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Friday, November 4, 2016

Social Justice: "White straight men are a big problem."

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Link to read, including a short video to watch:

Lena Dunham Wants to Improve Men by Making White Straight Men Extinct.

According to Wikipedia, Lena Dunham is an American actress, writer, producer and director. In 2014, she was named by Time as one of the 100 most influential people.

The societal insanity is off the scale!


  1. I couldn't get the video to play. So, she's an Oberlin alumna; no big surprise there."Oberlin was ranked among the 20 friendliest campuses for LGBT students in The Advocate's College Guide for LGBT Students. Several different student groups exist to support the interests of LGBT students and their allies."

    I'm proud to say that I've never heard of her!

    1. Jon,
      I couldn't get the video to play.

      Ugh. I got the video to play 3 times.

      Most institutions of high education -- so called -- are nothing but propaganda tools for the Left.

  2. Ms. Dunham is often an object of ridicule on the left.
    She has a great publicist, however.

    Her film consisted primarily of her whining. Pretty lame.

    1. I have to somewhat agree with Ducky. We all tend to overgeneralize and slap everyone to our right (or left) with the same broad brush, conflating the sins and stupidities of all the various sub-tribes, and then we attack the first righty (or lefty) who stumbles in and we launch the entire farrago, giving them a face-full.

      If you prefer to divide things up by left-right, both sides have their kooks and provocateurs, and yeah, even though we don't agree with them all, it's often fun to watch them jab, prod, incite and provoke the other side...

      Having said that, the White Christian Male has kinda gone out of fashion (unless he vociferously adopts all the punch-card issues approved by our Pop culture curators).

      We're a sick society

    2. This is a battle between the Justice Department (stuffed with political appointees at its highest echelons), and the FBI (staffed with career professionals who jealously guard their well-earned reputation for honesty, integrity and incorruptibility).

      Who do you believe and trust?

      The Clintons corrupt and pervert everything they touch. They sully, defame, slander and ruin the reputations of those people and institutions they cannot suborn.

      Administrations of both parties have abused the power of the justice department, and this is one more sad case. Lynch scuttled the FBI investigation by handing out immunity deals to the prime suspects, setting narrow rules for FBI inquiry, and refusing to open a grand jury, which would have led to sworn testimony and standard evidentiary rules and siezures.

      That is why Comey looked so galled during his unprecedented July press conference. He was a good soldier and he told us as much as he could without openly impugning the motives of Obama's political operatives at Justice who abused him and his organization to give Hillary Rotten Clinton and the dirty scoundrels she surrounds herself with the appearance of a clean bill of health.

      He might have sucked it up, but the good men and women of the FBI rank and file, the career investigators, could not. Did Obama, Hillary and Lynch really think they wouldn't face a fierce backlash at their gross abuse of power?

      Who do you believe? The Justice Department political appointees? Or the career professionals at the FBI?

    3. Who do you believe? The Justice Department political appointees? Or the career professionals at the FBI?

      It now appears that someone in the FBI gave Giuliani inside information some days prior to Comey's latest [and rather odd] announcement.

      Are anyone's hands clean?

    4. CI: Had there been no Clinton corruption, and no Obama Justice Department interference and cover-up, we never would have heard a peep from the FBI concerning Hillary or this election.

      If someone has abused their power to block legitimate channels, the truth finds other ways of getting out.

    5. Ghouliani? I bet that little weasel is angling for AG if The Orange Man is elected.

    6. To Whom It Applies

      For those in great pain
      Expressing disdain
      May oft prove a source of relief.

      Showing contempt
      Makes churls feel exempt
      From the tenets of righteous Belief,

      For those who lack humor
      Fixate on each rumor
      That tells them the mighty will fall,

      And steadfastly dwell
      On the hope of Hell
      For the clever, good-looking and tall.

      Pouncing on error
      They hope to strike terror
      Deep in the heart of their betters,

      Who’ve made them feel low
      By the virtue they show
      With minds unburdened by fetters.

      These churls wax pedantic
      Whene’er they feel frantic
      To prove to themselves they have worth.

      What they do is invidious,
      So an aura quite hideous
      Soon blots out all traces of mirth.

