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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

The Liberal World Order

Disbelieve the content of this blog post at your own peril!

Furthermore, please, for your own sake if not for our republic's sake, put aside any of your cognitive biases about the following information or the spokespersons thereof.
Please refrain commenting until after you have viewed the entire video below (about 11 minutes):

A few days ago, an astute former-blogger, whom I personally know yet rarely hear from, sent me important emails containing information that every American should know. 

Most of the body of the first email is below (emphases mine). Please refrain from commenting until you have digested all of the material below:
...It seems that everyone on the right side of the political equation attaches everything that's wrong to Democrat politics or incompetence. 

No one ever considers globalist agendas, even after Deese's recent statement. I have been following much of the narrative delivered at Davos and looking at the Biden Administration's policies and actions since Day 1, then considering the outsourced corruption delivered through Hunter's business activities, and see nothing but globalist agendas on steroids. 

The U.S. is the world's economic powerhouse, between our banking, brokerage and military might, and as such is the main obstacle to a world government. The only way we could be brought to heel so that we could be absorbed into a world government would be if, currency devalued and natural resource recovery denied, we became totally dependent on other countries for our basic needs. 

The only way the American people would go along with the kind of government that would render us subservient to a world order would be if we were made desperate enough for a return to order from economic dismay, squalid quality of life problems and murderous crime that we would cede liberty to the government to make it happen, and everything we've seen under the Biden Administration seems to point in that direction.

Worse, the entire EV and solar energy spectrum revolves around doing business with Communist China, both because they have control over the mineral production needed and because Biden environmental regulations would prevent us from domestically producing our own "green" products. 

What we're actually looking at is the globalist left, who know that America cannot be absorbed into a world government unless our economy is trampled to the extent that we are dependent on other countries for our basic needs and our currency has been devalued to the point that it's no longer the world's reserve currency, are working to achieve their agendas via the Biden Administration and the Democratic Party. 
Our present suffering is no accident.  Rather, it is created by design.

Our present suffering will continue.  Brace yourselves for it.

Remember this...It's not a conspiracy theory if forces really are conspiring against you!


  1. Ultimately, you just have to accept that globalism exists and isn't going to go away. Trade, technology and ease of travel are forces too strong to resist: none of those things is going to change (maybe travel, a bit). Whether it is organised or emergent, an international framework must exist, references to this fact of life are not necessarily sinister.

    You can set up customs borders, but that's marginal and as Trump demonstrated, those things are too useful as bargaining chips to be wasted on tilting at the windmill of globalism as a concept.

    What's the point of tracking you via a pill when you carry a mobile phone with you anyway? The cool thing about a phone is, you keep it charged up! I can't imagine anyone plugging themselves in for 40 minutes a day to keep their internal compliance beacon shining.

    1. It's not economic globalism. The most sanguine and charitable view of this would be, there are very rich and very powerful like-minded people, globalist, think world economic forum, aspen institute, davos men.

      They scan the globe, looking at all the diverse and different cultures and people's with their own norms, the little englanders, Bavarians, those damn red stators, who can't get with the program...

      The world is messy and inefficient, and they want to clean it up and get everybody and lock step.

    2. Agreed! We're only arguing about how best to push back against it. Rejecting the concept of globalism is bound to be ineffective in my opinion.

    3. I'm happy we have found a point of agreement. Economic globalism, like anything else, can be good or bad depending.

      The globalism of the last 30 years that we have come to know and hate, took the whole thing too far.

    4. @ jez,
      "The cool thing about a phone is, you keep it charged up! I can't imagine anyone plugging themselves in for 40 minutes a day to keep their internal compliance beacon shining."
      Ever heard of RFID?
      Retail outlets, especially the big ones, keep track of your buying habits and a lot of other information they are estimably and provably able to collect and correlate with surveillance cameras. They know who you are, where you are at any particular time.
      Last night I saw one of the forensic investigation shows where they caught caught a murderer using a QR code price tag on a suit case and then tying the perpetrator to a similar crime by looking at his past purchases. So we have a time and video and the name of the criminal the kind of car car he drives, his age and criminal record and when they look at the hard drives on his computer and those of his victims, we see the connections.
      Granted, that this was an excellent use of technology but imagine this same technology misused by the government or NGOs for identifying political opponents and singling them out for extralegal abuse.
      Seeing that it's already being done, it shouldn't be that hard to imagine. -unless you're some kind of Pollyanna idiot-
      Any Government doesn't care anymore about you than the cost-benefit analysis of your vote as part of a voting block.
      You would be surprised at the amount of information your government has about you but is blocked -supposedly- from those who should not be able to view it.
      This isn't paranoia, it's a matter of cold hard fact.

