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Monday, October 10, 2016

Post-Debate Thought

Comment I made yesterday during the second 2016 Presidential debate:

You know what I'm sick and tired of?

All sorts of "news" and entertainment media acting so offended and and horrified about braggadocio-male Trump when those same media people entities have been debasing American culture and the traditional American ethos for at least three decades!

And for the record...Donald Trump did apologize — at least twice.


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    1. I liked PUSSY so much I'm going to feature it at my blog giving full credit to FJ-Thersites & CO, of course.

      You just made a Rock 'n Roller out of me, Thersites.


    2. FT,
      No kidding!

      It IS a wonderful video/song.

    3. Hey, Thersites.

      I just posted that video at Infidel Bloggers Alliance.

    4. Do see the excerpt from Sweeney Todd just posted below.

    5. If it were anyone else, it would go viral!

  2. It's the business model of the media. Strife sells. That's the bottom line.

    1. Not "strife" so much as the deadly cocktail of SEX mixed with equal parts OPPROBRIUM and DENIGRATION.

      People like nothing better than a good excuse to POINT their FINGERS at a designated TARGET –– and that's a FACT. Our benighted species loves to find good excuses to despise and condemn others.

      The ever-present LUST to CONDEMN and PUNISH under the guise of RIGHTEOUSNESS is the single most objectionable aspect of the Human Condition. I would even go so far as to say that IT –– not the love of filthy lucre –– is the TRUE Root of All Evil.

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    1. Flies are attracted to dung piles

    2. TOUCHE, Longwood!

      A true bon mot, if ever I've heard one.

  4. For the likes of Anderson Cooper to grill Trump about his "violence toward women" crapola is pure comedy. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't "Mr." Cooper engage in deviant erotica with other men? And he's worried about Trump and women? I'm quite certain he doesn't talk about pussy, but you can bet your bottom last nickel that he comments on the derrieres of men.

    1. I really don't care about Trumps 2005 conversation, but sexual harassment or assault is measured and definable. Notions of sexual "deviancy", where consensual, is defined only by personal bias or morality, no?

    2. It's rare when WHAT we SAY –– or even DO –– really matters. It is the WAY we say it, and the WHY we do it that should interest and concern us most.

      Dull literalistic, legalistic, one-dimensional, non-interpretations of phenomena are KILLING us. They do much to defeat originality, stifle creativity, and constipate the flow of critical thinking. They do this by defining "worthiness" as a mere matter of obeying rules codified by others for the supposed "good of all."

      And yes, I suppose that does make me an advocate of "nuanced" thinking. A charge to which I proudly plead guilty.

      REALITY is never SIMPLE.

    3. CI, by the way, the actress about whom Trump and Bush were talking never had it so good$$$ Watch for her EVERYWHERE in the next few weeks....maybe as many as Hillary finds of women who Trump DID grope or grab or kiss...They're waiting in the sidelines, too.

      This is all about PERSONALITY, I keep advising voters to think PLATFORM and vote....both personalities, well.....they...well.......THEY SUCK.

    4. How can you completely separate policy from personality?

      When he wasn't stomping around the stage or making excuses for his vulgarities he didn't have much to say that deviated from the neocon line.
      He's a vulgar George Bush.

    5. YOU have to put aside the personalities...it's hard enough to look at Hillary and hear that voice, the bug eyes every time she goes into her rote memorization mode....I have to get past HER and think of her leftwing agenda, even more left than we'd thought until the speech texts were finally released (and oh, yes, I KNOW, when it's the Left that's done something, the media says it's not verified...hilarious. Let Trump do anything, and it's all over the news, verified or not)...So, if I have to look past her, and I have to look past Trump, which also isn't easy, I am adult enough to see what she wants for America, what he wants for America, realize both can probably do little of it, and vote the platform anyway. Read this again, it will help.

      A vulgar George Bush? Ridiculous. George Bush never even criticized Obama all these years, and that's showing class beyond what most of us know.

