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Monday, January 3, 2022

Inconvenient Realities?

With a hat tip to Deplorable Bloggers Alliance....
Is the above, excerpted from Dr. Fauci's interview with Mark Zuckerberg on March 19, 2020, a fake video?  Or is the above information about the inconvenient realities of the COVID-19 vaccine?

Note: HERE is the full interview (38 minutes long).  Worth your time if you are interested in the topics of the safety, efficacy, and dangers of both the virus and the vaccines.

Additional information: Ventura County Nurses Blow the Whistle on Crisis in Local Health Care (dated October 21, 2021).

My take: it seems to me that it is impossible to make an informed decision about the COVID-19 vaccines and boosters.


  1. Surprise, surprise Joe Biden Just RELIEVE Himself of ALL responsibility for ending COVID ! Isn’t Ending the Covid what HE promised to do in his all of his campaign speeches? I could have swarn that's what he was saying to those crowd of 12 people in those parking lots!
    So now Biden tells us that there’s no Federal solution to Covid. And that his is handing over all responsibility to the States.

    The VERY SAME virus he vowed to “Shut Down” the moment he entered office is now out of control, and is spreading around the entire country like Wild Fire! Just weeks ago, or was it only DAYS ago, he warned that the UN-vaccinated would face a “Winter of Severe Illness and Death.”
    Yet the most vaccinated major US cities are setting new records for Covid infections, and it is QUADRUPLING every day.. Even vaccinated Athletes are collapsing across the world, and 2/3 of the Aircraft Piolets , and Airplane staff who are fully vaccinated have been staying home for frar of catching Covid, leading to thousands of Air Flights being canceled every single day.
    And so at this late date Old Senile Uncle Joe is throwing up his hands and relieving himself of the problem. Well, isn't that interesting, I guess this was Joe's plan all along. Blame Trump, for a year, and then after almost a year in office he suddenly wakes up to reality.
    I’m sorry, did I miss something? Joe Biden literally campaigned for an ENTIRE YEAR, not only blaming Trump for COVID but also for the deaths caused by it.
    That’s It.... He never had a plan, it was all another one of his LIES. .

    Biden repeated for weeks before the Presidential election, that “ Donald Trump Still Doesn’t Have a Plan to Get this Virus under Control, But I Do.”

    Biden also promised multiple times that he would “shut down” the virus. “I’m not going to shut down the country. I’m not going to shut down the economy. I’m going to shut down the virus.
    If the Blabbering Fool said he'd “Cure Cancer” these Progressive Morons would RUN to the polls and Vote for him. And why not? They Voted for Bill de Basilio Twice didn’t they. They Voted for Barack Obama as well!. Color Me Shocked.

  2. From USA Today Factcheck:
    "Our rating: False
    Based on our research, we rate FALSE the claim that Fauci said a COVID-19 vaccine could make people worse. The video is being presented as Fauci discussing the current vaccines, when it was in fact a theoretical discussion before extensive testing was done. The video used to make the claim is from March 2020, when clinical trials for the COVID-19 were still being completed. Experts say COVID-19 vaccines do not cause antibody dependent enhancement, which is what Fauci was referring to in the interview. Clinical trials and studies have shown the vaccines are safe and effective at preventing severe illness."

    Factcheck.org: Viral Story Takes Fauci COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Comments Out of Context

    Reuters Fact Check:
    False. A clip from a livestream conversation between Dr Anthony Fauci and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is not proof that COVID-19 vaccines are ineffective because it predates their existence."

    And the list goes on and on.

    1. Just because you add the words "COVID-19" in front of the word "vaccine" makes it false?


    2. It isn't "false". It's "as yet to be verified."

    3. Sitting here at the hospital trying to get my friend a Covid-19 test... They need a doctor's referral. Call the doctor for a referral, they want an appointment after a PCR test... The test we're trying to get at the hospital.

      Kafka couldn't write a bigger hassle.

    4. So basically, today I discovered that Covid-19 testing is inaccessible. Can't get a test without a doctor referral, can't see a doctor if you're presenting symptoms unless you've been tested.

      Why are we worried about the pandemic when the health care industry obviously isn't?

      I'm supposed to bring my friend back to the hospital is she's dying.

    5. TC... from the beginning of this, the system was not built to encourage testing. Remember this line of reasoning... Testing “makes us look bad.” And later,we asked people to “slow the testing down, please.” Finally, we heard“When you test, you create cases.”

