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Friday, October 28, 2016

Quick Personal Update

(For politics, please scroll down)

Back from the dead.  At least, that's the way it feels.

For three days, I didn't really know what world I was in.

I am better now, but will not be back to intense blogging for some time.

I was in the hospital from 5:00 A.M. on Saturday, October 22, when I phoned 9-1-1 for the ambulance, until the evening of Thursday, October 27.  When the paramedics arrived, my blood pressure was undetectable, and my pulse rate was 56.

What happened to me was unrelated to my ongoing kidney problems.

Diagnoses: cryptosporidiosis and a possible staph infection.

Various complications set in.

I'm not out of the woods yet: it's now a matter of watch and wait.

Former blogger The Merry Widow arrived Tuesday evening to care for both me and Mr. AOW.

As soon as I was conscious enough in the emergency room, I made my first phone call from there to my dear, dear friend Warren to tell him to moderate comments here, and he will be taking up the slack here for some time.

Warning: Warren does not suffer fools gladly.


  1. I sincerely hope this all resolves itself soon, AOW.

    I will light a candle for you this Sunday.

    1. I need as many candles as I can get. The pain is surreal when it strikes.

      Thank you, Duck.

  2. Warren, is a GREAT big blogger brother...and this lil sis has her CCP! It's good to have, AOW, back home, kitties and Mr. AOW, are relieved...as am I! Will be on station as long as it takes to get, AOW back in the saddle again!


    1. The kitties love TMW! They are taking turns sleeping on her bed.

  3. Good grief! You poor thing. I can't even begin to imagine how you can stand all this. You're a strong woman, AOW. Still in my prayers.

    1. Adrienne,
      I'm not standing this very well. For the first time in my life, I was begging for help during the time of crisis last Saturday and Sunday.

      It took all I had to call TMW from a stretcher in the ER and whine, "Please come." I hate asking for help! But I had no choice, and the medical personnel encouraged me to summon a CNA for help here at home -- for both Mr. AOW and me.

  4. We have been praying for you.
    The ball is in your court.
    Seriously. We're praying.

    1. Ed,
      Aside from the physical issues (so sick for days that I couldn't even pray), I'm struggling with trying not to do too much.

      I covet your prayers. Also pray for doctors' wisdom.

  5. Concentrate on Your health only. The world will go where it wants with or without you. Take a break.

    1. Kid,
      After 5 days of not giving a damn about politics, I finally "came to."

      I am not following politics much at all. All that doesn't matter when one is in my situation.

  6. From FreeThinke, whose brand new computer, which he hates, is ALREADY on the fritz:

    You already know you have my prayerful support from our private correspondence, dear friend. I am glad you are home, of course, but knowing you, as I have come to do over the past five years, I hope that TMW and Warren will be able to restrain you from trying to do too much too soon the minute you start feeling better –– a natural impulse that can lead too easily to a relapse –– or worse.

    I hope the great good news that the FBI has finally been shamed into reopening its investigation into the criminal activity of Madame Clinton and her Goon Squad will cheer you and help speed your healing as we hope it may help restore sanity and decency to our benighted nation.

    The Clinton-Enemedia-Academia-Infotainament-Pop Music-Multinational Corporate Alliance will never admit guilt, never feel shame, never give in, and will continue to do everything in its considerable power to DISCREDIT the TRUTH, as it always does, of course, since that is its primary purpose.

    Even so, we must never give up hope that their death grip on Absolute Power may yet be broken.

    This election is not just about the need to defeat Hillary Clinton. Mrs. C-Word is after all only a figurehead that represents the power of The Oligarchs who seek to destroy our sovereignty, our independence, our wealth, our freedom of choice, and force us to become a mere cog in the machinery of the One World Government they've been plotting to impose on us for over a hundred years.

    Remember this as you rest, heal and recover:

    "Once fully enslaved, no nation, state, city of this earth, ever afterward resumes its liberty."

    ~ Walt Whitman (1819-1892)

    1. FT,
      Your new computer is on the fritz? WTH!

      What symptoms does your ailing computer have?

  7. From FreeThinke's Crippled Brand New Computer

    Fight the Good Fight with All Thy Might

    Fight the good fight With all thy might;
    Christ is thy Strength and Christ thy Right.
    Lay hold on life, and it shall be
    Thy joy and crown eternally.

    Run the straight race Thro' God's good grace;
    Lift up thine eyes and seek His face.
    Life with its way before us lies;
    Christ is the Path and Christ the Prize.

    Cast care aside; Upon thy Guide
    Lean, and His mercy will provide;
    Lean, and the trusting soul shall prove
    Christ is its Life and Christ its Love.

    Faint not nor fear, His arms are near;
    He changeth not, and thou art dear.
    Only believe, and thou shalt see
    That Christ is All in all to thee.

    ~ by John S. B. Morsel (1811-1875)

  8. Best wishes and sorry to hear of this turn. Prayers....

  9. You're a strong woman. Please let TMW take charge and you rest up. I am praying for you as well.

    1. Silverfiddle-I've already yelled at and "mommed" her this morning...the "mom" gene has been activated!


    2. SF,
      I tried to so something that I shouldn't have done. But I just had to pick up that shard of glass behind the big recliner; the shard of glass was the remainder of a light bulb that had given up the ghost.

      I knocked over my cup of coffee in the process. Not to mention the pain attack which resulted. **sigh**

  10. take care of YOURSELF--first--
    God Bless

  11. Good to see you back, AOW.

    You are dealing with serious health issues with tremendous strength.

    Get well soon!

  12. You are in me and John's prayers.

  13. Prayers, and yet again. It's unimaginable. I'm so thankful for TMW. God bless her and you and Mr. AOW as you struggle through this together.

    1. Baysider,
      I can't believe that this latest misery has struck me. Never so miserable before. Physically miserable.

      All the blood loss and, now, a small pleural effusion, have taken their toll. So weak!

  14. I AM so sorry I'm late to this post...too busy with my own and man other non-related things in life!
    I am SO SORRY to hear you were hospitalized that long and SO happy you're feeling better..
    Particularly happy that TMW is there...give her a big hug from me....what a blessing she is.

    Sending prayers yo fir wisdom for the doctors, comfort for you and yours ....
    love, Z

    1. If not for TMW, I'd be up the creek without a paddle.


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