      They take what’s euphonious,
      Then claim it’s erroneous
      With captious and petulant wrath.

      This conduct so odious,
      Shrill, unmelodious
      Irks even the stones on the path.

      Each animadversion
      Is a form of incursion
      That ruffles, then plucks out the feathers

      Of birds –– especially the dodo––
      Who falls prey to the dragon K imodo
      That strikes fear and dismay in all weathers.

      These attempts to assuage
      A fierce jealous rage
      Make it hard to find anything stupider.

      The stupidest folk nurse a grudge,
      Hold it long, squeeze it tight, and won’t budge,
      And that’s the sad truth, by Jupiter!

      ~ FreeThinke

    7. Ducky - I actually think that from a process and administration perspective, Giuliani would make an excellent AG, and were Trump to win, I'd peg him as being on the short list for that billet. It's too bad that he's beclowned himself during this electoral cycle.

    8. I'm confused, CI.

      You are obviously concerned about corruption but you think the guy who took security so seriously that he tried to get his bagman, Bernie Kerrick appointed as Homeland Security sect, so that they could milk that for even more than he has.

      The man is absolute garbage,

  3. The poor PIAPS Z(Hilderbeast) can NOT handle the truth. She calls us Trump supporters names but fails to note one major difference. Her campaign via surrogates and her supporters have done far worse to those of us who support Trump. We´ve been heckled, chased, hit with all manner of objects, beaten, subject to property damage etc. Trump himself has been called the usual things by the brain dead people who support Illery. Names like rapist, gringo, loser, Hitler, racist etc. Hilzilla needs to stop whining because as far as I´m concerned she gets zero sympathy from me.

    1. __ A View from the Right __

      Most liberals are very bright,

      But tend to be perverted.

      They love the dark and fear the light,
And will not be converted.

      They answer legalistically
Each charge and witticism.

      With hauteur drawn statistically

      They mock each criticism.

      The Truth does not engage them;

      They won't admit they're wrong.

      Facts they don't like enrage them,

      So resistance grows more strong.

      They either will ignore you,

      Or treat you to ridicule,

      Then brazenly they'll bore you

      Telling you that you're a fool.

      The process is unending
A matter of attrition.

      Their strength lies in not bending
      They'll never feel contrition.

      ~ FreeThinke

    2. Nice! I like the one up above this one as well...

  4. Lena Dunham is 200 lbs of chewed bubblegum who can't seem to keep her clothes on. Much like she thinks anyone wants to see her rolls of pasty flesh, she thinks anybody cares about her opinions.

    I don't know anyone on the left who gives her the time day; but I'm sure she's quite popular among the bedwetting "social justice" Statists.

    1. CI "Lena Dunham is 200 lbs of chewed bubblegum" FABULOUS remark...really well said.
      They won't give her the time of day but don't kid yourself that dumb leftwinger kids fall for the ridiculous hate toward anything decent that comes out of the pasty fleshed mouth

    2. Cascara,
      It's a bitter election cycle -- the bitterest I've witnessed in my lifetime.

  5. I wouldn't watch it any more than Ms. Dunham would watch anything I would say...or watch.

    Ducky writes her off as an object of ridicule on the left when so many of us have reminded liberals here that that's how we feel about plenty of 'conservatives' only to see that when a Cons. is wild-eyed and we're not on board, we're somehow stuck for life by the leftwing media and some commenters, as their representing us, when a liberal is wild-eyed and probably even a little sick in the mind (and stupid), they're "an object of ridicule of their side"

    1. Lena Dunham is a darling of the Social Justice Warriors, a group that will grow out of it as soon as they graduate and start drawing down their trust funds. They are very vocal and receive attention way out of proportion to their size.

      I also feel that conservatives who fall back on constant harping about the "leftwing" media are spending more time with meaningless catch phrases than they are with solid ideas.

      The great tragedy of the contemporary political conversation is that we spend so much time tell each other what we are rather than developing our own ideas.

    2. I don't know, Ducky....I agree that paying their own way (including taxes!) will wake them up but didn't think you thought that because I'm not sure there's a tax you don't love. I'm not trying to insult, I'm REALLY not, but you are more from the "tax the rich" side of the political spectrum than I am, right?