      Biden has clearly muffed getting tests available. But it seems there is a strong majority of conservative leaning folks who are not all in for testing. Heck, I had a a few friends over the other night, all vaxxed, etc. One of them sniffling told us midway through dinner that he was glas Christmas was over because his family all now had Covid. He said he had not tested because "he didn't want to test positive and have to quarantine."

      That's a pervasive attitude among many.

      As the medical profession has worked to understand how to respond to this, one thing they've never really wavered on is how transmissible Covid is and how it has the potential to overwhelm our health care system.

      But yes, get a test to get a test is asinine. Just as much as Bidens 500 million test that will be here next month. Less that 2 a person.

      Why we never forced companies to make tests is beyond me and it falls at the feet of both the Trump and Biden Admins.

    6. I don't really know if this is an elephants versus donkeys problem. To me it looks like incompetence in the health care industry. The hospital won't test my friend (who is vaxxed and presenting Omicron symptoms) until she gets a doctors referral, her doctor won't give a referral until she's been seen, she can't be seen because she can't make an appointment while presenting symptoms. Even her US Air Force Tricare for Life get out of medical costs for almost free card is useless.

      We'll give you a list of symptoms but don't you dare self-diagnose. The Great Resignation in health care is a dirty secret I guess. Playing bureaucracy pinball to get a freakin' test to return to work or school is going to break more than it fixes. It's a sick joke.

    7. Probably not. My deadpan "should I bring her back when she is coding from asphyxiation" didn't get a laugh. I didn't see any double decker bus ambulances around either.

    8. Meanwhile, America's sewage treatment plants are testing uber-positive for Covid. Either we all have Covid or testing regimes are full of shit.

    9. Please. The testing regime has always been full of sh*t.

    10. I would add to ironic Catch-22 I harped on this morning...

      You can't get a Covid-19 test without a doctor's referral, but you can get jabbed with the "vaccine" as many times a day as you can arrive at vaccination sites.

      Testing is more dangerous than the vaccine?

    11. Look at the incentives. Regardless of what they say, the short term measures politicians are judged on are a) vaccine rollout, and b) case numbers. Last year, the number of tests offered was a measure of political success, that's why they made that happen; now, nobody's paying attention to that number so it's slipped down the list of priorities. So the political will is there to make vaccination easy, and to make testing hard in a way which is plausibly deniable.

  3. Notice how frequently he pauses--briefly--so he can bask in his own self-satisfaction?

    "Fact" "Checkers" be damned. What he stated in that clip is "settled science." That is why new vaccines are tested for so many years.

    Any doctor or scientist who tells you this vaccine is "absolutely safe" is either lying or doesn't know their ass from a blowtorch.

    We will have to wait and see for any longer term effects.

    1. "Fact" "Checkers" be damned.

      But of course.

    2. Notice how frequently he pauses--briefly--so he can bask in his own self-satisfaction?

      That may be a Italian idiosyncracy. Mussolini did that too. ;)

    3. @Thought Criminal yes like Mussolini or maybe even a modern day "DON." He is reprehensible!

  4. He is a career physician like the buffoons that put him in office so long ago. He needs to shut-up and go away.

    1. What's wrong with being a career physician? So is my doctor. My dentist is a career dentist. My gardener a career gardener. My lawyer a career lawyer?

      Since when did a career of learning and experience become a bad thing? Don't we value the experience that comes from a lifetime of learning, adapting and changing to fit new information and realities?

    2. Purge the country of career physicians?

      Yeah, that oughta do it.

      Good Lord Elizabeth, you fly in on a Jewish laser beam?

    3. Let me correct the lady's statement if I may be so presumptuous:

      Doctator Fauci is a career bureaucrat. He has never practiced medicine in a non-bureaucratic setting.

      He fanned the flames of panic at the beginning of the aids crisis, and he horribly bungled the search for treatment


    4. Well SF, golly gee, nothing better mansplains Elizabeth’s incoherent bashing of career medical professionals than a 1988 rant of activist Larry Kramer bird dogging Fauci for not move fast enough to his liking to find a cure for AIDS, now does it?

