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Friday, May 17, 2019

Education Today? (With Addendum)

In what world is this appropriate for a second grade teacher to do?

And why is the teacher still employed at the school?

Addendum below the fold:
Teacher Decides 2nd Grade Boy Is Trans Because He Won’t Use Boys’ Bathroom – Turns Out He Has Gas.

Brief excerpt:
...According to the lawsuit, in April 2018, the teacher at Nellie Muir Elementary School became concerned that the 8 year old was using the staff restroom. Assuming he must secretly identify as female, she allegedly developed a lesson plan “in an effort to promote [him] becoming transgender.”

In reality, the boy and his parents had arranged for him to use the staff restroom because he had a digestion-related medical condition.

Yet on at least three occasions, the teacher kept the boy during recess and showed him videos and books with the message that “it is acceptable to become transgender,” the lawsuit said. Among other materials, she allegedly required him to watch episodes of the reality TV show “I Am Jazz” and read the “I Am Jazz” children’s book, both of which star transgender teenager Jazz Jennings.

At the end of the school week, the teacher allegedly told the boy to take the books home and share them with his family. Only then did his parents learn about the lessons....
Read the full article HERE. Is it satire or the real deal?


  1. In order to make a fair assessment of the situation I would have to see the BOY interactung with his schoolmates AND his parents.

    I would also have to see the PARENTS in their home, learn more about their background, who they are, what they do, what they believe, and how they have related to the community where they live before this brouhaha arose.

    I would also like to see the TEACHER, and learn as mch as possble abut HER background, beliefs, parentage, marital status, off-duty behavior, etc.

    It IS possible the teacher saw something amiss in this child that his parents and others had either missed, denied or chosen to ignore. Her attempt to get pesonally involved may be out of the ordinary, and possibly "inappropriate" according to guidelines in the school system where she works, if any, BUT it's entirely possible her only motive was to exercise compassion and try to help an unhappy, maladjusted child come to better terms with the awkward reality of his existence.

    One of MY teachers in college with whome I was on friendly terms gave me this sage advice wen I began my OWN teaching career: "Be DISPASSIONATE," she said, "but never DISINTERESTED."

    "The News" is lmost invariably shallow, largely inaccurate, agenda-driven or –– most of all –– SENSATION SEEKING. News Organizatins almost uniformly want to EXPLOIT human foibles and trades. Their mission is rarely-if-ever to ENLIGHTEN and HELP those suffering to HEAL, though they would categoriclly deny that, self-serving hypocritical bastards that they are.

    "TRANSGENERISM" i probably REAL, althgh I believe it to be more a psychological problem than a physical one.

    Most like it has provided a quasi-legitimate way for homosexuals to DNY their homosexuality and claim some "OTHER" more EXOTIC cause for their abnormal orientation to sexual desire.

    Even today the thought that one's child –– or oneself –– might be "one of THOSE awful people" is so powerfully negative that it often generates endless chains of negative reactions on the part of all involved.

    1. As the nineteenth-cntury poet, Emily Dickinson wrote:

      Much Madness is divinest Sense ––
      To a discerning Eye ––
      Much Sense ––- the starkest Madness ––
      ’Tis the Majority
      In this, as all, prevail ––
      Assent –– and you are sane ––
      Demur –– you’re straightway dangerous ––
      And handled with a Chain ––

      ~ Emily Dickinson (1830-1886)

      She is telling us, I believe,

      to be slow to judge,
      to be more curious,
      to seek understanding above all else,
      to think for oneself,
      to avoid going along with the crowd,
      and to err on the side of compassion.


    2. Franco,
      In my teaching career of more than 45 years, I've certainly seen some "oddities" in a few students.

      As a teacher, however, I am not qualified to counsel such students. Therefore, I referred the matters to the principal -- and to the parents, too, of course.

      I maintain that no 2nd grade teacher should insert herself into these matters -- especially IF such insertion is in line with the crazy sexual-identities narrative.

    3. Franco,
      In order to make a fair assessment of the situation I would have to see the BOY interactung with his schoolmates AND his parents.

      I would also have to see the PARENTS in their home, learn more about their background, who they are, what they do, what they believe, and how they have related to the community where they live before this brouhaha arose.

      Danger, Will Robinson! Too close to exerting state control of children and their parents.

    4. I had the same questions as Franco, and I didn't interpret his comment to mean the state goes and looks into all that. If he was stating what I was thinking, I was thinking that I would need to know more about the parents in order to completely assess the situation.

      First, I wholeheartedly agree with you that the teacher was way outside her lane. Period.

      What made me wonder what's up with the home life was first off, what caused the teacher to initiate this? She saw something.

