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Sunday, November 20, 2016

An Introduction

Posted by Warren

I believe that most of you know me through my comments on this blog but you don't know much about me.

Warren is my given name and I don't use my last name online for privacy reasons. (read trolls)

I am a Vietnam era Veteran.

I used to be a Conservative Libertarian but became a Libertarian Conservative. To some that might seem to be a distinction without a difference but Libertarians will know what it means and many would say I'm just a Conservative playing word games. I am not a Republican nor have I ever been but have always found the "stated" views of the Republicans to more closely represent my own. I have no good words for the Party of slavery.

I was married for 42 years but my wife passed recently after being a invilid for 22 years. I was her caregiver.
I have 1 son who is a wonderful man and Smokie, my dog and companion in the lonely evenings and nights.

I programed my first computer, the FADAC, in 1972, it was a logistical pain in the butt and I could compute initial firing data much quicker with a slide rule.
I've been on the Internet for a long time starting with the message boards then moderating and administrating for other people then stared my own message board and then to the blogs.

I trend toward the political, patriotic and social issues.

I still work for a living and I do not see a future where I will retire.



  1. Any chance you'll dust off your old blog once you've completed you site curating responsibilities here?

  2. FJ, Maybe, I really haven't thought about it. I do have more time now and although AOW mainly focuses on issues relating to radical Islam, I see that true Constitutional Conservatives will have to be even more vigilant as the last vestiges of power are stripped from the "Progressives". (if that's possible) I don't even see that its possible to defeat them if we are not even playing the same "game".

    1. Since Trump's victory, I'm optimistic. And with your help... ;)

    2. "And with your help... ;)"
      FJ, you are indeed a gem of rare beauty. :^)

  3. While I have no questions, I look forward to your sage postings and no-nonsense treatment of those who would abuse this site.

    1. JonBerg, you are kind. AOW has a great number of terrific commenters you are certainly in that circle of friends and commenters.


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