    5. @Dave Miller there is nothing wrong with being a lifelong career physician. I take offense with Fauci because he is a hack. He was told by Obama not to fund Gain of Function, yet he was diverting the funds to Gain of Function who in turn funneled money to the Wuhan Lab behind Obama's back and believe me I am not fond of Obama, but it was a good call on his part. Sad Fauci did not listen to then President Obama. No regard for his authority, the little he had. Fauci is an evil man and demented doctor. And @Silverfiddle thank you because you understood what I meant; Fauci is a bureaucrat. I also apologize for not being clearer. It happens when one is riled up - or I am riled up, because of the nonsense that has been allowed to go on for so long to the point of people dying. Does Fauci care? No, he lives in his GLASS house!

      @Ronald J. Ward, I don't care what you think of what I think and believe, and I don't care if you like or dislike my views on Fauci. To each their own. But let's be civil minded adults here and treat each other with respect and not snidely insult someone because we don't agree with them. Let's just agree to disagree. :)

    6. Props to Ronald Ward for the first unironic use of the word "mansplain" in this blog. lol

    7. Too funny right? LOL! :) Cheers to all here. :)

    8. It may be unironic, but it was still wrong ;)
      "Mansplain" is now giving "ironic" some competition as the most misused word in the language.

    9. Elizabeth, it isn’t a matter of disagreeing with your opinions or beliefs but rather the unrealistic and nonsensical spin you use to sell it.

      Fauci’s credentials and experience is exactly what’s needed. He’s been chief medical advisor for 6 U.S. Presidents and has a long trail of medical accomplishments. To disqualify him because of his long career doesn’t add up.

      And who precisely were these “buffoons” who you say “put him in office” (in office? really?) some 50 years ago? Wasn’t that the Reagan era? And would it have been that buffoonish when they gave him this “office” 50 some years ago when he wasn’t at that time a career physician?

      It would be my opinion that your disdain of Fauci comes from consuming an over dose of Newsmax et al and their mission to appease a political base. I might be wrong. Regardless, I find the argument of him being a career physician to be, well, in my opinion, nuts.

    10. RJW,
      Get off your high horse, and lay off insulting Elizabeth.

      This is not your blog.

    11. AOW, if my comments are unwelcome, I have no problem showing myself to the door.

      I wasn’t aware that comments from certain contributors were immune from scrutiny.

    12. RJW I do not dare speak for AOW and I did not ask her to "give me immunity" from you and your snide remarks. You are always welcome to come to my site if you want to discuss subjects. I can handle rudeness. It is the casual insults I find repulsive. I do not agree with you, but I would not insult you. If anything we are here on someone else's blog we can do as wish on our own. So simply put AOW demands respect from us and also to respect each other. Believe I have known AOW a long time and she speaks her mind even to me and I would not have it any other way. She calls it like it is and does not give favor to anyone. So like I suggested earlier, lets all be civil. :)

    13. Elizabeth, I'll concede to having a rather snark demeanor and I'm sure the regulars here will attest. It's not something I'm particularly proud of as I continue to challenge myself with the ability to grow older gracefully, with dignity, and with a respect of the views of others who I disagree with.

      I've been called out for challenging opposing views here and have endured some rather scathing thrashings (albeit, at times deserved) so forgive me if I underestimated the thickness of your skin.

      It's a highly politically divisive world. I'm simply not going to lower my standards to "alternate facts" or specious and inductive arguments or a computation of soundbites and predated vids which create an alternative narrative while sitting on my hands and whistling Dixie.

      If you or any here spew unadulterated horse shit, I'll either eye roll and scroll on or I'll likely call you out. If you want to rebut with clarity (which you haven't because, uh, well, I guess I'm such a bully or. or, or well, something), perhaps we can have a conversation as to why I'm wrong.

    14. Fauci’s credentials and experience is exactly what’s needed.
      Fauci, went straight from his residency into research and has served the bulk of his career as a government bureaucrat/administrator. As a matter of fact he is the highest-paid doctor in the federal government and also the highest-paid federal employee, in excess of $400,000 yearly.
      He has been caught in several untruths and I heard one of his fellow researchers -that knows him personally- say, "Tony lies all the time."
      In my estimation, he is a pencil pushing bureaucrat that seeks personal adulation from the work of others.

    15. Paul Waldman explains the real reason the right hates Anthony Fauci


      Two years into the coronavirus pandemic, the American right is still consumed with hatred for White House adviser Anthony S. Fauci. So much so that not only do they scheme to destroy Fauci, the longtime head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, but their obsession sometimes devolves into violent fantasies.

