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Monday, May 6, 2019

Joe Biden's Brain

(At Always On Watch 2, in the wake of Mr. AOW's brain hemorrhage on September 1, 2009, and my consequent crash course in neurology followed by up-close and personal encounters with the rather peculiar phenomenon of confabulation, I posted a few times about Joe Biden's brain. This post is an update to those previous posts and is a post irrespective of Joe Biden's political views; in fact, I feel compassion for what I believe to be the man's neurological issues)

Joe Biden is known for making gaffes.  In fact, a Google search of "Joe Biden gaffes" yields lists of Bidenisms. One example of a Bidenism, an example which reads much like spinning tales around a campfire:
"When the stock market crashed, Franklin D. Roosevelt got on the television and didn't just talk about the, you know, the princes of greed. He said, 'Look, here's what happened." –Joe Biden, apparently unaware that FDR wasn't president when the stock market crashed in 1929 and that only experimental TV sets were in use at that time, interview with Katie Couric, Sept.22, 2008
Read the entire list HERE.

Just last week, there was this: Biden Tells ‘The View’ Obama’s Presidency Had No ‘Whisper of Scandal’.

Funny? Sure. But is something else going on?

Check out the following information about confabulation:

From Wiki:
In psychology, Confabulation is the spontaneous narrative report of events that never happened. It consists usually of the creation of false memories, perceptions, or beliefs about the self or the environment as a result of neurological or psychological dysfunction. When it is a matter of memory, confabulation is the confusion of imagination with memory, or the confused application of true memories. Confabulations are difficult to differentiate from delusions and from lying.


Patients who have suffered brain damage or lesions, especially to the prefrontal cortical regions, may have confabulation of memories as a symptom.
Biden has undergone two surgeries for brain aneurysms.

I know a bit about confabulation because Mr. AOW's stroke on the right side of the brain produces confabulation to a certain extent — even years after his stroke of September 15, 2009.  The right side of the brain produces confabulations under certain conditions and can even produce over-optimism and euphoria, despite real threats to one's well being.

Returning now to Joe Biden, there is also the matter of seven women's accounts of uncomfortable physical encounters.  Such inappropriate touching could well stem from Biden's brain injuries.  I have seen for myself in stroke wards that those who have suffered brain injuries often have an unusual need: to touch and cuddle with something soft.

In my view, Americans should hesitate giving Joe Biden control of the nuclear football.

Additional reading: Biden Mumbles Through His First Speech as 2020 Presidential Candidate.

Full disclosure: Surgeon who operated on Biden: He's better now than before brain surgery (dated April 26, 2019).


  1. Its hard to sort this stuff out since politics is a funhouse of lies, distortions and crafted narratives. Very informative post!

  2. Biden slipped up yesterday claiming Margaret Thatcher (deceased) called him with concerns about President Trump. He caught his slip and corrected himself, but we'll know he's around the bend if he claims FDR has endorsed him, or he swears if elected he'll prosecute Nixon.

    1. SF,
      He caught his slip and corrected himself

      How did he correct that crazy mistake?

    2. Biden turned it into a compliment to the hapless Teresa May--who did call him--saying it was a Freudian slip.

    3. Favorably comparing Teresa May to the heroic Margaret Thatcher is itself a sign of brain damage or mental illness.

  3. I have my doubts if he will be able to keep it going for the full run.. He has aged beyond the past four years and it is showing. Excellent to point the facts of his surgeries out. Now he talking "Jim Crow?"

  4. Given Trump's gross of mistatements and outright fabrications Biden is a piker by comparison. So, we must assume you are concerned with the President's possible neurological issues As well.

    1. Trump doesn't have what I perceive to be neurological lapses.

      A man with a bombastic personality, he does shoot from the hip -- and Twitter troll the Democrat Party. **grin**

    2. Given that he even lies about things that seemingly have no political reward...I certainty think that theres more than just "personality" at play. Perhaps that coupled with extremely low self esteem......

    3. I agree with CI, I believe Trump has one of the lowest self esteems I've ever seen and I don't think it serves him, or us, well, but it can work for us, too. He doesn't let other countries push him around, that's for sure. Most people think his ego's huge, and it IS, but mostly to try to recover from whatever his folks were like. That's my Psych 1A class for the day! :-)

  5. Biden's brain surgeries are facts.

    Mr. AOW had brain surgery in 1993 to remove a benign tumor. All that plowing around in his brain stem, and he developed diabetes and sleep apnea.

    He developed some memory problems and changes in personality.

    Certainly we are grateful for the surgery that saved Mr. AOW's life. But the surgery also impacted his life in negative ways -- not the least of which was that he was no longer effectively able to work as an automobile garage service manage.

  6. There seems to be a pandemic of brain problems in the Congress. Biden, McCain, Kennedy ... maybe it's in the designer-water in the Capital building.

    1. Good observation. It could also be a self-selection phenomenon: People with brain problems choose to go into politics. Politics attracts inveterate liars, messianic complexes, psychopaths and dictatorial tyrants addicted to power and abuse of it.