      By the way, there are many books and articles by secret service and other agencies which expose horrid things about HIllary...swearing, not allowing officers uniforms at the WH, throwing things,..you name it. But, that doesn't get much air time......the Leftwing media doesn't believe it, so it isn't true?
      But let anybody say "Trump called me UGLY" and it's CERTAINLY VERIFIABLE, EVEN IF IT ISN'T :-)

      leftists need to realize what a mess they've made of America; a Third World country thrives only with a one-sided media fanning flames of one side or the other....that's democracy?
      PLEASE GET OUT OF OUR UNIVERSITIES< LEFTWING PROFS....stop TELLING and start TEACHING ALL SIDES....Americans used to think until the Left came alone. Oh, please stop.;..it's so unhealthy.

    6. What bothered you most about the speeches?

      We KNEW she's a free trader and supported TPP so that's hardly a surprise. Since TPP is an abomination and she is going to be our next president you should hope the Berniebots are successful pushing her left.

      I imagine you are concerned that Breitbart reported she's for open borders but we on the left who get objective reporting know she was only referring to the free flow of kapital, not labor.

      So I'm curious if you can be specific about any new revelations.

      As I said to silverfiddle, Trump wants to back us into extreme nationalism and mercantilism. Why do you support that?

    7. Duck,
      he didn't have much to say that deviated from the neocon line

      Yet, the usual neocons do not support him. Why is that?

    8. For heaven's sake don't ask HIM! You should know by now you'll never get a straight answer; you only give him another opportunity to insult us and spout more Commie poopaganda.

    9. FT,
      I'm genuinely curious to hear Duck's explanation.

      Call me a glutton for punishment.

    10. His character is toxic.

      Most neocons know enough not to call Mexicans rapists. They have learned to be more couth in their insults and this guy comes along like a bull in a china shop.

      He's not a team player and he's not predictable.
      Their fine with his policies - lower taxes, cut entitlements, increase military spending, get tough with the scary Muslims.

      It's style they object to not substance. This blowhard is scaring the horses.

    11. Except for the facts that Bill and Hillary asked Trump to run, as a Republican, and Wikileaks reveals Hillary's campaign coordinating with the media to push Trump and drown out serious candidates among the Republicans so he could be her jabroni at Electionmania.

    12. Z - I keep advising voters to think PLATFORM...

      Yep...except both platforms suck as well. Clinton has detailed policies that are harmful to liberty and economic security. Trump has rambling, nonsensical diatribes and adjectives.

      - CI

    13. @ Ducky: "you should hope the Berniebots are successful pushing her left"

      Willfully engaging in childish fantasies is unbecoming in people your age.

      Once Hillary is elected she'll throw a few sops over her left shoulder and then set about starting more international humanitarian crises and finishng the job of selling off the US to international corporate vampires. The Clintons will end up billionaires.

      Bernie lost. It's about power and control. She's got it--he doesn't.

  5. "Debasing" American culture is a little nebulous.

    It might refer to gay rights, abortion, or lowest common denominator pop culture.

    In the case of pop culture the culprit is concentrated ownership and the chase for profit than anything else.
    There are pockets of solid content available but they have to be sought out. The worst happened when "news" became a profit center dedicated to pandering and never offending corporate sponsors.
    The same with music and film. Shallow youth oriented content has drowned out more substantial fare.

    But if anyone suggests we should try to subsidize the arts through arts councils and the like he would immediately be shouted down.
    You rail on about "Piss Christ" (a minor misunderstood example) but complain about what the market delivers.
    Seems you have a dilemma.

    1. AOW's point about the theatrical outrage from the T & A Sex and Violence Vulgar Infotainment Media Complex is well taken.

      Chase for profit?

      It's a free market, so the corps give 'em what they want (great song by 10,000 Maniacs, btw)

      Hell is getting everything you deserve.

    2. Listen, you dirty, stinking COMMIE CREEP, true art never has been –– and never will be –– about MONEY. The FACTS of Art History prove me right, and YOU KNOW IT, Bastardo.

      If you want to hoot and holler at CAPITALISTS for USING the filth, rot, corruption and degeneracy people of YOUR depraved ILK have perpetrated, promoted and SUED the SUPREME COURT to establish to MAKE MONEY, go right ahead. But remember it was YOUR sick, twisted initiatives that made THEIR Profit-Making possible, you DOPE!

    3. Study the Renaissance, you pompous ass.

    4. Listen, you DUNGBEADLE,

      The CHURCH and the ARISTOCRACY did COMMISSION most of the great work that was done, of course, but the artists were paid PEANUTS even by the standards of the time.

      They were NOT in it for the MONEY.

