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Monday, August 8, 2022

School Hiring Today?

Is this what we've come to?  Is it any wonder that our schools are failing in their primary task, that of teaching an academic program of studies?  
Social engineering rules the day!

Personal anecdote....

Back in the Stone Age (1973 A.D.), when I was fresh out of college and certified to teach Spanish at the secondary-school level, I interviewed for my first teaching position, a job in the local public-schools system; at that time, the director of personnel interviewed all applicants who had made the first cut. 

I very nearly didn't get the job because I had graduated summa cum laude from the university and had a background as a private-school student. I was told of those two failings in no uncertain terms. I responded, "So, you want to hire teachers who have an inferior knowledge of the subject matter?"

The interview promptly ended.  No job for me.

I went home in angry tears, my mind racing: 

Why had I bothered to work so hard during my four years at the university? 

During my time as a student teacher, why had I bothered to show that I could generate lesson plans which spoke to both the excellent and the below-average? 

How would I ever get a job in my chosen field? 

At that time, no private school in Northern Virginia would hire any new teachers without at least one full year of previous teaching experience, and that experience had to come from having taught in a public-schools system.

I was devastated.

But all's well that ends well.

My mother happened to know the county superintendent of public schools, who had previously been the director at a very prominent private school in Northern Virginia. As such, he had always stood for excellence in education and he continued to do so as the county superintendent of public schools.

Mom made the call. 

He was stunned and infuriated that the director of personnel had taken hiring new teachers to the lowest common denominator! The big push at that time on the part of the county superintendent of public schools was a program called "Commitment to Education," an overall goal promoting both excellence of character and academic achievement.  All in all, it was a good program.

Needless to say, the county superintendent of public schools intervened on my behalf, and I got the job.  I went on to teach for the county for five years.  Why I gave up that position is another story for another time.

All of the above said, I am not in the least bit surprised that today's hiring of teachers has sunk to the lowest common denominator of our day: the hiring of outspoken, proselytizing sexual deviants.


  1. With Baby Boomer retirements and the shortage of people that chose to go into education, perhaps the pool of prospective employees is such that schools almost have to hire people who otherwise would be running a Taco Bell.

    My own father begged me to become a teacher because he foresaw the shortage coming. But it just didn't interest me. You got your first job because you knew people that knew people. Nowadays employers in specialized fields can't afford to be picky. Can you babysit kids? Good, hired. Keep em moving to their Taco Bell careers, there's more behind them

  2. Our 1875 government industrial School system is obsolete.

    How do we get to a new system that works for a new millennium? Privatization. Burn down the department of education. Go to a customer focused, market driven model.

    1. Enter....The Great Reset. It's not a "market-based model". It's a "market-negation-based" one.

    2. Ask your doctor if Soma is right for you...

    3. Yes, who needs a department of education when so many people are so dumb they'd vote for Trump again and screw themselves.

      Ad hoc ergo propter hoc. Perhaps Trump was elected because of public education standards being lower than snail shit?

  3. Don't worry. All the kids in the future will get a Neuralink to the Blue-Checked Internet! No misinformation will get by their censors.

    1. Me, I'm gonna get a Stentrode for my exoskeleton. There'll be no wheelchairs for me in MY old age...

    2. Charge up your Vibracon globe.

  4. AOW, while many crafts and skill sets have been forced to lower their standards, I'm not seeing those "We're now hiring outspoken, proselytizing sexual deviants" signs on parked school busses.

    I'd surmise, and this is just me, it's more of the slow drip indoctrination from the Betsy DeVos elites controlling the media with such soundbites in order to convince the gulibbles to transfer more $ from the tax payers into their pockets.

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