      Speaking at a conference of the right-wing “youth” organization Turning Point USA, Fox News host Jesse Watters instructed the assembled activists on how they should track down and confront Fauci, to create a viral moment that Fox could then use to achieve the movement’s political ends.

      The next time someone says Fox is a “news” organization, you might want to recall this moment, when one of the network’s stars tells activists to find and confront Fauci, “go in for the kill shot” of what he thinks is a clever question (“Boom! He is dead!”) and then “get that footage to us” so it can be used against him.

      Fox is hardly alone. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis sends out fundraising emails warning that Fauci will turn “our communities” into “Faucian dystopias in which people’s freedoms are curtailed and their livelihoods destroyed.” Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) introduced a bill to have him fired. You can barely tune in to a conservative media outlet before someone starts ranting about Fauci.

      You might find the right’s venom for Fauci to be inexplicable. He’s not some kind of partisan going around telling people to vote for Democrats. What did he do to make them so angry? He did what any public health official would have done, which is to explain what we know and don’t know about the virus and encourage people to take precautions.

      And while Donald Trump was still president, Fauci supported his administration’s efforts. Even if he declined to engage in the pathetic public performance of sycophancy that Trump demanded from nearly everyone, he avoided contradicting Trump wherever possible.

      Nevertheless, within just a few months of the emergence of covid-19, hatred of Fauci went from being a fringe-rightbelief to an almost universal marker of Republican identity.

      Ask a liberal why this is, and they might say, “Because he’s a scientist and Republicans hate science!” It’s true that conservatives often harbor antipathy toward scientific authority, particularly the kind that comes with credentials and earned expertise. At the same time, they can be drawn to fake expertise and irrelevant credentials, like the engineer who declares that he knows more about climate change than any climatologist, or the economist who thinks he has caught what all the virologists have missed.

    16. continued:

      But I don’t think conservatives’ views on scientists and science explain their bottomless loathing for Fauci.

      I would suggest that it has two primary roots. The first is that from the beginning of the pandemic, Fauci was embraced by many liberals looking for reassurance that this was a solvable problem. He was a renowned scientist, but also a personable, grandfatherly figure who excelled at explaining complicated questions to a lay audience. He quickly became a star, complete with bobblehead dolls.

      And though he was anything but a Trump critic, when asked directly by reporters whether some idiotic utterance of Trump’s was true, he would say no. Which convinced liberals that he was quietly their ally, further reinforcing their affection for him.

      If liberals loved him, that meant conservatives had to hate him. At this moment the Republican Party’s policy agenda is a desiccated husk to which no one in their party pays more than the most perfunctory attention. What animates them is hatred of the left and the ongoing, endlessly renewable need to Own the Libs. Bashing Fauci became one more way to accomplish that goal.

      The second source of rage at Fauci is that conservative media needed a villain for the pandemic story. And not just a villain, but a domestic villain, a target for all the loathing they could muster in order to turn the pandemic into another weapon in the endless war against liberals and liberalism.

      Had a Democrat been president at the time, that president would have sufficed, but Trump was president when the pandemic began. So Fauci became the focus of their anger. He was responsible for every public health measure they didn’t like. He was taking away their freedom. And in a particularly insane twist, people even convinced themselves that he created the pandemic in the first place. No conspiracy theory involving Fauci is too bizarre for some conservatives to embrace.

      So today, Fauci is a vehicle for the conservative elite to achieve its goals. For Fox News — which runs on anger and fear — he’s a means of keeping viewers agitated and excited. For someone like DeSantis, he’s a fundraising tool. For other Republicans, raging at him is a way to show the voters you love freedom and hate government bureaucrats.

      A Fox News host may tell a crowd that the right question thrown in Fauci’s face will be the “kill shot” that renders him “dead,” but that’s the last thing that elite really wants. If he retired tomorrow, they’d be crestfallen. As long as the pandemic lasts, they’ll need Fauci for their own ends.

    17. Ronald,

      *eye roll*

      Like no one on the left is in a blind rage about people on the right

      Like no one on the left lives for the 'gotcha' game.

      The left has been slinging shit at Desantis for two years straight, all lies, nothing sticks.

      Like no one on the left takes the petulant attitude, "Someone on the right is for it, so I'm against it!"

      These amateur psychological analyses and motive mining of the right by the left says way more about left than it does about people on the right.

      Keep bangin' that drum, and please, I beg you and your arrogant, ignorant leftwing cohort, Stay the course!

