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Thursday, November 10, 2016

On The Lighter Side? And On The Serious Side, Too

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Projected and published and on the news stands:

The reality:

How is it that the polling industry, the punditry industry, el al, were so wrong with their predictions for Election Day 2016?

Do you not find humor in how far off base all these "experts" were? I certainly do!

Perhaps the egregious misjudgment comes down one thing: the lack of perception on the part of both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party to recognize the level of anger among those not sitting in their various types of ivory towers.


  1. Working class Americans were never going to turn out for Mitt Romney, and ALL of the pundits models were based upon the 2012 election.

    1. FJ,
      ALL of the pundits models were based upon the 2012 election.


      That model was thrown into my face over and over again on October 12, 2015, when I sat down for 2.5 hours for a face-to-face meeting with one of Karl Rove's best friends.

      There was no reasoning with the man!

      He refused to accept my warning about the level of anger among the peasants beyond the moat.

      Even after the election results on Tuesday, Karl Rove and his buddies still don't realize what happened.

    2. FJ,
      I did not meet with Michael Gerson, but his words are illustrative of the denial of the realities evinced by the November 8 election:

      ...The most immediate concern should be to reassure men, women and children — particularly Muslim Americans and migrants — who feel uncertain of their place in the new order. Trump should go out of his way to signal tolerance. Whatever he does, all of us should go out of our way, in the small circles of our daily lives, to tell the newly vulnerable that millions of Americans will oppose bullying and threats of any kind. This has become a duty of citizenship in the Trump era....

      Gerson also wrote this (same link):

      More personally, it is sobering to find that your view of things — your most basic principles of ethics and political theory — is not ascendant in the electoral world of 2016. And to find that your political party, on the verge of controlling all the elected portions of the federal government, is completely unrecognizable. It feels like a kind of exile from everything cherished and familiar....

    3. People like Gerson are so "locked" into the domestic identity politics paradigm that they don't recognize a campaign centered upon "universal-AMERICAN" values like the national (not global) economy and it's disparate treatment of African from African-Americans. He laments that the "latter" will also be oppressed because Trump has denounced the "former". Trump gets more votes from African-Americans and Hispanics because many of them are astute enough to recognize the difference from Trump's rhetoric. ALL Americans will benefit economically from Trump's policies, even if that means that African and Middle-Eastern dictators, won't! Trump's policies will not discriminate against a single American.

    4. FJ,
      All these people locked in think tanks get no information to challenge their pre-formed narrative. In other words, closed thinking.

  2. I enjoy the cute coverage graphic. Especially since Clinton won the popular vote.

    He received a plurality.

    1. Final looks like he lost the popular vote by about a percentage point.

    2. Duck,
      One percentage point isn't much.

      Have the absentee ballots and the like yet been counted?

    3. Mrs. Clinton's popular vote advantage stands at around 200,000 votes out of 119 million votes cast.

      That is a 0.1 % difference, and it is attributable primarily to three states:

      California, New York, and Massachusetts.

      Those three states stand so far outside the mainstream that they voted 2-1 and 3-1 for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. They clearly do not reflect the vast majority of the United States citizenry.

      Is is absurd to aver Mr. Trump does not represent the people. He clearly does because the people elected him, by a clear majority, or voted for his opponent by a small margin, except for those extremist states spilling over with far-left fringe-dwellers.

      The fact that extremists in a small handful of states sit like boiling tea kettles, purple-faced and trembling with rage, is something they will have to work through themselves. They better hurry, the media reports a Prozac shortage.

    4. Hairy's got a good point, but we also need to consider that all the votes haven't been counted yet. Arizona still hasn't turned in it's tally, and it looks like Trump will have a 100K margin there, and then as AOW brought up, the absentee ballots?

      My understanding is in many states, if the # of absentee ballots does not exceed the margin of victory in any race, they don't get counted (depressing for a military man who voted absentee his whole career).

      So, the final tally may still give her a small pop vote margin, or not, but it doesn't matter. Trump's final Electoral College tally will be north of 300, a crushing defeat for Obama-Clinton Progressivism (which, thanks to our Democratic Republic system of government, states can continue to enjoy withing the confines of their borders).

