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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Video: Ami Horowitz's Stockholm Syndrome

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Recently, we've heard quite a bit about documentary maker Ami Horowitz. Hearing about it is one thing, watching it another.

Please watch this video in its entirety:


  1. If the interviews, conducted toward the end of the video, are indicative of Sweden, at large, that nation is sadly doomed. If their vaunted Socialism was, indeed, the success that they claimed it was, in no small part, due to homogeneity. That appears to be on-the-wane along with the safety and security of the general populace as the epidemic mental illness, known as Liberalism, spreads through Western Europe!

  2. The "mediator" of racial difference has long "vanished" in a homogenous Swedish culture. Needless to say, it WILL "re-appear" as the Swede's introduce more and more "refugee's" into the culture. It will take a long time for the mediator to once again, "disappear"....

  3. The moral of the story is DON'T add a cup of STEEL FILINGS to our favorite cake recipe or pie filling.

  4. Erotic Episcopalian Ecdysiast said

    Swedes have long been noted as a race of "BLOCKHEADS." I never wanted to believe it, but from the evidence presented in this video –– and places in the United States heavily settled by Swedish immigrants, virtually ALL of whom ardently embrace SOCIALISTIC STATISM ––, I am more inclined to believe they ARE in fact a race of BLOCKHEADS.

    Sweden has only herself herself to blame because of ASSUMPTIVE thinking, and BLIND DEVOTION to a pathological philosophy of pseudo-benignant theories of governance.

    Therefore. SWEDEN richly DESERVES what she is getting. She ASKED for it, BEGGED for it, PRAYED for it with head bowed on bended knee, so I say to HELL with Sweden.

  5. Sweden isn't the only country that's catering to alien cultures which refuse to integrate and expect to live outside the values of the country into which they immigrate. Germany has also encountered this sordid behavior.

    Canadian Prime Minister Justin trudeau has extended the welcome mat for up to 300,000 new immigrants, mostly Muslim refugees.

    Who is behind the suicidal tendencies being unleashed on Western countries? It's a much deeper problem than we are able to come to grips with right now, I believe.

  6. So just what does "documentarian" (he's a regular Errol Morris) establish?

    He makes claims about the Swedish rape statistics without mentioning that Sweden has reported the highest incidence in Europe even before the immigrant spike and they have the least restrictive method in Europe of recording an assault as rape. But that doesn't matter.

    Then he has a fake assault with doctored sound.

    Then an interview with two guys who could be anyone.

    Then a number of people who tell him he's full of crap but their Swedes so his opinion trumps theirs.

    I especially liked his shot of some room (could have been a clinic for all we know) where people (mostly women) have come to report crime (mostly rapes?)

    The pure stinky cheese.

    1. In 2011, 78% of Swedens rapes were committed by the 2% of Swedes who were Immigrants...

    2. Wow, Farmer posted an unsourced graphic.

      That settles it, I guess.

      Please stop.

    3. Fine. Here's the source. I guess if it lack the Swedish government's imprimatur, it can't be true... because smart statistician's are unable to manipulate data as well as civil servants.

    4. ...as Regression Analysis has been proven itself to be entirely unreliable.

      *rolls eyes*

  7. " ... pure stinky cheese."

    You define yourself very well, Canardo.

    I must commend you for your forthrightness.Few have the courage to exhibit such remarkable candor, –– especially in public.

    So Kodos to you Herr Limburger.

    1. As usual, FreeThinke resorts to ad hominem.

      What's sad is that it's easy enough to tear apart these crap documentaries (guy's a regular Jean Rouch) but the right has abandoned any use of reason and just turtles.


    2. Remember kiddies, only documentaries paid for by corporate interests or the State have legitimacy.

      Where's Leni Riefenstahl when you need her...?

    3. You bring up an interesting discussion topic, Farmer.

      What constitutes a documentary?
      That's still debated. Some would say the Horowitz's assemblage of talking heads and found footage barely qualifies, if at all.

      But many government funded documentaries have been classic works. The Plow That Broke the Plains is an excellent example of the commie crap that came out of the U.S. government during the New Deal when there was available grants.

