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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Howls of the DC Damned

Silverfiddle Rant!

When dirty democrats and deep state conspirators accuse others of doing something, you can be sure they are doing it themselves...

All excerpts are from the AP Article, Trump moves to escalate investigation of intel agencies.

"House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff accused Trump and Barr of trying to “conspire to weaponize law enforcement and classified information against their political enemies.”"
Hmmm... That's exactly what Obama's political hacks running the alphabet agencies did to President Trump...

An "Obama Admin senior intelligence official" (a sneakweasel, hiding behind a cloak of anonymity because dirty dealers fear sunlight) offered this up:
"... said their principle concern is that the attorney general, hand-picked by Trump, could declassify and release selective bits to make the previous administration and former senior officials look bad."
How rich.  You mean like Russian disinformation about golden shower prostitutes?  Or unmasking the incoming National Security Advisor and then leaking details to the press that lets the whole world know our intel agencies listen in on all phone calls?  You mean like that?  Like the Obama gang did?

And what president does not "hand-pick" his cabinet members, including the Attorney General?  The Press is wracked with a deep, rotting sickness.

 The Establishment damns Atty General Barr as a partisan abuser of his office...
"Thursday’s move further solidifies Barr’s position in Trump’s eyes as a legal warrior fighting on his behalf."
"Trump has told close confidants that he “finally” had “my attorney general,”
Well, at least the President didn't call the Attorney General his "wingman."

They have also damned Barr and the Trump administration for ***Sacrebleu et Quelle Horreur!!!!*** "framing the issue" when releasing the Mueller Report. Unprecedented! No one in DC has ever done that before!

The psychological projection is stunning, and the conspirators are actively engaged in PsyOps, propagandizing the American people and billowing smokescreens to preemptively discredit the DOJ and their findings, which will most likely embarrass and incriminate various high level Obama officials who now infest CNN, MSNBC and any other Infotainment Media Outlets that pay them to perform.

Stay Tuned. This is going to be a nail-biter all the way to the end. 


  1. "The psychological projection is stunning".
    More and more people are realizing that "projection" is the operating term here.
    I hear it in callers to radio shows, comments on posts.
    A number of us were pointing it out early on.
    It's an important concept.

  2. An "Obama Admin senior intelligence official" (a sneakweasel, hiding behind a cloak of anonymity because dirty dealers fear sunlight) offered this up:

    "... said their principle concern is that the attorney general, hand-picked by Trump, could declassify and release selective bits to make the previous administration and former senior officials look bad."

    May Barr expose the weasels so badly that the Democrat Party and their media arm crumble into ash!

    You now, none of any of this weaponizing of this treasonous weaponizing of the various intelligence agencies would have been revealed had HRC been elected.

    1. Barr did not need to be Atty General again. He was ready to ease into retirement and eminent, respected professional.

      I think he came back for one reason: To clean up the mess at DOJ and related dark corners of government, expose any wrongdoing, and restore their reputation and regain the trust of the American people.

      It's a pretty common sentiment among US citizens that the CIA is dirty and incompetent, but we generally don't care because it doesn't directly affect our lives.

      Different story with DOJ and the FBI. If people lose trust and respect for those agencies, our entire justice system is threatened.

    2. SF,
      From what I know of Barr, what you mentioned is exactly the reason that he returned to be AG.

      BTW, I've been watching the strident howls of certain GOPe "journalists" on Twitter. Quite amusing! Pass the popcorn, please.

    3. All this hand wringing over a fairly simple matter.

      1. Mueller implied there was ample reason to find Trump guilty of obstruction (despite what the Iran contra hack, Barr, said).

      2. He left the matter to the House to issue the bill of impeachment or not.

      Barr is Trump's personal attorney who has been selected to manage affairs as Trump dictates. He i not interested in the people's business.

    4. SF, you do have to admit that his conspiratorial theories do round out his, Marxist/Socialist/Progressive, psychosis.

    5. It may seem like mere quibbling, to "small potatoes", BUT I wish we on the Right would STOP calling those on the Left "LIBERALS."

      They re anything but "LIBERAL," if we understnad the proper meaning of the term.

      I think the best word to use when identifying anyone opposed to Freedom, Humsn Dignity, the USA as Founded, the Constitution, Christianity, Capitalism, –– and every single one of the beloved institutions and traditions that helped unite us, define us as AMERICANS –– would be LEFTIST.

      Canardo, hmself, has adamantly identified himself as such –– about the only thing on which he and I agree.

      Not all Leftists formally identify with Marxism per se, but all of them identify with it in SPIRIT, –– whether they know t or not ––, which is every bit as bad –– or worse.

      My generation was probably the last to be systematically educated to Loathe, Despise and FEAR Communism. Since I graduated from SIXTH GRADE in 1953(!) it's been downhill all the way...