      But, I don't begrudge Ducky and the other grasping at any silver lining they can cling to.

    5. " I don't begrudge Ducky and the other grasping at any silver lining they can cling to"

      Oh I do!

      Fed up, sick and tired of waspish baiting leftist malcontents and their incessant mockery.

      I say FUG 'em. Just be sure you wear a condom. Most of them are ridden with Social Diseases.


    6. FreeThinke,

      Look at that map,and look at the overwhelming number of states enjoying complete or partial GOP control. It is staggering.

      Hillary's statically-minuscule popular vote edge is due to the fact that leftwing progressives herd together tightly in densely-packed urban areas...

      So relax... We've got them surrounded ;-)

    7. Fact remains that it was hardly a mandate, Silverfiddle,

      This election will be analyzed in depth but I'll go out on a limb with a few things:

      1. Working class whites voted for Trump for economic reasons not misogyny or racism. Still puts Trump in the very difficult position of having to deliver.

      2. The nation is still blatantly divided. This was no mandate and appointing the likes of Giuliani who will likely promote a crack down on the inevitable demonstrations is a danger.

      3. Was the depressed black turnout due to a lack of enthusiasm for Hillary or voter suppression or both.

      4. Trump received fewer votes than either Romney or McCain. Hardly the overwhelming support being touted.

    8. A Quackster from Everett Mass
      Emits thoughts reeking of poison gas ––
      Pseudo-intellectual ––
      Sadly ineffectual ––
      From his feathery leathery ass!

    9. FT: Love the verse.

      Ducky, Spin it any way you want and play games with words like "mandate," if that makes you feel better, but the fact remains:

      Trump won. He will be our next president.

      A broad swath of America voted for him an are happy. Crabby malcontents are stacked on top of one another in major metropolitan areas like NY, Boston and LA. The rest of America celebrates our victory.

    10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    11. Last I checked Shrillary had a plurality as well. (47.7% )And as Finn pointed out at our site, when you add up all the people who voted for someone else, she lost by nearly 6 million votes.

      You've had 16 years since Al Gore lost under similar circumstances. Where was the effort from the left to change the system?

    12. You add up all the votes that weren't cast for Trump and he lost by a larger margin.

      Pretty weak logic.

    13. President Elect Trump.

      Game. Set. Match.


      America has spoken, and that constitutional logic is unassailable.

    14. Some "facts" for the duck to digest:

      Claims that Donald Trump got a million fewer votes than Mitt Romney are based on faulty math. (AP)
      JOHN MERLINE11/10/2016
      FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrintShare Reprints
      Stories have been popping in the wake of the 2016 election claiming that Donald Trump not only got fewer popular votes than Hillary Clinton, but he got fewer votes than Mitt Romney did in 2012 when he lost to Barack Obama. The combination seems to undermine Trump's claim to anything like a mandate.

      "Donald Trump will become president although he received about 1.74 million fewer votes than 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney," wrote Kyle Feldscher in the Washington Examiner.

      Never-Trumper Ben Shapiro, writing in National Review, claimed that "Trump underperformed Romney ... in a vastly expanded electorate. That's not the mark of a huge wave."

      Some reporters are making the same claim about Hillary Clinton. The Washington Post's Philip Bump wrote that "Hillary Clinton's campaign was crippled by voters who stayed home," and that she "received far fewer votes than Barack Obama in an election that was supposed to see a big increase in turnout."

      The problem is, all these stories are wrong.

      In fact, they all suffer the same flaw: The reporters are counting the complete, certified vote totals from previous elections to the incomplete, uncertified results for 2016.

      Believe it or not, there are still millions of votes to be tallied.

    15. As of this writing, Clinton has 60.1 million votes to Trump's 59.8 million, according to CNN. But if you look closely at the table on the CNN website, there's a little notation in the corner informing readers that only 93% of the ballots have been counted.

      After doing a little math, that means that roughly 9.5 million votes are still outstanding.

      Let's say that the share of these 9-million-plus uncounted Clinton and Trump votes are distributed in the same proportion as counted votes have been, with Clinton getting 47.7% and Trump 47.5%.

