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Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Subversive Partnership

The partnership: the Enemedia's partnership with the Clinton Political Machine and the partnership between "the establishment GOP" and the Clinton Political Machine.

Worth six minutes of your time:

A.F. Branco's Comically Incorrect cartoon below the fold.


  1. It ASTOUNDS me how FOX news is acting as though they were JUST discovering leftist media bias in THIS presidential campaign.

    I have been aware of it since the mid-1960's. It seemed 0bvious to me because of the way the enemedia covered the Vietnam War, the Negro Riots in Rochester. NY, and Watts in Los Angeles, California. It was even more obvious from the way they covered the Student Riots on various campuses across the nation. It was obvious just from the look on Dan Rather's and Peter Jenning's faces whenever any Republican came into their sites.

    The terrible tragedy of WATERGATE clinched the deal. I KNEW then that we were in the hands of cutthroat susurpers of LEGITIMATE government power.

    WATERGATE was aptly named "a journalistic coup d'etat," and so it was.

    Our country has never been the same since.

    Ronald Reagan gave us a brief-but all-too-temporary respite, but he too was besieged by the ENEMEDIA in a constant series of attempts to destroy public confidence in him using media-generated "crises" designed to show Mr. Reagan in a bad light. The enemedia was OBVIOUSLY trying to do to Mr. Reagan what they had done to Richard Nixon.

    Fortunately, they didn't succeed, but sadly the Era of Reagan was not to last. George H. W. Bush quickly put an end to it with his old-womanish personality, pusillanimous, out-of-touch behavior, and obvious lack of desire to preserve and build on the Reagan Legacy.

    Do I really need to tell you what happened after that?

  2. It's not a "partnership", it is a marriage.
    Partnerships have lines of demarcation.

  3. I have to heartily laugh at people who are just now realizing Donald Trump was infiltrated into the Republican Party BY the Clintons.

    Yeah, y'all are going to stop Hillary Clinton with her booster club.

    1. It's not nearly as funny as those who sit on their hands and do nothing to organize anything better, politically, and yet are always "moaning" about a lack of better alternatives

      If wishes were horses... :)

    2. Yeah, Gary does have an uphill battle, given that he's running against the candidate who "knows more about ISIS than the Generals".....

    3. Among the many non-delights
      Found in the blogosphere
      The intellectual termites
      Are certainly most queer.

      The time they spend is worthless
      In seeding comments sections
      With waspish, witless, mirthless
      Phrases filled with misconceptions!

      ~ Anne Athema

  4. El Donaldo has manufactured the munitions his enemies are attacking him with.

    It's a real crapwich. People I respect are saying if only the GOP had nominated Cruz or get Pence to take over the top spot, but the prog-infested Infotainment-Media Complex would be bashing them just as hard over their dangerous Christianity and out-of-the-mainstream rightwingizm.

    Fatboy Bush and Kasich would have rolled over for a belly scratch, only to have their guts slashed out...

    Face it, there is no candidate outside the DemonCrap party that is acceptable and worthy of even-handed treatment by the progressive propagandists in the Infotainment-Media Complex.

    Democrats are tools of the globalist oligarchs, and the rank and file doesn't realize it.

    When's the last time the Democrat Party stood up for working Americans?

  5. But let's forget all the mockery of Ted Cruz's Christianity that was coming from that one guy during the primaries. Move along, no hypocrisy to see here.

    We should be relieved. Instead of suddenly realizing Trump is and always has been a douche nozzle in the Clinton toolbag, we could be embarrassed by people who actually pray before they eat.

    The horror!

    1. If you believe in an infallible God, it's pretty easy to see Ted wasn't the anointed one...

    2. Yeah, Trump's gonna have the best and brightest working for him.

      What's the over / under on Trump's child rape case tomorrow?

    3. Found this at a bright site a few years ago. If the shoe fits ...

      The worst folks are Attention Whores
      Who do their best to start Blog Wars.
      Their bilious nature must be causative
      Of gross behavior never positive.
      What's worse they 're cursed by demon Fate
      Ever to rise to the Bait.

