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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Is Here

Let the joyful bells ring!

Rejoice! (hat tip to Matt):

Merry Christmas!


  1. Merry, Merry Christmas Mr. and Mrs. AOW. Wishing you many, many blessings in 2012.

  2. hey Aow and Mr AOW! HAPPY HOLIDAY mornin to ya..blessings and wishes to u my friend!..xxoo

  3. I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas. Like us you have so much to be thankful for. My best to you and Mr. AOW.

    Right Truth

  4. Both of the Christmas gatherings we went to were wonderful. Mr. AOW had a much easier time this year -- and much more stamina. For the second gathering, on Christmas Day, Mr. AOW was able to stay for both the early dinner and the dessert party.

    And when we got home from the second gathering, a couple who didn't attend actually came to our house and stayed for two hours. Mr. AOW showed off his iPad, of course. The couple was amazed that Mr. AOW now knows so much about a computer. LOL.

    Best of all, over the course of the two days, several people remarked, "He looks great!"

    So, for the first time since his stroke, our little circle of friends has welcomed us back from the "prison" that Mr. AOW and I have been in since September 2009. Christmas 2011 was our first truly merry Christmas since 2008!

  5. I am so glad for you both! I think that some people just don't know how to handle a situation in which a friend has been debilitated.

    I think they either just plain don't know what to do so they avoid the situation, or perhaps they get a bit scared of being reminded of their own mortality.

    It's not right to act that way, of course, but I am glad that you had a good Christmas with your friends!

  6. Brooke,
    I think that some people just don't know how to handle a situation in which a friend has been debilitated.

    MOST people don't!

    And let me tell you this: Mr. AOW isn't incontinent, and he isn't mentally impaired. Having him as a guest isn't so bad. All that he needs assistance with now is getting into the bathroom -- and getting up off those low toilets. Next year, he may not even need help with those ADL's!

  7. That's awesome!

    I hope Mr. AOW continues to improve by leaps and bounds!

  8. Lovely to hear these wonderful versions of two great Christmas favorites!

    The orchestral arrangement of Joy to the World is just TERRIFIC. I really loved the piano obbligato about two-thirds of the way through, but would have liked it even more, if it had been played on a Baroque organ or harpsichord -- or possibly shared by both. The piano hadn't been invented yet when Handel first composed the tune.

    A very enjoyable contribution to "The Season!"

    Thanks, AOW.

    ~ FreeThinke.

    PS: And I am so very glad to learn that Mr. AOW is getting out more and gaining strength. In guess you know that they do make special high toilet seats to use at home? They work very well, and are not too expensive if you look in the right medical supply store or online source. Medicare provides them free of charge, of course, but I know you're not there yet. - FT

  9. FreeThinke,
    Glad that you enjoyed the arrangements I chose. I couldn't find a good organ version of "Joy to the World." Maybe I didn't look in the right places; YouTube and I are not "best buds."

    BTW, one of my former students is a pipe organist. You should hear him play! Brings tears to every eye in the house, I tell you. This young man is a miracle worker at the manuals and the pedals. In fact, he specializes in pedal work. Amazing! He has played by invitation at the Shine of the Immaculate Conception and at the National Cathedral and now has his own church where he plays the organ, directs the choir, etc.

    Yes, Mr. AOW and I had a wonderful Christmas.

    I already bought one of those portable "toilet risers" right after Christmas last year, but fastening it is tedious. And the one I have slips! I will look into getting a different type, I think. Medicare arrives on March 1. My private health-insurance premium will go up even though I don't have significant pre-existing conditions (so far), but Mr. AOW's monthly premium and prescription costs will go down about $1000/month. We are so grateful for the arrival of Medicare as Mr. AOW will be needing cataract surgery this summer.


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