      Again, do a little math, and you see that Trump will likely end up with more than 64 million votes. That's 3 million more votes than Romney got.

      Clinton is likely to end up with close to 65 million votes, which is not far from Obama's 2012 turnout.

      This isn't the first time that journalists have made this mistake.

      Soon after Mitt Romney lost to Barack Obama in 2012, stories appeared saying that Romney got 3 million fewer votes than John McCain did in the 2008 election.

      Rush Limbaugh took to the airwaves to lament that "if these 3 million had voted, Romney's popular vote total would have beaten Obama's by 180,000."

      The conservative American Spectator said that "Mitt Romney lost the 2012 election not so much because he got fewer votes than Barack Obama but because he got fewer votes than John McCain in 2008."

      Republican pollster Bill McInturff blasted all these "missing Romney vote" stories, and explained why they were wrong.

      "Absentee ballots, provisional ballots, and early votes often do not get counted on Election Day," he said. They trickle in over time.

      As a result, while there were 122.8 million votes counted on Election Day in 2008, the final tally was 132.3 million — a difference of 9.5 million.

      The same thing happened in 2012. The day after Election Day, it appeared that 117.7 million people had voted for either Obama or Romney. The final result, however, was 126.8 million votes cast. That means 9.1 million votes had yet to be counted when everyone was yelling about the "missing" Romney voters.

      As a matter of fact, by the time all the 2012 votes were counted and the results certified, Romney had received almost 1 million more votes than McCain.

      The same caution applies to claims that Clinton won the popular vote. At the moment, she is ahead by about 300,000 votes. But with so many votes left to be counted, that could easily change. Clinton might end up with a wider lead, a smaller one, or Trump could end up with more popular votes. In 2012, Obama's lead over Romney in popular votes went from 2.7 million on Election Day to 5 million once all the votes were in. So we aren't likely to know who actually won the popular vote for some time.

      Math is hard for journalists, but even they should know better than to compare partial results to complete results, and then draw grand conclusions from it.

    16. ps - Casting a vote, and NOT casting a vote are BOTH votes. The latter expresses the sentiment, "let someone else decide"... and so WE did!

    17. FJ: Thank you for the in-depth info that completes the picture. Leftwing rhetoric is always based on half-truths, evasions, obfuscations, distortion and half-baked stories.

      The right in 2012 consoled themselves by pointing out Obama got less votes than he got in 2008. It's how the losers console themselves...

      More ominous are the third-tier pisant little naysayers like Ben Shapiro, who now strain to stay relevant after 9 months of diaper rash ranting.

    18. SF,
      third-tier pisant little naysayers

      Great turn of phrase!

  3. News Flash: TRUMP WON! HILLARY LOST! DONALD TRUMP WILL BE THE PRESIDENT NEXT JANUARY! The police know that now they have a President who will support them. So, c'mon douche bags, start your dirty anti American crap! Show us and the rest of the world just how much "respect " you have for our "laws". Show us how UnAmerican YOU are, and that we are the " DEPLORABLE'S. Show us how you disrespect the Constitution.
    It's fine WE ARE THE ONES WHO WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, YOU ARE THE ONES WHO SAID YOU WILL LEAVE THE COUNTRY! So Go Ahead, make my day?We got Trump now. The police know he will support them. So, c'mon douche bags, start some Of your CRAP! WE ARE THE ONES WHO WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!
    So Go Ahead, make my day?

    1. One more fan of the police state heard from.

    2. Duck,
      It is these rioting idjits who are going to bring down the police state onto their own heads.

    3. There haven't been any riots.
      There was some property damage in Oakland (it's always Oakland) but the riot squad wasn't needed.

    4. MoveOn.org is coordinating flash-mobs. :)

    5. FJ,
      MoveOn.org is coordinating flash-mobs.

      Of course! I never expected otherwise.

  4. As far as the polls go, I think it will become obvious pretty soon.

    White working class rural voters turned out in force. Minorities were luke warm for Hillary and didn't turn out.
    She lost Michigan by about a very small margin. Same with Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. She took part of her base for granted, they didn't turn out and she lost the election. She was a very poor campaigner.

    As soon as The Orange Man revokes the Medicaid expansion they're going to regret not turning out but that's for later.

