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Sunday, June 26, 2022

Musical Interlude

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Celebrate Summer 2022! And what better than the sound of ragtime piano to celebrate summer?

"Maple Leaf Rag," played by Scott Joplin himself and recorded on Pianola Roll:


  1. ...and a GREAT way to start the morning! :)


    1. I figured that we could all use a light-hearted break.

    2. Neil Young named his ocean faring boat Maple Leaf Rag. Excellent song. Scott Joplin could really play!

    3. SF,
      Scott Joplin could really play!

      No kidding! And he has some improvs in there, too.

  2. This is lovely AOW. I love the piano. I wish I had appreciated it when growing up but I had my stubborn ways. This video immediately brought a smile to my face and one much needed. Thank you and God bless you!

  3. Great choice as move into Summer...

  4. Joplin, during his lifetime, often complained that many pianists played rags too fast -- to the point that he cautioned that ragtime should never be played fast.

    As I listened to Joplin play, I noticed that his fingers were really flying over the keys. And that is not fast? How fast were those chided pianists playing rags? The mind reels.

  5. AOW you are a walking encyclopedia. I did not know Joplin said that. And it does make one wonder how fast was fast because his hands are beyond fast moving imho. :)


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