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Tuesday, December 6, 2011


The following email soliciting funds for the Obama campaign sounds like a googoo-eyed teeny bopper's fan letter (hat tip to Weasel Zippers):
My name is Wendi, and about a month ago, I had dinner with President Obama.

It was one of the most significant experiences of my life.

It all happened because I responded to a “Dinner with Barack” email in my inbox. I was planning on making a donation anyway, so I thought I might as well do it now.

When I got the call, I couldn’t believe it — and when I flew out to D.C. for the dinner, I really couldn’t believe it. I’m just one of more than a million grassroots supporters of this campaign. But a few hours later there I was.

I never imagined that I would sit down for a conversation, let alone a meal, with the President of the United States.

If you’ve thought about entering but haven’t taken the chance yet, I urge you to do so now. You never know what might happen.

And I hear the First Lady is going to be there for this one, too. . . very cool.

Donate $3 or whatever you can today to be automatically entered to win dinner with Barack and Michelle.

I’ve supported Barack Obama for a long time, and in 2008, I phone banked and canvassed for him near my hometown of Corydon, Indiana.

To be able to talk to him in person, to connect with him across the dinner table, was very special.

I told him about my son and his college loans, my work as an artist, and asked him about public education — I could tell that he was genuinely listening to each of us, even though I’m sure he had a lot going on that day, and his own family back at the White House.

When I got back home, I told my husband and friends that the President was exactly the man we all thought he was: modest, genuine, engaged, and very caring.

It’s a memory I will cherish for the rest of my life. I’m so glad I decided to enter....
Is this what passes for an intelligent voter? Sheesh.


  1. Dinner with Barack and Michelle...

    Sounds like hell to me.

  2. Well, one has to appeal to his base. And base it is.

  3. I sent a not to the White House asking Barack and Michele to join me and a bunch of union electricians for clam plates at Kelly's.

    He'd get an earful.

  4. So, it really isn't a contest if you have to pay $3 or more dollars to sit with the high and mighty Obama's. Wonder what they are doing with all that extra cash?

    As for the letter itself, sounds like she was fed BS and then wrote about it.

    I don't believe one word of it. It's just another ploy to gain voter confidence.

  5. OH GAG! The woman has the mentality of a 13 year old teenybopper. Now we know the mentality of those who voted for the "idiot in chief" currently occupying the WH.

  6. For some reason I don't think Wendi wrote it. Somebody did it for her.

  7. 'teeny bopper'? Uh, never heard that phrase before... fangirl is what I would say :P

    Well, I also have doubts she wrote it- besides the teenager level writing, you could replace Barack and Mishelle with any other names and it sound perfectly fine. A blander letter I have never read.


  8. It was dinner with Barack and the VP so what happened to her "friend" she could take? It wasn't her husband?

  9. I smell something... I think it's this letter...

    I'm willing to bet there is no 'Wendi' from Corydon, IN.

    Have you given the furor his $3, yet?


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