      I think you're right about developing our own ideas, but WHAT? Who's going to LISTEN TO OUR IDEAS?
      All we can do today is take what's going on and opine, consider, think about that particular thing.
      Tell us how OUR spending more time with solid ideas can be implemented....seriously.

      I do feel that too much time is spent angry and arguing and it's not good for our country....for sure. have a good weekend.

    3. Bought a new 128Gb iPod the other day.

      Drove up to N.H. to avoid the sales tax.

    4. How un-American of you, you tax evading corporatist REPUBLICAN! ;)

    5. Have you figured out "who YOU are" yet?

    6. Ahhh... New Hampshire... The Massholes' vacation cabin...

  6. Is Turnabout Fair Play?

    Was there ever a society
    In all of human history
    Where women were allowed to be
    Free in promiscuity,
    And a wife to many men?

    Imagine then what life would be
    If men were ignominiously
    Kept in rude captivity on stud farms
    Guarded by Lesbianic gendarmes
    Like bulls held in a pen!

    Is turnabout fair play,
    Or only one misguided way
    Of lousing up the day
    By insisting things be equal?

    God only knows for sure,
    So we must then endure
    Whatever status quo
    Saddles us with woe,
    Until He writes the sequel!

    ~ FreeThinke


    An inspection obstetrical cursory
Once consigned a girl to a blue nursery

    And all of her toys 
Were intended for boys.

    Could you ever imagine a worse story?

    A prominent, popular thespian

    Named "Rock" really wanted to be "Leslie Anne"

    So he went through much strife
Going under the knife,
    ut he thinks now that he's a Male Lesbian!

  8. Now I Sit Me Down in School

    Now I sit me down in school  
    Where praying is against the rule  
    For this great nation under God  
    Tries to place Him ‘neath the sod.  

    If Scripture now the class recites,  
    It violates the Bill of Rights,  
    And anytime our heads we bow  
    Becomes a Federal Issue now.

    Hair died purple, blue or green,  
    Is no offense to the Freedom Scene.
    The law’s specific, strict, precise.  
    Spoken prayers are the worst vice.  

    For prayer in public as a trend 
    Might some poor Satanist offend.  
    In silence we must meditate,  
    God can't be mentioned says the State.  

    But, we can curse and dress like freaks,  
    And pierce our noses, tongues and cheeks.  
    They outlawed guns, but FIRST the Bible.  
    To quote the Good Book makes me liable
    To be called a bigoted brute, 
    Then subject to a legal suit.

    We now see pregnant Campus Queens,  
    And unwed Daddies in their teens.
    Girls of eleven swinging their asses
    Carting their babies to and from classes. 
    Now, teaching right from wrong's taboo,  
    We learn our morals from the zoo. 

    They give us condoms and birth controls,  
    We’re told that Witchcraft, Totem Poles,
    Voodoo and Satan could save our souls, 
    But the Lord from whom our rights are endowed
    Can’t be mentioned. It’s not allowed,  
    No word of His may reach our crowd. 

    We owe this all to Murray O’Hair 
    Who from her dark, degraded lair
    With perverse notions of what’s fair
    Has made each one of us the heir
    To vice, corruption and lunacy
    Unbounded, given parity
    With what we once thought right and true,
    So children can feel free to screw.

    I'm frightened here I must confess,  
    When Chaos reigns, there's great distress.  
    If I receive a bullet hole,  
    I beg you, Lord, to take my soul!


    ~ Anne Animus (with a little help from FT! ;-)

    1. Too, true, FT...and we are seeing the consequences of Christians crumbling before her...sigh...


  9. Depends which white men you're talkin' about. Some are. :)

    Seriously, this woman is a loon. She's not scary. The fact that anyone would pay attention to her IS.

    1. Baysider,
      Apparently someone at Time Magazine thinks that Ms. Dunham is "all that." Pfffffft.

    2. Like I say, she has a great publicist.

  10. This is what happens when you give losers, or minorities, an inch a day. And the obama machine has been giving all of them many inches a day for 8 years. They need to be reminded they are no more important than anyone else.

