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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Musical Interlude

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Serenade for strings by English composer Edward Elgar (1857–1934):


  1. What extraordinarily pleasant music! Elgar was always capable of expressing the sweetest, noblest sentiments with heartfelt sincerity and exquisite refinement. Elgar evokes the bucolic grandeur of the English countryside at its pre-twentieth-century best, but never fails also to create an atmosphere of wistful longing for a world that could only exist in the imagination of saints, poets and composers of important music.

    I believe he belongs in the pantheon of the very great, but he has never been given full credit for the magnitude of his achievements.

    Elgar was blest with a beautiful soul, and the power to share his infinitely tender visions of beauty, affection, and deep yearning with those who have ears to hear.

    thanks for this, AOW. I had never heard the work before.

  2. talk about curative music....just what I needed. Thanks, AOW. Gorgeous music, lovely bucolic images........so peaceful.
    There might have been wars raging around them but there was something which kept people giving, decent, kind, proud and self sufficient. I loved this reminder of better days.

  3. Replies
    1. Ed,
      I'm sick of the fray. Nothing I can say or do will change what's happening on the political front.

      Besides, I've got other problems right now: a miserable stye in my left eye and a young squirrel in the basement.

    2. Wish I could come over and get the lawn rodent for you.
      Praying for your eye, I know the feeling.

  4. Your left, my right. Seems most prevalent in spring and fall don't you think? Must be the pollen.


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