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Monday, October 24, 2016

Charts: The Obama Years

Obama's approval ratings are still around 50% (according to CNN on October 6, 2012, at a new high of 55%)  — despite the ominous information provided in the charts below (click directly on the graphic to enlarge it):

from Federal Reserve data

From Powerline, which published the above charts on October 5, 2016:
...[T]he stock market has more than doubled since the bottom of March 2009, though this has everything to do with the Fed’s insane zero-interest rate policy than anything Obama has done. Lawrence Lindsay noted in the Wall Street Journal yesterday that Obama’s economic record is a failure when judged by Obama’s own claims for what his policies would accomplish....
Read the rest HERE.

The stock market doesn't mean diddly squat to middle class Americans who cannot afford to invest in that particular market. Furthermore, the stock market is but one measure of the nation's economic health.

Do you want four more years of the above or a chance for something else?  Vote accordingly.


  1. These "charts" speak volumes. Polling data, however, indicates that a vast number of our electorate are clueless as this Nation spirals into mediocrity or worse!

  2. What the charts fail to do is delineate:

    1. What Trump can do about it. Mercantilism isn't the answer.

    2. They fail to show the causes of the spiral and how much the problems are due to the Congress.

    These economic policies started with Raygun (or maybe Carter) and have stayed with us through neocon and neoliberal administrations.
    What we should try is a truly progressive government and can this supply side/tinkle down nonsense that has decimated the Trump base.

    1. Nostradumbass,
      Indoctrinated, not educated.

      Do you even read the crap you post in your comments?

      What is the answer, more food stamps, debasing the currency more, tabulating the statistics so as to hide unemployment or inflation? What the hell is a "truly progressive government"? You merely mouth inane platitudes then skip off for the bushes.

      Stick to what you know, cutting and pasting pieces of celluloid together. I'll even send you some round nosed scissors and Elmer's glue.

    2. He will settle for nothing less than the U.S.S.R redux, Warren.

  3. Obama's approval rating; that big engaging grin, the huge promises never achieved, the promises achieved which don't work, the family the media says is perfect in every way (did you see that article?) when the pix of Malia smoking a joint had just been released a month or so ago and Obama supposedly had to have a 'talk' with her about that), the wife who once had the guts to say she'd never been proud of America before...the Nobel prize he got for absolutely NOTHING but, as we know now, broken promises....
    Americans were duped and still don't get it.

    By the way, I am honestly more concerned today about the DIShonesty and bias of our so obviously, unashamedly leftwing media than I am even of a Hillary presidency.

    Anybody see the stories that even Snopes and Truth or Fiction can't deny? About how Hillary swore horribly to a guy with an army dog that had gone through her rooms in Turkey to keep her safe "get that F'ing dog OUT of here.." etc etc" No, I didn't think so.
    But we SURE did hear about the stupid story of Romney's dog in a cage on the car, right? If I recall, Romney swore at nobody and didn't screech at his security detail for letting that happen, either. hmmmm

  4. While Julian Assange is still held up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London without internet, ( We hope) . We have learned tragic news. The founder and director of WikiLeaks, Gavin Macfadyen, has died, he was the the director of Wikileaks and also the founder of the Centre for Investigative Journalism.
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    1. @ It's My Opinion, please stick to the subject or at least the same general area.

  5. obama supporters couldn't understand something like this if their Mother's life depended on it. And a lot of repubs too.

  6. The numbers reveal the failure. Worst president since Jimmah Cahtah!

  7. I agree the stock market is but one measure of economic health. But the stock market should mean a LOT to middle class Americans. That's where much of their investment lands without ever buying a lone stock. That's where a chunk of public pensions goes, and when those go sour, guess who they'll turn to to make up the difference? All those little mutual funds we own - much of that is stocks.

    One of the biggest problems is the primary cause of the '08 crash is something Obama has doubled down on and pursued with greater determination than ever. No wonder the numbers are dismal.

    Employment? Especially at the entry end? High minimum wage (beyond the worth of entry level people), and now Wendy's is rolling out order kiosks at 6,000 stores nationwide, along with McDonalds and other chains. Oops for labor force participation. It's not just shipping jobs away.

    Yeah, and they've been printing money ... well, as Mr. B always says, "like Democrats." Quantitative easing, is nothing more than cranking up the presses.

  8. Hillary Clinton is now rumored to be suffering from a plethora of medical ailments, including: dementia, post-concussion syndrome, Parkinson’s Disease, brain tumor, brain injury, complex partial seizures, and many more alleged ailments.
    What is she covering up NOW?

    1. I imagine that she is covering up a lot of things (she is a Clinton after all) but all of the things you listed have similar symptoms.

      One way to cover up is to bury relevant information in an overwhelming pile of false or irrelevant crap. Even Hilary supporters add to weight of false rumors knowing that if enough are spread they all sound silly and are ignored.

      Who are you "The Real Luke"? Your profile is not available. Why is it i can't find a blog or a single comment that belongs to "The Real Luke" on Blogger?

      If you post another comment that is off topic I will make sure it never sees the light of day.


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