      With mounting horor and dismay I've watched us slowly-but-surely succumb to the ubiquitous Leftist Propaganda that took over Education, Entertainment, Publishing, and Public Commnication with increasing power –– and an unmistakable aura of MENACE –– all my conscious life.

      That most today want think I'm "unhinged," –– and rudely dismiss me as "one of those kooky conspiracy theorists" –– is proof enough –– at least to me –– that my long held suspicions and growing knowledge have been correct.

      Unfortunately, most people never learn anything by precept. Instead, they have to learn it for themselves the Hard Way through Bitter Experience with much Pain and Suffering.

      Once the all-too-brief Golden Age of Pericles ended, all of Europe was plunged into Darkness and Desperation for over FIVE-HUNDRED YEARS.

      "The Lesson We Learn from History is that We Learn NOTHING from History,"

      Alack and Alas!

  3. All of these participants in the Progressive's coup are beginning to accuse each other.
    Comey’s out there smearing Rosenstein.
    Rosenstein is smearing back at Comey.
    Brennan and Comey are going at it over who first put the unverified dossier into the intelligence briefing. and thus to the FISA court..
    And nobody know where the Old Hag Hillary has been hiding out these days!
    The Rats are blaming each other

    1. Obama has also been staying quiet.

    2. Obama, won't say anything publicly.If he ever has to testify, you can bet, it will be privately and the testimony will be sealed.

  4. Today's liberals have certainly returned me to my conservative roots. I had been becoming a bit more socially liberal, while remaining fiscally conservative, as I got into my 70's, but I am over all of that now. I wouldn't vote for a Democrat if that's all that were running, and here in California that is often the case.

    Even Nixon was not treated with this much overt hostility by the media, and I'm not sure how this ends. I don't think the end will be pretty.

    1. @ Jayhawk.
      It might not be pretty but I believe it's necessary. Let the chips fall where they may.

  5. Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!"

    1. ESPECIALLY when we work CEASELESSLY to deceive OURSELVES, –– as the DemonRats, DemoThugs, and Romneysian RINO's have been doing lo these many years.

  6. The latest in a long line of desperate absurdities...

    "... the intelligence world struck back when the New York Times reported that Barr's project could endanger one of the CIA's most prized sources.

    Attributing its story to "former officials," the Times said the source was someone "close to [Vladimir] Putin" who gave the CIA "information about [Putin's] involvement" in U.S. election interference, and specifically turned over evidence to support the conclusion that "Putin himself was behind the Russia hack." The source had been "long nurtured" by the CIA and was highly valued by Brennan when he was director. All of that work might be at risk from Barr's work, the Times suggested.


    1. IF this absurdly-transparent CIA PsyOps plant were true, that "valued resource" would now be dead.

      Does anyone believe Putin's henchmen don't read the NY Times and The Amazon Post for all the Classified Information Fit to Print?

      Does anyone believe Putin would not be able to figure out who this "valuable source" was?

      Finally, if the Russians "interfered" in our elections (Propaganda ops) as they have done in every election, why does it matter that "Putin himself was behind the Russia hack"?

      Of course he was! This is not an intel gold nugget.

      We are being mind-fornicated by the CIA

    2. Well we won't know unless Barr outs the asset the way imperial Cheney outed Valerie Plame,, will we ?

    3. And, Nostradumbass, once more revises history is a sterile attempt, to once more, illustrate his dearth of knowledge and intelligence.
      Richard Armitage, "outed" Plame. It was known before the so-called investigation began and apparently was a running joke with the inside the beltway, cocktail party circuit.
      You know, a fake investigation, just like the Muller investigation. They already knew the answer and couldn't bring the real culprit to trial because it would expose the "investigation" for the witch hunt it was, so they busted Scooter Libby for a process crime and dim wits like you still think Chaney did it.
      Grow up!

    4. Ed,
      Nostradumbass, knows it. He just can't bring himself to admit it. His whole ideological castle is built of crumbling blocks of garbage and when one of those blocks crumbles, he ignores it! Now he finds himself surrounded, in the garbage heap that is his ideology, and thinks it's the Washington Cathedral.

    5. CACCA CANARDO lives, moves and as his being in a disconcertingly large, artfully-crafted architectural monstrosity that should properly be called an EXCREMENTORIUM –– a temple built to honor the goddess FECALIA.

      MARXISM, since it first reared its ugly head, has worked ceaseslessly to destroy faith in Jesus Christ, and supplant it for untold hundreds of millions of deceve, lost souls with an ardent worship of FECAL MATTER.

    6. FT: Good one!

      Fundamentally dishonest ideologues on all sides like Ducky are the reason we are divided and cannot have rational debates and let the facts take us to the logical conclusion.

      It is stunning--and sickening--to see Democrats protesting the investigation of the FBI, CIA and other agencies, especially given the evidence, firings and criminal charges we've seen so far.