    5. Your point is largely the same as my point: they're already tracking you, because of stuff you do voluntarily. So much so there's scarcely any additional utility to making you swallow a chip.

    6. The fine folks at Davos have also been discussing a digital reserve currency that could replace the U S. dollar and other currencies altogether, which would become the only way of spending ones money. This would mean you couldn't buy or sell anything (there would be no cash), from a brand of toothpaste to a cut of meat to your favorite wine that wouldn't be recorded (sort of like when you use a chain store's club card to get their discount deals and points) and tracked, evaluated for a "carbon use" profile, etc, and that if your political views or anything else incurred the disfavor of those elitists at the top of the "liberal world order" government, they could simply switch off your money, and therefore your most basic survival.

      It would also mean that you would be a subject of governance by people half a world away whose cultures and indeed very sensibilities would have nothing in common with your own, and if what we've seen thus far from the political left, going all the way back to its beginnings, the well-being of the individual would be inconsequential beside the interests of the collective at the top, meaning that should you fall victim to tragedy because of a given political policy, you would be looked up on as mere collateral damage to the "greater good," nothing more.

      I would highly recommend taking the time to watch whatever video you can find of the proceedings of the latest WEF, especially if you're a relatively young person with several decades of life to look forward to, and then reexamining the activities of the Biden Administration and today's Democratic Party.

    7. You don't need communism to find yourself in "greater good" territory: the Hayekian economic policies of the '80s adopted inflation as the "greater good" and ruthlessly sacrificed unemployment (each case of which, a separate tragedy) on that alter. It was all "worth it" to keep inflation under control. (The young Hayek was scarred by his direct experience of hyperinflation, just as the young Keynes was scarred by his experience of mass unemployment, hence their differing priorities.)
      Before you know it, you've got a rust belt and a foothold for the populist right, but that's another story.

    8. Jez, can you give us a flavor of your sources? I don't have time to refute now, but sounds lefty biased. Do your sources use the term 'neo-liberal?' That's usually a clue.

    9. Of course it sounds lefty biased. I'm lefty biased. When I pass your ideas off to my friends as if they were my own, I probably give them a lefty twist too.
      By the way, the podcast "origin story" does a good job of exploring the etymology of many of today's most abused political ideas -- neo-liberalism among them -- despite its undisguised lefty/liberal bias.

    10. Neo-liberalism currently suffers from μηδὲν ἄγαν, “nothing too much,” It went off the rails when Reagan doubled down on it after 1980 and Clinton matched his bet and went "all in" in 1992. The Uni-Party then staffed the Deep State accordingly, and the US Senate became corporate "payola central". Wall Street put Main Street right out of business.

    11. The smart move would have been to pull back the minute the USSR collapsed.

    12. Instead, we made China a Superpower by granting it unfettered access to the US market. Talk about strategic blunders...

    13. Hayek was an academic. I have read some of his work. Blaming him for the actions of others applying his theories outside the scope of his arguments to everything in life is absurd.

      His simple premise is true and borne out by reality:

      The market knows more than any one person or group of "experts." Demand economies do not work.

      He also cautioned against governments being overly-deterministic with their plans no matter how well-intentioned. The more they push, insisting every last person comply, the more likely compliance will end up being forced by the barrel of a gun.

      Hayek also maintained, as did Adam Smith, that without morality, free markets become a jungle, although he did not engage moral questions like Smith did. This is not a failing. Smith was a moralist, Hayek an economist.

      This is a pretty good article from the Guardian I stumbled across. It is clear the author is a lefty who holds Hayek in contempt. He cartoonizes the issue at hand, but does a fair job putting Hayek and his "big idea" in context, even as the author engages in dreamy Rouseauian romanticism of an atavistic ideal that has never worked in real life.