      Secondly, the child is now in therapy an on anti-anxiety meds??? The father has panic attacks??? The mother "stays home???"

      Just how fragile are these people?

      Children, especially youngsters, tend to mirror and reflect whatever neuroses--or positive virtues--of the parents. Screwed up parents who are full of fears will imprint that on the children, just as parents modeling healthy behaviors and virtues will positively imprint their children.

      I also don't discount the possibility of a scam to hit the lawsuit jackpot. Mental distress and anxiety is much easier to fake than a physical injury.

    5. SF,
      What made me wonder what's up with the home life was first off, what caused the teacher to initiate this? She saw something.

      I've been in that position several times. I followed "chain of command."

      In one particular case, what I saw was something other than reality: the child (a 7th grader) was emitting a cry for attention shortly after her father's sudden death by automobile accident. Her father was an M.D., but I don't remember his particular area of expertise.

      Second graders -- I taught that grade level for years -- are an interesting group; they have yet to draw definitive lines between fact and fantasy -- and between fact and opinion.

      Perhaps more about the case in the blog post will be revealed. For now, everyone is tight-lipped, as is often the case in civil law suits.

    6. PS: teachers can imagine unreality and be paranoid, too. Particularly in a class of 30!

  2. Simply sick. Period. Where did these teachers get this idea that had the right to muddle in what should be the parents responsibilities.
    Soon enough it will be cradle and on as far as the government raising our kids. Good luck with that.

    1. @ Bunkerville,
      It takes a village to raise the damned.
      Warren, from my phone.



  4. That website you linked to looks like rightwing clickporn of the type that would allege Democrats ran a pedophile ring out of a DC pizza joint.

    1. SF,
      That's why I asked: Is it satire or the real deal?

      On the other hand, a stopped clock is right twice a day.

    2. "Pregnant Trans Man Gives Birth to Stillborn Baby After Nurse Thinks He’s Just Obese"

      That gem is on their sidebar.

    3. Duck,

      That gem appeared Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine.

      In the future, please do a bit of research before disparaging a site.

    4. The "Man" miscarrying was a real story, but forgive Ducky. In this mad world where you can't call things by their real names, it gets confusing. That was an obese woman taking male hormones, and apparently still feeling like a woman every now and then, at least long enough to get knocked up.

      We have a mental health crisis in this country.

    5. SF,
      It's getting harder and harder to discern between The Onion stories and reality. Heh.

  5. Replies
    1. You nailed it with that post. I was a big fan of
      the now retired talk show host William J Bennett,
      former drug czar and secretary of education. His
      first act was to call for the elimination of the
      department of education.

      Back when I was a kid, functions like education and
      welfare agencies were administered at the state level.
      In fact, welfare was called State Aid. Many red states
      did not have welfare agencies, so this led to a mass
      Exodus to blue states because that was where the money

      By the time Bennett was appointed, the federal government (AKA the Borg) assimilated the welfare state and education.
      Here he was, the top dog in an executive branch agency and
      he discovered that a female inner-city school teacher was
      so illiterate she could barely spell her own name.

      Bennett wanted her fired, but the teachers union circled
      the wagons and he failed. Think about this for a moment,
      the now highly centralized federal government can swing
      both ways. By all rights Bennett should have been able to
      effect the firing of an incompetant teacher, but if
      Bennett were still the secretary of education, Donald Trump
      would be his boss.

      As the Chief Executive, Donald Trump could issue an
      executive order that would put an end to permissive
      sex ed and this open advocacy of transexualism with the
      stroke of a pen. He might not be able to fire state
      level offenders, but he could cut off federal funds to
      any school district that defies his executive order.

      Think of me as the head of the Podunk Idaho school
      system. One of the teachers decides to brainwash
      some 8-year-old to turn him into a tranny. The
      loss of federal funding would be a (sorry to use an
      economic term) perverse incentive that would result
      in the firing of the teacher!

      This is why it is an imperative to reelect Donald
      Trump next November. The moment he is sworn in for
      his second term, there is no limit to his executive
      authority. Under normal circumstances, I would not
      trust any of our greatest presidents with this kind
      of power, but President Trump's every impulse has been
      to benefit the economy and increase our liberty.

      I could have voted for JFK, but I was only five-years-old
      when he took office. He was a fiscal conservative who
      hated the "progressive" wing of his party and a staunch
      anti communist. I do not give a rodent's rectum that
      Donald Trump is a classic liberal. Wild horses would
      not have kept me from voting for him in 2016.