    "More Americans voted for Hillary than voted for Trump!

    Trump will be a minority president, a president whom a majority of Americans did not vote for, did not want.

    He won only because of an 18th century thing called the electoral college, not the direct will of the people. Had he run in any other modern democracy, he would have lost.
    If there's any consolation in this travesty it is this:

    She neglects to say that there was only one state that put her in that position, th land of fruits and nuts, California

    1. Another commenter has already said that. Do you read the thread before you post in it?

  6. The Infotainment Media Complex has been playing us, with selective editing, shading and choosing where to shine the spotlight.

    Why did it take wikileaks to uncover George Soros funding street violence and mass migrations of poor, backwards people into western nations?

    Why wasn't our press doing any good old fashioned 60 Minutes style investigative journalism digging into DC corruption?

    More importantly, thanks to YouTube, tens of millions of Americans caught on to the game of the Progressive Infotainment Media Complex showing us only the very worst of Donald Trump and his speeches, while covering for Mrs. Clinton in every way possible, including slithering servile serpents at Politico submitting draft stories for Clinton team approval.

    The Progressive Infotainment Media Complex is a potemkin village, appearing modern, bright and shiny to the casual observer. But examine it closer, and its a facade that hides a shabby, derelict slum of hive mentality ideological obscurantism and a complete lack or intellectual curiosity or balance.

    The Infotainment Media Complex stands naked, exposed and outed as little more than a "Ministry of Truth" blaring out Progressive Propaganda.

    Almost 60 million Americans stood up at the ballot box and called BS on them, and public opinion surveys show only around 30% of the public trust them, and half of us despise them.

    I wish I had cable so I could see how they are reacting to all this. Their world-view is shattering before their eyes. First Brexit, and now this.

    "How could the experts be so wrong so often?"

    1. Let's look at how this plays out, Silverfiddle.

      We both agree that neoliberalism is hurting the middle class. You call it globalism but let's not split hairs.

      It's a complicated problem to unwind and while you get some relief feeling "you've flipped the digit" to Washington do you really believe Trump is the guy to unwind it? When he names Newt Gingrich and Rudy Giuliani for two critical cabinet positions you'd be foolish to call him an outsider.

      Here's how it goes. If jobs don't return (probable) and jobs continue to be lost to robotics the anger has to go somewhere and it's going to land on minorities and immigrants. This in turn ratchets the division in the nation and leads to a higher likelihood of another authoritarian corporatist sympathizer being elected.

      Now I admit that the Clintons and Democratic Leadership Council were critical to the development of neoliberalism but do you think defeating Clinton might be too high a price to pay in the person of Trump?

    2. Another outcome you fail to mention, is that new businesses and new types of businesses sprout up in a new economic and regulatory environment. The Stock Market's looking good. Maybe all those rich moneybags will respond some incentives and let loose of some of their cash horde.

    3. Ducky,
      You ignored my original comment. You seem to be endorsing the arrogant view that the press had a duty to keep us from voting Trump. #sad#scary

    4. No one had a responsibility to keep you from voting Trump.

      I've noted that Clinton was a pathetic campaigner and she paid the price for thinking that pointing out, correctly, that Trump is a misogynist, a cheat and a business failure would allow her to avoid making position statements.

      The press was pathetic and spent it's time on e-mails and Trump's character rather than substantive issues.

      I will restate my position:

      1. Dismantling neoliberalism is commendable. Doing it by electing a defective like Trump is too high a price.

      2. A better hope was to try to build on a progressive spirit on the left. What was very disconcerting was Russ Feingold's loss in Wisconsin.

      As for new business startups, they respond to demand. Right now there is limited demand and no business man who expects to stay in business says to himself, "I have a pile of money so I'll start a business producing something that has limited demand and loses money."

      As for the stock market, the real big gainers in the last couple days:

      Drug companies
      For profit prisons

      ... spin that as a positive story.

    5. You are overlooking the spontaneity that happens all the time--given the right economic factors--that creates new jobs and new opportunities.

      I feel your pain. I felt it myself 4 and 8 years ago.

      Continue to moan and groan, and we will continue to celebrate, and we will watch as events unfold.