      See also:


    14. Been holding off replying until I read the article, but it's a long one and I'm busy but I don't want to ignore you any longer. It's on my list though! I skimmed it and much of it reminds me of that podcast I mentioned.
      I haven't read much of Hayek himself, although I know that he did concede room for public funding for public goods which would not be in any individual's interest to adequately support. It's his fanatical supporters in think-tanks and policy advisory roles that I have a quarrel with.
      They made use of the economic crises of the late 70s to overturn the postwar consensus, and form a new consensus which has held all through my lifetime. In my opinion, the 2008 crash should have prompted us to question it, but our governments cling to these precepts as if they were religious dogma. Frankly I think Keynesian ideas do a better job of explaining our current economic reality, but I would certainly not claim the science is anywhere near settled in this field.

  2. What I find most curious is that the question of why now are they so out in the open with the agenda and the very term "New World Order" that previously was consigned to the tin foil hat wearers. Once in awhile a slip now and then, but the term was simply a laughable commodity. Team Biden et al are very clear about the agenda where previously it was done for the most part in the dark of night.
    Is Biden so corrupt and the blackmail so complete that "they" feel they can now make their move? They were moving right along so nicely just below the surface.
    The E.U. set the stage forcing the Netherlands to start appropriating farms under the guise of Climate Change - The Netherlands the 2nd largest exporting of Ag products following America....
    Has the Third World War begun?

    1. Why so open now? Because they have advanced far enough that they no longer have to conceal it. It has reached the point where we cannot go back to what we have lost. Our "leadership" knows that the public has become so deprived to the ability to engage in critical thinking that it is no longer necessary to deceive us.

    2. For instance, every article regarding the Netherlands says that the effort is to reduce the production of Nitrogen gas. Why? Nitrogen is not a greenhouse gas. It is the most common gas in the atmosphere, making up 78% of it. Why is the Netherlands trying to reduce emission of it?

    3. I agree with jayhawk.

      Also, it is almost impossible now to keep a secret, to hide conspiracies, etc.

      That is why disinformation is now everywhere

    4. Some oxides of nitrogen are greenhouse gasses -- far more potent than CO2, actually.

    5. Being a component of Earth's hydrosphere and hydrologic cycle, it (H2O) is particularly abundant in Earth's atmosphere, where it acts as a greenhouse gas and warming feedback, contributing more to total greenhouse effect than non-condensable gases such as carbon dioxide and methane

    6. That Dihydrogen Monoxide's a KILLER! We should ban it...

    7. The government says emissions of nitrogen oxide and ammonia, which livestock produce, must be drastically reduced close to nature areas that are part of a network of protected habitats for endangered plants and wildlife stretching across the 27-nation European Union

      The ruling coalition wants to cut emissions of pollutants, predominantly nitrogen oxide and ammonia, by 50% nationwide by 2030. Ministers call the proposal an “unavoidable transition” that aims to improve air, land and water quality.

      They are now arresting farmers.. and blocking roadways. It starts here.

    8. But the alternative is just not kerbing emissions. For those of us who accept the predicted consequences of continued emissions, that is not a viable option.

    9. The Dutch nitrogen reductions are ridiculous. Why? Because they are a low country close to the sea. They're much like Maryland's Eastern Shore, which has had to do much to reduce nitrogen runoff's into the Chesapeake Bay. You might as well tell them that farming isn't permitted on all that land that they reclaimed FROM the sea.

    10. ‘Agriculture is more difficult to deal with because it is more of an ecological problem and it is more regional because farms located close to Natura 2000 areas have a higher contribution than farms in the north of Groningen. The low hanging fruit has been picked because emissions have gone down 65% since 1990.’ MPs and ministers due to discuss the government’s plans to reduce nitrogen-based pollution on Tuesday, amid reports that major cuts in livestock farming close to Natura 2000 areas are on the cards.

      Evidently there is a wetland nearby that's already getting 65% less nitrogen run-off since 1990 and that they want to cut THAT another 70%. I'd tell the wetland "managers" to go 'F themselves.