      There is a peculiar JOY in exercising creative talent that a mere cataloguer of the achievements made by OTHERS who regards "Art" as an academic subject, could never understand.

      __________ The Minor Poet __________

      His little trills and chirpings were his best.
      No music like the nightingale's was born
      Within his throat; but he, too, laid his breast
      Upon a thorn.

      ~ Dorothy Parker (1893-1967)

      Parker was so much more than most imagined her to be. The public never really knew her at all. IF you read all of poems and short stories, as I have, you would be amazed at the depths of sweetness, sadness, wistfulness and compassion she had –– traits kept masked most f the time by a facade of scathing, brittle wit.

    5. Your next assignment is t study how the demands of patrons were critical to the development of mannerism in the late Renaissance.

    6. This is why I no longer permit you to appear at my blog, Canardo.

      Any attempt at sistaining a meaningful dialogue with you never gets anywhere, because your entire blogging life has been invested in deflecting criticism with bcis9ve-but-irrelevant commentary, and insulting those who dare presume to question or criticise your brand of thinking –– a brand I play regard as anathema.

      Nothing will ever change between us, ERGO I see no point in trying to talk with you –– and others who think as you do –– ever again.

      Those friends who keep on talking to you must be afflicted with a bizarre form of MASOCHISM.

  6. Trump was brilliant. Expecting grief about the sex talk tape, he held a predebate press conference with several of Bill Clinton's victims, then had them sit in the audience during the debate. Hillary offered no rebuttal to Trump's mention of her attempts to intimidate and marginalize those victims. With his back to the wall and nothing to lose, he came out swinging. And won!

    1. Well, Stogie, to be fair she DID claim, "I have my name on over 400 pieces of legislation" during her "career" in the senate. As always she CLAIMED to have sponsored and promoted all manner of good things to prove, protect and defend the best interests of Women and Children.

      Does anyone in the enemedia ever bother to go to the "Fact Checkers," (ROFLMAO!) to find evidence that could SUPPORT her assertions?

      I'm sure SME of her claims could be verified, BUT the question no one is asking is this:

      How EFFECTIVE have her claimed legislative achievements really been in fulfilling their stated aims?

  7. As FB over at Z's site stated:

    he put important keywords in the debate so people can google things and see how despicable she is.

    And don't kid yourselves that the tech savvy -- including millennials who are planning to vote -- didn't conduct those searches.

  8. It has been the DeMOCKratz who have dragged this campaign into the gutter. It has been the influence of LEFTISTS who have created and aggressively promoted a culture that celebrates and glorifies VULGARITY, PERMISSIVENESS, PERVERSION and DEPRAVITY.

    For them to attempt to USE the fruits of THEIR labor to shame and defame a person ONLY because he has the collossal gall to oppose THEIR poisonous, treasonous, INSANE political agenda is the absolute HEIGHT of IRONY.

    The hateful hypocritical harridan called HILLART has shot herself in the foot in trying to employ THIS tactic.

    Her chickens are FINALLY coming home to roost.

    Pardon me while I die laughing.


    1. That's right, FreeThinke, we dragged Donald Trump into the gutter.
      He ran such a frank, reputable primary campaign and the nasty leftists brought it all down.
      That's the pure stinky cheese.

    2. The world is filled wth endless woe
      By brainless twits who THINK they know.

      One thing worse than Transylvanian
      Is a Marxist Lithuanian.

    3. Or in this case a Marxist Ukrainian.

  9. Replies
    1. Wouldn't it be better to ignore garbage of that kind?

      It's as bad as all this stupid talk trying to condemn Mr.Trump for standing during the entire debate, and keeping himself off camera while the She-D evil was speaking, What the Feminize bitches and the Commie bastards have tried to make of that is almost CRIMINAL.

    2. FT,
      It's funny! At least, to me.

      Gotta have something on the lighter side in all this.

      In all seriousness, however, last night I noticed Mrs. Trump's blouse and thought, "I've never seen her wear a blouse like that that one."

      And today I find out that the blouse was sporting a "pussy bow." HAHAHAHA!

      Frankly, I can't imagine that Mrs. Trump doesn't know the name for that type of bow. Can you?

    3. Oh you women notice stuff like that. I just thought she looked beautiful and glamorous, but eminently respectable as she usually does. Mr. Trump's whole FAMILY is a great credit to him. Even The Witch had to admit that.

