D Charles,
    The anti-jihad crowd would say that his reasoning can be understood.....?

    Really? The American anti-jihad crowd?

    Well, as anti-jihadist, I wouldn't say or think such a thing. I abhor terrorism from all quarters.

  27. AOW,

    I frequent your blog because I know your not crossing that line. Reading already four other blogs - it started already.

  28. D Charles,
    I haven't had a moment to read any blogs for the past 24 hours, so I wouldn't know what's going on there.

    I'm focused on Christmas right now and finally finished my Christmas shopping late this morning.

  29. My lovely wife did all our shopping last week while I was in Malaysia. Fortunate me, happy shopping!

  30. With regard to the recent incident in Liege, what is THIS WRITING on the launcher?

  31. AOW, two issues there.

    The first is why you read or put any value in a site like that? It is full of raising mindless speculation for an obvious sick agenda of hate via conspiracy theories that make no sense. In that particular article the so-called two-examples are nothing like what the question is.

    The second is that it is more than likely a M72 or copy. The guy in question had many illegal weapons that he supposively bought and probably sold (he refused to tell authorities what he actually did). Even if he did not sold, he was a known "enthusiast and collector". He may very well have purched "used" items from one of the many conflicts and thus purchased ex Iraq-war weaponry with Arabic writing on it.

    Do we call anyone with an AK47 a Communist?

    I think your jumping to way to many conclussions and it smells a bit like your "hoping" that he is an Islamist....


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