  7. That NEWSWEEK thing is a goof, isn't it? I mean [they] went into the tank sometime ago as the rest of the liberal Media should.

    1. They were commemorative pieces issued by a third party under a license from the Newsweek trademark.

  8. District of Columbia - 143 of 143 Precincts Reporting - 100%

    Name Party Votes Vote %
    Clinton, Hillary Dem 260,223 93%
    Trump, Donald GOP 11,553 4%
    Johnson, Gary Lib 4,501 2%
    Stein, Jill DCG 3,995 1%

    Now, this speaks volumes about America cleaning out the "swamp"!

    1. You'll be hard pressed finding a more racially segregated location, too. Funny how that works...

  9. What the HELL is wrong with MICHIGAN and ARiZONA –– especially the latter? Trump CLEARLY won Arizona. 997K+ to 888K+

    He also won MICHIGAN, but with less than one percent of the vote.

    New Hampshire, must be gien up for lost –– too many Massholes have infiltrated the Live Free or Die state.

    Apparently, Clinton won NH by something like one tenth of one percentage point. I say give it to her without a fight.

    At this point what difference could it possibly make?

    But TWENTY-SEVEN Additional electoral votes rightly belong to Donald Trump.

    That brings his total total to 305.

    1. Please... counting the rest of the states would mean that Trump didn't win by the slimmest of margins... and spoil the media "narrative".

    2. New Hampshire is the Massholes' vacation cabin


      FVCK the ENEMEDIA and their goddam "narrative!"


    'You gonna pay for that shit!'...
    Protests turn violent...
    'People have to die'...
    TWITTER Erupts With Assassination Threats...
    FAA Implements No-Fly Zone Over Trump Tower...
    Rioters Vandalize Monuments: 'Die Whites Die'...
    Students stage mass walkout in San Fran...
    Trump fared well with women voters despite media assault...
    Unbearable smugness of the press...,

    Clearly the ENWORDS are itching to start a RACE WAR. If it weren't for the very few like Dr. Carson, Condi Rice, Deroy Murdoch, John MacWhorter, Herman Cain, Star Parker, etc. I'd say, LET 'EM HAVE IT.

    1. I guess that the very thought of real job creation and actually going to work scares the $#!t out of some!

    2. Somebody get a sedative for our friend Ducky. He's been on a two day tantrum bender and I'm starting to worry about him...

      That was a low blow, even by the debased standards we've come to judge you by.

    3. SF,
      Duck is moulting. Trump's win has sent him over the edge.

  11. Love the Newsweek cover. Ranks right up there with Dewey Defeats Truman. ;-)

  12. I don't plan on posting a pic of the Clintons ever again unless she is in an orange jumpsuit. Eight long years are coming to an end and I lived to see it. Mission accomplished.

  13. Wonderful blog. I can't help but wonder how any billions were lost with the newsprint outfits when they needed to dump the hillary victory issues> bwhahahaha.

    Feel free to visit us at HarnoxandFriends.com

    1. Hardnox,
      Welcome! And thank you for the compliment.

      Many billions of dollars were lost, I'm sure. I also have the feeling that some of the Clinton-loving "journalists" will be disappearing from the media landscape. They have proven themselves to be irrelevant.

      I will be checking out your blog.

  14. We still need to worry about the coastal cities and border cities. Unfortunately, even Arizona is getting overrun by ignorant socialists, both of the Muslim and Mexican varieties.

    1. But The Orange Man is going to build a wall.

      So let's see, you're going to get rid of Boston, NYC, Philly, San Fran, L.A, Portland, Seattle ... and what others?
      You going to use tactical nukes?

      Bore me later.

    2. Tactical nukes. That's far better than what I had in mind. We'll need to take out Tucson as well. Thanks for the great idea! You are right on top of the problem. It's not a boring solution at all. You're too modest.

  15. Hey folks! Ducky's come up with a plan to take out the urban centers of progressivism using tactical nukes. I was thinking more along the lines of prosecuting sanctuary cities or cutting federal funding to reduce the corruption, but now that Ducky's made the suggestion, I think we need to take it seriously.

    What do you all think? Would tactical nukes solve the problem, or would the Russians get too nervous about using nuclear devices?