    11. Here's the kicker. Wanna know who's supporting the Dutch farmers? Dutch FISHERMEN. If anyone is harmed by the nitrogen run-off, it's the fisheries, as the nitorgen contributes to algae blooms that kill fish Yet the fishermen are SUPPORTING the farmers.

    12. This is all about meeting arbitrary "targets" for university "environmental experts" that don't know f-all about the max levels being set... and will eventually set all "targets" to ZERO so that the "Mother Nature" that made dinosaurs go extinct can make mankind go extinct.

    13. There is no such thing as a "natural balance" or an Earth in the balance. Nature is a killer.

    14. ...and before we condemn the algae blooms in the North Sea, a little known global warming fact...

      Marine algae conduct about half of the global carbon dioxide fixation, impacting organic net primary production. The role of bacteria in this process is as yet only poorly understood but of interest to a broad scientific community.

    15. Remember the "food shortages" that are all Putin's fault?

      “A deal to buy out farmers to try to reduce levels of nitrogen pollution in the country had been mooted for some time,and was finally confirmed after the agreement of a new coalition government in the Netherlands earlier this week.” The plan is to reduce farming in the Netherlands, by a “one-third reduction in the numbers of pigs, cows and chickens in the country.”

      This is how we get "food shortages". Green stupid sh*t.

    16. Wanna know where all that oil and gas we burn comes from? Algae blooms.

    17. One of the fuel sources of the future is algae, small aquatic organisms that convert sunlight into energy and store it in the form of oil. Scientists and engineers at the Energy Department and its national laboratories are researching the best strains of algae and developing the most efficient farming practices.

    18. The United States Department of Energy estimates that if algae fuel replaced all the petroleum fuel in the United States, it would require 15,000 square miles (39,000 km2), which is only 0.42% of the U.S. map,[12] or about half of the land area of Maine. This is less than 1⁄7 the area of corn harvested in the United States in 2000.

    19. This comment has been removed by the author.

    20. The future that the greenies want you to sacrifice for now, so that you can pay THEM for their bioengineered algae fuel patent research, that you subsidized with your tax dollars. Remember the corporate maxim... "publicize costs... privatize profits."

    21. The oil and gas we use now, came from all sorts of biological sources. Algae might give us a route to generating future oil on a human timescale, but the resources we're burning today were deposited over a very long time as far as we can tell.
      I can't tell if you like this potential renewable source of oil or not. I'd have thought you'd be pleased, but your tone hasn't budged since you were all in uproar that water vapour contributes to the greenhouse effect. I'm not sure what you'd like me to do about that... it's true. Sorry if it upsets you. I cannae change the absorption spectra to please you.

    22. ...and I cannae change the carbon cycle to please you, so stop trying to interfere with it.

    23. Burning several millenia of sequestered carbon in just a handful of decades doesn't count as interference? Who knew?! ;)

    24. Are human interventions "natural" or not? I'd say they are.

    25. If you say that, then what would you ever describe as artificial?

    26. So I wuldn't call it "interference" at all. That's your bias.

    27. as "not the opposite of natural" but involving a "tech" or "technique"

    28. Remember our purpose here is to set policy and regulate industry. On this occassion, it seems to me that an anthropocentric distinction between natural and human is convenient.

    29. ...for your argument, not mine.

    30. ...as I see an "intervention" as a forced bailing out of the ocean.

    31. You have an object oriented economy, yet you think of a discarding of those objects as "pollution"... of a pristine "mother nature" who doesn't, and NEVER, existed.

    32. Yes, regulate "water" and regulate "air"... but reducing future emissions to zero is sheer stupidity.

    33. This comment has been removed by the author.

    34. The Romantic dreams of 1st world Karen's is un-inspiring.

    35. I see what's happening here.

    36. Artemis, Apollo's sister, was always worshipped virgin... and I am but a Lycian peasant?

    37. This comment has been removed by the author.

    38. ...and Delos, an island that "floats".

    39. (((Thought Criminal)))July 7, 2022 at 1:04:00 PM CDT

      My better late than never weigh-in...