    7. SF,
      It is stunning--and sickening--to see Democrats protesting the investigation of the FBI, CIA and other agencies, especially given the evidence, firings and criminal charges we've seen so far.

      Very telling, IMO. These Democrats are in opposition to the very principles upon which our republic was founded.

  7. I don’t think we ought to be screaming like little girls about Russia’s alleged interference in US elections. First, the US has interfered in Russia’s elections in the past and bragged about it, so the US has no moral edge to this argument. Second, if Russia did interfere, it was done indirectly through social media and designed to confuse or influence voters —which is essentially what our program against Russia entailed. States control their own elections. I find it next to impossible to believe that the Russians could somehow hack into every US state’s election database to change the result of any election. That’s not how our electoral system works. Like Silverfiddle, I believe that if the left is squawking about Russian interference, there must be something else they don’t want anyone to find out about; any claim about Russia is merely a diversion. Where we are today is that no thinking American can trust anything the government tells them, which when you think about it is a hell-of-a thing to say ... but true, none-the-less.

  8. And just like that... The Democrats don't want to investigate the matter anymore.

  9. Barr worked for the CIA from 1973 to 1977. He knows how the show works. I think he can figure our what needs to be classified,
    Recall the Church Commission?

    The Church Committee (formally the United States Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities) was a U.S. Senate select committee chaired by Idaho Senator Frank Church (D-ID) in 1975.
    The committee investigated abuses by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), National Security Agency (NSA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

    1. Let's just hope they look THOROUGHLY into the NCTC.

    2. ...and legislate away all "pre-crime" pattern analysis algorithms except those EXPLICITLY authorized through a FISA-like process.

    3. Vrag,
      It's going to be an uphill battle. All these government agencies and their media arms are circling the wagons.

  10. Some corollary reading for today: James Comey Excretes Another Op-Ed. Also see the comments thereto.

  11. The prophecies of Fireman Mark Taylor are coming true. The political swamp creatures (as I call them) are trying to save their rotten carcasses from landing in the animal house. Left wing extremists such as Quackobyrd are getting tarred and feathered as their fantasy of sending Trump to prison blows up in their face.

    1. Is he the two bit evangelical grifter who prophesied mass tribunals to prosecute thousands of corrupt officials who are part of a massive satanic pedophile ring? Working out of a pizza joint, no doubt.

  12. Mueller just breeched..... setting the table for the impeachment to begin...

  13. Silver, and others... I'm not sure they will, but the drumbeat will continue.

    Impeachment is just a formal investigation by the House, before the trial moves to the Senate. Doesn't Congress have a right, some would say duty, if they truly believe a Pres is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors, to act? And then to let the Senate judge the evidence?

    Nixon of course, showing more honor than Clinton, or I suspect Trump, in resigning beforehand and publicly wishing the best for the US.

    Some have decried a lack of an "underlying crime". But Mueller was charged with finding out if there was a crime. He did not know when he began if there was a crime. So his team needed to investigate.

    And there seems to be the rub for many. It is legally obstruction to impede an investigation, even if in the end, that investigation yields no crime. To put it bluntly, lying to investigators in the course of an investigation, is a crime.

    And the crime is obstruction.

    Mueller has found many folks within the Trump orbit to be lying. He's gotten admissions and guilty verdicts. Period.

    But he stopped there and did not go after Trump, because DOJ policy says he can't. It's a job for Congress.

    Without public hearings, that can turn opinion, or a huge smoking gun, like a receipt for cash signed by Putin, I doubt we'll see impeachment hearings.

    And I'm pretty sure we're gonna see Trump reelected in 2020, a stronger GOP Senate and the GOP retaking the House.

    1. Agree congress has the right to impeach on whatever they deem impeachable. The standard is very broad.

      The conspirators have successfully conflated two separate things: A counter-intel investigation; and a criminal investigation, and that is where much of the mischief lies.

      Finally, think about what you just said:

      "Mueller was charged with finding out if there was a crime."

      This is America. We don't send out well-funded teams of prosecutors to upturn everything about a person to see if they've committed a crime. That is what they do in totalitarian states.

      I am stunned and demoralized to see so many on the liberal-left side making excuses for this and protesting the investigation of our alphabet agencies.

      America needs good liberals just as it needs good conservatives. Both are in short supply, and with the left cheering on an unaccountable, out of control government, we will eventually be doomed.

  14. The Democrats will dig their own grave in 2020. Pass the popcorn, please.

  15. Ah yes, psychic projection.

    Their commie clownshow's so deep in... see Franco^^^.

    I'd like to think people see this and we'll get a DJT 2020 landslide.


  16. The liberal bozo bus is about to roll over and explode in a politically fiery crash. Players gotta pay for their crimes of high treason. Pass the pizza, please!


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