  16. Someone forgot to subtract the dead voters. Then will we see a popular vote in favor of Trump? Oh, and what about the felons that were granted immunity right at voting time by McCulliffffff--and lets see - oh yea, Obama told the illegals it was ok for them to vote in this election.
    Popular vote my my my.
    Could this be the genius the Founders thought of just for this reason to have the Elector College?

  17. "Terry McAuliffe, Virginia's Gov. Pardoned 60,000 Felons and tried to allow all of Virginia’s estimated 200,000 felons to vote, but state courts said each individual felon’s circumstances must be weighed."

    Should we take those 60,000 votes away from Clinton's total?

    You "progressives' (or whatever you call yourselves) are nothing but scheming lying trash. Put that in your hookah and smoke it Nostradumbass!

    1. HEAR! HEAR! Three cheers for WARREN for telling it like it IS.

      And to HELL wth all the wimps who want to act CONCILIATORY with our ideological ENEMIES.

      If ever there was a time to act RADICALLY in pursuit of OUR agenda, that time is NOW.

      We can't stop the Left from mouthing off, but we CAN –– and we MUST –– restrict the VENUES in which they are permitted to AIR their PHEWS.

      Back to the SIDEWALK for LEFTISTS. And do your best to keep them OFF the AIR, OFF BROADWAY, OUT of the MOVIES and EXCOMMUNICATED from our BLOGS.

      ISOLATE them and CUT OFF their SUPPLY LINES. Offer them no OLIVE BRANCH lest they use it to POKE you in the EYE. Whenever you try to be kind or generous to a LEFIST, he soon becomes a VIPER on your BOSOM.

      LEFTISTS are DETERMINED BASTARDS and must be given NO sympathy, shown NO mercy and given NO quarter. PERIOD!


    2. They need to change the rules of MLB so that whoever gets the most "hits", wins!

    3. Warren,
      Those of us who are native-born Virginians were horrified when Clinton puppet Terry McAuliffe got elected. We couldn't believe it! I don't know anyone -- Republican or Democrat -- who can abide the man. The same goes for Tim Kaine.

  18. George Soros didn't go away empty handed this election cycle. He collected at least one Republican scalp.

    1. Saul Alinsky, "Rules for Radicals"

      Rule 1 - “Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have.” Power is derived from 2 main sources – money and people. “Have-Nots” must build power from flesh and blood.

    2. "Arpaio was defeated? Damn."

      That appears not to be the case; from the last line of FJ's linked article:

      "But that group, Citizens for Professional Law Enforcement, was able to raise only a quarter-million dollars, and Arpaio won reelection by 6 percentage points."

    3. He lost, regardless of what was said on the last line. :(

    4. On re-read, the last line applied to 2012.

    5. FJ,
      Arpaio lost to a Democrat. Ugh.

      Oh well, it is what it is.

      Also, he's 85 years old. Time for him to retire, anyway.

    6. Arpaio can not enjoy more time with his grandchildren.

  19. Take note of this information provided by FJ:

    if you look closely at the table on the CNN website, there's a little notation in the corner informing readers that only 93% of the ballots have been counted.

    After doing a little math, that means that roughly 9.5 million votes are still outstanding.


    caution applies to claims that Clinton won the popular vote. At the moment, she is ahead by about 300,000 votes. But with so many votes left to be counted [about 93% of the votes counted so far], that could easily change. Clinton might end up with a wider lead, a smaller one, or Trump could end up with more popular votes. In 2012, Obama's lead over Romney in popular votes went from 2.7 million on Election Day to 5 million once all the votes were in. So we aren't likely to know who actually won the popular vote for some time.

    Read FJ's entire comment HERE.

    1. Why this resistance to simply admitting this was not a mandate for Trump?

    2. President-elect Trump. That's all the mandate a person needs to put forth an agenda and attempt to implement it.

      For your own mental health and well-being, I recommend an epic crying-jag booze bender this weekend (some good old French chanson or perhaps Fado will help the cleansing tears come), and then drop the sniveling and sniping and get on with life. There are bigger things out there than politics.