      "New World Order" isn't new, never was the world, certainly didn't achieve order. The term actually comes from a title of a serialized essay written in 1940 by H.G. Wells (yes, the science fiction writer, returning to his progressive leftist / socialist roots) and was an attempt at evoking a state of principles about why World War Two needed to be fought and what the world should become at the end goal of that war. For better or for worse, Wells' essay was largely well received (although nothing came of its "world-state" idea) and heavily influenced the drafting 1948 United Nations.Declaratiin of Human Rights.

      Conspiracy theorists of course went off the rails with it when GHW Bush co-opted the term to oppose and reverse the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait (Bush the Elder was many things, but not a socialist), but to say the idea of a "new world order" has been operating in secrecy is a bit misleading. There is no conspiracy, and nobody is seriously trying to build a "one world government." That idea died with Wells.

    40. (((Thought Criminal)))July 7, 2022 at 1:11:00 PM CDT

      ...and probably died from how savagely his fellow leftist George Orwell stomped on it with "1984."

    41. Have you read Agenda 2030? Conspiracy theories documented by international treaties aren't "theories". They're actual conspiracies.

  3. (((Thought Criminal)))July 5, 2022 at 1:34:00 PM CDT

    Of all the actual geopolitical concerns to, well, actually be concerned about...

    ...an 85% import-dependent China that is well on its way to losing half of its population (and experienced brain and labor power) to old age in the next 20 years at around the same time its debt to GDP ratio hits 400 to 600% - you know, the real world China - is going to force America to do anything but laugh our asses off and maybe throw in some barbs about how Communism doesn't work even if you squint at it...

    ...is not a geopolitical concern worth worrying about.

    This... The only way we could be brought to heel so that we could be absorbed into a world government would be if, currency devalued and natural resource recovery denied, we became totally dependent on other countries for our basic needs. ...is so laughably absurd you could say it is extremely farcical.

    Far too many nations in the world, including that joke calling itself Communist China, would starve to death without importing food from the US. Not only are we one of the top suppliers of food in the world, we also have an abundance of the petrochemicals used to make all three types of agricultural fertilizers and every kind of pesticide that is known to mankind.

    The world is going to bring us to heel? With what? Dirty looks? Goofy blog posts?

    The current world cannot function without America, but America can very much so function without the world. Heat up your leftover barbecue from yesterday and find one of those commercials on TV about some poor starving kid to lazy to eat the flies on his face much less do anything about his left-wing government, and enjoy.

    1. While dismissing your dismissive snark, I largely agree with you on the future of China, such as it is.

    2. (((Thought Criminal)))July 6, 2022 at 10:22:00 PM CDT

      China is a Boogeyman under the bed for people who don't account for how weak China truly is. They don't maintain 200k troops in Tibet because they can, but because they have to. Against people armed with better than slingshots they'd fail, miserably. Economically, look at how Enron was run. That's China. That model is doomed to fail. Built to fail. So big it should have already failed. Would fail nearly immediately if the US took its hands away and made them try to walk on their own. We don't,t have anything to worry about from China. On the route they've chosen to die on, they don"t even have the potential to become something worth worrying about.

    3. I agree with you on China's downward trajectory, but they still can pose a danger in the short run, and especially when they really start trending downward. Look at slerotic Russia

  4. Agree with every statement of your friend's email, and could have written it myself. In stumbling through a series of ideas on another blog today, trying to make sense of the Cheneys' hatred for Donald Trump, I found myself moving to the conclusion that one side (at least Cheney pere) is more in line with global interests and the other (despite economic investments all over the place) is more in line with American interests - first. In the end I think this is why the left so hates Trump. He called out the Naked Emperor.

    Leslie Manookian, who came out of Wall Street finance, channels Catherine Austin Fitts (of the same background) when she says "I believe our system is being imploded deliberately by the powers that be because they can’t borrow any more money and kick the debt can down the street any longer. They need some extreme situations in order to frighten the public into submission to their goals, and that is how you do it."

    So, is economic collapse is the evil twin of the Plandemic in coercing people to do what they would never do otherwise? Food shortages would be helpful to this effort, too. As well as a population gradually re-trained to look to papa government for all help. Especially when driven to fear and panic by the clarion call to worship Health Uber Alles the last 29 months.

    "Give us this day our daily bread" may soon be a prayer not offered up to Jesus.