    18. @ RJW,
      Paul Waldman, is a professional apologist for all things "Progressive" and "Progressive" politics in specific.
      As far as what you think, I'll be kind and call it rationalizations that fit handily into your pet bugaboo locker.
      Progressivism is antithetical to personal rights and freedom.

    19. Well, I really see no need to argue if Waldman is “professional apologist” or if he delivers “amateur phycological analysis” or even how Gov DeathSantis’s halo glows.

      I found the 2 main objectives of the article to hit home as to why the right wing media has gone all out to instruct their audience to hate Fauci (and surely, you don’t deny they’re done so).

    20. The left is frighteningly un-self aware

  5. I heard yesterday that Omicron is as contagious as the measles.

    Add to that the fact that the vaccines appear to be at least somewhat ineffective when it comes to Omicron (It may also be true that having had "original" COVID doesn't provide immunity for Omicron!), and the reality seems to be that we're all going to get Omicron.

    1. Many credible science-based sources are saying this could, could, be our way out of the pandemic. Everybody gets it, few people hospitalized and die relatively speaking compared to previous variants.

      That is how the Spanish flu ended, I pray that is how covid ends, and becomes an endemic flu.

    2. Daily hospital admissions are up over here to their highest level since February (when they were coming down from their January peak). I suspect that the base of infections is far higher than it was this time last year, but there is guesswork involved since you can't compare what's happening now to the very different testing regime that was in place back then. The best news would be for the current case rate to show signs of plateauing... I can't see any from my brief glance at the data.

    3. @Silverfiddle not that this has anything to do with the topic so to speak but my grandmother literally did not get the Spanish flu when it was rampant and thank God for that. But if what you say is true, and I do believe it may be so, I pray this brings about an end to this horror. I am weary of the news media and their spin, Dr. Fauci lying to a congressional panel and the whole situation. So many people died. At best if Omicron turns into a benign cold, that would suit us all just fine. Sadly I doubt this will be the case and I have a feeling we will be seeing more variants. But believe me I do hope I am wrong.

    4. AOW you are right. These vaccines and boosters are not protecting us from Omicron. I read yesterday that Pfizer is working on a new vaccine against Delta, Omicron and several other variants.

      Having said that we are looking at more vaccines and possibly boosters. It is a never ending trail.

    5. Elizabeth,
      IMO, there is no way that COVID vaccines can keep up with the mutation factor. The corona virus is a "shape shifter" -- as are some viruses which science has yet to develop vaccines for.

    6. We're going to vaccinate the whole planet every three months. Just gotta make the task easier by lowering the population, cut the problem down to size with machine guns.

    7. TC: LOL Love that sarcasm-laced trenchant commentary ...

  6. Doctator Fauci is the David Koresh of the Branch Covidians.

  7. The effort should/could have been spent on antivirals and other therapeutics. But money is money and the vaccine trumped all rationale for addressing the issue. Fauci played this game with AIDS.

    1. Bunkerville,
      Yep. There's the truth, and it did not take into account that science cannot develop vaccines for every virus. The mutation factor sidesteps vaccines.

  8. The government urging more of the same vaccine that was designed for the original Wuhan strain is like the government urging us to take the flu vaccine for last year's flu during this flu season.

    1. It's more akin to discovering mosquitoes survived being bombed with DDT so they double triple quadruple the amount of DDT they bomb with and leave environmental impact studies to the three-eyed fisherman of the future

  9. Please go Yahoo Google Dr Robert Malone

    He was recently on the Michael Savage podcast, and also the Joe Rogan podcast. The downloads for the Rogan podcast with him almost broke the internet.

    1. SF,
      Maybe I'm mistaken, but I believe that Dr. Malone was one of the developers of mRNA technology. If so, he should the realities, the shortcomings of the so-called vaccines.

    2. @Silverfiddle My husband follows Joe Rogan and gives me a lot of info on what goes on.

      @AOW Drew Weissman (MED’87, GRS’87) and Katalin Karikó Developed the Revolutionary mRNA Technology inside COVID Vaccines

    3. Elizabeth,
      More information on Dr. Robert Malone. First sentence:

      The Chief Architect of mRNA platform technology is blowing the whistle on the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines...."I think I may be the only one that has been involved deeply in the development of this tech that doesn't have a financial stake in it..." explained Dr. Robert Malone in an interview with podcast personality Joe Rogan....

      More at the above link.

      So, not a developer of the vaccine, but yet involved in the development of mRNA technology.


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