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Monday, February 27, 2017

The 2017 Oscar Awards

Spot-on comment to Watch Them Announce Best Picture At Oscars, Then Realize They Read Name Of Wrong Film at Weasel Zippers:

This bunch of perverted retards were so busy trying to upstage each other in bashing President Trump they couldn't even get a simple thing as the awards right. Here they are thinking they are so damn smart and only expose themselves as complete dumb Jack Wagons....
More about the 2017 Oscar Awards (from Grabien News): The 10 Most Left-Wing Moments from the 2017 Academy Awards.

Item 3 is especially amusing:
3. Toward the end of the show, Jimmy Kimmel -- ostensibly upset Trump had not tweeted about the Oscars -- began literally tweeting at him mid-show, with his phone broadcast above the stage.


  1. Replies
    1. Faux Snooze named Nils Bildt best director?

    2. No, "Moonlight" was Best Picture. Can I have your BLM lapel ribbon?

    3. ...or was that covered by the "safety pin" attaching your blue ACLU ribbon?

    4. Nothing like a good screw-up at the Oscars to help hype a bad movie...

  2. The OSCARS?


    Who could possibly care what that motley gaggle of creeps, perverts, traitors and demons think about each other?

    Hollywood was lots of fun back in the lovely days all gone by when Hollywood realized it's primary raison d'ĂȘtre was to help the public to ESCAPE periodically from the cares and woes of everyday life –– to give them delightful fantasies on which they could build pleasant dreams – OR - absorbing melodramas that showed how desperate sad and lonely the lives of "The Rich and Famous" really were, so the ordinary Jacks and Jills could feel better about their dreary little lives by compare.

    Hollywood lost its allure soon after it began to LECTURE us on ISSUES of SOCIAL SIGNIFICANCE.

    1. FT,
      Hollywood lost its allure soon after it began to LECTURE us on ISSUES of SOCIAL SIGNIFICANCE.


      But more than lecturing. We get SCOLDED.

    2. You pretty much described La La Land, FreeThinke.

      I would think you'd be supportive of a film that helps revive the musical. The director showed some innovation in his first low budget film Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench .
      Cassavetes meet Demy, good stuff.

      The biggest problem with the film industry today is not the celebrity palaver but the loss of the adult audience.

    3. It could also be said that: The biggest problem with the Democrats is "the loss of the adult audience".

    4. The biggest problem with the USA today is the loss of ADULTS –– PERIOD! We have been systematically INFANTILIZED for more than fifty years at least –– probably longer.

      This regrettable phenomenon has developed precisely because The Left long ago took over the reins in the fields of EDUCATION, NEWS & INFORMATION, PUBLISHING and the LAW. They have had control of "ENTERTAINMENT" for nearly a hundred years.

      Why do you think our nation has been subjected to the process we regrettably refer to as DUMBING DOWN? [I'd prefer to call it IGNORANTIZATION, myself, but who is left who could figure out what I meant by such a term?]

      It didn't happen by accident. It occurred because of a ruthless, crafty, manipulative scheming AGENDA on the part of The Enemy Within.

    5. Still lamenting the loss of the Hays Code, FT?

      Or was it the release of Bonnie and Clyde ?

      All change is good? No, that would be chaotic and harmful.
      Block change? No, that would also be harmful.

    6. I just watched Bonnie and Clyde and thought it was perhaps one of the most awful movies I had ever seen.
      Not the plot or violence, just horrible acting all around.

    7. I'm not as high on it as some either, Ed but there's little disagreement that it brought in the new Hollywood that FreeThinke laments.

  3. If I ever see a headline such as: HOLLYWOOD IS A DYING BREED it will be comforting, indeed! I will not, however, hold my breath in the meantime. FT has nailed it quite well.

    1. Thank you, Jon! The Hollywood those of us older folk knew and loved, and still enjoy now and then on TCM, was killed off in the SICK-sties –– that hideous time when the bottom dropped out of society, and everything suddenly changed for the worse almost literally OVERNIGHT.

