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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Day 2016

Mr. AOW and I voted via absentee ballot weeks ago.

Now it's a matter of wait and see — for all of us.

Essay to read: At Risk Is Nothing Less Than the Right Ever to Resist Again.

Which way, America?


  1. No doubt there interviews are selective, but still interesting:

    Why Women Hate Hillary.

  2. I did an interview on election forecast for my local radio station this morning. My electoral college map and latest polling trends are up at Mike's America. I want to encourage all your readers, except Ducky, to get out and VOTE!


    1. "... except Ducky," THAT is funny!

    2. Don't worry, Mike. I'm pretty spent from rushing around voting 5 times.

    3. Doesn't matter anyway for people like Ducky and Z in hardcore Democrat states. My state is almost there as well. This is probably the last time Colorado can credibly be called a battleground state. Once Texas goes blue, we're a one-party state.

    4. Ducky, I wouldn't be at all surprised. Dems have to cheat to win. And if there were a level playing field in media or academia you would never win again.

  3. This woman in Colorado twice voted in the name of dead person, her father, dead since 2012:

    CBS4 Investigation Finds Woman Charged With Casting Dead Father’s Ballot.

    1. Yesterday on Talk Radio,I heard someone talking about seeing a Black guy ("he was a hunk!" was her comment!) who voted, changed clothes in a parking lot nearby, and she saw him then go back into the precinct....oh, well......

    2. Not reporting the Repub who got caught voting twice in Iowa.

      She was arrested and faces a felony charge.
      The system works pretty well. People are going to risk a felony for one vote? Not likely.

  4. What we are deciding today is how each American citizen wants to be governed. Do you want to be governed by a crooked Socialist who would steal the eyeballs out of your heat without even thinking about it. Someone who is a proven lying criminal?
    Someone that runs a "Foundation " to line her own pockets with?
    It is not about a political party as if they are a sports team. It is not about a candidate as if they were a celebrity. It is about you, your family, your kids! And your community. How you want to live. Where you want to live. Your job. How you get your healthcare. It is about having your money taken from you and given to those who refuse to work. Do you want our country over run with people we know nothing about but only that they want to change our country to meet their own needs and their culture? And, most importantly, if you want to live your life as an individual, with freedom and dignity, or you want a governmental overseer telling you what to do and how to do it.
    The choice is yours …But the choice is also clear Hillary Clinton is all about what we DONT WANT AND WHO WE DONT NEED!

    1. Beantown Bolshevik, Marxist Merganser, Dictatorial Drake, & Massholes Solidarity UnionNovember 8, 2016 at 6:08:00 PM CST

      We vote for the crooked Socialist!

  5. Don't worry about Ducky, Mike. He's got integrity and will vote for Stein before he'll vote for some corrupt corporate carpetbagger.

    1. I agree, believe it or not. Tho I don't see voting for Stein conscientious.

  6. Either way it goes is going to be 'interesting' for some segment of the population... Dammit...

    1. It's gonna be ugly -- regardless of who wins or who loses.

      We are entrenched -- and Balkanized.

  7. Voting Issues:

    Some Trump Voters Reporting Ballots Switching To Clinton

    November 8, 2016 12:16 PM By Rick Dayton

    Filed Under: Butler County, Clinton Township, Election 2016, Rick Dayton

    CLINTON TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – Today is Election Day and for the most part, voting has been smooth.

    Many areas are already seeing long lines with some officials saying they wouldn’t be surprised if voter turnout topped 80 percent.

    However, there have been some scattered issues where voters are encountering problems.

    “Every time I would push a candidate for the Republican party, it would come up for the Democratic candidate,” said voter David Drane.

    Election judges in Clinton Township, Butler County confirmed there were issues with two of their eight automated voting machines. Most of the issues came when people tried to vote straight party ticket.

    However, others said they specifically wanted to vote for Republican Donald Trump only to see their vote switched before their eyes to Democrat Hillary Clinton.
    “I went back, pressed Trump again. Three times I did this, so then I called one of the women that were working the polls over. And she said you must be doing it wrong. She did it three times and it defaulted to Hillary every time,” Bobbie Lee Hawranko said.

    Pennsylvania State Representative Daryl Metcalfe went to Clinton Township to check on the reports for himself.

    “If somebody has an issue, they should certainly let the judge of elections at the precinct know and also call their county bureau of elections as folks have done here this morning,” Pa. Rep. Daryl Metcalfe said

    “Those machines should be taken out of the mix and they shouldn’t be using those machines. They ought to be replacing those and using new machines to replace the ones that are acting up,” Metcalfe said.

    Officials have recalibrated the machines and are confident that the problem has been resolved.

    “I would like to know that my vote was for Trump, and not for Hillary,” voter Bobbie Lee said.

    Allegheny County has also been dealing with some Election Day issues.

    A judge of elections did not show up when the polls opened this morning in Springdale Borough.

    When Margaret Vernon, more than three hours after the polls opened, sheriff’s deputies escorted her into the facility. She will be charged by summons with failure to perform duties.

    Vernon told deputies she was ill.

    Stay with KDKA.com for more Details and we’ll have more tonight on KDKA-TV News at 5pm.

    Join The Conversation On The KDKA Facebook Page
    Stay Up To Date, Follow KDKA On Twitter
    Rick Dayton

    Rick Dayton joined KDKA in September 2009 as a morning news anchor. He can be seen anchoring the KDKA-TV Morning News from 4:30am-7am on KDKA-TV and the KDKA-TV Morning News on Pittsburgh's CW from 7am-8am on WPCW-TV alongside co-anchor Jennifer...
    More from Rick Dayton

    1. Old voting machines improperly calibrated.

      I call crap on the insane idea that they are programmed to randomly flip from Republican to Democrat.
      The left bit on this nonsense when Bev Harris first started her black box voting site but dropped it when it was discovered she was a psycho conspiracy theorist,

      But thanks for your small contribution toward making the right wing disown American democracy.

    2. Reports in other states echo the same thing. Didn't George Soros buy a voting machine company?

      I haven't seen ANY credible reports of ballots being switched to Trump from Hillary. Maybe Media Matters can manufacture one at the same place George Soros assembles the voting machines.

  8. Replies
    1. Kaine is just hoping she gets indicted if she wins and he can take over.

  9. L. Pavarotti sat on the potty,
    Which cracked the bowl.
    Now wasn't that drole?


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