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Thursday, May 2, 2019

Seattle Is Dying

Silverfiddle Rant!
Mrs. Silverfiddle and I watched the captivating documentary, Seattle is Dying, available on YouTube.  It is a professional one-hour production and has almost 3 million views.  I recommend you cast it to your flat panel and enjoy the hi-res camera work.

The entire film is one long parade of homelessness and drug abuse, and the sadness and misery and crime that results. It's all exacerbated by the city's inability to address the growing problem.

The wife and I found one part particularly galling.  A homeless clown, enjoying it all as street theater because we are a nation rich enough and stupid enough to allow bozos like him to make a joke of it all...

In related news, the brain surgeons running Washington DC, thought it would be a great idea to put up homeless bums and drug users in luxury apartments, but it ain't working out so well.

Seattle defenders are pushing back against the viral documentary, but they've got a fight on their hands.  Even good liberals are fed up in this city that voted 87% for Hillary and only 7% for President Trump.

What say you?


  1. A friend and her husband, she the millennial daughter of my best friend, left Seattle and a high paying job, to escape.
    Seattle once was an urban delight.
    Now an urban blight.
    Antifa controlling the streets at times.

  2. In the mid-1980’s an acquaintance of mine was serving as a superior court judge in Orange County, CA. He told me that drug offenses were not prosecuted because there simply wasn’t sufficient jail space to lock up everyone guilty of doing, possessing, transferring, or selling drugs. “We aren’t going to let a murderer out of jail just so that we can lock up a druggie.” An amazing admission, if you ask me. I saw something similar to this video on one of the news channels a week or so ago. Street after street containing tents of “homeless,” human litter and waste all over, used needles lying about on the grass in parks, on sidewalks, in street gutters. One solution to all of this, I suppose, is to ignore it. Maybe one day it will all go away by itself. You know ... like a miracle.

  3. Welcome to Calcutta....
    I still recall the shock when I moved to Phila to attend college in the'70s. The first time I "met" so called vent men...living on the vents for heat and there were many. People walking passed them as if it was nothing.

    1. I understand, Ed. but what are nice people like your friends going to do when there are no places left to run to?

      What are ANY of us gong to do, if the problem keeps growing and spread[ng across the land as the DemonRats seem determined to make it do?

      What are any of us going to do? I say we've got to change the rules, and give the police pthe power to get these rotten creeps off the streets and into some kind of facility where hardworking, clean living, ambitious, property owning, taxpaying people raising children don't have to look at them, smell the stench that surrounds them, or put up with their outlandish anti-social behavior.

    2. Franco,
      Good question, and point well-stated. We adjust. We are no longer a moral or logical people, so the system is not working for us.

      To answer your question, we adjust. That's what people all over the world and throughout all history have always done.

      I have lived in the third world, and I see this nation looking more and more like it. I've raised up my kids and taught them how to survive and thrive. Don't know what more I can do besides voting and talking to those I come in contact with.

  4. Go ahead and call me a "NAZI" if you like. FRANKLY, I'M PAST CARING.

    I think the only viable solution to the proliferation of "JOKERS" like this Travis –– and BOY! do I resent his beng called "MUSICIAN," when the guy is strictly a BUM –– anway, te way to handle Travis and other members of The Legion of the Lost, would be to establish special "COLONIES" far removed from normal, decent, productive society –– not unlike the old fashioned Penal Colones, but not for the purpose of PUNISHING the poor bums, but for SPARING DECENT SOCIETY from the BLIGHT of having to put up with them.


    1. Round them up and clean them up.

      There is nothing charitable or merciful in giving such people handouts so they can continue committing slow motion suicide in public.

    2. Thank you, Silver. I'll take that as an affirmation of my sentiments for which I'm grateful. Affirmation is in tragically short supply these days.

      As you may or may not know, I believe the primary cause of our national malaise and apparent inability –– with the notable exception of our fearless, remarkablly dynamic, powerhouse of a president –– to implement and follow through on any sort of POSITIVE, CONSTRUCTIVE schedule of projects and desperately needed legislative reforms.

    3. Of course, it could be partially the early symptom of income disparity, something our resident Nazi will choose to ignore.

      Of course there are also the acts of mercy.

    4. Sure, lets make everything equal like in Cuba or Venezuela...

    5. Please don't forget the vibrant, inspiring, highly creative, beautifully productive life in North Korea under the enlightened leadershit of Kim Jong Un either, my friend.