      The Left will seize on ANYTHING and try to USE it to make their enemies look bad. If Mr. Trump had SNEEZED while Her Heinous was mouthing off, the enemedia would have said they KNEW he did it deliberately just to be RUDE to Her.

    4. FT,
      Of course she looked beautiful! And the Trump family is a credit to Donald Trump. I didn't say otherwise.

      I simply noted that Mrs. Trump's blouse wasn't her "usual"-- at least in my own observation.

      BTW, HRC's clothing wasn't her usual either. Probably a message there (a Commander-in-Chief connotation? Definitely power dressing instead of a sack-like tunic) -- although I haven't read anything about any such message.

  10. Heather MacDonald has written a damning essay along the same lines as this blog post about the hypocrisy of the left's theatrical vapors over Trump's locker room language:

    Trumped-Up Outrage

    The vulgar pop stars the Obamas invite to the White House say way, way worse stuff.

    1. From the link that SF left:

      President Obama has singled out Beyoncé for praise, and the singer is a big Hillary Clinton supporter, to not a word of protest from Clinton regarding her status as a role model for young girls. Bill Clinton met with Beyoncé and her husband, rapper Jay Z, in September. If Bill or Hillary thinks the lyrics of Jay Z’s “Big Pimpin‘” “horrific,” in Hillary’s words, they are not letting on...

      Go to the link to read the words of the so-called song.

      And that song isn't offensive? Clearly, it is! Much more so that Donald Trump's locker-room talk.

      Maybe I missed it, but I haven't heard much criticism of "songs" such as that one.

    2. Two other women –– one named McCALLISTER (sp?) –– wrote excellent pieces along those same lines. Can't remember the third woman's name. It was something like Tettit, or Reddit, but that wasn't it.

      Rush read excerpts from the three pieces today. They were warmly supportive of Mr. Trump, and and REALLY laid out the Clinton Campaign in LAVENDER ––– in excellent elegant English prose, I might add.

    3. At this point, "What difference does it make?"

      If they can keep Hillary pumped with Thorazine and the other meds that keep her appearing normal, she's got this election.

      Wait till the Clinton Machine trots out real women with real stories about how Trump sexually abused them. Game Over.

  11. Something I spotted on my blog rounds tonight:


    BOMBSHELL from @OreillyFactor: "Media orgs. have actually put out, if you support Trump, your career is done here."

    If true -- and I suspect that it is -- then the above goes far to explain a lot of the media spin we've been seeing for at least a year now.

    1. Did you think I dubbed it the ENEMEDIA just to be funny?

    2. FT,
      It's not funny at all.

      The partnership among the enemedia, academia, and the state has destroyed out republic.

      You and I have discussed many times the conundrum of why Fox shills for Clinton. I'm sure that you recall those discussions. Now it seems that it comes down to their pocketbooks.

      Are we no longer a people of principles? Are we no longer a people cherishing the First Amendment? It's looking that way to me.

    3. I'm dubious. The Infotainment-Media Complex bosses don't need to issue such threats. The vast majority of media elites are leftwing progs anyway. Actively propagandizing for Hillary while demonizing all her enemies comes natural to them--they don't need to be prodded or threatened.

      The Infotainment-Media Complex personalities are perfect practitioners of Goodthink.

    4. SF,
      I'm not dubious about this.

      I know about the pressures that come to bear on a teacher in the public education system to force a teacher to vote for a Dem candidate. Those pressures have been in place since at least the mid-70s -- I know this for a fact.

    5. AOW, I don't doubt your last comment, but people in the media swing that way, anyway. No need for threats.


    ... Mrs. Mooney has a pie shop
    Does a business, but I notice something weird
    Lately all her neighbors cats have disappeared
    Have to hand it to her, what I calls enterprise
    Popping PUSSIES into pies

    Wouldn't do in my shop
    Just the thought of it's enough to make you sick
    And I'm telling you them PUSSIES move right quick
    No denying times is hard, sir ...

    ~ excerpt from The Worst Pies in London - Stephen Sondheim (Sweeney Todd)

    Read more at http://www.songlyrics.com/sweeney-todd/the-worst-pies-in-london-lyrics/#IJQAk9FDYhzR4iob.99

  13. So vote for Trump because tu quoque?

    Take that, debased culture!