      “Elections have consequences. […] You don’t like a particular policy or a particular president? Go out there and win an election.”
      -- Barack Hussein Obama

    3. No, I watched some Bergman.

      Tonight I think I'll try Antonioni's Alienation trilogy.

    4. Why this resistance to simply admitting this was not a mandate for Trump?

      Why the insistence upon de-legitimizing Trump, duckman? He won the game by the rules. If Democratic "majorities" were necessary for responsible government, you'd have to re-make every "parliamentary democracy" in Europe.

    5. There's no attempt to delegitimize his election unlike the fringe right's belief that Clinton would rig the election.

      I'm simply saying that it is not a mandate.
      In fact, what you will have is a plurality pushing an extremely radical agenda.

    6. Radical is necessary. The neoliberal world is collapsing and the Left lives in "Fantasyland".

    7. Duck,
      what you will have is a plurality pushing an extremely radical agenda

      We already have had 8 years of something quite similar under the Obama Administration.

      The pendulum is swinging and will come center again. A course correction.

      Will there be pain? Yes.

      There has already been pain, too.

      As the newly-elected POTUS, Trump deserves to be given a chance to try something other than we've been doing since the Clinton days. That's what the November 8 election was all about.

    8. Watch the video, duckman. It's long. It's a slog. But when I say that the "Left" lives in fantasyland, perhaps you can understand the truth and finally come to grips with my comment

  20. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. More hysterical is watching you loonie lefties shite yourselves.

    2. Sell us out, you mean like Obama whispering to Putin's puppit Medvedev not to worry he'd have more freedom to sell us out to the Russians after he was reelected? and then he gave Crimea to Russia? You mean like that?

    3. This One's comments are deleted as soon as a blog administrator becomes aware of its comments.

    4. Nae problem, lassie! We can handle the likes of him! You get well.

  21. President Donald J. TrumpNovember 11, 2016 at 11:23:00 AM EST

    I want to extend my personal thanks to Here's Ducky and to all Americans for the great mandate you gave to me as your next president.

    I won bigly Tuesday night. Some would even say I schlonged Hillary, although I wouldn't say that. Wouldn't be nice, and I want to play nice, OK?

    So thank you Ducky. I won over 300 electoral college votes, and some would call that an electoral college landslide. It's YUUUUGE!

    Together, we will Make America Great Again!

    President Donald J. Trump (the president of ALL Americans)

  22. Replies
    1. It's not a stretch that a sanctuary city would have a liberal critical mass.

      Surely you expected student demonstrations.
      I'm feeling the wind of the old days.

    2. Duck,
      Surely you expected student demonstrations.

      Not to the extent that we're seeing.

      An ill wind, IMO.

  23. Just when I thought Hillary Clinton had shown a shred of decency when she stepped out on election night and conceded the election to Donald Trump, even after her campaign adviser John Podesta just moments before had stated that she would have an announcement to make the next morning. Now THIS ...

    In the wake of the rioting in several large cities to "protest" Donald Trump's election night victory, the Clinton's are preparing to launch a Color Revolution, right here in America, calling it The Purple Revolution, with that master of color revolutions on foreign soil, George Soros.

    A witch is never dead until a stake is driven trough its heart. A snake only stops writhing after the sun goes down and after its head has been chopped off, as folklore clearly states.

    1. Waylon,
      Can't say that I'm surprised by the information you provided. The Clintons and Soros will never give up!

    2. Printed the article link Waylon linked to.
      I will make copies and pass to several people and have them make copies and distribute also.
      To the local Radio Station here(700 KSEV-listen online 6-9 AM and 4-6 PM CT) and to other Talk Radio personalities.
      Republishing is welcomed with reference to Strategic Culture Foundation on-line journal www.strategic-culture.org.

  24. Check this out:

    Trump Got More Votes From People Of Color Than Did Romney, LESS FROM WHITES.

    This link cites the WaPo. Here's the money quote:

    Comparing yesterday’s results with 2012, as this Washington Post feature does, shows that Trump actually performed slightly worse among white voters than Mitt Romney did. He did, however, perform better than Romney among blacks, Latinos and Asian Americans, making it more difficult to claim that racial resentment was the dominant factor explaining Trump’s support nationally.


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