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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Day 2011: Texas Honor Killings?

See Texas Christmas Honor Killings: Mass Murderer Didn’t Want Daughter Dating Non-Muslim at Gateway Pundit. MORE at Bared Naked Islam, including family photos and news video.

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  1. These people disgust me...Islam is the problem.

  2. Gee an estranged husband guns down the family. That NEVER happens with non Muslims in America.

    Bore me later and take Pam Geller with you.

  3. Duck,
    1. If you're bored, then fly away to another destination.

    2. Estranged husbands of all ilks are notorious for mass murder. However, it is Muslim males who have a "calling" to slay their daughters and sisters for dating non-Muslims and/or for not wearing the hijab. Read the news from the UK.

  4. Spot-on commentary by Pastorius over at Infidel Bloggers Alliance:

    Not all mass murderers are Muslim. But, all mass murderers whose identity the media attempts to hide from us ARE Muslim.

  5. I must admit to suspicion when this story aired on am talk radio news at the top/bottom of the hour... and no names had been released.

    No doubt that the MSM will thoroughly cover up the honor killing aspect of this; in fact, the whole story will be swept under the rug!

  6. Wonderful.

    Simply cementing the fact that Islam is a scourge on the planet.

    I wonder what would occur if this were common in, say, Catholics?

    Oh yeah, that's right, military intervention.


  7. Why do we import people from incompatible cultures? Why must we import dysfunction? We have enough home-grown nuts, we don't need foreign ones making the mess any bigger.

  8. The original reports didn't reveal that he was a Muslim, I guess this info came out later.

    Right Truth

  9. Funny how the fringe media missed these details.

  10. That's right fringe wingnuts, keep hate alive.

  11. You have to go back to 1971 when John List (see wiki) killed his family to find a deranged Christian who did something similar. He was out of work and upset his daughter was becoming a Wiccan. There was a movie of his story.

    Muslim family slaughter motivated by religious concerns is far more common. Think we'll see a movie or "special victims" episode on this Iranian's mass murder? This would be the kind of twisted story these TV crime shows would love ... bet they change the religion of the perp!

  12. Now folks, the kind folks over at CAIR and the MSM have told us that this doesn't happen. Move right along, nothing to see here!

  13. Why was a Muslim family celebrating Christmas and dressing up as Santa Claus?

    Am I missing something?

  14. nevermind...

    "...the family was Muslim but celebrated Christmas as a cultural holiday. The parents were originally from Iran."

  15. Jason,
    Interesting point about John List -- and, yes, I remember the film about him.

    At this point in our state of dhimmitude, the film industry is shying away from making movies that tell the truth about Islam. Indeed, if the SOPA bill passes, we're going to see a crackdown on any web sites that even mildly criticize Islam.

    Obviously, Islam has "special status" now -- in many respects.

  16. When you "celebrate" Christmas merely as "a cultural holiday," you desecrate Christmas by robbing it of it's meaning.

    Dwelling on the demented and destructive aspects of Islam does little to promote the ideal of Christmas as the time to celebrate the arrival of "Peace on Earth, good Will Toward Men."

    Basically, there seem to be three basic kinds of people in the world.

    1. RUGGED INDIVIDUALISTS: A small minority, usually highly creative and intelligent, who cherishes freedom, and understands the responsibilities that go along with it enough to make the necessary sacrifices to preserve and enhance it.

    2. TYRANNISTS: Another small minority who has no love or respect for others but devotes itself to developing myriad ways to dominate, bully, subjugate and enslave the vast majority.

    3. THE MASSES: The vast majority who are followers by nature -- malleable creatures who easily succumb to seductive trends readily conform to the "hive" mentality. These poor creatures -- most unfortunately -- prefer to be led because they are either too lazy, too timid, too unimaginative -- or too stupid -- to take full responsibility for themselves.

    Christ came to appeal to us -- and to free us -- as individuals. He did not come to save generic "mankind," He came to save YOU and ME -- and all wise enough to follow Him -- from penal servitude to humanity's basest instincts.

    Few see that, and so the Bullying Class soon turned His Holy Word into yet another excuse to establish yet another hierarchical, authoritarian structure determined to discourage, and-if-possible extinguish fractious individualism in favor of mass conformity to yet another despotic, man made ethos.

