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Monday, June 8, 2015

Video: America Or Somalia?

Video filmed in a Muslim Somali community in Minneapolis:


  1. At 3:19 mark - in relation to drawing Muhammad:

    "You cannot take that much hate.... so you kill someone."

    Errrr.... You cannot take that much freedom, so you kill someone?

    We maintain a standing army in defense of freedom and America's foundational values.

    The Last English Prince

  2. If they love Somalia, we should furnish them all free one-way plane tickets back home.

  3. Keep in mind that Cedar Riverside is almost all Section 8 housing. These people make more money off the tax payers of Minnesota than you and I combined.

    They just had a big hoorah because the food bank wasn't stocking halal food.

    1. Oh my gosh, I had not heard of this one. An imam there claimed it was a 'literacy' issue - they couldn't read the labels for pork. Well ... if ever there were an incentive to learn a few basic words in your chosen country's language, there you go.

    2. Adrienne,
      These people make more money off the tax payers of Minnesota than you and I combined.

      How charming! [heavy sarcasm]

      The other reality, of course, is that we taxpayers are funding their large families while, at the same time, we taxpayers cannot afford to have large families.

      Demographics will tell the tale for the West in less than 20 more years.

    3. Baysider: " An imam there claimed it was a 'literacy' issue - they couldn't read the labels for pork."

      Then they should eat the pork, and say "I shouldn't have done that. I should take it upon myself to learn labels. My own fault". Instead of tuning into food nazis.

  4. I am not anti-immigrant, or even anti-refugee.

    The wave of Iranians who came here when the Shah fell have made great contributions to our society, and their children, now adults are fully-assimilated. That was possible because they came from an advanced society and they were educated people.

    The Vietnamese boat people and Cuban refugees have also bettered our nation. They came here, opened businesses and sent their kids to school. The didn't abandon their culture, they brought the good stuff with them and blended it in to our culture and it all worked because there were no incompatibilities.

    No so with Muslims from backward societies. It is too great a leap. We should be bribing Indonesia or some poorer but stable muslim country to take our refugee quota.

    But anyway, I suspect this is part of some larger plan, and it's not just Obama. It's much bigger than that.

    1. Bull.

      Muslims have been successful in America and have been prosperous.

      The Somali bantus in Lewiston Maine are doing well despite efforts by fringe right governor LePage to marginalize them.
      The fear of sharia in America (any signs of it yet?) is a severe neuroses.

    2. Ducky: There are plenty of signs. here, and abroad. These intolerant pseudo-Nazis must not be allowed to get a foothold. I am not anti-Muslim. I am just against extremists.

      "Subway removes ham and bacon from nearly 200 stores and offers halal meat only after 'strong demand' from Muslims"

      What kooks. If you don't like bacon... don't eat it!

    3. I notice that it was just specific stores in Muslim neighborhoods.

      Market decision. You support the free market, no?
      If you want to sell bacon don't open a store in a Muslim neighborhood.

      If this is your best shot, you ain't got much.

    4. It's just one of many examples. Not a "market decision": some kooks harassed the shop owners.

      "If you want to sell bacon don't open a store in a Muslim neighborhood."

      You should be able to without being harassed by maniacs. Note the "strong demand". It is harassment, not people simply refusing to buy bacon. The latter is the free market.

      Are you similarly tolerant of such folks when, say, Christians try to ban porn shops ?

      Also overlooked is that the halal meat process is savage and barbaric and requires cruelty to animals. This is typical of Shariah, the law of terrorism, which has many pages demanding rape of innocent women. The law of terrrorists that requires savagery and brutality to animals, women, and other living things has no place in a civilized, sane, or humane country.

      It's time to nip this in the bud before it escalates.

    5. Well, this is from Snopes, dmarks. I don't see anything bout harassment but Geller/Spencer probably disagree. So it goes.

      Please note the last line since we are talking about America.

      "Origins: Founded in Connecticut in 1965, the Subway sandwich chain has expanded to more than 41,000 locations in over 100 countries. Since 2007, Subway's corporate policy
      has been to permit menu item substitutions in areas where the local customer base follows dietary restrictions. In India, many franchises substitute lamb and chicken items for beef and pork throughout their menus, and some do not sell any meat products at all. In the United States, Subway has several kosher franchises that do not carry pork products or serve dairy with meat.