      Yes it's an absolute WONDER that more refugees from the oppressive, manifestly unfair, cruelly exploitative economic policies of the West –– particularly under the fiendishly selfish tyrant Donald Trump –– are not FLOCKING to partake of the glorous opportunities available in Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvdor, Red China, Russia, and that Crown Jewel of Word Civilization North Korea, or why more American citizens are not clamoring for a new legal definitiin of "Equal Rights" that would enable them to partake of the richness, infinite joy and cultural splendor available to those lucky enough to live on one of our Indian Reservations.


  5. I've never been to Seattle. Not going now!

    1. I think California's San Francisco may be every bit as bas –– or WORSE –– than Seattle.

      I've certainly heard about the droves of homeless, drug-addicted derelicts filling the sidewalks streets and dooryards of San FranSICKO, –– as Michael Savage calls it ––, with human excrement for a good many years longer than this sad news about Seattle.

      If truth be told, I'm pretty sure MOST-if-not-ALL of our major cities suffer from the same or similar problems.

  6. I'm sure many of you have read some of George Orwell's early "tramping" essays, "The Spike", "Down & Out in Paris and London" (collection), etc.

    Sounds like the Authorities in Seattle have lost their nerve... to "keep the bums moving" with laws regulating access to workhouse/spikes.

    1. Yes. The Spike. I love Orwell's essays. He brought a very dispassionate reporter's eye to his writing, neither lapsing into callousness for the human condition nor collapsing into dewy-eyed, maudlin sympathy for his subjects.

  7. Ah, the uncompassionate right shows their true colors again. That the manufactured hatred of the poor and the mentally disabled justifies a perverted world that criminalizes the condition of poverty.

    1. Not a "tool," –– a TROLL, Silver.

      I can always tell by the SMELL, can't you?

    2. Why yes SF, perpetuating drug abusers and the mentally ill in their destructive lifestyles is most "compassionate." Almost as compassionate as murdering infants that survive failed abortion attempts.

      Oh please, Orion, tell us some more of your superior virtue and compassion.

    3. Hi, I'm Nylon DuPont. Orlon was the most unsuccessful member of the DuPont family, a real nogoodnik who sort of made a name for himself for a while, but his fame didn't last. Not like me who has always been the real deal. I've been around since 1938. I'm 81 years old, still going strong,

      Forget Orlon. He was just another loser, and ended up a bum. We trie, bu just couldn' do a thng with him.

      Nylon DuPont

  8. Los Angeles and Los Angeles County are next in line after Northern California's San Francisco following in Seattle's footsteps. And sadly, the liberals in Los Angeles County want to make all the cities in Orange County into a mirror image of the blighted cities of Los Angeles County as well.

  9. Here is a very excellent one that pertains here to the mind mentality of the SJW politicians in Seattle (I live in a very wonderful small WHITE 0% GANGSTER/DRUGGY/HOMELESS town and yes you read that right about 1 hour away from SEA) = not so long ago one of Seattle SJW city council members was taking her daughter to Green Lake a fairly large public park of Seattle. Her 10 yo daughter must go pee so they went into restroom small block building at edge of lake and found a man. Just standing there nonchalant as ya please doing nothing. Just standing inside the female bathroom. Both scurried out and who did they find? Policeman! They complained and told him of weirdo man in women's bathroom and popo said no problem meaning NO PROBLEM the fellow is not breaking any law by just standing in there. Lady demanded name of popo and said "I am going to call your Commander as I am City Council" and popo said (this is the best part) "you go right ahead and complain to my boss over the ruling THAT YOU THE CITY COUNCIL MADE LAST YEAR THAT PUBLIC BATHROOMS ARE ENFORCED GENDER-NEUTRAL".

  10. Seems the whole Northwest is dying. Portland OR cops resfuse to do their jobs if they even haven't left the state yet.

    1. I don't know why anyone wants to be a cop in this environment.

  11. I live in such a town - Soviet Monica. Crime (and vagrancy) is up, WAY UP, since the Crime Train is bringing boatloads more freeloaders into town. People are disgusted. We have to protect and defend ourselves. Government has abandoned that function in all but name only.

    We ALSO contribute a lot to the private rehab agencies, but I'm not interested in YOU unless you want to take a step in the right direction. Don't expect free lodging and a latrine in MY yard. You can be willing to straighten up and move in the right direction and we'll help.