    With that in mind I wish everyone increased hope for a humbler, more humane, more constructive, more insightful, more affectionate, less formulaic, less contemptuous, more fair-minded, less disputatious, less militant, less dogmatic approach to the Art of Living in the New Year.

    ~ FreeThinke

  17. FreeThinke,
    You've made an important point:

    Christ came to appeal to us -- and to free us -- as individuals. He did not come to save generic "mankind,"...

    There is NO collective salvation -- the followers of the social gospel notwithstanding.


    FT, I wish you a Blessed New Year. All of us do need to be grateful for the many blessings we have -- spiritual blessings, especially. Sure, we certainly have our woes. But they are offset by the blessings that He bestows upon us -- if only we take time to reflect upon His many gifts to us. Especially the gift of salvation.

  18. Thank you, AOW, and the same to you and your husband.

    ~ FreeThinke

  19. I KNEW there was a reason the MSM didn't publish the names or ANYTHING about the family! Of course, now we know why! What horror from the religion of psychotic murdering scums!

    PS: I added you to my esteemed blogroll ;-)

  20. "honor killing" is a very lose term that is abused both by the societies that they occur in and those that want to score points about it.

    The three areas of errors when discussing such killings is in the defintion of what is an honour killing, was it in fact an honour killing and where are their honour killings?

    The definition is clear - the homicide of a member of a family or social group by other members, due to the belief of the perpetrators that the victim has brought dishonor upon the family or community. Nothing more or less.

    The sad reality is that the claim of an honour killing is used as a defence when it is also an excuse for a simple murder. Simply put, many men for whatever horrible reasoning, have killed their wives and then attempted to cover up the crime by using the "honour" excuse.

    Honour killings is in fact a global issue with certain regions as hot spots. They are not based on religion but most certainly dominant in certain cultures. South-Asian and Turkic regions by far are the most dominant with Arab and then the Balkan regions, Central-African and Latin American close behind.

    Two factors often control the level of honour-killings. The first and most obvious is how it is directly or indirectly supported/accepted by law enforcement and judiciaries in those regions. The second is how it is reported.

    Countries such as Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia have a history of honour-killings but the judiciary and community in general have been fighting against its acceptance with great results. However, the instances of "wife-beating" remains very high.

    What is important to understand is that it is a combination of the cultures that accept or even push it versus the capacity to "get away with it". A sad reflection of the ugly nature of the subject.

    ..... continued

  21. .... continued from above...

    It most certainly is not religious based, there is no references in religious texts and yet clergy often, like with politics, will try to link it. Both Judaism and Islam have suffered clerics citing holy texts that refer to "beating wives" as justification for their own participation in unacceptable "cultural practices".

    Evidence of it not being religous based is simply put in the shocking realities. Though the press may like to show examples in Muslim countries, it only becomes a slap in the face of the vast majority of daily victims in countries that are not currently exiting or news-worthy (or a good friend to the West). India is by far the honour-victim capital on the planet and notwithstanding this fact, their figures are lowered by their poor reporting processes from rural areas. Women's rights are ignored outside of the cities, their value is often less than that of a milking cow, they are traded, daughters are killed because the dowry would be to high and then there are the dowry-hunters. Nepal should also not be forgotten - they are per capiaa the wife-beating masters with little or no repurcussion.

    Pakistan and Afghanistan has been under scrutiny and the shameful treatment of women, young men and the age-old family fued battles is well known. Having said that and with all the condemnation due, you would be suprised of how much it is a part of all our histories. Article 269 of the Haitan penal code states "in the case of adultery as provided for in Article 284, the murder by a husband of his wife and/or her partner, immediately upon discovering them in flagrante delicto in the conjugal abode, is to be pardoned." Article 133 and 62 of the Italian Penal Code offer the possibility of reduced sentencing and punishment for crimes that occur within the offender’s cultural norms. Recently many of the main TV Chains such as CNN, BBC and Al Jazeera have been providing coverage on South Africa's shameful "corrective rape" (the belief that raping a lesbian will cure her of her homosexuality).

    The list is endless.

    My own experience is through being a Social Justic Lawyer for just over 30 years. Representing victims or families of victims as well as experience as a prosecutor. I had the pleasure over the last three years of providing material to Professor James Wilets University of Miami (Inter-American Center for Human Rights) an expert on the subject material for a number of his International Law Perspectives, some of which is produced in the Albany Law Review.


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