      In the United Kingdom and Ireland, fewer than 200 out of 1,500 Subway sandwich franchises conform to Muslim dietary restrictions: their meat suppliers are certified halal, and no pork products are used. Instead, those locations use turkey products to substitute for ham and bacon. Halal stores are clearly identified by signs throughout, including on the menu panels and in the front windows.

      There are currently no halal Subway franchises in the United States. "

    6. SF,
      I ate at a Subway at Baghdad International Airport, run by Iraqis, and they served bacon and pork.

      Until quite recently when the owner of the establishment retired, one of the best barbecued ribs places in Northern Virginia was owned and operated by a Muslim. He also had pig statues and figurines all over the place.

    7. SF,
      Good point about the differences in the waves of refugees.

      I also add that, since the early wave of Iranian refugees, we have seen major changes in the leadership of mosques here in the United States -- especially Sunni mosques. Not to mention all the Islamic (Sunni) elementary-through-12th-grade schools that have popped up. The lack of assimilation is becoming obvious, yet our feral government chooses to ignore this problem.

      It's no wonder that the younger generations of Muslims here in the United States are being "radicalized," is it?

  5. Shariah, while being a declaration of war against those who do not worship the Muslim god the way extremists want them to, is banned by the Bill of Rights. Those who attempt to force this in this country deserve harsh punishment, under the Constitution.

  6. I don't know much about Minneapolis, but Baltimore, that was a once great city has risen to new levels of crime, murder being foremost on the list.

    Baltimore is a perfect example of what you get when Blacks and Democrats run a city; it rots from the inside out with debauchery, graft, corruption, drugs, rape, robbery and any other crime you can think of..
    Can Minneapolis be next? Lets hope not, but lets waite and see.

    1. Dark: I have nothing against black people. Nor should you. Klan "logic" is illogical indeed.

      But you are right to rail against the destructive policies of Democrats in these cities. Democratic/left policies are allow about empowering and enriching the rulers at the expense of the ruled.

    2. Note the caption under the picture at the above link:

      While researching this story I found this. Islamic Relief USA working with Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlins-Blake to help refugees get established in Baltimore.

    3. The Muslims need to live or most of them in a society that thinks, eat, worships, educates or not of their homeland. They for the most part are not here to build and make a great contribution to society, they do not know how. Immigrants should never be allowed free stuff, our ancestors built the country to be great and did so without anything given to them. Now we allow these people to suck the teet of the countries taxpayer and bleed it dry. They must leave they offer nothing of value and do not assimilate. Could Americans go to their country and assimilate? No. So why are they expected to here? They can prosper and be of use in their homeland. This country is far different and mulitculturalism is not possible in the big picture. If anything would work it would end up being towns of different people with different cultures and no one moves into another town that is different. So, all over the nation there will be different tribes so to speak just as in other countries which is why they have war, so that possibility is not far fetched.

    4. GJM,
      You seem to be a culturist.

      I, too, am a culturist.

      Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to make a comment.

  7. Maybe someone should have read John Quincy Adams, a travelled diplomat and a first great architect of our foreign policy. Or maybe they DID!

    Speaking of Mohammed, he said he "has spread desolation and delusion over an extensive portion of the earth" and "he poisoned the sources of human felicity at the fountain, by degrading the condition of the female sex ... and declared undistinguishing and exterminating war as a part of his religion, against all the rest of mankind. THE ESSENCE OF HIS DOCTRINE WAS VIOLENCE AND LUST: TO EXALT THE BRUTAL OVER THE SPIRITUAL PART OF HUMAN NATURE." (caps are Adams)

    It's not like we didn't KNOW what we were bringing into our country. You can tell the woman in the colorful getup is not like your 19th century German or Irish immigrant who, while perhaps wistful for things 'back home', was energetically happy to become an American. If you don't want that you can GT Hoom Cat Yspwy.

    1. Baysider,
      It's not like we didn't KNOW what we were bringing into our country.


      Apparently, the West has unlimited powers of denial and self-deception.

  8. Duck mentioned: The Somali bantus in Lewiston Maine are doing well despite efforts by fringe right governor LePage to marginalize them.

