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Sunday, January 30, 2022

Musical Interlude

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First, a little bit about the song posted below:
[Songwriter Stuart] Hamblen was supposedly out on a hunting expedition when he and his fellow hunter, actor John Wayne, came across a hut in the mountains. Inside was the body of a man, and the man's dog was still there, guarding the building. This inspired Hamblen to write "This Ole House". The lyric picks up a standard Gospel theme of the "old house" – the mortal body – being left behind when the soul of the believer goes to "meet the saints."
Enjoy this toe tapper:

Personal story....

When I was two and a half years old, I fell in love with "This Ole House," especially that ragtime piano, in October 1954, when we were on vacation in West Virginia. Hurricane Hazel forced us to shelter in place at a diner with a juke box. The diner's owner finally set the tune to play over and over again while I danced next to the juke box.  

To this day, I still love "This Ole House" and ragtime piano.  And I still stand up and dance to this tune.  I never tire of "This Ole House.  And I still have the 78 rpm record — and the Victrola to play it on.  


  1. Now that was a flashback from way back! Thanks. :)

  2. I say we "Slap a coat of paint on it and make it good for another 20 years...." ;)

  3. Who does not love this song or Rosemary Clooney? Iconic!

  4. I'm just here to dunk on 49ers fans. GO RAMS WOOOOO!

  5. Ninioooooooooooos!.... lost. e-r-r-r-r-r-r-r.

    Congrats to the Rams.

  6. Joe Burrow is going to get sacked so much his Mom might come down to the field to take him home. 😈


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