    Agree with Jayhawk. They are so confident they no longer have to hide it.

    Do not forget Professor Yuval Harari. He's a point of the spear in Klaus Schwab's 4th Industrial Revolution transhumanism thrust. He calls humans "hackable animals” no longer subject to the intelligent design of “some God above the clouds, but our intelligent design as the principal motor of the evolution of life” so man can "break out of the organic to the inorganic." This is scarey, scarey.

    And if you don't fit? Harari wants to give drugs and entertainment to distract and mollify. At least he states that publicly. Not hard to imagine what's said in private. Probably something that would have been accepted at the Wannsee Conference.


  5. Baysider wrote, "Give us this day our daily bread" may soon be a prayer not offered up to Jesus.

    Well, the Bible also speaks of the end of days and that a loaf of bread will cost upwards $25 and there will be "The One World Order."

    The number is "666" - the number of man. It is happening and many think they know what is going on but do not. Beware not to take the mark of the beast for you will not see Heaven.

    Parapharsed from Revelation. I believe all of us that believe should look up, pack up, and pray up...

    All this will pass and it is dung.

    1. Elizabeth,
      Certainly, what you wrote is one Christian interpretation of current events.

      In my own case, I try not to predict, and there is Biblical basis for refraining from predicting: "Nobody knows but the Father" and "Be busy about my Father's business till I return."

      The essential doctrine of Christianity is narrow, but interpretations are "big tent." Although we do have to watch our for "false prophets," clearly preaching apostasy.

    2. This is not interpretation AOW, it is what the Bible in Revelation says. I am an avid Bible student and do not repeat the Bible unless I am sure it is lead by the Holy Spirit. The Bible is not for personal interpretation and states so.

    3. Elizabeth,
      I typed in: interpretations are "big tent."

      I'm thinking of three examples:
      (1) immersion baptism vs. sprinkling
      (2) wine vs. grape juice at Communion
      (3) the rapture or another way.

      As I read Revelation, much of the language is clearly symbolic. I have trouble with symbols because the interpretation is vague.

      In the end, what matters for our eternity is belief in the essential doctrine of Jesus' redemption, resurrection, and ascension. In other words, only one path to salvation ("I am the way, the truth, and the life"). For me, the rest is window dressing, bells and whistles.

    4. In other words, above my pay grade.

    5. I never want to tell anyone they are wrong because that is a turn off right from the gitgo even for me, or criticize how anyone believes. I do believe Revelation is more than symbolic. Why would the Revelator - JESUS - reveal the end of days to John on Patmos if it was only for symbolism? Is the death of Jesus on the cross only for symbolism? We cannot pick and choose what we believe in the Bible. Either we believe it is the Whole Word of God or none of it is. We either believe Jesus is who he says he is or a heretic. So, speaking only for myself I believe Revelation was to reaveal to all believers the signs of the end of days and to be ware of the false prophets and anti-christ. If you read Daniel you see the parallels between both books. Furthermore, Jesus did not come to change the law, He came to fulfil it.

      This is my belief as I was lead to believe by the Holy Spirit. It is my responsibility to present the Word, not make any one believe it. Free will! :)

    6. We agree on some points, not on others.

      I do not pick and choose. But I recognize that much is revealed by paradox and symbolism. As Paul pointed out, we Believers, like the twelve disciples, have different gifts; mine is not searching for signs of the latter days. I recognize that God is sovereign and will do as He will.

      PS: Yes, the Book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation share parallels.

    7. Mine is not searching for signs. The apostles asked Jesus what the signs would be and He told us, therefore we not search it is in plain sight in the Bible. One only has to read it.

    8. Sorry can't type right lol. *He told us, therefore, we need not search for it, it is there in plain sight in the Bible.

      Gosh, I always do that.....I am definetly a word and sentence killer! LOL :P

    9. (((Thought Criminal)))July 6, 2022 at 10:36:00 PM CDT


      In Revelation, the symbol of "Babylon the Great," the nation that falls and in falling divides the world into weeping barriers of language, culture, trade, and yes, resources and food...

      ...is the United States of America. No other nation fits the bill.