    I've read a little bit about Lewiston, Maine.

    It may well be that the issue to which Duck is referring is the matter of welfare benefits. See this at Refugee Resettlement Watch: Lewiston, Maine mayor: More public housing would attract more welfare recipients.

  9. As I said distinctly, that is LePage acting the way he acts.

    Lewiston has been pretty supportive and trying to make this work to revitalize Lewiston which has been in severe decline.

    The history of the bantus in Somalia has been tragic. They have faced a lot of persecution and LePage is making this a part of his general attempt at welfare cuts. I'll give him credit, he hates all poor. He's not a bigot.

    1. The Muslim presence in Lewiston has been positive, Silverfiddle.

      Crime is down, storefronts have opened and high school graduation of Somalis has been high. There haven't been any calls for sharia and Lewiston looks better these days.
      It had fallen into really hard times and the middle class was long gone.

      And if you go to the original video I wonder what all the fuss is about. They are asked if they prefer sharia and some (we don't know what percentage) expressed a preference for sharia. Surprising?
      Now just how far has that gone? There was the flap over cabbies transporting alcohol several years ago and that went against the cab drivers decisively. Seems the point was made.

      Lot of Muslims in biotech, medicine and computer technology in Boston. Generally a successful group. I still maintain that as far as any terrorism threat we are much more exposed to attacks by native converts.

    2. Ducky,
      For Lewiston's and America's sake, I hope that you are right.

    3. Has anybody here recently visited Lewiston, Maine? Or live there?

      It would be nice to get some on-the-ground information.

  10. I looked up the budget cuts at Bangor Daily News..
    "The state employees union has applauded Gov. Paul LePage for dropping an earlier proposal that would have required public workers who retire early to pay 100 percent of their health insurance costs until age 65"

    This is unfortunate. By caving on this, and handing out massive unearned sums to already grossly-overpaid union "thugs", they are wasting money that could be used for aid to the poor.

    When government-sector unions win, the public, and especially the poor, suffer. Whether or not LePage hates the poor, it is clear that the union thugs do.

  11. Information You DeserveJune 8, 2015 at 2:32:00 PM CDT

    Heres somthing that I bet was expected.

    Late Breaking News!

    Syrian Electronic Army Claims it Has Hacked into U.S. Army Website (AP)

    1. Another typical socialist government engaging in aggression against the US.

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  13. Yes. Still very knowledgable. And you won't be able to point to anything I said that was stupid.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Good to see you again, Lib. Same old credible arguments, friend-winning attitude, and kind disposition. :)

    3. Dmarks,
      FYI...Liberalmann's comments are removed as soon as a blog administrator becomes aware of such comments. Who needs his sour and insulting presence on a blog?

      But thank you for being reasonable in your response. I appreciate your goodwill.

  14. Beth din are common in hasidic areas in America but you don't see right wing freaks getting all upset about Leviticus becoming the law of the land. Do you?

    The bigotry is strong in you, ignorant one.

  15. No one gets upset over Beth Din because the Hasids aren't pushing to make it the law of the land instead of the constitution and its protections. Jewish law intrinsically deplores what shariah espouses, and no Beth Din is going to knuckle under to the rejection of civilized American societal norms that sharia promises. Just see the examples in the video above - "yes, yes, absolutely" on sharia and laws prohibiting calling Mohammed names (with a death sentence no less!).

    Long ago leading rabbis struck a balance between preserving Jewish cultural and ethnicity and abiding by the laws governing the state they lived in. They held that even if Jewish law permitted a thing, the Jewish culture was to restrain exercising that 'right' if it were contrary to local standards (e.g. on multiple wives). Obviously, this example would be a recipe for disaster.

    Yet, in contrast, sharia demands that the state (in Europe this is happening) subsidize multiple wives of a Pakistani man. And remember that horrible case in New Jersey where a judge excused a man 'raping' his wife because the defendant's culture permitted it. And they’ve absolutely cowed whole school districts in England into not serving pork in their cafeterias even though most students are Christian.

