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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Blatant Inconsistency

Or, if you prefer, outright lies (with a hat tip to Old NFO):

From Refugee Resettlement Watch (dated April 8, 2016):
The Obama Administration is looking to resettle 85,000 or more refugees this year from around the world and for Obama’s last opportunity to submit a proposal, he is aiming for 100,000 in FY2017.
Read the rest HERE. Much more information!


  1. The moslem is a backwards bigot fundamentally incapable of adapting to Western Christendom. The successful ones are the apostates or like the 9/11 hijackers, they are hiding their true intent. This is a slow invasion by another name. Western men and women need to do their Godly duty: Get married, cut your hair and put away childish things, dammit, and have children. Lots of children.

    A smart nation--which we are not--run by a smart leader--which Obama is not--would slam the door on the muslim rats and cockroaches. They bring disease, misery, poverty, hatred, religious zealotry and bigotry, and their sense of human rights is stuck somewhere in the 10th century.

    No sane nation would actively seek to import such filth. I can only conclude that President Obama is aiming to purposely destroy this nation by doing the bidding of shadowy internationalists.

    God help us.

  2. Your linked blog presents more depressing information every day. I started to follow it some time ago. Yet all we get for news is the non stop non Democratic election of the the next President. I suggest the import of these heathen will kill us far more quickly.

    1. You seem to be assuming that the firearms background check and refugee vetting are two identical processes just as the idiotic little cartoon does.

      Let me assure you that if you didn't let your emotions kick start your thought process as the right does so often you might not be as depressed.

      By the way, the challenge is out to show that the quote on the left is accurate.

    2. The Quack-billed Duckopuss has a point about the dissimilarity of firearms background check and refugee vetting.

      With firearms background checks, a person's government-approved identification is used to check the records of local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.

      "Refugee vetting," so-called, is a meaningless, paper-thin tissue. Unless a federal agency has their biometrics on file, the refugee cannot be 'vetted,' as we have already tragically witnessed.

      What did you imagine, Ducky's here? A pasty, overweight federal bureaucrat getting on the horn: "Hello? Hello? Aleppo Police Department? Yes, I'm checking the backgroud of one Mustapha Haq and his five wives..."

      Such naive ignorance is the lifeblood of bossy, incompetent governments.

    3. Ducky, along with the thousands coming our way will be terrorists. I don't care about background checks.They are pouring over the border as I type. Hope you miss the blast.

  3. Maybe these refugees will march us off to Oklahoma and let us build tax sheltered casinos.

  4. Did President Obama make the statements at the top of your blog?

    1. Here comes the pusillanimous pencilneck pain in the ass...

      Why don't you go somewhere else and split hairs, you dirty communist!

      Read this, moron, and stop pestering people:


    2. Take it as a yes you time-wasting air-sucking moron

      "But weapons that were designed for soldiers in war theaters don't belong on our streets. Part of it is seeing if we can get an assault weapons ban reintroduced."

      Breaking News at Newsmax.com http://www.newsmax.com/FastFeatures/obama-gun-control-quotes/2014/11/02/id/602135/#ixzz45jGW8mhN
      Urgent: Rate Obama on His Job Performance. Vote Here Now!

    3. Freethinke, I searched the Newsmax (Newsmax, no wonder you're so poorly informed) article and the quote at issue is not present.
      Care to pitch till you win? Maybe something from WND or Gateway Pundit?

    4. Ducky... If it writes like a FreeThinke, it probably is a FreeThinke...

      Now Race, is the quote you referenced what is in this blog post? Or, like some others, are you claiming "close is good enough"?

    5. Next, Ducky will tell us which too more micrograms of LSD to achieve: Imagining he's an intellectual, or seeing quotation marks in the meme image above.

  5. I can find no sources other than extreme right wing sites that prove the President even said these things. I'm willing to check out any reputable sites for proof, however.

    1. It's hard to check anything out with your head up your wazoo.
      Being a Dimbulbocrat means never having to think for yourself.

    2. i.e. No leftist has ever said "Fighting wars in Islamic countries creates terrorists among people we shouldn't single out at the airport" but...

    3. Beamish,
      Satire is wasted on the stupid.


  6. Sadly, 'satire' to right wingers is just making up stuff. Quick, put this in an email and mass send it. Surely enough of the radical right will buy it and repeat it often enough till it's an urban myth. We've all seen it repeatedly. sigh....

  7. On a serious note now...

    Obama and many others think that more background checks will solve "the gun problem."

    More to the point is the matter of how immigration authorities are "vetting" refugees from the Middle East.

    1. Neither Obama nor anyone else in the gun control industry can answer a very simple question with regards to "Universal Background Checks" - how will the State know if I obtain a background check before selling a firearm to my friend or neighbor?

    2. How will a background check know if I'm manufacturing Qassam rockets in my garage?

  8. Democrats say whatever sounds good for the moment.

    Because their supporters are morons, they can get away with it.

  9. Yes, the FBI tells us they can't tell if one of these people is ISIS or not. How could they??

    So much damage being done while the libtards think obama is doing a good job.

    Recently, he was ata law school and splained that wthite people are the problem, citing that in the past women and minorities were not allowed to vote. Well, wrong, the law was that only land owners were allowed to vote. Some women and minorities did vote. Now is he lying or is he a stupid dumbass ? Probably yes to both questions.
    Honestly, he says something on a daily basis that is false.


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