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Monday, August 1, 2022


First, the video footage from the annual 2022 Congressional Baseball Game, played for charity:

Ms. Sanchez did the job of any batter at the plate: she got onto first base. Then, the team coach put in a pinch runner, at which point Ms. Sanchez trotted back to the Democrat Party dugout amid cheers.  Just another day in baseball.

As Ms. Sanchez trotted past the Republican Party dugout, however, she threw the rude gesture depicted in the video above and was roundly criticized in social media for her unsportsmanlike behavior and divisiveness.

After that, the reality gets muddy and more than once.

...Sanchez flipped off the Republican dugout during what was supposed to be a unifying baseball game, claiming a “nerve was struck” after she heard an “offensive and misogynistic comment from the Republican side” on her way back to the dugout.

She then changed her story to basically say, ‘Just kidding, it wasn’t from the actual dugout but from the stands, and it’s the same person every year but I won’t reveal what was said.’

And then, she shifted to bashing Republican women in attendance for not defending her … even though nobody, besides the Congresswomen [sic], has so far heard the alleged comments....
Sheesh.  What a laughable story!

The above insignificant baseball story reminds me of other recent but significant news stories with shifting narratives and shifting definitions.  Two examples: the very definition of the word recession and the lie that the border is secure (when the word secure clearly does not describe the border situation).

What's happening here?  A particular kind of lying known as gaslighting
psychological manipulation of a person usually over an extended period of time that causes the victim to question the validity of their own thoughts, perception of reality, or memories and typically leads to confusion, loss of confidence and self-esteem, uncertainty of one's emotional or mental stability, and a dependency on the perpetrator.
How successful the Democrat Party's recent multiple perpetrations of gaslighting will be when the 2022 midterm elections roll around remains to be seen.  

After all, gaslighting in politics is often quite successful.  Until the day comes when it isn't.

What other examples of gaslighting, recent or otherwise, can you provide?  Successful or not?


  1. Its all competing 'realities' all the time. I'm sick of all of it, and all of them.

    1. SF.
      I'm sick of all of it, and all of them.

      Same here! And that's why I'm having to take a step back and read novels.

    2. You don't want to live in the hyper-reality of the 24/7 news cycle? How can you save the planet if you don't?

  2. Every politician engages in 'gaslighting'.....also known as lying.

    Some make it their raison d'ĂȘtre.

    1. CI,
      Yes, but gaslighting has become really pandemic now. The media and academia are on board with the gaslighting.

  3. I usually have lots of reasons for flipping off the other team. They don't call it "trash talk" for nothing.

    1. Thersites,
      I'm no angel. But I have never flipped off anyone in the classroom or in any other venue where a lot of children are present. The Congressional Baseball Game was a charity event to raise money for children.

    2. The donors weren't children. They were adults who wanted a "show". They got one.

      Yes it was "unsportsmanlike conduct".... but nobody watches a "Congressional" baseball game for the "sport".

  4. Gaslighting? You mean like we are not in a recession? The border is secure? The economy is healthy?
    My takeaway headline from that game is:
    Republicans beat Dems with bats, 10 to 0.
    At least she didn't take a shot at Steve Scalise. figuratively of course.

    1. Ed,
      Excellent comment, my friend!

      Does all this frustrate and/or depress you? That's what's happening to me these days. **sigh**

    2. Ed, I'm reasonably sure The National Bureau of Economic Research makes the call of a recession.

      But it's my guess that you guys will be celebrating soon.

    3. I love Ronald's comment. Really makes me chuckle.

      I'm sure those tens of millions of working people being eaten alive right now by inflation are just sitting there waiting for some politburo to tell them whether the economy is bad or not.

      The purblind pig ignorance to reality displayed by the left is astounding

    4. Yes, we all wait for NBER pronouncements before moving our 401k money around...

    5. Oh, wait, the market's already 20% down.... never mind.

    6. RJW, The presidential spokespuppet, Karin Jean-Pierre, already let us know about the real definition (NBER) of a recession.
      I played it on my radio show Saturday.
      "A sustained general negative growth occurring over a few months".
      In my book, a few months is a shorter time period than two quarters.
      Try again.

    7. With the destruction of history, contemporary events themselves retreat into a remote and fabulous realm of unverifiable stories, uncheckable statistics, unlikely explanations and untenable reasoning.

      -Guy Debord (1931-1994)

  5. "Gaslighting" on open boarders? Seriously?

    I mean, after the gullibles bought into the idea that all these people were coming to rape their wives and sell drugs to their kids and then shoot them (rather than fleeing for their lives or to send money back home to feed their families)?