  11. _____ TOO SOON OLD & TOO LATE SMART _____

    Before committing Marriage Gay People should take pause

    And consider the implications of Community Property Laws.

    Lust may achieve satiety
With or without propriety,

    So why become a martyr

    To receive the imprimatur

    Of a dull Bourgeois society

    Whose strictures you flee gleefully?


    ntimate relationships of each and every kind

    Are blithely entered into by mad persons love made blind.

    The stress and strain of living close together every day

    Demands incessant giving causing tempers soon to fray.

    The quest to reach Equality considers not, of course,

    The Agony –– and vast Expense –– that comes with a Divorce!


    1. consider the implications of Community Property Laws

      Valid point!

      Here in Virginia, assets cannot be separated -- no matter the source of those assets. One member of the couple goes medically bankrupt, so does the other. I found out about this reality when Mr. AOW had his stroke in September 2009.

      Divorce won't immediately separate assets in the case of medical bankruptcy. The look-back interval is 3-5 years.

    2. I TOLD you a long time ago to GET OUT of that accursed state in which you've chosen to live. It will BANKRUPT you.

      If one hopes to survive,
      One must learn to connive.

      If you don't take good advice,
      You simply have to pay the price.

      There's little pity for the afflicted
      When their pain is self-inflicted.


    3. FT,
      There are great advantages to living in this region -- namely, state-of-the-art medical care which has saved my eyesight and is in the process of saving my left kidney.

      Most states will not allow the separation of assets. Not even if the couple has a pre-nup. And some states also confiscate based on cohabitation for several years.


      You will note that I haven't yet been bankrupted. My cousin, my POA, is just as fierce as I am!

      Besides, there is no way that I can pick up and move NOW. Too ill to do so.

      When I get back on my feet, I will actively pursue selling this property as a developed property. I've got the realtor already lined up for the sale.

      And our support system (family, friends) are here. Thank God for this support system, which pulled together when I was suddenly hospitalized last month.

      If one hopes to survive,
      One must learn to connive.

      Yep. And, man, have I ever connived!

    4. BTW, I was in process of pursuing the sale of this property when this kidney ailment struck.

  12. More weirdness...

    Tree Humpers: These Ecosexuals Want to Screw Global Warming to Death.

    Brief excerpt:

    ...Ecosexuality was invented by Beth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle, who publicly married the soil in 2014. The premise behind it is that if mankind can desire to f—k the earth, then mankind can desire to save it....

    More at the above link.

  13. Horse face Chelsea Clinton is a con artist, just like her parents are In a case of fraud meets extreme nepotism, Hillary gave her daughter Chelsea a $900,000 annual salary to run their “family charity” the Clinton Foundation, using “donated” money that didn't even belt to them.

  14. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Documenting Bill Clinton's abuse of women:


      Has Trump ever been found to have sexually abused a woman?

      Bill Clinton has!

      Has Trump ever had to pay a legal settlement to one of his sexual assault victims? Bill Clinton has!

      Has Trump even been punished for perjury? Bill Clinton has! They stripped him of his law license, and according to Colin Powell, Bill's still a horn dog, traveling the world trolling for young sexual victims, you pathetic crap-filled prog.

  15. True,Trump has never had to pay a legal settlement to one of his sexual assault victims [interesting that you call them "victims" and not "accusers"].

    But on the other hand no presidential candidate has ever had a civil lawsuit for child rape pending as well as one for fraud concerning his Trump University. So he's a bit unique in that regard.

    1. In Bill Clinton's case, they are victims. Trump has no victims, just accusers. Thanks for clearing that up.

      The lawsuit was thrown out twice, but they're still shopping. Welcome to the Divided States of Slip and Fall Lawyers.

    2. It doesn't matter now. Hillary's on her way to the White House thanks to Comey.

    3. @ Shantung Writer

      Don't bet on it. She wasn't cleared of anything and the FBI investigation into the Emails might end but there is still the matter of the Clinton Family slush fund laughingly called a "charity".

      This won't change anyone's mind about Clinton, Anyone voting for her would have voted for her anyway and anyone voting against is still against her.


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