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Monday, December 19, 2011

The Ego Of The Man!

Have we ever had such an arrogant and self-worshiping President of the United States?

60 Minutes didn't air the following astounding and narcissistic portion of the shows December 11, 2011 interview of Barack Hussein Obama, the current occupier of the Oval Office:

No wonder he has declared that he can govern by fiat and regulation! He thinks so highly of himself!

No doubt, Obama actually believes that we should be worshiping him for being such a great President.

(Note to readers: Also see the post below)


  1. I've posted this, Mr. AOW posted this, and I'm sure others have...so we've covered the EGO, the fact that this pres thinks LYNDON JOHNSON is one of our top three presidents!? REALLY? and the fact that 60 Minutes edited his statement to protect him (why ELSE?)

    BUT, what also gets me, something about which I demure to your expertise, is the word GOTTEN in Obama's phrase. WHen the heck did GOTTEN become a word? That bugs me so much :-)

  2. The POSSIBLE exeptions?!? I missed that when I saw it at Mr. AOW's!

    Good Lord!

  3. Excuse me while I puke.

    I think he needs to be taken down a peg or two off of his own pedestal. He is disgraceful and how dare he compare himself to such great men. Arghh....

  4. News flash for Mr. Obama. The down side about being president is that you don't get to determine how "great" you are where you rank against the other presidents. That type of thing is sorted out and debated in the annals of history for decades LONG after you are gone. It is not conferred in your press conference.

    I'm pretty familiar with the history of most of our presidents. I cannot recall any of them tooting their horn like this and stating how they stack up against the others. This is a sign narcissistic disorder. No, I'm not a shrink but I am close to someone who has had the problem and the signs in Mr. Obama are classic.

  5. Alligator said:

    I cannot recall any of them tooting their horn like this and stating how they stack up against the others.

    For over a year, I have been of the opinion that Obama is on cocaine. See THIS.

    Sure, he's a narcissist. I also think that he's a narcissist on cocaine. He thinks he is king of the universe!

  6. Love his use of the royal we.

  7. AOW, what about the word GOTTEN? Since when is that normal?!!

    ALso, I was wondering how ANYBODY could ever think LBJ was one of the 3 top presidents and then remembered that Obama picked Lincoln because he thinks he freed the slaves and he actually thinks LBJ got the Civil Rights Bill signed, right? TALK about a MORON.

  8. Yup, take an out of context and edited series of unrelated videos and complain about his ego. Smart.

  9. The guy is talking...how is that taking him out of context.

    There is no change in context. He statement is my foregin policty and legilative accomplishments are greater than all but 3 other Presidents.

    This is includes that nursed this democratic experiment into existence, the others who created the first armies and navies, the ones who gained more terrotiry for this nation, the ones who faced down the tyrants of the World...

    Agreed AOW Obama is back on drugs.

  10. Blogginator,
    More and more, I am convinced that Obama is a drug abuser. Frankly, it is the most logical explanation, IMO.


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