      Knowing / believing that is dangerous, of course. Christian eschatology hinging upon America no longer existing - the source of the globalism running the world going bye-bye - do we fight to try to keep prophecy from being fulfilled, or do we fight to fulfill prophecy?

      Man plans, God laughs.

      The story isn't so bad when you see the ending.

    10. TC,
      In Revelation, the symbol of "Babylon the Great," the nation that falls and in falling divides the world into weeping barriers...is the United States of America. No other nation fits the bill.

      It's been years since I've done my study of Revelation in a church Bible study -- somewhere when I was between the ages of 12-16, I think.

      The Orthodox Presbyterian minister leading the study told us that Babylon the Great wasn't a nation per se, but rather the United Nations and its attempt at one world government. And there was something about the whore of Babylon being the Roman Catholic Church. At least, that is what I recall without digging out my notes. It's too early in the morning for me to go digging right now.

      BTW, the OPC did not believe in the Rapture and had Scripture passages to back up that belief. Joining the OPC as a member of the church didn't hinge upon eschatology -- other than to believe that Jesus would come again.

    11. Again, all this is above my pay grade.

    12. (((Thought Criminal)))July 7, 2022 at 7:51:00 AM CDT

      I'll be the first to tell you when it comes to practicing Christianity, I'm near the top of the list of people who are the worst at it. Saving grace being what it is, there's no "work" I could do to improve upon God becoming flesh and dying for me. So, I don't bother. To bother seems pointlessly self-aggrandizing and the opposite of humble. Do I "look" or "seem" faithful to Christianity? Who's doing the looking?

      Way way way above my paygrade as well. And everyone else's.

      "Babylon the Great" in the Revelation chapters 17 and 18 describe a nation-state, not an organization, and certainly not a religion or denomination of a religion. A nation-state that has become wealthy, and made those nations it trades with wealthy, all over the world via its access to and mastery over sea travel. Name a country that has access to both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans (i.e. access to everywhere else in the world), a navy to keep that trade secure, and has extracted the wealth of the world by doing so? It ain't Canada or Mexico, and Antarctica isn't a nation. That leaves the good ol' USA.

      Being prophecy and holding the belief that God's prophecies *always* come true, there's little use in running around trying to stamp out the very short and specific list of things in America that the Bible reports that God finds to be abominations. We can't make ourselves holy. We don't have to. It would be folly to try.

      Other parts of the equation... Satan tempted Jesus with handing over to him control of the world in exchange for worship. How could he do that? How would that offer even be tempting? It's because this world is, and until the appointed time comes, entirely the dominion of Satan. We were all born "behind enemy lines." Nothing we can do about that either. What can be done already has been done.

      America going away and the world suffering for it? That was baked in to the plan...

      We wrest not against flesh and blood...

    13. Beamish,
      Revelation chapters 17 and 18

      I'll take a look and try to get back to you.

    14. (((Thought Criminal)))July 7, 2022 at 8:24:00 AM CDT

      ...Another aspect to solving the mystery of "Babylon the Great" is in the name. What is the story of Babylon in the Bible? A people that came together generations after the flood that wiped out the world save for Noah and his tamily, to build a tower high enough to escape any next cataclysmic flood and get to heaven on their own...

      (Ignoring God's promise not to flood the Earth again and trying to make it into Heaven, with a tower no less, via their own efforts... folly folly folly)

      Sound like grounds for foiling efforts to work together to defy God by having everybody speak a different language....

      The Bible is a very interesting thing to let speak for itself ;)

    15. (((Thought Criminal)))July 7, 2022 at 8:51:00 AM CDT

      Proceeding forward with Revelation after the utter destruction of Babylon the Great (America?) by fire within an hour (nuclear war?) the good part starts with Chapter 19 onward with Jesus coming back with a vengeance...

      Yeah, America will be destroyed, saint and sinner within alike, and the world will be worse off for it, but what takes its place will be the Kingdom of Heaven. Don't worry, be faithful ;)

    16. (((Thought Criminal)))July 7, 2022 at 8:55:00 AM CDT

      So when Putin starts yammering about nuking America, just say FAFO ;)

    17. Trying to read current or former nations and world events into Revelations is a fool's errand, IMO.

      Genesis is the first chapter of God's word, it includes the creation, and the fall of humans, with them being cast out of the garden of Eden.