    Sharia seeks something completely different than Jewish law. IT wants converts (by force if need be) and has ambitions to bring the world into its fold - by force. This is not true of Beth Din. Sharia has become an effective way to Islamicize a country by stealth. When a state is willing to start down this path it telegraphs a signal that “our laws aren’t binding.” I am not aware of a circumstance where the participants in a Beth Din (civil – usually marriage & divorce and business disputes) have sought to be recognized above and in contradiction to the laws of the land.

  16. @Kid: I wish I could post this picture. In a nearby city there is a major street with a big, prominent mosque on one side, and it faces 2 corners. One has a little Korean church with an English sign 'Jesus Saves' and the other an iconic local gun store. It's such a perfect intersection of worlds!

  17. Baysider,
    Sharia seeks something completely different than Jewish law. IT wants converts (by force if need be) and has ambitions to bring the world into its fold - by force.

    Once again, this is a reality that the West refuses to face -- never mind the history of the past 1400 years and Islam's spread by the sword.

    In a way, what we see with Islamic supremacism's rearing of its ugly and hydra head is a revival of the core teachings of Islam -- particularly the Medina teachings.

    Muslims who abide by the Mecca teachings are not the problem!

    The question is this: with the revival of "Medina Islam," why aren't the "Mecca Muslims" not out in the streets demanding their faith back? The obvious answer is that the "Mecca Muslims" know that "Medina Islam" is an important part of the overall picture of what Islam is.

  18. Baysider: Excellent response to Ducky's ignorant and clumsy comparison.

    Can anyone point out anywhere in the west where Jews have stoned adulteresses or homosexuals.

    Ducky: Ya got stupid and ya got your face punched in. This is what happens when you proceed from a purposely-deceptive premise.

    1. First off, which school of sharia are we discussing?

      What we seem to have here is hysteria that the scary Muslims are going to make Baysider wear a burqa or stone her if she refuses. I'm not sure how that will happen exactly but maybe you can describe the process.

      Like Jewish courts (and sharia is extremely similar to orthodox Jewish law and fundamentalist Protestant cults like Quiverfull, it has many of the same origins) a Muslim religious court would only involve a subset of torts and both parties would have to agree to the venue, criminal cases would be tried in U.S. court. Very similar to Jewish religious courts.

      Again, I'm curious that you have so little faith in American jurisprudence that you think a court to handle torts (under law virtually identical to beth din precepts) leads to stoning homosexuals. If you've been paying attention, homosexual rights are advancing in America, no thanks to fundamentalist churches. In fact we have had calls for execution of homosexuals from Protestant cults and we somehow keep them under control.

      ISIS? Are you on drugs, dmarks?

    2. ISIS. That's the reality of Shariah put into practice, Ducky,

      Not on any drugs. Just smokin' reality.

    3. Abortion-clinic related violence is not the best subject for you to bring up, Ducky. The death toll by the sadists who run them is millions to one against the death toll by those who try to stop them.

    4. Ducky's punch drunk. He keeps getting his phony baloney arguments bashed in, but he keeps getting back up. It's comical.

      You can apologize all day long for the actions of wild-eyed islamists, but the fact is, they commit way more acts of violence in their religion's name than the Hasidim do.

      So, in summary, you are wrong. Worse, your suggestion that dmarks or I would blow up anything betrays your demented mind, inattention to context and social clues, and you inept attempts to wriggle the game.

      You're a shameless dhimmi proglodyte, Ducky, and tens of millions of muslims disagree with you on sharia.

      Maybe you can set up your own islamic ministry to show them the error or their ways? Better yet, you should travel to their lands to teach them and to lift their veils of ignorance.

    5. Rape cult? What are you talking about?

      Silverfiddle brings up honor killings. I'll bet there were fewer documented honor killings in America over the last 20 years than there were Quiverfull follower Andrea Yates drowned children.
      Of course the cases are all a matter of psychological imbalance but let that go.

      Oh, when you get a chance look up Robert Doggart and explain why the media didn't cover that moron.

      If you can tell me why avoiding alienating Muslims when it doesn't violate our laws as allowing a sharia court is a terrible idea then let me know but don't make a damn fool of yourself talking about a rape cult.
      Again, the court decides civil matters (not criminal cases) and both parties agree to abide by the findings.
      The parties are more satisfied with the verdict and it eliminates contention in the standard court system. Why is that an idea that is going to shake the republic?

      dhimmi p(t?)roglodyte? For someone who's only experience of Muslim countries comes as part of an invading army you should be more circumspect, silverfiddle.

