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Sunday, August 14, 2022

Musical Interlude

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Hard to believe that this film debuted over 47 years ago (June 20, 1975), and I still don't like to swim in the ocean:

The genius of film composer John Williams

As one commenter opined at YouTube:
Miss Agent E 
1 year ago
John Williams took just two notes and made generations of people terrified of the ocean.


  1. Heh. I was in kindergarten in the '74 - '75 school year. Like most kindergarten classes back then before the moratorium on literacy came with the advent of the Department of Education in '79, my class was working on a project where we drew pictures with crayons of things that started with each letter of the alphabet.

    Guess the gory, bloody, monstrous thing I drew for the letter "J."

    The only thing I knew about the movie then were the television trailers for the coming attraction. I don't think I actually saw the actual movie until I was in my early teens. My drawing was more gory.

  2. I bought the book in early June of 75 to read on the plane to Hawaii after graduating from high school.... where I spent the next 3 weeks with friends reef fishing w/ a net and swimming/ body surfing in the ocean off Kauai. I saw the movie Plebe year at the USMMA, not far from the Long Island town that served at setting for he movie.

    1. FJ,
      I found the movie Jaws better than the book, which had a steamy middle section for no particular purpose. "Get back to the shark!" I screamed. Then speed read to the end of Section 2 so as to get back to the shark.

    2. Before reading the book, my first "shark fear" happened off Salt Point on the northern California coast. I was SCUBA diving and spear fishing when I finally speared a nice sized fish. I surfaced and then looked back at the coastline, trying to identify my dive's point of origin. I was pretty far off the coast and I only then realized how stupid I was, having to trail this dead and bloody fish back to the coast. It was probably one of the most "vulnerable" feelings I had ever felt in the world, at that point anyways.

  3. What a memory... when visiting D.C. at some point after the film came out the Smithsonian as I recall, ended up with model. Ir was hard to believe the construction was possible to put such terror in a film.

    1. Bunkerville,
      The result of good editing and a wonderful film score. The images accompanied by the score made people jump out of their skins! Without the music, viewers were actually bored.


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