    1. I wish you Hillary voters would go pester somebody else!

    2. Have you tried shitting in your other hand?

      A vote for Trump is a vote for Hillary. He was asked to run by the Clintons, and Wikileaks has revealed the DNC was behind getting the media to promote Trump to drown out serious challengers to the Clintons.

    3. So, if I punch the card for Trump, the vote goes to Hillary?

      You ain't the sharpest crayon, son.

      Of course the press promoted Trump. He was destroying the Republican Party.

      There's only two choices in this race and aint no way in hell I'm voting for the Hellahag. Maybe you can get a cabinet appointment in her administration

    4. So Hillary Clinton becomes President and her surrogate Donald Trump destroys the Republican Party.

      Behold the mighty Republican Party, destroyed by a puppet show.

    5. TC said:

      "So Hillary Clinton becomes President and her surrogate Donald Trump destroys the Republican Party.

      Good riddance! The Republican Party destroyed itself when it quit listening to it's conservative base. Us smelly old conservatives got a lot of nerve asking for some kind of accountability from the elite class. Maybe the vacuum will be filled with something accountable to the people.

      As for you, you're beginning to sound like a one note symphony with extra cow bell. Its tiresome.

      "Behold the mighty Republican Party, destroyed by a puppet show."

      More like, Destroyed by the endless Congressional Kabuki theater where all the moves and words are carefully scripted and an endless series of actors play their parts then wash off their makeup and go home to there lobbying jobs.

    6. I feel ya, man. Them smelly ol' conservatives gonna tear down the Establishment. Power to the peephole, y'all.

      Good thing they can't hack the Republican National Committee's servers. They'd never be able to keep out saboteurs and infiltrators.

    7. "Good thing they can't hack the Republican National Committee's servers."

      Would there be anything interesting or useful on those servers?

      Failed election strategies, viagara coupons, Minority Outreach Plan # 5,239,876, Jerry Falwell sermons...

    8. Warren,

      You are so right about that Thought Criminal guy. What an ass! He is like a cowbell that won't stop pestering everybody's ears. He's gotta be one of those Hillary trolls paid by her campaign. I don't even know what he is saying. He makes no sense.

    9. Except that they have been hacked. Anyway I was referring to the lout the Clintons chose for the Republicans to run.

    10. Warren,
      The Republican Party destroyed itself...


  14. AOW: The faux outrage by media that ignored far worse ACTIONS by Bill Clinton is because they want YOU to be outraged by Trump. That kind of talk is normal to them.

    Plus, you won't ever hear that same media discuss the foul mouth of Hillary Clinton:


  15. Oh, and did you say the leaked email in which Hillary campaign manager admits she "HATES EVERYDAY AMERICANS!"

    Don't expect that to get the same coverage as Trump's 11 year old locker room talk.

    Details at Mike's America.


Hillary Rodham Clinton is more saintly than Joan of Arc and Mother Teresa combined. She has devoted her entire adult life fulfilling her childhood dreams of serving the needs of those less fortunate, especially WOMEN, CHILDREN, and those AFFLICTED with DREAD DISEASES. 

She has sacrificed every opportunity with her fancy Ivy League law degree to capitalize on her fine education. Instead of joining a prestigious Eastern Elite Law Firm and making millions of dollars helping fat cats grow fatter by screwing the little people, and grinding their heels into the necks of the poor, this gallant lady has instead played the role of a modern missionary reaching deep into the ghettos, the factories and the farms pouring unstintingly from her bottomless Wellspring of Compassion to aid low level workers in their desperate struggle against Institutionalized Oppression by their heartless, cruel, greedy, selfish, insensitive, creepy Capitalist employers. 

Instead of being persecuted by the mean-spirited Reactionary Racist Right Wing with trumped up stories that claim malfeasance on her part, this noble, selfless, endearing woman should be IDOLIZED, REVERED, LIONIZED and yes ––– CANONIZED. 

If anyone has ever deserved to be called a SAINT, surely it must be that vision of loveliness, that tower of ivory, that paragon of virtue, that mystical rose, that overwhelming fount of wisdom, warmth, compassion, sweetness and boundless generosity, surely it must be the Next President of the United States of America, HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON.

Now get down indoor knees, bow your head, Sing Hosanna, Give three Cheers, and shout VIVAT! VIVAT! VAGINA!!!

