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Sunday, May 5, 2019

Animal Humor

(For politics, please scroll down)

With thanks to Warren, who emailed me the link to the video below:

Bonus video below the fold.


  1. A walk on the wild side is the perfect start to a Sunday morning. Thanks for the happy.

  2. LIVELY little fellows, aren't they?

    Glad to see it. At PetsMart they always seem to be asleep or very lethargic at best. I always felt sorry for them, because I think they probably belong n the wiid.

    Can they be litter trained?

    1. Warren had ferrets and informs us that ferrets can indeed be litter trained.

    2. Ferrets, if left to their own devices, are nocturnal and sleep 12 to 18 hours a day. They have been domesticated and used for rodent control for over 2000 years and I doubt that they can be found in the wild. I know that an escaped pet ferret, seldom lives for more than a few days.
      They adapt to their owner's hours quickly, readily use a litter pan and are a lot of fun. They are natural clowns and hilarious to watch and play with. They play like kittens all their life.
      They need to run and play outside their cage about 4 hours a day, are extremely curious and like to explore. They can get in places you wouldn't think they could fit and will push every book off your bookshelf if given half a chance.

    3. I wouldn't encourage anyone to get a ferret without researching their their care. There are laws and restrictions on owning one, in several States and localities. They are carnivores and require a high protein diet - no carbs -.

    4. Thanks, Warren. With all that in mind, however, I'm not sure it's fair to the little guys to sell them in places like PetsMart to people who don't know –– and may not care –– how to look after them.

      WOuld they eat canned cat food like Fancy Feast?

      I'm sure if I took one in, it would raise hell,with my two cats –– one old –– the other biind.

      Do they BREED like rabbits?

      Do they like o sit on your lap?

      Do they mind being handled?

      I thought they must either be either the same or closely related to ermine, stoats and polecats. They look simiar. Am I wrong?

    5. Franco, to answer your questions.
      Ferrets cannot live off of adult cat food, it doesn't have enough protein. Kitten food has enough protein but it needs to be the soft kitten food. You can actually buy ferret pellets or Ferret Chow. They also don't tolerate dairy products. I feed mine Kitten Chow and occasionally chicken or small pieces of other meats. They did like sweets but I only occasionally gave them very tiny nibbles. They also advise you not to feed them nuts and any citrus at all will give them diarrhea.

      A ferret would definitely raise hell with your cats, especially a kit - very young ferret -.

      You wouldn't want a unneutered ferret. They stink and the females will go into estrus and die if not impregnated.

      They don't sit still very long unless they are sleeping. My ferrets would curl up against you and go to sleep. They would also come up to you and get you to play with them and they didn't mind handling at all. They liked to be tickled.

      Mine particularly loved their baths. I actually gave them a bath when I took a shower. I would cradle them in one arm on their back and let the warm water run over their bellies. They would go limp and close their eyes.

      Actually, polecat or European Polecat was their common name and usurped for reference to a skunk. Ferrets are related to wolverines, badgers, ermines, minks, weasels and skunks in the Mustelidae family. So yes, your observation is correct. :^)

    6. Thans, Warren. It sunds very nice. If i were younger I'd consider tryring to give one or two a home but with Winner and little Mr. Pussy I can see it wouldn't be wise. I hope the folks who buy this little fellas at PetsMart treat them well!

      I detest PETA, but I, personally DO believe in "ethical treatment of animals" ad think ir should have the full force of the law behnd it.

      What by the way is their life expectancy?

    7. @ Franco,
      Consensus seems to be 8 to 12 years but I've heard of ones that lived longer.

      The ethics of PETA are questionable at best. The few cats and dogs that PETA takes in are almost always destroyed immediately. I think of them as a radical vegan group.

  3. A face only a Mother could love! To each his own... :)

  4. Fun stuff. Today must be animal vid day as I posted one about an hour ago.

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