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Friday, February 24, 2017

The Big Six-Five!


What a shame that the body has betrayed the mind as I've aged!

At least I still look young enough to wear this shirt, a gift from my homeschool group:

Birthday shirt
Shirt detail


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! The BIG consolation for reaching this milestones is your eligibility for MEDICARE.

    I'm against MEDICARE on principle, and wish it had never been instituted [I have no doubt whatsoever that medical care would be a great deal CHEAPER today, if LBJ and the DemonRats hadn't foisted this on the AMERICAN public], BUT from a personal, purely pragmatic standpoint I can tell you it has been a GODSEND, because it effectively shifts most of the the burden of unceasingly immense costs to the taxpayers and away from us senior citizens.

    That's not fair to the taxpayers, I know, but at least there's SOME kind of break for getting old –– increasingly fragile, and vulnerable to dread disease.

    I am very sorry severe health challenges have come upon you so soon in life, but sooner or later they come to at least 90% of us, and we have no choice but to take the bitter wth the better, and try to make the best of it.

    Complaining does no good at all.


    1. FT,
      Agreed about Medicare. I got my Medicare coverage beginning on February 1. Expensive, though: about $300/month for Medicare B, Medigap, and Medicare D (pharmacy coverage, but not good coverage as the copays are ridiculously high).

      I expect health challenges as I age. But not this unrelenting and grinding PAIN for months on end.

      The most recent scan did not indicate a problem with the kidney, but this terrible pain feels as if it is indeed the kidney that is hurting. Next up: CT scan.

      Despite this tormenting pain, I managed to eat a fair amount of dinner last night. Last night, Mr. AOW, The Merry Widow, and I went out for dinner at my favorite restaurant.

  2. Wishing the very best for your special day. Happy Birthday! :)

    1. Bunkerville,
      Thank you.

      I am going to celebrate by not working on my taxes today. Never mind that I'm miles behind with the tallies. Running one's own business is grueling when it comes to keeping records for the IRS.

  3. Congrats and Happy BD! I let you know my feelings on Medicare in five years and a day... ;)

  4. Have a blessed day and by all means avoid such detractions from happiness as "taxes"!

  5. Happy Birthday, AOW.

    Hope you enjoyed your dinner and I hope the pain eases in the coming year.

  6. Happy Birthday AOW. Many more and good ones.

  7. Well now, happy birthday kiddo! I hit 65 a few years back and it ain't bad at all. God bless.

  8. 1. Now the day is over,
    Night is drawing nigh;
    Shadows of the evening
    Steal across the sky.

    2. Now the darkness gathers,
    Stars begin to peep,
    Birds and beasts and flowers
    Soon will be asleep.

    3. Jesus, give the weary
    Calm and sweet repose;
    With Thy tend'rest blessing
    May mine eyelids close.

    4. Grant to little children
    Visions bright of Thee;
    Guard the sailors tossing
    On the deep-blue sea.

    5. Comfort every sufferer
    Watching late in pain;
    Those who plan some evil
    From their sin restrain.

    6. Through the long night-watches
    May Thine angels spread
    Their white wings above me,
    Watching round my bed.

    7. When the morning wakens,
    Then may you arise
    Pure and fresh and sinless
    In Thy holy eyes.

    8. Glory to the Father,
    Glory to the Son,
    And to Thee, blest Spirit,
    While all ages run.

    Text: Proverbs 3:24
    Author and Composer: Sabine Baring-Gould (1865)


    May thy birthday blessings
    Strengthen grow and spread
    And this day's sweet mem'ries
    Grace your rest in bed.

    I hope all three of you had truly a lovely day, AOW.

  9. Busy day, slow getting here.
    I hope you have a wonderful day after your birthday also, my friend.

  10. Happy belated birthday my friend. That's a snappy shirt you received as a gift. All the best to you and Mr. AOW.

  11. Happy Birthday! And I pray this year will bring a resolution to the pain that has been plaguing you.

    1. SF,
      Next up: abdominal CT scan and a urinalysis. Something is wrong -- as evidenced by this sharp pain in the kidney area. I'm dragging around, and the pain meds are barely keeping me out of the ER.

  12. Thanks, all!

    Except for some early morning forays in the blogosphere, I took a day away from the news.


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