    ~ Calvin Compost, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology, Caramba University

  17. So, per Rule 3....apparently 'pussy' isn't profanity. Cool.

    1. CI,
      Depends on the context.

      BTW, I'm not constantly babysitting this blog. Detailed explanation forthcoming on or around October 17. I'm not AWOL but rather have a real reason for my sporadic presence.

    2. CI,

      You gotta be talking about cats, or how your station in life lets you get away with sexual assault.

      For really self-aware effect, make sure you're wearing a microphone and have just completed a sound check. While your wife is at home pregnant.

    3. My comment was in no way an indictment on the administration of this blog.

      - CI

    4. CI,

      I have a short fuse these days. External circumstances which I cannot control.

  18. Replies
    1. Is the graphic itself feigned outrage?

    2. Canardo's very presence constitutes an unending exhibition of feigned outrage all by itself. His SOLE intent is to annoy –– or as he so graciously puts it "cheese off" Conservatives.

      Trying to relate to Canardo with any degree of honesty is impossible, therefore acknowledging him is a COMPLETE waste of time.

    3. FT,
      I'm not willing to throw in the towel. Yet.

  19. This is the most shocking sof Hillary’s e-mails yet,

    However the mainstream media isn't saying a word about it!

    More emails revealing even more corruption from Hillary Clinton. Wikileaks has proven Hillary is far more corrupt, unethical, dishonest incompetent than we ever imagined, and stories like this are the evidence of this.

    Clinton gave classified information about the Osama bin Laden raid during a speech to Wall Street bankers.

  20. Here's another nugget from Hillary bagman John "compost" Podesta's leaked e-mail:

    WikiLeaks: Podesta and Left-Wing Activist Plot ‘Catholic Spring’

    “There needs to be a Catholic Spring, in which Catholics themselves demand the end of a middle ages dictatorship and the beginning of a little democracy and respect for gender equality in the Catholic Church,” Sandy Newman, president and founder of the progressive nonprofit Voices for Progress, writes to Podesta in an email titled “opening for a Catholic Spring? just musing.”

    In response, Podesta assures Newman to rest easy for he and his progressive pals have already created organizations explicitly designed to infiltrate the Catholic Church with progressive ideology, though he cautions that the time may not be right for full revolution — just yet.

    Here's the damning quote straight from Compost's wicked fingers:

    “We created Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good to organize for a moment like this. But I think it lacks the leadership to do so now. Likewise Catholics United. Like most Spring movements, I think this one will have to be bottom up,” Podesta writes.

    These globalist leftwing rats and cockroaches have infested, perverted, and corrupted every human institution.

    Soros is funding chaos all over the globe.

    Has anyone considered that Wikileaks may be true socialists in the mold of George Orwell, and they have spotted the Soros-funded globalists as leftists in disguise? This will zoom over the heads of the America's indoctrinated, thought-free latte leftists.

    In conclusion, none of this will matter.

  21. Replies
    1. From the same article:

      "And BuzzFeed reported that 11 more women who had been contestants in the 1997 Miss Teen USA pageant said they “did not recall seeing Trump in the dressing room. Some said they do not believe he could have been there.”

      The former Miss Teen USA contestant, Billado, told BuzzFeed News she saw Trump’s intrusion as “more of a pompous ‘I own this place’ rather than a perverted thing.”


      Still and all, ol' stinky's got a point. Why the hell didn't the Repubs dig this up during the primary?

      In the future, the Republicans need to hire the Clinton's to vet all their candidates at the beginning of the GOP primary.

    2. What? Wasn't it thoughtful enough that the Clintons asked Trump to run as a Republican and be himself?

  22. He was just trying to teach naked kids about border security.

  23. Replies
    1. Party over Principle....always and forever.....

    2. CI,
      Or, votes over principle.

      One of my laws of history:

      "Never trust ANY politician -- because all that matters to a politician is getting votes."

      We have a dearth of statesmen. Worldwide.

    3. "Set your principles aside and vote.for Romney anyway"

    4. TC,
      I get where you're coming from.

      We all get where you're coming from.

      In the end, though, people are going to vote the way they're going to vote -- regardless of what we peasants beyond the moat say.

      There is no longer any persuasion.

      The devolution of our republic is nearly fully accomplished.


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