    I often think of those gaslighted who were conned into sending money for a nonsensical 2000 mile wall while still believing Mexico was going to pay for it. What the hell?

    Here's another boarder gaslighter. Every time we hear of a fentanyl bust at the boarder, Republicans go nuts about "open boarders" allowing fentanyl which makes no sense. If there's a fentanyl bust, that means the borders are secure and working appropriately.

    The very accusation of Democrats being for open boarders is a product of being brainwashed by the mesmerizing right wing media and memes.

    1. The Democrats are "all in" FOR building a wall? Who knew?

    2. RJW, I also played the audio of Mayorkas saying that the border was secure, but could be more secure. This while the administration quietly starts to plug the holes in the wall they left open.
      Try again.

    3. Ed, plugging entry points has gone on for years. The right wing propaganda machine did this same hypocrisy attack on Obama and Dem's boarder repairs during his term when Trump was selling his fictional beautiful wall crossing mountains and rivers, that of course, Mexico was going to pay for- while the gaslit were sending in their $ to pay for it while still chanting Mexico would.

      Boarder security has existed and funded from both parties for years. If anything, Republicans have historically been less restrictive because of the cheap labor but that's not to say that Dems weren't grabbing their piece of the pie as well.

      Another gaslighting phenomenon is the "fake news" mantra and how the basket of gullibles were convinced to deem any and all news sources that spoke negatively of the leader of our country as fake because they were told to do so by the leader of our country.


      But by all means, try again.

    4. Dude. It's your people saying that the wall is secure when it obviously is not.
      The "right" is certainly not guilty of that gaslighting.

    5. Don't think so dude. I think it's more of your people telling you my people are saying it.

      And if you don't think the right is guilty of gaslighting, I have a wall to sell you that Mexico will pay for.

    6. I'm supposed to believe you instead of my own two ears?
      I have the recording.
      And as for paying?

    7. And, there is still the issue of the NBER definition being stricter, more damning, than two quarters.....

    8. I guess this goes to show, when a gaslighter like Ronnie runs out of matches, he reveals himself merely a gasbagger. His gas insn't flamable, it's inert, which doesn't necessarily mean it don't stink.

    9. “ I'm supposed to believe you instead of my own two ears?
      I have the recording”.

      Last I heard, “you people” were told not to believe what you hear from your own two ears from, well, your people.

    10. Our government, through stupidity and malfeasance, has let in over 1 million illegal aliens since Biden took office, probably closer to 2 million if we could really get an accurate count.

      People really are dying of fentanyl overdoses, starting before Biden and continuing during his presidency.

    11. Ed, your link clearly states that Mexico never gave a dime to the Trump admin for a wall.

      An interesting thing about the “wall” and gaslighting is that there was never any serious consideration about this type of construction until it gained traction during Trump’s campaign stops. His campaign team noticed the crowd’s reaction when Trump spoke of it and Mexico paying so they encouraged him to bring it up anytime he felt he was going off track. Trump, being the egomaniac that he is, naturally loved the gullibles cheering so it became a regular mantra.

      As for NBER’s definition of a recession, I haven’t studied into it (probably because unlike right wingers, I’m not standing by to pop the cork) but I’m reading the unusual low unemployment rate is a factor.

      @SF, I agree millions of bleeding consumers aren’t going to take comfort in officially being in or out of a recession.

    12. Speaking of curious, I find it interesting how contradictory your talking points are, gasbag. On the one hand, we're not in a "real" recession because the unemployment numbers are so low, and yet there seem to be millions of recently arrived illegals floating around in the labour market. Sounds to me like the BLS has a serious "data collection" deficiency. It's probably related to the same "data collection deficiency" surrounding the recent rape and abortion of a 10 year old girl... seems they couldn't find any such records in the state databases.

    13. Sounds like an "affirmative action" kinda thing, don't it. Illegals are "harmless". They just have really good tasting exotic foods for us to sample and enjoy. No harm can come from a decent breakfast taco.

    14. I winder how much it has to do with "sanctuary cities" and not disclosing data to federal authorities so as to prevent ICE investigations and arrests.

    15. btw - If there's no "recession", I wonder what happened to those 670,000 job openings that disappeared out of the BLS report last week. Producers discouraged by the lack of currently hirable people, maybe?

    16. I am so sick of the gaslighting going on and on and on. It is worse than anything I have ever known, worse than a chronic illness. It is sick! And I cannot stand it the fire so I am getting out. Full Stop!

  6. You cite the recession issue as an example of gaslighting, but the definition implies that gaslighting causes the target to at least partly believe the bullfeathers being slung by the gaslighter. Does anyone not recognize this new definition of recession as utter nonsense?