      Bill Yusstomach

    4. TC,
      Even if the press began trumpeting that Donald Trump had raped a child, Trump supporters will not change their votes.

      The same is true for the other candidates and their supporters.

      Nobody is going to change his vote now. The election results will be what the election results will be. It's over.

    5. Except for the fact that for the next four to eight years we'll hear about how the Clintons would not be back in the White House if not for those damn conservatives that stabbed the greatest child rapist evah in the back.

    6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    7. TC, You dropped your pacifier

  6. the media is really having us all killed and that is a fact AOW..how G-d awful!! xoxoxox

  7. Last night, the despicable New York Times published a baseless hit piece where a woman claims Trump sexually assaulted her DECADES AGO on a commercial airline.

    Soon after this garbage was published, thousands of people on the internet noticed one MAJOR problem with these accusations against Trump

    Jessica Leeds says Trump assaulted her during a FIRST-CLASS flight to New York about three decades ago. Leeds, now 74, claims Trump lifted the ARM REST and began to touch her inappropriately about 45 minutes into the flight. “He was like an octopus,” she said. “His hands were everywhere.”




      So I read elsewhere a few minutes ago.

    2. Of course airline nerds immediately started tweeting photos of first class cabin seat that had raisable armrests, that were in service during the timeframe of the allegation.

      One shouldn't only rely on Katrina Pierson [the female version of Baghdad Bob] for the facts.

    3. Maybe Jeffery Epstein's plane doesn't have armrests.

    4. Of course it doesn't. It has wall-to-wall mattresses instead.

  8. Cavuto ROCKS, he always has... He's never taken one side so strongly that you think "Oh, what a Hack!" like you do on other channels' news people, he's just sensible, decent, and THINKS.
    He's 100% right on this video..."Media, just DO YOUR JOB, stop the cheerleading for only one candidate...it's unbecoming, screwing journalism out of the last shred of integrity it had, and ruining our democracy." That's my feeling anyway, good to know Neil's got the same thoughts. Too bad nobody but Conservatives heard him.

  9. Not only that ... the media thinks were too stupid to notice when it's Hillary supporters that haven't a clue.

    1. Odie, treat yourself to ten minutes of CNN...no matter what hot story on Hillary's being released, they're slamming Trump ...it's almost laughable. ANY time of day, take a look.
      They simply will not acknowledge her contemptability.

  10. Donald Trump is a major party presidential candidate.

    Rather than making excuses for this jerk we should weep for the Republic and try to understand how this happened.

    1. Duck,
      Good grief! Do you really not understand how this happened?

      My short answer: the GOP establishment in concert with the Left's debasement of our culture, including good manners.

    2. Ducky: Agreed.

      We should also weep for a corrupted, debased system that produces Hillary Rotten Clinton as a major party candidate.

      We have an unhinged moral pig running against an unethical, systematically-corrupt liar.

      Plenty to weep over on all sides.

    3. What "happened" was socialism. People no longer can afford to maintain the "social distance" that money once allowed them to "purchase". The social (and news) networks demands that they listen to Mrs Grundy and become "outraged" at every candidate's moral foibles.

    4. I fail to see how the left is responsible for the debasement of the culture unless that nebulous phrase alludes to gay marriage and similar other policies. I wouldn't consider that a debasement.
      Technology has much more impact on the culture than the left.

      Myself, I think the Trump phenomenon is a desperate reaction by a large portion of middle America who feel their way of life is slipping from them. I have sympathy for them but when Trump proposes and authoritarian government I don't understand why they won't bear the brunt with others.

      We are trapped in a zero sum game and need to envision a way out.

    5. Duck,
      I am not referring only to gay marriage and the transgender agenda.

      We've had this discussion about the debasement of our culture many times, so I'm not going to waste bandwidth space for a further explanation at this time -- other than to say, "Look at the SickTies."

    6. Nostradumbass Said:

      "I fail to see how the left is responsible for the debasement of the culture unless that nebulous phrase alludes to gay marriage and similar other policies. I wouldn't consider that a debasement.
      Technology has much more impact on the culture than the left."