    6. God bless you, Ducky. But do you really ever check stuff before you "publish" it? For example, Doggart.

      You demanded to "explain why the media didn't cover that moron". How can anyone explain a situation which does not exist in reality? FOX NEWS covered Robert Doggart, for crying out loud.

      As for "avoiding alienating Muslims" by refusing to allow the rulebook for savagery that is Shariah to supplant the law of our land, the maniacs who would be alienated by this should indeed leave. I have nothing against Muslims. but I do oppose extremists of any faith.

    7. Z, yes, the absurd assertions to which you refer in your comment -- the assertions about how more Christians than Muslims are loons even in the 21st Century -- keep coming. A form of preservating?

    8. Darks,
      I've been shaking my head at some of Duck's assertions since 2005, whyI first met him here in the blogosphere.

      Red herrings and the straw man are two of his favorite strategies.

    9. Erratum. The above comment was addressed to Dmarks. My iPad and I are not best friends.

    10. Ducky,

      I've also been to Londonistan, and I wasn't part of any invading Army.

    11. About Christian vs Muslim "loons"

      From http://wikiislam.net/wiki/Muslim_Statistics_-_Antisemitism

      the survey of Belgians said: "Among Muslims, 50.9 percent of respondents agreed with the statement “Jews foment war and blame others for it” compared to only 7.1 percent among non-Muslims."

      I guess if Hitler returned to Belgium, he'd at least get some welcome there, wouldn't he?

      Now, I don't hate Muslims, or assume anyone I meet is a loon, but there is definitely a problem there.

      Similarly, the Palestinians have such views, and the majority want to see all Jewish people murdered (with 93% outright hating Jews). This attitude is the root cause of the problems in that area, 100%. Despite the fashionable outlook that blames the problems on the Jews.

    12. A major correction to Ducky, who said: "Here's a start for you. Socialism is about the equitable distribution of excess labor (profit). At least consider enlarging your shallow understanding."

      Actually, socialism is about the rulers stealing profit from its rightful owners (those who create it). They might hand it to those who did nothing to earn it, but more often then not, socialists keep it for themselves. Socialism is a rule which is typically accompanied by mass killings, because the rightful owners of property sometimes complain when the thugs with guns (socialists) come to steal it.

    13. Ducky, then you need to read a little more closely. If you know anything at all, you know I'm about the only champion here for the muslims who do make a ton of dough and live good lives. Please stop disregarding truths; it makes you sound so ridiculous, because others know that about me, too.
      I fight for that community. I do not fight for terrorists; that's where we part.

      And no, the Parisians don't stick them in the suburbs...actually, the muslims are lucky they're even there because the French pay for EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING.
      If you read my comments as written, you'll remember how I've exposed the fact that the car burnings happen EVERY SINGLE NIGHT in the suburbs and they are destroying the communities the French have built for them.

      Also, you don't really think I or anybody else thinks honor killings are happening in any huge amount, do you? THINK. As you will read *(it does help) if you bother, my outrage is less at the honor killing numbers as it is to anybody who'd infer Andrea Yates is anymore typically Christian than the latest honor killing is typically muslim

      Frankly, I don't really give a damn what you think...I'm trying to make sure your insane mischaracterizations of my comments aren't believed by anybody here.

    14. Z,
      I doubt that any here believe Duck's mischaracterizations of what you have stated many times.

      You'll never convince Duck of what you believe, however.

  19. Exactly, Silver. The Shariah proponents, including CAIR, want to kill off the Jews and bring ISIS-like rule to the US.

    1. Dmarks,
      Indeed. But the deniers will continue to deny. Until what point? Is that point ever reached?

  20. Replies
    1. ...and it reflects poorly not on the Lewiston Somalis, but rather on the idiots who provoked the Muslims in their own house of worship.

  21. You have an INVITATION ONLY blog now? WOZZZIR! Sad not to be invited :-) Glad to see you around again!

  22. @Baysider, All that corner needs now is a gay bar and a BBQ joint.


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