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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Eleven Years!

Blogiversary 11!

Last year, I explained how I became involved in the blogosphere.

How much the world and my personal life have changed in those eleven years!  Time marches on, doesn't it?

Thanks to all of my friends — and, yes, even to some of my adversaries — here in the blogosphere for encouraging me to continue this endeavor.


  1. Congrats AOW. Some of my favorites have retired from the fray, so thanks for keeping on. It is interesting to look back at earlier posts and it is like having one's personal history book.

    1. Bunkerville,
      So many of my original blogging friends gave up the venture. I miss those folks!

  2. ___________ Rite of Passage ___________

    Tremendous milestone! Dreaded stage of life!
    Unique! We each arrive there only once.
    Regretting years elapsed makes one a dunce.
    No one stops Time –– it leads with drum and fife ––
    If we're lucky –– to The Golden Years.
    Nothing's petty there, though piercing grief can
    Grab at loved ones roughly like a thief. Then
    Serenity enters, soothes and wipes our tears,
    Except for those whose base ingratitude
    Values little but the right to whine ––
    Express demands that others stay in line ––
    Narrowing their scope and latitude.
    The best is yet to be for those who dream,
    Yield to Insight, and hold Joy supreme.

    ~ FreeThinke

    CONGRATULATIONS, AOW! Most of us have dreamt of achieving Glory, Prominence, Recognition for Having Made a Difference, etc. Few if any ever reach such goals, but there's a great deal to said for merely having SURVIVED.

    “Truth springs from argument amongst friends.”

    ~ David Hume (1711-1776)

    “This world is a comedy to those that think, a tragedy to those that feel.”

    ~ Horace Walpole (1813-1884)

    To be alive is power,
    Existing in itself,
    Without a further function,
    Omnipotence enough.

    ~ Emily Dickinson (1830-1886)


    1. SORRY! I thought I'd typed "DO NOT WEARY in WELL-DOING."

      Being legally-blind makes some of the simplest things a hassle.

      Again, I apologize.

    2. FT,
      I don't know that I've made much difference. Not really.

      And I love your "Turning Seventy" acrostic sonnet! I've got 6 more years to go before I reach that milestone.

      PS: Emily Dickinson is my favorite poet. My next favorite: Edgar Lee Masters (Spoon River Anthology).

  3. You make the blogosphere a better place, AOW. Happy Blogiversary!

  4. How long???

    Time flies when you're having fun! :)

    1. FJ,
      "Having fun" is one way of putting it. **smile**

  5. WOW! I didn't think you were old enough to accomplish that feat. Congratulations Oh Great One!

    1. Odie,
      Great One?


      But I am tenacious.

    2. The better part of Perspicacity
      Is a Credit to tenacity.
      Genius, after all is 1% inspiration
      And 99% perspiration.


    3. FT,
      Nobody ever accomplishes anything by throwing in the towel.

  6. Congratulations, AOW! Truly. You put so much into it, and cover a lot of depth.

    And FT, I LOVE that Walpole quote.

    1. Why thank you, Baysider. That little bit of wisdom has helped keep me going for for at least forty years.

  7. WOW... 11 years... how many posts? Do you have any idea?

    1. Dave,
      2083 posts at this site (AOW 3).

      1740 at at AOW 2

      402 at at AOW 1

      2016 at Infidel Bloggers Alliance

      Not sure how many at Northern Virginiastan, where I started

  8. Congratulations. I admire your intellect and your perseverance. You rule Right Blogistan!

    1. SF,
      I rule Right Blogistan? What a compliment!

      I've been quite ill with serious colitis the past week, but I slog on. Perseverance and all that.

      When I commit to anything, I stay committed to that something as long as I possibly can. I'm slow to commit, but once I throw in...

  9. Eleven is impressive! I've been slogging along for eight, wondering if I should have my head examined!
    Congratulations on fighting the good fight!

    1. Mike,
      wondering if I should have my head examined

      I wonder that about continuing this blogging venture. Seems so futile much of the time.

  10. Replies
    1. "11 years and I haven't been banned"

      The years NOT over yet.

    2. Duck and Dave,
      I very rarely ban anyone.

      There are a few exceptions, of course.

      And, Duck, I have never really considered banning you. Don't make me retract that statement.

  11. AOW... sorry about the idiot who is using my name... The banned comment, and the Sanders comment are not from me.

    You've got to wonder why some people choose to partake of such childish behavior. Obviously a result of good parenting.

    BTW... that's a lot of blog posts!


  12. Congrats. All I can say is you are on the 'short list' baby.

  13. Congratulations, AOW...remember our blogger group, too? Such fun...
    You are stalwart, smart, talented, far too patient and an inspiration.
    Thank you! XXX

    1. Z,
      remember our blogger group, too?

      The "secret" site? I wish that we could recover the camaraderie of those days!

    2. Z,
      Now, about my being far too patient...I'm quite patient in a public forum. But in private? Not so much! I'm a natural redhead after all.

    3. Is it even possible for ANYONE to be "too patient?"

      Somehow, I doubt it. Patience is a virtue everyone should cultivate in him or her self.

      Impatient people rarely win friends or have a good influence on people.

      - Astarte

    4. Natural red head? My grand niece is a natural red head. Real handful.
      She recently moved to Texas and started at a local Montessori.
      She found out there was no instrumental music program and told the instructor she "had a nerve calling this a Montessori school".
      Eldest niece was called in for a chat.

      We can't wait till this kid is 13.


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