  7. Okay, this isn't an example of "gaslighting" so much as an example of how the "sexual revolution" of the 1960's led to our current cultural obsession with "transgenderism" and the "explosion" of the trans-identity and how the trans-community has been so successful in exploiting this opening in the aftermath of "sexual liberation" to pursue its' agenda.

    1. It's become the modern equivalent of a "fashion statement".

      The rule of transvestitism has become the very basis of our behavior even in our search for identity and difference. We no longer have time to search for an identity for ourselves in the archives in a memory, in a project, or a future. Instead we are supposed to have an instant memory to which we can plug in directly for immediate access to a kind of public relations identity. What is sought today is not so much health, which is an organic equilibrium, as an ephemeral hygienic and promotional radiance from the body, much more a performance than an ideal state.

      In terms of fashion and appearances, what we seek is less beauty or attractiveness than the right "look." Everyone seeks their look. Since it is no longer possible to base any claim on one's own existence, there is nothing for it but to perform an appearing act, without concerning oneself with being, or even with being seen. So it is not, "I exist. I am here." But rather, "I am visible. I am an image. Look, look." This is not even narcissism, merely an extroversion without depth. A sort of self-promoting ingenuousness, whereby everyone becomes the manager of their own appearance.

      "The look" is a sort of minimal low definition image, like a video image, or what Mcluhan would call a tactile image. An image which draws neither attention, nor admiration, as fashion still does, but is no more than a special effect with no particular significance. "The look" is no longer a function of fashion, it is a form of fashion that has been overtaken. It no longer even appeals to a logic of distinction. It is no longer founded on an interplay of differences. It plays at difference, without believing in it. It is, in fact, indifference. Being oneself has become a transient performance with no sequel. A disabused mannerism in a world without manners.

      -Jean Baudrillard, "Transsexuality"

    2. It's basically the direct result of the "gaslighting" by feminists in the 60's. We no longer believe in the "fixedness" of a male or a female identity. There are now LGBTQ+++ possibilities in between.

      gaslighting: psychological manipulation of a person usually over an extended period of time that causes the victim to question the validity of their own thoughts, perception of reality, or memories and typically leads to confusion, loss of confidence and self-esteem, uncertainty of one's emotional or mental stability, and a dependency on the perpetrator.

    3. The real crime lies in introducing such topics into an elementary school curriculum, before children have any firm ideas of what it means to be either a man or a woman, or worse, what they want to be (identity) when they "grow up".

    4. ...and of course, having to create an "instant identity" to post on-line in their social media... A sort of self-promoting ingenuousness, whereby everyone becomes the manager of their own appearance.... what's a kid to do to get "Likes" for their profiles?

    5. ...and not the "Boo-hiss-cancellation" of their classmates?

  8. Gaslighting? How about telling thousands of vaccine injured people it's stress or anxiety and writing Rx's for nervy dervies when they needed serious neurological care. Maddie de Garay was only the first of so, so many.

  9. ...or by Big Tech.

    Heck, I don't think I even knew what the 'F-word meant until about 3rd grade.

  10. I linked to this post at my place.
    This is a boldfaced plug for my post there, but it is germane to the discussion. I spent the second half of my radio show on exactly this topic. Including the baseball game.
    Great minds.....

    1. Ed,

      We like Boldfaced plugs from friends like you. I'll help:


  11. What other examples of gaslighting, recent or otherwise, can you provide?

    Let me see. Hmmm.

    How about this?

  12. AOW... Relating to gaslighting, here are examples of a few phrases typically heard from ppl who are doing the gaslighting and pushing people to "question the validity of their own thoughts".

    Stop being so sensitive.
    That never happened.
    Can't you take a joke?
    Why are you always so angry?
    Can't you let go of the past?
    Stop exaggerating it wasn't that bad.

    I didn't follow the Sanchez story. But let's say I 100% agree with you that her statement[s] were gaslighting. You asked for additional examples.

    Can't others claim that Former President Trump, many in his administration and plenty of his followers are also guilty of the same?

    Some of the key phrases we heard throughout the Covid pandemic and when talking about the events of Jan 6 were that those things/events "were not that bad" or "we need to get over it", and then when the president was questioned as to things he said in regards to these events, "that never happened."

    Politicians gaslight all the time. But to call out a Dem and then ask if anyone else has other examples, it seems as if you are ignoring the facts that Trump did this all the time.

    1. There are gaslighters, and then there are "Gaslighters". The latter are mostly "activists" and "journalists". Bother terms are euphemisms for "Gaslighter".