    2. I think it's the DESIGNER BOOZE, Mustang :-)

  7. I watched quite a bit of Biden's "Rollout Speech" which only 600 attended. His performance was pathetic. He seemed old, very tired, his speech was slurred, he was unduly pale, and he spoke in an odd disngaged tone as though he didn't really MEAN what he was saying.

    Biden was my senator for 23 years. I've sat near him in restaurants on several occasions, –– even shared a table with him once at Mort's Jewish Deli in Dover, Delaware's capital city.

    He was nice man, very good at being responsive to his constituents, but FAR out of his depth when it came to economics and foreign policy.

    He and I are about the same age. I'm only a few moinths older.

    I can tell you this from what i saw at the "Rollout" Biden is a mere shadow of his former self, and I don't think he has enough energy to conduct a successful campaign.

    Both Presdent Trump and Bernie Sanders, who is the oldest of us all, have TEN TMES as much ZIP as poor Joe Biden does rght now.

    Biden looked pale, exhausted, a little feeble, and frankly distrait.

    I'd be willing to bet the farm that Joe Biden AIN'T gonna be our next president.

    1. Franco,
      I missed Biden's "Rollout Speech". That bad, huh?

      Thanks for your observations on Biden-way-back-when and Biden-now.

      Somebody else I knew -- God rest her soul -- observed when Biden was named VP: "Nice man. But not Presidential material." As the wife of a very powerful member of "the Shadow Government," this lady, one of the homeschool moms, was well-connected politically and had personal knowledge of more politicians than I can count; I always liked to hear her personal take on all things politically.

  8. Not to diss your brain problem AOW, but I've noticed, more than noticed, that democrat politicians to the critter just say whatever pops into their head when they talk. Whatever sounds good. They know how stupid their supporters are so they know they can say anything they want. Like today, they're all saying (include their propaganda media) that this is obama's economy. Nevermind that piece of human garbage told us late in the game, 2% GDP growth was the berry berry best we could expect. That those jobs aren't coming back.
    They say anything and everything. Biden is a billionaire, courtesy of China, what's he care.

    He wants to play president before he takes the big train to hell.

    1. If the jobs have come back, why is the labor participation rat low?

    2. Wait, jobs aren't back, according to your calculations!? :-)

    3. https://www.investopedia.com/ask/answers/061515/what-key-difference-between-participation-rate-and-unemployment-rate.asp If you understand this, you might understand why.

    4. Answer to Ducky's question: The participation rate peaked in about the year 2000 and then began declining due to the front edge of baby boomers retiring, and it continued. It has leveled off under President Trump.

      Ducky, you are fundamentally dishonest, and you habitually poison the waters, argue in bad faith and routinely employ feigned ignorance and intellectual dishonesty.



    5. Kid,
      I've noticed, more than noticed, that democrat politicians to the critter just say whatever pops into their head when they talk. Whatever sounds good.

      Yeah, there's that.

    6. Silverfiddle, there are always people retiring from the workforce. The boomers have been retiring for a while now. It's not a trump phenomenon.

      The question is whether or not the jobs are coming back. I say they aren't and this is evidence that the work force is shrinking.

    7. Ducky, Drop your lies and propaganda and look at the data in the links I provided. Decrease in labor participation leveled off under President Trump.

      We have facts, you have delusions marinated in propaganda and hatred.

    8. Well just where have the jobs come back?
      Energy? Thee number has increased but is nowhere near what it was when oil was near $100 bbl.
      Steel, mining, autos? All down or flat. There is a boom in Uber drivers but the industrial recovery his tax cut (what a joke) and tariffs were supposed to generate is marginal especially considering how much the increased deficit has dumped into the economy.

    9. You'll have to quantify what you're blabbering about with some actual facts and statistics.

      President Trump has added half the number of jobs in just two years, that Professor O'Bungle added in eight.


    10. The jobs are there. I see work cells waiting for employees every day.
      Of course, you've got to be drug free.

    11. Franco,
      CANARDO should be IGNORED.

      But it's so much fun to trigger him. **smile**

    12. I wish I could agree, AOW, but after twenty years of putting with his irksome Commie Agitprop, I've had more than enough.

      These people are NOT funny. They're DANGEROUS, because too many impressionable YOUNG MINDS –– LOSERS –– and OLD FOOLS –– tend to BELIEVE them.

      I'm all for Free Speech, but I'm not in favor of giving liars and subversive troublemakers a MEGAPHONE and loads of FREE PUBLICITY, which is EXACTLY what the enemedia does every chance it gets.

      I hope you understand I am not trying to tell you what to do? I'm only registering an opinion.

  9. Didn't know about the brain surgeries AOW... even still.

    Best comment above - "Biden has a brain?" We know he has a sniffer and some feelers.

    1. "Biden has a brain?" is a good one, for sure.