      If he serves a second term, someone needs to make room
      for him on Mount Rushmore because he saved us with one
      Supreme Court appointment from a Marxist radical who would
      have packed the court with radicals resulting in a one-party

    2. Leonard, I used to call into Morning in America frequently.
      Met him in D.C. after winning Your Voice Your Ad.
      He has a great podcast that is reminiscent of the show.

  6. I was 8 once myself back in 1964 so I can categorically
    state that no child that age has any concept of sex
    or sexuality beyond childhood rumors. I see this wave
    of transexual 6 to 10 year old children for what it is,
    brainwashing by "progressive" teachers, parents, shrinks
    and the like. This should also vindicate the people who
    were opposed to same sex marriage adoptions. Seeing a
    6-year-old drag queen twerking in a gay pride is all the
    evidence I need to make a conclusion.

    Call it whatever you want these children are being force
    fed this garbage in what is nothing less than child sexual
    abuse. In any other age the adults who are pushing this
    would have been arrested and charged with sex crimes!

    At age 8, most girls were at that "boys are icky" stage
    and most boys felt the same about girls. I still remember
    the raging debate against sex ed in the classroom. I am
    a baby boomer (AKA the worthless generation) which
    gave us the concept of "free love" and "if it feels good,
    do it." That resulted in an explosion of STD's and drug

    I am a male who smoked pot and would have screwed a knothole
    in a fence at age 17. But as I got older, I witnessed my two
    sisters and two half-sisters turned into drug addicted whores
    due to the legacy of Abbie Hoffman, Rene Davis, BJ Billy
    Clinton and other horny college campus Marxists.

    That was my conversion from far left to a man who makes Rush Limbaugh look like Stalin or Mao. I live in constant pain,
    but I will never drop a single tab of hillbilly heroin.
    I cannot imagine what my once beautiful sisters would look
    like had they not fallen for that destructive lifestyle.

    Ironically, my eldest sister (a functionally illiterate drug
    abuser) became a public school teacher and the kind of person
    who would force feed this kind of Bovine Scat down the
    throats of prepubescent children.

    We should have listened to the people who warned us against
    government mandated sex education in schools. They understood
    that polluting the minds of children would lead to perversions
    we could not even imagine back in 1970!

    Sex education should be the exclusive function of parents.
    My parents were divorced not long after I was born. My
    mother knew when the time was right to have that talk.
    The left took the basics (images of a penis and a vagina)
    and the basic biological mechanics to an open advocacy
    of sex followed by free condoms to advocating homosexuality
    and eventually transexuality.

    Liberals have already written opinions denouncing "Pedophobia"
    which begs the question, what will be the next perversion?
    Could it be Beastophobia?

    1. Necrophobia. The dead are, after all, democrats.
      At least they vote that way.

    2. You, Duck, don't see the enormity of the problem.
      I don't expect you to, either, or to admit to it.
      Authoritarian abuse has led to many of these kids in a confused period of life get confused advice from someone they are encouraged to learn from.
      Walt Heyer points this out from personal experience.
      As do others.

    3. Ducky,

      To what do you attribute the explosion of young people claiming to be trans, gay, or one or more of the multifarious offshoots?

      Monkey See, Monkey Do is fundamental to human nature, and there is strength in numbers.

    4. I attribute it to a more accepting environment.

    5. That's probably part of it, but it is criminal what they are doing to pre-pubescent children who don't even have sex on their minds yet.

      It is also criminal, imo, to give sex change hormones and drugs to still-developing adolescents.

    6. How often is that done without parental consent?

  7. This situation seems overwrought. The teacher overstepped her authority and needs to sit with the parents and the principal and work it out.

    The claims by the parents indicate a pair of leeches looking for a score and they'll probably aggravate the boy's situation.

    1. "The claims by the parents indicate a pair of leeches looking for a score and they'll probably aggravate the boy's situation."

      Well, if the parents are actually "Progressives", that would explain everything!

    2. Yep, child abuse is nothing to get overwrought over.

    3. Catona Hottinroof said

      Neither is murdering infant babies fresh out of the womb, apparently.

      GOD IN HEAVEN! We really are going the way of ancient Rome. What next? Stuffed Suckling Babe roasted slowly on a spit over charcoal served with rice pilaff and a medley of grilled tropical fruits and vegetables.

  8. Just wait until transgenderism is pushed in biology class.

  9. Can you provide some documentation of this nonsense?

  10. Duck,
    Were I you, I wouldn't call something as the aforementioned by Kid nonsense. You already made that very error in this thread with your snide gem label, and the story had, in some for or another, recently appeared in the New England Journal of Medicine.

  11. 2nd graders are bring taught about anal sex?

  12. No, they wait for the fifth grade.
    There. That's much better isn't it?

  13. LSP,
    The word degenerates is the perfect description.


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