      It's called cognitive dissonance, of course you "fail to see". Its also known invincible ignorance. Just when it starts to leak through that invincibly ignorant brain of yours, you disappear for a while. (probably while they adjust your psychotropic drug levels)

  11. It occurred to me today that this is the first campaign in which a candidate openly attacks the media for their overwhelming support for the left.
    Will that resonate?

    1. Ed,
      In my memory, Trump is the first candidate to do so.

      In my view, whether people like or support Trump, he is saying what has needed to be said for decades.

      Will that resonate?

      Maybe. But I have believed for several weeks now that people have already decided for whom to vote or have already decided not to vote at all in the coming election. Just the other day, I did some political yodeling with a very astute non-blogging friend, and she agrees with me on that point.

  12. As far as I know, of all the cable news networks, only Fox News has covered this:

    FBI Investigators UNANIMOUSLY Wanted Clinton's Security Clearance Yanked.

    Loretta Lynch as the blockade?

  13. After reviewing the facts on how the Clinton foundation raked in over $100 million in deals that gave Russians uranium mining rights, Peggy Noonan has this insightful and sad observation about America's Decadent Leadership Class:

    Here I would like to say a word for the spectacular illusions under which American voters once were able to operate. You used to be able to like your guy—to admire your candidate and imagine unknown virtues he no doubt possessed that would be revealed in time, in books. Those illusions were beautiful. They gave clean energy to the engine of our politics. You can’t have illusions anymore. That souring, which is based on knowledge and observation as opposed to mere cynicism, is painful to witness and bear. The other day a conservative intellectual declared to her fellow writers and thinkers: “I’m for the venal idiot who won’t mechanize government against all I hold dear.” That’s some bumper sticker, isn’t it? And who has illusions about Mrs. Clinton? No one.

    1. Enough with the uranium deal.

      Russia buys a company primarily operating uranium mines in Kazakhstan which has some marginal uranium mining in the U.S.

      Now, the U.S. imports most of its uranium anyway and there are strict export restrictions on any mined in the U.S.

      This is much ado about nothing. The agreement had to pass several agencies beside State.

    2. The Clinton's made over $100 million on the deal. If it were Cheney's Halliburton making that kind of cash on that kind of deal, you and the Progressive Men and Women's Choir your would be screamng bloody murder.

      Your credibility is shot.

    3. Even the author of Clinton Cash admits no direct evidence that in the decision. She wasn't even a member of the committee.
      Much ado about nothing.

      Myself, I'm waiting for the foundation to announce some action in Haiti in the wake of what Matthew did to that benighted country.
      In the past the foundation has been a negative presence and we recently have Bill bemoaning how he didn't know the legislation to subsidize Arkansas rive would wipe out Haitian rice farmers and make things more difficult for those poor people (shades of NAFTA).

      Publicizing the Clintons true policies would be more effective than indulging in nebulous conspiracy theories.

    4. You're a willfully-naive fool. People just gave the Clinton Foundation money because they enjoy throwing it away...

      You're a fool and a hive drone. You are one part of what is wrong with our nation.

    5. Ever the one to quack the loudest at every opportunity to denounce, magnify, distort, and condemn even the slightest flaw in others, aren't you, Canardo?

      Your high and mighty insolence and perpetually sneering posture betrays a pathological penchant for placing your august SELF high above US "The Common Crowd," doesn't it? Y

      our sado-masochistic relationship with the rest of humanity reveals you to be a pathetic, very LITTLE man. Most Scoffers, Scorners, Debunkers, Deriders, Contrarians, Refutationists and other Devotees of Negativism are.

      You are welcome to my pity, but could never win my respect.

  14. Speaking of the Uranium deal, who knew Podesta was cleaning up w/ over 150,000 shares, too. Thanks, Wikileaks!

  15. would say that it's not just clinton's, it is the entire democrat party. It's the democrat media. A media war machine. How many are fed up with it? We'll find out soon enough.

  16. My Question:

    If Hillary TRULY supports the gay community, why is she ashamed of her own sexual identity. Why is she still married to an alleged rapist?


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