      Kid, I couldn't agree more ...the Left says ANYTHING they want just to throw stuff out in the atmosphere, knowing a lot of people buy it. My husband once said "How can that talk show host SAY that, it's absolutely WRONG?" I said, 20 years ago , "It doesn't matter, he says it, it's heard, that's all he wanted." Happening worse today.
      And, considering they call TRUMP a liar and worse, they've got a lot of NERVE.

    2. I'm constantly amazed that you have such a firm grasp of the truth.
      It must be a delusion brought on by enangelicism. That's the kindest explanation I have.

    3. Duck,
      It must be a delusion brought on by enangelicism [sic].

      No need to be so snarky.

      Why are you do irritable? Typically, here at this blog, you aren't in a snit.

    4. His world view is being challenged by reality.

    5. You miss the point, Ed.
      Biden represent the conservative Clinton branch of the Democratic party.

      War hawk (though not in Trump's league), very pro big banks and pharma, pro Israel, opposes Medicare for all,supported border fence,anti gay, pro big oil ... for you to say this con is being challenged by reality is fascinating,

    6. Put a sock in it Duck. Ed didn't miss anything he was talking about you and he's correct.

    7. Warren typed: Put a sock in it Duck.

      Or else! Meaning deletion.

    8. 1) If DJ Trump was the democrat president, the media would be collectively having orgasms on camera with economic stats that are better that 6 or more decades ago. In some cases Best Ever.

      2) So what d these mental retards on the left actually Want? obama's economy? He told you 2% GDP growth was never going to be surpassed again, now the evil sock puppets are saying this is obama's economy. Well, back to the point. Will the mental midgets on the left sit down and actually tell us what they WANT? That might be entertaining. My bet is on they don't know what they want, just like any other irritable 2 yr old.

    9. Read it and weep,kid

      Take a break from being skull drilled by Rush and read what that commie organ Barron's has to say.

      It's a very even handed column. Nice change, no?

  10. I didn't think this until recently, but Biden looked SO OLD today that it almost shocked me....I think running for pres is an astonishingly difficult thing to do, physically and mentally, and I doubt he'll be able to do it. I believe would have voted for him 10 years ago and won't now....his age alone is a difficult hurdle.. To say nothing about how we see presidents visibly age in only 2 years...even Obama, much younger, aged dramatically while in office.

    1. Z,
      Yes, Biden has really aged. I think that part of that is losing his son to cancer a few years back.

    2. I wish to address this:
      Donley's Revenge said:
      "You may be correct Warren, but the bottom Line is that Franco DID say those things and as we all know, or should know that it's disgusting Trash that WAS said by Franco, and he should be ashamed of himself for saying, and even thinking about that kind of language, and Bigotry!"

      I don't doubt he did, he said much the same here. He was also chastised and removed the comment himself. Forgive me if I'm wrong but do you consider yourself a Progressive or Liberal? If so, clean your own damned house first! You may not use the same words but many only hide their true selves with words deemed politically correct, surreptitiously masking their language and intentions. At least, Franco, is straight forward and truthful in expressing his own thoughts and feelings.

      What do you hide and what do you, in the privacy of your own thoughts, think of us, the Conservatives, Republicans, Libertarians, the religious, Catholics, Evangelicals et al? What do you say when you and your buddies are together safe from prying eyes and ears.

      Can words be hurtful, of course they can, but words are ephemeral. I've been called a breed, mud-blood, filthy Indian... the words roll off and I've never lost a minutes sleep or shed a tear. I don't have the time for people who are proud of their lack of melanin or their surplus thereof. Nor do I have the patience for the virtue signalers that have no virtue of their own.

      Do not troll anyone on this blog, ANYONE!
      What you do on your own blog or some other blog is none of my business. This blog is our property.
      Take that as you will!
      Feel free to comment, if I don't like it I'll delete.


    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Franco,
      I've given Warren your email address. FYI: he has a busy schedule.

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. @Silverfiddle
    I'm a bit late to the discussion here, but Boomers retiring has nothing to do with shrinking the labor participation rate. When they come of age to retire, they "age out" of the labor force. Since they are no longer part of the labor force, they do not affect the percentage of the labor force which is participating. In case you don't know it, the labor force is defined as people aged between 18 and 64.

    The reasons for the low percentage of participation are not entirely clear, but it is certain that is not due to the retirement of boomers. That retirement makes the labor force smaller, while younger people coming of age makes it larger.

    In fact, since boomers are retiring faster than young people are entering the work force, the workforce is becoming smaller. As the number of people employed stays the same or increases the participation rate actually should increase as the work force shrinks due to the retirement of boomers.

    1. Hi Jayhawk,

      Labor force is defined by the department of labor as those employed plus those unemployed looking for work. By that definition, the labor force has gotten smaller.


      Please read the following link for an explanation of labor force participation. Overall population is the denominator, so the smaller the labor force, the lower the labor force participation rate. People leaving the labor force but remaining in the population does result in a lower labor force participation rate.


    2. A shrinking labor force with the same or increasing number of jobs filled will result in a lower unemployment rate.

  13. i DON'T LISTEN TO TALK RADIO OR WATCH tv NEWS. tRY AGAIN. ANd screw the case.


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