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Saturday, May 11, 2019

For Mother's Day 2019

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Four generations in January, 1978:

L to R: my beloved second cousin, whom I regard as my daughter (b. 1967); me at age 25; my mother (1916-1987); and, Wawa, my maternal grandmother (1898-1981).

The above photo was taken here in the living room of this old house, built circa 1935.

I miss you, Mom and Wawa.


  1. I love those multi-generational pictures. What a lovely group.

    1. SF,
      I wish that my family had "posed" for more of these photos.

  2. Really nice picture..I have one of my greatgrandmother holding an infant baby sister, my mother and my grandmother, too....five of us; such love, such deep, deep caring.....I treasure my photo...can sure see why you treasure yours!
    AOW, you have been 'mother' to SO many children; probably a better mother than some of their bio moms....HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO YOU. xxx

    1. Z,
      In a few weeks, the homeschool group with whom I have worked since February 1998 will be throwing me a "Mostly Retirement Party,"* as the group is being officially disbanded (for a variety of reasons). It will be interesting to see how many of "my children" will attend!

      * "Mostly Retirement" because I'm still teaching one class to a very small group of high school students -- all Asian, BTW. That group wants what I am selling; others have decided on a course different from the rigorous courses I teach.

  3. Lovely photo, AOW.

    These precious mementos become more valuable with each passing year.

    believe me I KNOW.

    Hope tomorrow is especially pleasant and meaningful to you an your whole family –– especially Mr. AOW, Amber and Minxy.

    1. Franco,
      I think we're going to be "rained in" today.

      Wouldn't you know it? I have loads of peonies blooming and wanted to take a few to Mom's grave. I can't do that in the pouring rain.

    2. Pouring here too! April Showers extending well into May.

      Good Ol' Climate Change at work no doubt. (;-o

      Perhaps tomorrow will be brighter, and dryer? You might be able to bring the peonies to your mother then.

      I'm sure she wouldn't mnd their arrivng a day or two late, would she?

      Anyway, as MY mother was fond of SINGING this to me when I was small and rain threatened to spoil our day:

      Little drops of water
      Little grains of sand
      Make the mighty ocean
      And the pleasant land.

      To which I added later:

      Pretty litte fishes
      swimming in the brook
      Make for tasty morsels
      We could catch and cook!


      I was as incorrigible then, as I am now. Hard wired, I guess.

    3. Franco,
      Rains tomorrow too. Maybe on Tuesday things will clear up a bit.

    4. We were lucky. The skies cleared right after noon, and It's been a lovely sparkling sunny day since.

      I was hoping the same would happen to you.

  4. I've also been thinking about family members lately. Wondering what we'd be talking about if they were still here.

    Good picture and it is important to have these imo.

    1. Kid,
      Such pictures are important!

      A few months back, I sent in several items to Legacy Box, which I highly recommend BTW.

      When I was collecting the items which I wanted preserved, I couldn't find this photo. A few weeks later, my cousin found it in some things we were cleaning out the last of the "archived" items in my parents' house.

    2. Thanks for the Tip AOW. I recently sent all the family documents, pictures, etc to one my Nieces who is good about preserving and distributing such material.

  5. What's the family story behind the "Wawa" nickname?

    1. Duck,
      Good question.

      My grandmother had two grandchildren who were about ten years apart. I was the younger of the two. Both of us were early talkers, and the older of us two grandchildren couldn't pronounce the word Grandma when he was so young. Instead, out came the word Wawa, and the sobriquet stuck.

    2. Also, Wawa, Mom, and I have the given first name. A confusing situation!

    3. Make that "the SAME given first name."

  6. Replies
    1. Ed,
      LOL! I took a photo of the print while the print was placed on my laptop.

  7. My first Mother's Day without Mom since she passed away. :(

  8. _____ FULFILLMENT _____

    For this my mother wrapped me warm,
    And called me home against the storm,
    And coaxed my infant nights to quiet,
    And gave me roughage in my diet,
    And tucked me in my bed at eight,
    And clipped my hair, and marked my weight,
    And watched me as I sat and stood:
    That I might grow to womanhood
    To hear a whistle and drop my wits
    And break my heart to clattering bits.

    ~ Dorothy Parker (1893-1967)

  9. ____ A Mother’s Prayer _____

    Ask me not to tell it’s all right to
    Make yourself a slave to vice and sin,
    Or ignorance and laziness –– the blight to
    Talent’s promise of fulfillment in
    Hell of impotent inertia keeps
    Each child of God who all not work.
    Rising n my breast desire leaps
    Savagely in prayer that those who lurk
    Preying in the shadows n our youth
    Realize no hol n you, my child.
    Ardently I pray you’ll love the Truth,
    Yearn for the sublime and undefiled.
    Earning freedom is a mighty task.
    Reach for that, my child, it’s all I ask.

    ~ FreeThinke


  10. A Rose For My Mother

    A rose for my mother,
    That's all she asks of me,
    For a lifetime of trouble
    She had raising me. A rose for my mother,
    Whom God gave to me,
    She spent her life raising children,
    And we're all grateful as can be.
    So I bought a rose for mother,
    That I gave to her, with pride,
    And I said, I love you mother,
    And I thank you for my life,
    And mother, if I had bought all the roses,
    To give to you, from me,
    There would be so many,
    They would fill up a tree,
    But you, wouldn't want that many,
    As you've often said to me,
    One, would be a plenty,
    If they came, from you to me.

    ~~Mary Helen Oakley~~

    1. Thant's nice, Warren. Reminds me of both Edgar A. Guest and Ella Wheeler Wilcox, and even a little of Joyce Kilmer too.

  11. Catona Hottinroof said:

    .......... M-O-T-H-E-R ..........

    "M" is for the million things she gave me,
    "O" means only that she's growing old,
    "T" is for the tears she shed to save me,
    "H" is for her heart of purest gold;
    "E" is for her eyes, with love-light shining,
    "R" means right, and right she'll always be,

    Put them all together, they spell "MOTHER," A word that means the world to me.


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