      Revelations is the last chapter. Because of course, God gets the last word. Revelations is about the absolute necessity of God finally in the end reconciling his people, his creatures to himself.

    18. TC,
      The Bible is a very interesting thing to let speak for itself


      But what did Charles Manson make of Revelation 9?

    19. Charles Manson was insane! I will never forget when I heard all he did and I remember the day I heard his followers killed Sharon Tate and how they mutilated her pregnant body. They are all of the devil - pure EVIL!

    20. (((Thought Criminal)))July 7, 2022 at 10:53:00 AM CDT

      @Silverfiddle +1 and Amen!

      Being in the world but not of the world is the most difficult philosophical juggling act - we all fail at it. As I watched over my father dying, he of a bewildering amount of faith that I sometimes wish I could muster, seemed excited about the fact that his life was ending. My mother had died the year before, to the day. He knew he was going to see her. He knew he was going to a better place. He faced death like a child excited about getting ice cream. That's a level of fearlessness we should all strive for. I admittedly ain't there yet. But, what's going on in the world, what's coming, vanity... as my favorite book of the Bible (Ecclesiastes) reads. The book of Ecclesiastes is, IMHO, the entire Bible summarized.

      @AOW - Charles Manson? A classic example of a child that suffered from ANWE...ass not whooped enough.

    21. @TC that was beautiful what you wrote about your father.

    22. (((Thought Criminal)))July 7, 2022 at 12:33:00 PM CDT

      Thanks. I was a ridiculous workaholic when my mother died and on through my father dying... refusing to process my grief and more angry at God (or at least the concept of God) than any son of my parents and their raising should have ever been. The dreadful anniversaries are coming up, and I think I'm finally almost at peace with it. I recently shaved my old scraggly gray beard off... I had looked in the mirror and saw my Dad. We always looked alike... but it was uncanny. I'm rambling... lol

    23. TC,

      That was indeed a touching anecdote about your dad. I too wish I could be like that, but it looks like I'm in a similar place as you have described, still a practicing Christian because I keep messing it up, but still trying to "work out my salvation in fear and trembling."

    24. (((Thought Criminal)))July 8, 2022 at 2:14:00 AM CDT

      It's definitely a head trip... A pendulum swinging back and forth between 'if you believe" and "then why do you worry?" Free will can't make 2 + 2 equal anything but 4. It's like studying for a test just in case the answer given and the answer-giver is "wrong" and really out to trip you up and get you. After everything Job had to endure didn't break his faith, God gave him the authority to determine if his friends that advised him to "curse God and die" would have their prayers heard. Head trip. As believers we're to be examples, "the salt of the earth," and we can never can do it alone. Dad wasn't perfect, but he was a lot closer than I'll ever be.

    25. (((Thought Criminal)))July 8, 2022 at 2:22:00 AM CDT

      Worrying about the world... powerlessly watching everything meant to happen actually happen...

      "The avalanche has started. It is too late for the pebbles to vote."

  6. Also the number of the anti-christ.

  7. Jayhawk,
    Multiple up votes for your above comment:

    Why so open now? Because they have advanced far enough that they no longer have to conceal it. It has reached the point where we cannot go back to what we have lost. Our "leadership" knows that the public has become so deprived to the ability to engage in critical thinking that it is no longer necessary to deceive us.


    1. Agreed. I looked up Farmer's comment about Netherland farmers, and its not good at all. Are the global "elites" intentionally kicking off one crisis after another? To include planning a global food crisis?

    2. To SF - yes. Why else would they move to take out the no. 2 producing food state in the world at a time when it's clear food shortages are coming?

      I posted this link pretty late at Bunk's yesterday. Few probably saw it - if any except Bunk. It's worth the whole 131 minutes. Or at least the interview with Michael Yon, then the later editorial. Fabricated Famine here:


    3. Agenda 2030 and the World Economic Forum (Davos Group) have managed to push a bunch of international commitments and UN treaties that would supercede national constitutions, hence the elite manufactured crisis centered around environmental sustainability that will impose 1st world karen values on 3rd world peasants... and YOU.

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