    Our city actually threatened fines/jail to ordinary people like me who wash the filth away -- for spreading disease! What do they expect us to do, lick it up? My garage door guy wears a mask when he works in this area because of all the stench of urine which signals disease that he is working among.

    1. Baysider!

      All this is happening in your yard -- LITERALLY?

      I visited Santa Monica a few times, the last time in 2006. Such a beautiful place then! At least as far as I remember.

    2. Baysider, What do you think of my idea of buldimg special "colonies" in remote locations where these hopeless dregs of society currently making YOUR life unpleasant would be transported, given decent shelter, food, sufficient clothing to protect them from the elements, etc.

      These colonies would not be "PRISONS," per se, –– they would be REHABILITATION CENTERS –– but those sent there would NOT be permitted to leave, and would be subjected to rigorous attempts to provide bible-based moral and spiritual instruction, educate them to be able to perform a least one useful function, and make sure they conform to decent, middle-class standards of hygiene and personal appearance –– NO dreadlocks,NO cornrows, NO afros, NO long long hair for MEN, NO hair dyed green purse, orange, scarlet of other UNNATURAL COLORS, NO piercings, NO tattoos. NO internet, NO Rock 'n Roll, NO Rap, NO Heavy Metal, NO "Protest Songs."

      It would all have to be administered with utmost KINDNESS, but also irion-clad FIRMNESS.

      Of course we'd have to get rid of the ACLU, the Southern Poverty Law center, and ALL the insane, subversiv, militant LEFTIST ACTIVISTS before anything CONSTRUCTIVE could ever hope to be accomplished.

      What do you think? Am I crazy –– merely naive and foolish –– or possibly right?

    3. Franco,
      I hope that Baysider comes back to answer your question.

    4. The problem with Franco’s suggestion is that if government can snatch up “dregs” and transport them to remote locations is that if this could happen to one class of society, it could be similarly imposed on others. It would only depend on the willingness of bureaucrats to dream up and excuses and organize removal. One can call these places colonies, rehab centers, or prisons ... it doesn’t matter. What matters is that such a plan overturns everything we admire most about the American Republic. People are free to do as they choose, go where they want. There already are consequences to unseemly behavior (if government has the will to enforce existing laws and pay the costs of doing so). What Franco suggests is exactly like what the Nazis and Soviets did to Jews, gypsies, and other “undesirables” in the 1930s and 40s. If we want an orderly society, then we have to stay within the law. I have no sympathy for Seattle or any other community who refuses to take appropriate action to safeguard their people. The same scum politicians are reelected cycle after cycle. Therein lies the problem.

    5. The government can "snatch up" CRIMINALS, Sam, and often arrest people and ruin their lives for minor infractions of the law that do nowhere near as much harm to society as the stituation in Seattle, San Francisco, and most OTHER major cities.

      If these BUMS have rights, why shouldn't decent, law abiding, prosperous, capable, educated, cultivated, high achieving people who've worked hard to be able to live well, and enjoy life above the common herd ALSO have the right NOT to be mired in FILTH in their own doorways and along the streets of their neighbohoods.

      Once upon a time and not so very long ago we put misfits, and deranged, antisocial types in MENTAL INSTITUTIONS. We should at least revive that practice in the interests of Self Defense..

      I have to say I RESENT your lumpnig me in with HITLER, although I fully expected it from some LEFTIST. Hitler TORTURED and EXTERMINATED undesirables. I just want to put them in a safe, clean place where they might at least have a CHANCE to be rehabilitated.

      I'm astonished that YOU of all people have taken the typical Leftist-Progressive attitude toward dealing PRAGMATICALLY with thes severe social problems.

      I don't think we can AFFORD to idealitic and legalistic anymore now that societal degeneration ha sreached epic proportions. The approaches dreamt up by academics in Ivory Towers jus does NOT work.

      If SOMEONE doesn't take a firm hand and FORCE intelligent reforms on a proudly degernate, hopessly recalcitrant population, it won't be long before we are ALL sleeping on the streets and in open fields amidst piles of stinking feces, boundless aoounts of uncollected garbage and puddles of urine, snot, vomit and TEARS.

      And so life will once again revert to what it was at the dawn of human history –– where it was "nasty, brutish and short."

    6. In my view, "fixing" these problems is not a simple matter -- either of the law or of practicality.

      I agree with Sam in that: The same scum politicians are reelected cycle after cycle. Therein lies the problem. But where, oh where, a non-scum candidates for political office?