    2. Affirmative Action is legislatively sanctioned gaslighting. So are "grievance studies" in college.

    3. Come to think of it, the same holds true for the term, "politician".

    4. Dave, +1

      Don't forget the other cult, 'Qanon'...and arguably the most prolific gaslight-er of our day, Alex Jones (honorable mention to Tucker Carlson).

    5. I think we can add much of the infotainment media complex to the gas lighters list as well.

      They are gushing and pissing their pants over biden's historic wins that will be realized when Congress passes this historic anti-inflation legislation.

      No analysis, no criticism, no debate, just all propaganda all the time. The press has been waiting for this since Biden was elected, he has fallen so flat and been so disappointing. Finally, finally Joe is going to fulfill their expectations.

      The FEC should count press coverage of the Democrats as an in-kind political contribution

    6. @SF - Sure...just as long as they include the cumulative hours of Trumps vacant podium during the 2016 campaign, and Comey's letter to Congress on 28 Oct 2016.

    7. In a Society of the Spectacle, if you don't own the stage, you need to build your own or you'll never be heard. That, gentleman, was the "Trump rally." The media's stupidity was to broadcast/ multiply those rally's on 300 million+ "small screens" so as to generate "ad revenue".

    8. ...but then, selling gaslight for ad revenue is their very function in our hypernormalised hyper-reality.

    9. Much as the DNC is corporate Capitalism's and the UniParty's "party of recuperation", hence earning the title of "Gaslighter's Supreme"!

    10. Apologies for off-topic, but the burn pit bill will come up for a vote tonite or tomorrow in the Senate, and Republicans are voting for it, after their amendments are defeated.

      In other words, all this fuss and bother for nothing, and they still have not explained in plain English--using the text of the bill--what the hell they were objecting to.

      I was arguing to give them a chance, and I was wrong. Repubelicons are shitbags

    11. The bills seems to have just passed, with 11 GOP no votes (Crapo, Lankford, Lee, Lummis, Paul, Risch, Romney, Shelby, Tillis, Toomey, Tuberville)

    12. Doesn't matter who. I've pretty much come to view all politicians of all parties, with a few exceptions, and one lumpen blob of excrement.

      At least the Democrats have the reality-defying balls to call their inflationary pork bill the "Anti-Inflation Act." Gotta admire their cunning exploitation of voter ignorance.

      I also admire how they are pumping more billion$ in order to make the "Affordable Care Act" actually affordable... for people making up to 4X the poverty rate.

      The Reason Roundtable podcast roasts it all pretty good


    13. Does anyone with an IQ over 80 really think corporations are going to just eat the feel-good 15% minimum tax on corporations?

      Corporations do not pay taxes. The just pass them along to consumers. Congress will raise the price of everything with this bill.

      But on the positive side, green energy scammers will really lap up billion$ government subsidies.

    14. Doesn't matter who.

      I get that, from your perspective. But for the larger audience, who are quick on the trigger to dime out any Democrat......piss on 'em. Own those 11 votes as party members/supporters.

    15. Does anyone with an IQ over 80 really think corporations are going to just eat the feel-good 15% minimum tax on corporations?

      And...hell no. Just like they aren't going to eat any wild increase on the "minimum wage"...which the Constitution seems to be silent on setting the value of labor....

    16. “Does anyone with an IQ over 80 really think corporations are going to just eat the feel-good 15% minimum tax on corporations?”

      So much for chastising a media of ‘’ No analysis, no criticism, no debate, just all propaganda all the time”.

      Let’s review the week of your instructed logic on this reverse trickle down gaslighting, that a taxation on the wealthy is a taxation on everyone.

      Republicans take to Twitter using this point with “Democrats want to raise taxes on almost every American.”

      Gaslighting machine Wall Street Journal echos “This gives the lie to Democratic claims that no one earning under $400,000 will pay more taxes under the bill, a promise Mr. Biden also made in his campaign. The reality is that the Schumer-Manchin bill is a tax increase on nearly every American.” And of course, Fox News joins goes full throttle.

      By your instructed logic, wealthy corporations and billionaires should pay nothing at all because that would be a taxation for the working class. By your instructed logic, reigning in corporate welfare, closing loopholes, and going after corporate tax cheats is a Biden tax.

    17. Ronald, you have some logic problems, causing you to make bad inferences. Let me help you out

      First, I will agree with you on the GOP and Wall Street journal observation that this breaks the tax pledge. It does not, because it is not a tax. We agree on that

      Having said that, it is well established economic tenant that businesses pass their taxes onto the consumer. That is just how it works. Businesses are after all, in business to make money, a profit.