      I doubt if anyone UNDER the age of seventy could REALLY understand what I mean. I see evidence every day, among many younger people who honestly believe themselves to be "conservative," that the manners, morals, tastes, mores and use of language taught to ME as a child have virtually disappeared, except in the blessed realms of memory, dreams, and imagination.

      Change may be "the only constant," as they say, I accept that. What I do NOT accept is this foolish notion: "Because change is inevitable, ALL change must begood and should, therefore be deemed acceptable."

      Malcontents, mischief makers, and malefactors are forever agitating to produce CHANGE for the SAKE of CHANGE –– with no higher purpose in mind.

    2. Veronica Rivers said

      Not to be impertinent, Ma'am, but one of the definitions of "lecture" when used as a verb is to scold, reprimand, dress down, excoriate, castigate, chastise, etc. at length.

  4. Sheesh.

    From today's WaPo:

    For as awful as I feel for everyone involved with “La La Land,” what’s even worse about this colossal error is the way it denied everyone involved with “Moonlight” their moment of triumph: from being announced as winners in an uncomplicated way with an untainted round of applause, and from getting to give acceptance speeches out from under the shadow of people who had already spoken and who had suffered a crushing disappointment.

    [link, article entitled "The insane end of the Oscars sent a false message about racial progress"]

    1. That's one of the dumbest columns I've read in some time.

      If no real conflict exists, create it.

    2. Duck,
      If there was any line of reasoning in that article, I failed to find it. Why did the WaPo publish such nonsense?

      The Style Section is degrading overall the past several months. I've noted letters to the editor saying the same as I've noticed.

  5. This is my favorite 'fake news' from the OSCARS...just saw it....https://www.yahoo.com/news/m/dd580a68-27c5-3bfe-b127-aeeedf5e1140/ss_an-iranian-won-an-oscar-and.html

    HILARIOUS! The title is “An Iranian Won and Oscar and the Right Wing had a Twitter meltdown!”
    As if the Conservatives were upset an Iranian won an OSCAR? AS IF!?? Of course nobody is, it's what he said, the lecture on human rights from someone who comes FROM IRAN :-)!! Oh, the irony. The comments from Cons. pundits under the article are absolutely wonderful and true, and the misleading headline is so typical of the media today.

    1. Yes, he's Iranian and therefore, according to Trump, not fit to enter the U.S.
      Never mind that he has found ways in his cinema to deal with Iranian censors and criticize the regime. He couldn't possibly be anything but a threat.

      Fact is that what he said was accurate and he is a better example of how we might achieve the understanding that we all need so much than Trump will ever be (I just don't see Trump having an epiphany).

      The Salesman is very good but you really should see A Separation . It's outstanding.

    2. ...because THAT director wouldn't have been allowed by the freedom loving Iranians to attend the ceremony. :)

    3. So we should emulate Iran?

      I don't get your point.

    4. Did NONE of you understand what I wrote???? The Right is NOT angry that he won for best foreign film. Foreigns WIN best foreign film! The headline is so misleading...that's my only point. Their supposed "twitter meltdown" was about an Iranian lecturing US when he comes from a country of truly egregious CRAP...admittedly, he supposedly talks against it, too, but he acquiesced on something I heard, backing off his gov't criticism, so He COULD make a particular film.

    5. I understood exactly what you wrote.

      The man is an Iranian and is therefore not allowed to have an opinion on Trump's policy.
      Iranian directors have found ways to be critical of the regime but they have to be cautious. For a chimp like Donald Trump to say we should exclude all Iranians is deserving of criticism and that is exactly what Farhadi did.

      Do you have a list of the classes of people except conservative Protestants who are allowed to b critical of America?

    6. Duck,
      Quit speaking in snarky hyperbole. Thank you.

    7. There's an old saying that pre-dates America, McDuck. "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."

  6. Solomon Bundy said

    Vanity of vanities! All is vanity ...


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