      I also agree with Franco in that: why shouldn't decent, law abiding, prosperous, capable, educated, cultivated, high achieving people who've worked hard to be able to live well, and enjoy life above the common herd ALSO have the right NOT to be mired in FILTH in their own doorways and along the streets of their neighborhoods?

      Is a government solution the real solution to this runaway vagrancy? We should remember these words of George Washington: "Government is not reason; it is not eloquence; it is force! Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master."

    7. There is an appalling lack of respect in this country. Hell, I see it in my own neighborhood -- a very upscale neighborhood. Yet, my neighbors think it's a-okay to dump their grass clippings along my back fence, which encloses a wooded lot; they also think it's a-okay to dump their declining and decomposing Christmas trees in my wooded lot.

    8. Please take a look at my post to Warren below. It answers your concerns too, AO.W.

      I believe the ROOT of the evils that have overtaken us lives in our complete lack and official disregard for proper MORAL education solidly based on the Judeo-Christian tradition.

      LICENTIOUNESS breeds DEGENERACY. Anyone who doesn't believe that is a fool.

      Please don't laugh, but CULTURAL MARXISM's insidous infiltration of our culture is undoubtedly the SEMINAL CAUSE of what has happend to us.

    9. I can't speak for Sam, but I don't think he was disparaging Franco or comparing him to Hitler.

      The obvious linchpin to Franco's idea is the law. Codifying into law vagrancy, illegal behavior, and care for the drug addicted and mentally ill, to include defining when they may be involuntarily institutionalized.

      Under these laws, no one can be simply "dragged off." This is America. It all has to be done through our judicial system, with periodic review of cases.

      I support the same framework for disarming people who may be a threat to others. It has to be adjudicated through a court of law.

    10. I did not disparage Franco in my analogy. The behavior of European fascists was an analogy steeped in facts. Silverfiddle is 100% correct. If communities want clean cities, then there must not only be ordinances that address such things as homelessness, public drunkenness, illegal drug use, using parks as latrines, etc., there must be a willingness to enforce such laws. Of course, the courts are established state legislatures and managed by state judiciaries. There has to be a partnership between state and local entities. There has to be a willingness to expand prisons, if that’s what it takes, or even “half-way” facilities where addiction and rehabilitation might be a focus. The cost of these efforts will be paid for by taxpayers, of course, so citizens will be involved whether they like it or not. And, as I said, maybe it is time to begin electing people who truly represent the interests of the communities they serve.


    12. The Drug and Mental ILL jerks Is WHO I ment.


  12. My thoughts on the matter:
    This problem didn't happen overnight and the cure won't occur quickly.
    Metaphorically and literally, that which is taxed decreases and that which is subsidized increased.
    Essentially, these actions have been subsidized with free "stuff" and no consequences for their antisocial actions. On the other hand, we become the unwilling victims and benefactors, surreptitiously, as our tax dollars are wasted on local programs which do nothing to actually help. We also must put up with degenerate behavior, health risks and the befouling of our property, both public and private. Add to that, any subsidized "victim group" eventually feels a sense of entitlement so they are right up in your face daring you to do anything about it.

    I will say this, psychological studies prove that even the severely disturbed and mentally challenged respond to aversion therapy by curbing or limiting their anti-social behavior. In other words, if you want it to stop, there need to be repercussions to their bad behaviors.
    Being these actions are a public nuisance, it should be a matter for law enforcement.

    1. Exactly, Warren.

      As i said above to Silver: "I believe the primary cause of our national malaise and apparent inability –– with the notable exception of our fearless, remarkablly dynamic, powerhouse of a president –– to implement and follow through on any sort of POSITIVE, CONSTRUCTIVE schedule of projects and desperately needed legislative reforms."

      Even deeper than that is the way we've lost our way imparting home truths and sound moral princilpes to our young ever since the evil, degenerate moron Madalyn Murray O'Hair persuaded an equally degenerate, moronic and corrupt Supreme Court to BAN Bible reading and prayer in our schools along with overt displays of radtional Christian symbols on public property while simultaneouly PERMITTING complete, unrestricted access to PORNOGRAPHY in movies, books, magazines and even tabloids to be disseminated freely throughout the land.

      There's no doubt in my mind after having observed the scene for nearly seventy years that we've been on a bobsled ride to Damnation ever since


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