      Lastly, making the previous two observations, does not advocate for or argue against taxing corporations.

      That is your lesson in logic for the day. No need to thank me

    18. This is something I pointed out with GWB's tax cuts and Trump's tax scam- that these failed trickle down policies don't work AND, once these failed policies are corrected, the wealthy isn't just gonna roll over but would pass it on.

      The more wealthy corporations bleed from us in corporate welfare, the more it will cost us when and if we stop it.

      I know you want it both ways but GOP plutocratic policies have really screwed things up.

    19. I see that your logic is still challenged. You have just brought up a completely different subject than what we were discussing.

      Corporate welfare? I am against it. Democrats apparently are not, their bills that are going to give Joe Biden his historic win or Graham full of corporate welfare

    20. The historic democrat bills are crammed full of pork and corporate welfare.

    21. That's the prime feature of the gaslighting process, sf. You can't sell sh*t w/o the accompanying stink.

  13. C l,. I don't know what point you're trying to make. The only point I am trying to make is that I want an honest press, that examines everything, and questions everything, regardless of where it comes from, or which party.

    Trump and the media were locked in some kind of horrible pornographic love-hate mutually beneficial sweaty and brace. They made each other and they benefited off of each other.

    Trump is an unhinged blowhard, so I mostly blame the press. I've said it many times, and I'll say it again. If the press had played Trump straight up instead of getting down into the mud with him, they're reporting would have been much more effective, and he probably would have gone down in flames sooner

    1. I wonder how long it will take the MSM to "recuperate" Trumpism.

      from Wikipedia

      Features and aspects of the Spectacle

      Main article: Recuperation (politics)
      As early as 1958, in the situationist manifesto, Debord described official culture as a "rigged game", where conservative powers forbid subversive ideas to have direct access to the public discourse. Such ideas get first trivialized and sterilized, and then they are safely incorporated back within mainstream society, where they can be exploited to add new flavors to old dominant ideas.[14] This technique of the spectacle is sometimes called recuperation.[15]

      To survive, the spectacle must maintain social control and effectively handle all threats to the social order. Recuperation, a concept first proposed by Guy Debord,[15] is the process by which the spectacle intercepts socially and politically radical ideas and images, commodifies them, and safely incorporates them back within mainstream society.[15] More broadly, it may refer to the appropriation or co-opting of any subversive works or ideas by mainstream media. It is the opposite of détournement, in which conventional ideas and images are reorganized and recontextualized with radical intentions.[15]

      Debord discusses the close link between revolution and culture and everyday life, and the reason why conservative powers are interested in forbidding them "any direct access to the rigged game of official culture." Debord recalls that worldwide revolutionary movements that emerged during the 1920s were followed by "an ebbing of the movements that had tried to advance a liberatory new attitude in culture and everyday life," and that such movements were brought to a "complete social isolation."[16]

    2. Why I haven't been participating much in this thread....

      A rough couple of days here. Electrical outage following major and unusually-destructive thunderstorms Monday evening. This house came with a wired-in generator, so we were able to save all the freezer items, make morning coffee, operate the garage door, have AC. We ran the generator for only a few hours at a time: the generator is gasoline-powered and a big-time fuel hog (1/2 of the generator's fuel gobbled down in only three hours).

      That one night without power -- Monday night -- was hugely disruptive: Warren's dog Smokie wasn't satisfied until ALL of us, dogs and humans, were rounded up and sleeping in the living room. The only one in the room to get any rest was my hard-of-hearing dog Callie. Storms never bother her.

      Everything is back on this morning. The internet service here is intermittent, however. And I have a lot of catching up to do -- both virtual and real life.

    3. Sounds like an adventure! I love living room camping! ;)


  14. Our Country won’t be United until.
    1. Trump must be indicted and convicted.
    2. Massive voter turnout to assure the Republicans lose seats in 2022.
    3. Massive voter turnout in 2024 to assure Democratic control of Congress and the White House.

    Then we can talk about expanding the Supreme Court, enforcing a code of ethics, and impeaching the corrupt perjurers and insurrectionist Justices.

    Even after jumping these hurdles, we must never forget the threat of fascism is always lurking in our radicalized Right.

    Trump just emboldened them to come out of the woodwork.

    Americans need to understand the struggle against fascism will never end, because its racist authoritarian roots run deep in our culture.

    We defeated General Lee, but the racism and treason of the Confederacy are still among us.

    We defeated Hitler and Mussolini, but Nazis and fascism are still among us only now they are called Republicans


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