      I don't know who funded Robert Drew's , Primary . I don't think it was state funded but it kicked off a golden age of American documentary film making and the Cinéma Vérité movement.

      Does give a backdrop that helps clarify why it's tough to call crap like Horowitz's drivel a film. You have to have a very loose definition.

    4. Not quite up to the "Hillary's America" standard, eh, ducky?

  8. Google search term

    swedish policeman exposes muslim crime

    No chance of doctored video here.

    1. I did the look up and didn't come up with much, kid.
      Some crap from info wars and the like.

      I enjoyed this one from Spencer/Geller:
      "80% of Swedish police consider quitting over Muslim migrant danger"

      Yeah right.

      Now back to the video. Can you point to any point in the video that absolutely identifies those two as police and not say members of SD?

      Did you notice that in the recent "riot" over the arrest of a drug dealer:
      1. There were no injuries.
      2. The police were the only one's armed.
      3. The police brought it under control fairly quickly and didn't seem to recognize the "no go zone".

      Hardly the AK's and grenades these two talk about.
      It isn't doctored (the sound of the fight is) but it is deceptive. The type of deception the right falls for easily.

    2. TAH-RAH-RAH BOOM-de-ay!
      Ta-ra-ra BOOM-de-ay!
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  9. @THE VIDEO,

    She speaks perfect English and with incredible knowledge and common sense. Is she really Swedish?

  10. And the poor Swedes who ARE trying to speak out are being silenced. Have you seen the Christmas video of Muslims climbing up a large Christmas tree in a shopping mall, laughing and throwing all the ornaments on the ground with other Muslims laughing all around it...cops told to BACK OFF...

    1. Yeah, I saw that video. Three things you should know:

      1. Jesus is an important prophet in Islam and Christmas is widely tolerated even if it isn't celebrated.

      2. The video was taken at a mall in EGYPT

      3. The occasion was a promotion that allowed the tree to be climbed to claim prizes.

      Not that you want to accept the facts but I thought I'd try to help.

    2. Duck,
      You might be correct about that video -- I dunno.


      Sweden is having serious problems with all the non-Western immigrants she has taken into the country. Your comment and the tone thereof are an attempt to mask that reality.

    3. Z,
      the poor Swedes who ARE trying to speak out are being silenced

      Yes. They are protecting their personal economic future. The threat of losing employment is a powerful one -- not only for those in Sweden but also all over the West.

    4. It's easy enough to find an in depth analysis of the video, AOW. It has been identified as a routine event at an Egyptian mall.

      The larger point is that as Trump talks about "fake news", all it takes is to post one misleading video and it's taken a gospel. There is a serious lack of critical thought.

      As for the latest screed from the SD's, they have a clever party name. You wouldn't guess that the "Sweden Democrats" are the far right anti-immigrant party but there you go.

      It may be that there is a lot of truth to what they say but without input from a wider spectrum you have absolutely no way of knowing. We are in a bit of a mess and it's becoming much more difficult to find anything approaching an objective source.

      I really wish we could travel back several decades when the new rom wasn't judged as a profit center and the "direct cinema" documentary makers made a pretty good run at an engaging, objective film style. Now? Now we have Ari Horowitz.
      It is intensely sad ... and dangerous.

    5. Yes, ducky, we must trust the State to tell us the truth...

      "Symptoms" of "hidden" social conflict like Norway's Anders Behring Breivik are "aberrations" that we should w/confidance and skepticism, IGNORE. Especially in a country the managed to remain "neutral but firendly" to Germany in WWII.

    6. ps - Is this film from a Swedish-advertising suburb or Cairo, too?

    7. It's THE topic these days.

      Of course, Nigel Forage wouldn't have a vested interest any more than "filmmaker" Horowitz.

  11. I've seen Ami's street video in a no-go zone. THIS is much scarier because ordinary Swedes don't see they have a PROBLEM.

    1. Baysider,
      They are blinded and cannot admit what's happening.

      I'm not sure that such people can awaken from their utopian slumber.


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